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    btw guys @Darkbllad3r if anyone wants Spirit Blessings at 350kk :P

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    We're streaming now :3

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    ah forum is fast again... what a blessing

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    nvm my mistake!

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    why the ox started earlier than it was written here?

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    change host of this forum it's so slowwwww

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    Lmao i just noticed im back there on top of the wolf xD

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    lmao why this page so laggy

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    thank you for updating it :)

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    as you can see, front page hasn't been updated since last year valentines lol

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    ugh, why is it going so slow this?

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    suggestion: event for chinese new year

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    Valentine is the next event that is coming

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    any event for chinese new year?

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    The appeal for PVP in metin2 was never about equality. Players who want to pvp in this game will always have the desire to be stronger than their opponents. It has been like this forever and it won't change. It's the reason the game's despite the heavy p2w aspect still managed to stay afloat after all these years. You know that some goals will be hard and costly to achieve(both time and money wise) but usually the results will be quite visible.

    Naturally people want and expect updates that can further buff up their characters and keep them ahead of others; obviously you will need some balancing patches too but equality should not be the end-goal in metin.

    I think 2-hander need an attack value buff across the board. It's the one weapon type where you can safely do this imo. Mental warriors are penalized enough already. Considering they have long cooldown and limited range and can easily miss them, I wouldn't mind having them wield stronger 2-handers.

    yea, it seems odd to me too. Maybe just have fans have a 15% boost in skill dmg regardless of class. Healers and BMs are the classes with the highest dmg output atm anyway. Maybe your reasoning was to sway mage players away from playing hit oriented, but then I would just buff the magic attack value on both fans and bells and/or buff the skills across the board. Limiting the weapon choices seems really wrong here.

    you really don't need to be this stacked up to do it. The hp amount is needed(22k or more, yes), make sure you have a diamond stone with skill res and a 2x dmg ruby. Def is really not needed for the boss himself, just use a dragon bracelet(skill resistance) and maybe have some skill res on either the boots or shield, it should suffice. Not sure how much dark res helps, but other than the dark res from the onyx, I have 0. Make sure you have 90-100% crit and atleast 50-60 undead. If you're a warrior then a grudge sword will do significantly more dmg than a poison sword. I never needed Greater Healing Pots for BD.

    For clearing the floors to BD, you will need over 1100 def, atleast 20-30block, I recommend around 80% undead, 45-50 magic res and as much HP aborb and restore you can get. White and Green Liquids are helpful but not mandatory(they hilp till you get your gear sorted out). Make sure you have a good buffer.

    I fail to see how this is ego, if anything it is hypocritical by you. You made a post were you "tried" to get an argument across but instead you immediately used it to boast about your character and "wow look at his guy, doing basically no dmg in me"(this is not about ego here?)

    If you read the entire thing you would see that I never said I liked how 1v1 was. The current state of dueling at budokan is laughable. Nobody does dmg, so it becomes a "who can proc poison more often and has enough Perch" type of match. Of course the pierce change might seem an unwanted nerf at first granted the stuff I said just now, but it won't be the only change and hopefully after a few patches we will end up with something more balanced to play with.

    Stop making it a problem about yourself and at least try to bring some proper reasoning in this discussion.

    Exactly, the pierce mechanic will be intuitive and will still remain relevant. Also:

    "There will be other major nerfs to balance the pvp, probably most of the top pvp won't like it, but it is a change for the better."

    im complettly agains all updates for pvp imo its already perfect as it is and im sure there are many high lvl pvp players which will agree with me

    as someone who actively participated in budokan idk how you can state this tbh. How is it ok for duels to be a damn stalemate and the only dmg source comes from poison basically.

    People should wait for the patch notes first and test how the dmg looks like with them live before fully engaging rant-mode.