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    The problem with this idea is that you can't make the crafting process too hard because then nobody would use it but at the same time if you make it too accessible then nobody would use a normal pole anymore.

    A system in which you could maybe boost the progress of your permanent pole is a better solution.

    From what it has been discussed, it can be done(it exists elsewhere) but the system needs to be re-implemented or at least the current one needs tweaking.

    But +1 if there's ever some time for it I'm sure many would appreciate it.

    More re-colours of the currents sashes would also be good imo :D

    So i've been fishing for a week and i think rice ball should be replaced with worm in the chart. I caught all riceball only fishes with the worm while not even one worm only fish. It might also be related to fisherman npc in the fishing map since i always buy the worms from there.

    you need higher rod+ for the worm fishes.

    Because then you will get a server that is broken from X level to Y and fixed from Y and above. Thats not the proper way to do things. You don't clean your house by putting all the dust and shit in one room.

    So will there be a big shake up patch(or series of patches rather) on this server or did you give up on that idea and you're just working on the new server?

    You said you won't stop updating this server but at the same time you also say it's pointless to add new content either.

    You also stated that you might leave at the end of the year again.

    What is a very rough plan for the next, lets say, 6 months?


    The server needs changes which would damage the time and resource spent by older players, the older they are, the most they lose. Support such changes even those which may damage you or keep as it is but do not complain.

    I think I don't speak only for myself when I say that I'm in favour of any change/nerf that you deem necessary. Nobody wants to play alone in an mmo.

    I don't have a strong opinion regarding this subject, I'm fine with it as it is and I won't mind if it's changed either.

    There are multiple bottlenecks that discourage people from joining PVP and I wish S skills was the main one but I don't think it is.

    Delete all and change to skill damage instead imo. 20skill res on it was fine before the fishing update when 3-5 existed on the server at the same time and when everyone was still using minor DSS.

    But you should. The normal skill damage should be higher for these class that don't relay on hits. Yet it isn't. Thats why their elemental damage is higher. The number of hits you can do before a round of skills is so high that the block chance is meaningless since the damage of a single hit is more than a skill.

    It is impossible to balance the pvp when the community is against any kind of nerfing so things will just stay as they are. The only thing that changes is what kind of booster are allowed in such events, which again is up to Tary to decide.

    Hits in budokan will do less than 300 dmg(crits+pierce), normal skill damage will also be at most 300 regardless if magical or physical, any elemental type outside of earth,ice,dark will do less than 500-600. Earth, Ice and Dark will always do over 1k dmg and the skills that use those skills have basically no cooldown.

    I guarantee you that nobody can win vs Mages in budokan at the last category, Healer and BM are probably in a similar state but the extra crit on dragon puts them on top.

    Metin was never a balanced game but 1 class shouldn't have complete supremacy.

    This discussion is not very relevant in any other scenario than min-maxed budokan fights.

    If you want we can try it out on the test server that it's hopeless vs them. I believe you're just lacking the proper context here.

    Magic class don't use hits, so they should do more damage. S skills don't need any balance as their damage is the exact same formula as G-P skills. Meaning that if it unbalanced, so were the 12 years old perfect skill and hence you cannot expect us to balance the damage that this game was born with. Regardless is the event administrator that decide what boosters should be allowed.

    I don't mean the normal damage, just the elemental damage on S. It is the only meaningful damage in 1v1. Both mages and BMs cannot be beaten on equal terms by the other classes simply because their elemental damage cannot be lowered enough while you can have all the other types of elements on your gear as normal stats. Hits are effectively completely mitigated by the amount of block/dodge you can get and avg res(I'm talking numbers like 300-400 crit+pierce hit dmg which you won't hit in 80%+ of cases)

    2) Thats up to Tary to decide which items are allowed and which not. I personally would forbid liquids, they favorite melee class with AP and pierce and critical buffs and nerf magic class with an overpowered 20% magic resistance. A budokan without liquid is a total different event than with liquids.

    Highly disagree here, magic classes are the most OP atm in budokan in a same boost scenario. Fully boosted both classes will do around 300 skill dmg(even with 20% green liquid advantage you do the same amount of dmg p much). With full avg res you do less than 500 pierce+crit hits too and you can easily get 60+ dodge and 80% block

    The only relevant damage is the elemental one which in the case of magic classes can barely be mitigated while you can have easily over 100% lightning, wind, fire res.

    Magic classes have also higher base elemental dmg on very low cooldown skills while all the melee classes have lower base dmg across the board.

    My suggestion is to increase the elemental dmg on all melee skills and long cooldown skills and nerf it on mages and BM since you can't reach the same amount of res vs them.

    This will affect basically only 1v1 since nobody will run around with full elemental res in a proper open fight.

    This alone won't suffice tho; Healer and Dragon Mage have only 1 element for example(ice and earth which you can't properly resist); I think each class should have a combination of 2, so at least 1 element can be mitigated effectively.

    As it is right now in a fully boosted 1v1 scenario with elemental res gear: mages/suras will do 100-300 skill dmg + ~1k elemental dmg

    wars/sins will do ~300 skill dmg, maybe slighly + ~300 elemental dmg on significantly longer cooldowns while in all cases except archer you are forced into melee range.

    This surely deserves a dedicated post, which I will maybe make soon enough.

    But the TL;DR from this is that S skills need some balance changes for 1v1 mostly.

    Regarding 3. with the pet

    Pets can be clicked quite easily and for skill that require targeting it is quite annoying to target the character because in most cases you will end up selecting the pet.