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  • Crantz

    Ok, thanks

  • [GA]Shadow

    Giants are earth monsters

  • Crantz

    What bonuses are good in the Land of Giants?

  • EmyEmy

    Enemies of the heir, Beware!

  • Palita

    they're cheap and abundant atm, sounds like perfect time for it

  • Crantz

    Should I use master compass from +7? poison sword

  • EmyEmy

    ty for thinking bout this shadow <3

  • [GA]Shadow

    Is hidden by design, we don't want it to be in the way when you are arranging you inventory.

  • react

    diury X( ;(

  • EmyEmy

    omg diury just press f5 on your keyboard lol

  • Diury

    Can you add it next ot the inventory liek the belt inventory?

  • Diury

    Yes but the sidebar is hidden behind inventory

  • [GA]Shadow

    Sidebar was added on F5

  • EmyEmy

    wow ty was super fast i was missing it already xd

  • Gzanu

    something new added ?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Gzanu

    sv on >

  • Paximus

    Do you have an eta on server reboot?

  • Theknight

    ok thnx

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    They reworded most of the long texts in the english version so that they fit nicely in the box and also put the numbers at the end so it's consitent with all other stats.

    This happened in the last month or two.

    Guess they didn't have time for other languages yet.

    If you equip and item that has particle effects it is possible that it will make all of them visible again.

    Also if you use stealth outside of someone's render range it will also cause them to be visible.

    Then there is also that old bug that if you spawn/log in somewhere while in stealth then your entire character will be visible but without a name tag and also not targetable.

    I think the cooldown is fine tbh. 1 sura had a hard time dispelling everyone before too but in any NW that had attendance, we were playing vs at least 4 weapon suras so basically the entire kingdom didn't have buffs up, EVER.

    The dmg on it is pathetic tho, that's for sure. Changing the dmg type to the be the same as his other 2 skills sounds reasonable. Buffing the dmg too is also fine.

    I personally never had a problem with its damage(except in 1v1 where it would outdmg any skill), the main problem with it was the way too short cooldown and very strong debuff that had permanent uptime.

    the concept of remove is very broken to begin with.

    I do agree that you can work around the immunity at the beginning of a fight(but it becomes tedious very fast, so w/e).

    People can finally ACTUALLY play their class and not 2/3 of it.

    Good ridance.

    you can drop the lottery tickets anyway. the number is already linked to your account.

    An idea with them would be to give them a timer(like 1minute) so they just expire immediatelly.

    Also, for those complaining about the drop, they are just cautious with the droprates, since the last 2 events had very high rates and it floods the server with items. They can always increase the rates. Better start too low than too high.

    It's mostly a matter of getting used to it as it is right now.

    Vs and Resistance pages sounds fine too.

    Resistance to crit/pierce seems to be brokne in the bonus page. I see either 25 crit res, or 10% pierce without having anything with that stat active. I think it's only a visual bug though.

    Quote from the Dev Diary:

    This open up to new contents, such as new bio quests that boost elemental skill damage or resistance, or new items with these bonus.

    This is a bit off-topic to the skills but does this mean that mythic dss will also receive an additional stat to increase elemental dmg?

    Originally they have vs elemental types on other servers as an additonal implicit stat, but boosting elemental dmg would make more sense with the current development plans.

    Anyway, I always post when I feel like something needs changing our if something should be considered.

    I didn't make a thread specifically about Meley but I did make one about changing the way DSS is upgraded which is connected to Meley anyway.

    Also I know how loaded your schedule is considering you work p much alone on bringing content. I just want to make it clear that this threads and posts are not hating on you. We simply like to voice or concerns and ideas and because we play this game a lot we might have some idea what we're talking about.

    You're welcome to argue with us about it and make us understand why it is like this and why it's wrong how we're describing it(whatever the topic) but please understand that all these suggestions are never about the fear to lose our imaginary power status in a server with a small community.

    The main concern of those same players were that certain guild might be able to catch up now and that they needed to play more to stay on top.

    this has absolutely nothing to do with our reasoning. You know why? Because they were by far the best geared players on the server at that point. We were still far behind in both gear and dss. So we were the ones trying to catch up at that point.

    I don't know what screens you have. I don't know what skus talked with others That's not my concern. His reasoning behind the post is still valid. We are usually not on good terms with him and we have mostly conflicting opinions. This time though we agreed with him since we had similar experiences.

    Is really funnyto see that you care about other player when didnt want to make (and our guildneither) Moonstones easier for rest of people simply cause you like to have themonopoly of them

    Funny, if you ask around(both yellow and blue kingdom), nobody was allowed to farm for months in this run(even when the server was empty due to server2 being live) because of your guys(don't mean you or Luxuria in this case, but stop painting your guildies as saints)

    The concern with the rarity update was never that our gear "was done and now it's not special anymore"(nobody was even close to being done with any gear rofl), it was that 99% all about the fact that we feared that an already loved feature and implementation might be ruined. You can agree with me that the change was sudden and we felt that the game will be flooded with rarity items that will be completely worthless in a matter of weeks.

    While to some extent that is true(mostly already common items that were berely seeing use anyway), everything developed much better than we expected.

    For Meley it was quite the opposite. You chose a different approach...instead of accessibility and high rewards, you went with a very cautious implementation, as in every drop is made quite rare. Like I said above, this is fine...the market doesn't crash in case something is too easy to get and if stuff is too hard to drop/reach in a realistic timeframe with realistic effort then you can always increase drop-rate and tweak other stuff.

    Anyway: feel free to call us out on our bullshiting and past mistakes however you want but please don't just dismiss every single post here that complains about either dss or dungeon implementations. Remove the tinfoil hat and stop assuming that every single time we post something we are chasing our own agenda. It is not true, we know that the community here is small but we also know it's quite devoted...some are on this server for over 10 years. You saw our activity and how much time we sink into this game so it's clear that we have the drive to play and we are excited for new content. It should be clear then that something is not quite right when we lose motivation to farm something(especially brand new content) like 1 month after it came gets tiring to continuously farm 3 keys and a grail and in the end to be rewarded with only some accessories that are already abundant on the server(it's even more annoying to players that have very little time to invest in such runs)

    Maybe you are right, maybe it's only us in this case(but I somewhat doubt it).

    Also to clarify: nobody asked skus to make a thread. Just like Nessi he upgraded DSS, probably asked around(Including us) and came to the conclusion that the numbers are a bit to undertuned. It's just that simple, no big SG conspiracies :))

    TL;DR: If we as active players that sink a lot of hours in this game feel demotivated to farm to enter a run( a run that is quite fun to run and challenging) then it has to mean something.

    Imo it's good that we're in a situation where a certain item/system was implemented and its been very hard to obtain.

    If it was the other way around the server wouldn't be able to recover from it would be flooded with the new drops.

    In Meley's case, the drop in the box is gated behind a lot of luck. It still is the general opinion on the server that the difficulty of the run and the entry fee is not proportional with the average rewards. We still want the difficulty of the run to stay, it makes it fun and most really enjoy that aspect...but something about the rewards needs change otherwise players won't have the motivation to keep farming for tickets.