[DUNGEON] Meley's Lair

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  • He does have a vaild argument there, for a DSS-focused dungeon it might seem a bit light on the DSS-related drops. But at the same time you can't make the boxes too strong either.

    I guess these items can be at least added as a mob drop.

    No he doesn't, I said the focus of the dungeon is mythic dss and it's changers, I never said the focus is to put all dss related items into the run. Nor did i ever claim its a dss focused dungeon. For some reason people of your guild tend to put word's into my mouth or only read half of what I write it seems.

    The only thing that has to be in the run is the dss changer the rest is completely optional and is a bonus in order to keep the changer valuable as one of them will be tradeable while the other will not.

    You also do not drop mythic dss while I d

    Said that it's a part of the runs focus.

    What does that mean?

    That a focus doesn't automatically mean everything has to be dropable. Just that one thing is in the center of attention and should probably be the main attraction.

    For short:

    Ochao - level 115 armors, pvp equipment and all upgrade items for higher level gear

    Meley - Mythic Dss changers, PvP belts and Red Dragon Horns and Scales which yet have their useage to be revealed.

    Yamachon - Flame Keystone

    Nemere - Legendary DSS and Ice grails + Master horse

    Erebos - Fire shoes and Spirit Blessing

    Just slapping everything in every run is a horrible game design

  • Just slapping everything in every run is a horrible game design

    Why do it then? Why are pvp earrings in hell run? Why are autopots, pendants, belts, blacksmiths memo and wise mans memo in ochao run? why are pearls and dss in every possible run? It seems like random stuff just gets thrown into some runs.

    And the part about one of the changers not being tradable is just ridiculus. The only thing that this will lead to, is that people cant sell this item because no one will give a superclass dss to someome who should change it. There is no proof, that the person changed it. In the end its just more work for you, because people will ask you to check logs or ban people who scammed this way. there are 59 items on both boxes and 4 of those are changers for dss. even if the % is higher for those the market wont crash just because there are 2x the amount of changers for dss. In the end its only a matter of time untill they price goes down , just like the rare changers. And after all ItS 2o2o aNd ThE gAmE sHouLd bE eAsY.

    Kind regards

    PS: next time just dont post this info before the run comes out. Since you say the focus is Mythic dss and dss changers and so far we only see the possibility of a dss changer drop.

    PPS: I hope this time we have less wait between announcing run on forum and actually getting the run ingame. *S2 hell run flashbacks*

  • This is a guide and not a suggestion thread. We are not that strict and we appreciate the feedbacks but at least stay in topic, you can create a new thread for suggestions that have nothing to do with this run, to at least keep this guide free from unrelated topics.

    We are also tired of posts that asks us why we took the decisions we took, we are in charge here, we don't need to explain our decisions, if we do it is out of politeness and transparency, but since they are replied with the same arrogant attitude that seems to be a vital part of a certain group of players, we will stop providing explanations, cause nothing productive comes from it anyway and because is like talking to a wall anyway.

    Also when a player posts a suggestion, we are tired of seeing personal attacks or other unrelated comments, mainly to boost someone's ego or to just flame. You don't like what the player posted? Dislike the posts. You have a better suggestion? Post it.

    4 pages of a thread and only few posts actually suggest something, this has to stop today.

    The Meley run was announced, along with my development plan months ago. From 15 June, as announced, we started working on it along with other systems that are linked to it. So after 1 month and 10 days all is ready, but none of you suggested jack about it. It costed nothing to open a thread and suggest a wish list of things you expected from this run, yet none of you did it. Because truth to be told and it was already prooved, you guys don't know what you want, you want new things without the need to work your ass for it and this was plenty proved with the rarity alchemist update. A huge shit storm, harrasment to GMs, blackmails of quitting in mass and guess what? The same people who cryed a river for that update are here today, playing twice the hours they played back then and posting the same shits as the last time. Seems the update was not as tragic as you thought or you wouldn't be here, today, with 40 degrees in the mid of a lockdown free summer.

    Truth to be told, considering the maturity of the subjects i was not surprised to not hear any apologies for the bad behaviour but at least i expected the decency to not fall for the same mistake of talking before actually trying the product first. But oh well.

    Some necessary clarifications:

    Every Dungeon, especially those who only have a minimal level requirment but not a max level requirment, have unique items that players need to achieve some of the end game items or near end game. This makes them unique and needed. If a Dungeon have all kind of upgrade items or equipment, nobody would waste time with the others.

    Meley run have the DSS changer that can only be used on Mythic stones. Mythic stones are probably the last DSS stones, at least for a long long time. So having this item slightly hard to obtain, doesn't make the server hard, cause is end game content. And if in some months we want to make this item easier to obtain, we will do it, and none of you can say nothing about it, cause this is how the game evolves. All the other drops are complementary and as long as they don't make any other run useless, none of you can say anything about them.

    If during the development of a run we decide to change some initial idea, that to begin with, were ideas and not facts, we can do it and you cannot say anything about it either. The next run will be the Ship Defense or Hydra and the idea is to drop the unique item to raise your skill above P, but thats an idea not a fact. The fact is that the ship defense will arrive, if I have some other idea of what the drops will be, i will change that idea and we don't want to hear any complains about it only because you are unable to read or because you lack the ability to recognize an idea from a fact.

    If we want to put some untradable item to reward those who actually play and do the run instead of those who actually sit and buy things from shops, we can do it. We don't want to hear about scammings, cause our rules are clear, if you give an item to someone, you are losing the propriety of that item and you are looking for troubles. Also it is part of our job to read tickets, for scamming as well, it isn't our job to teach you how to behave on a forum on 2020 and on the age of social media.

    Last but not least, we post the guides when we are close to the release, but if something unexpected happen, we delay the update as much as we want. Your role is to either support us or not, is to either wait and play or not, certanly is not ordering us around.


  • I just want to point out that while many of these suggestions aren't necessarily bad or wrong, those who are rude and ungrateful are merely a handful compared to the rest of us who actually not only appreciate the content but the engagement of GM's as well, including your choice to share this type of information with us. Thank you for your hard work.

  • All I can say that the staff been working around the clock and we should appreciate what they are doing. We should be waiting patiently till Meley run is added. This server been here for years and still a very good one because of hard working and dedicated team. Many of you been playing for years and years, you should know it by now that sg updates are always in best interest for players.

    Thank you team <3

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