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    hey guys. im sure this question has been asked before but would it be possible to get back into dt if you got kicked? same way that if you get kicked from nemere you have X amount of time to get back in.

    hey guys. I am getting closer and closer to having max won/gold and therefore I have decided to put up this thread. Please keep in mind i dont have quiet enough won yet but I will very soon; hence why I am creating this thread now. I am looking to buy a grudge+9 that has either 55% avg (normal + 8 rare; rare avg has to be 8%) or a 40%+ average with 20% devil as well. Stones must be classic ones all +6. I expect this thread to be up for a long time since it is hard to find such a good weapon but I have created this now in advance. Please message me directly if you have an offer, and like i mentioned earlier, i will have max won very soon (1 week rough guess, 2 weeks max.)

    Thanks and take care everyone,


    Can be done but is very long and also might create severe lag, due to how the rarity works. The server should do some calculations to create the sparkles which I am 99% would create a lot of lag, expecially when many players are together.

    From the next maintenance all costumes and weapon skins will display sparkles.

    In the future we can create a system that allows you to choose what sparkles you want by equipping them.

    i like this very very much

    I just want to point out that while many of these suggestions aren't necessarily bad or wrong, those who are rude and ungrateful are merely a handful compared to the rest of us who actually not only appreciate the content but the engagement of GM's as well, including your choice to share this type of information with us. Thank you for your hard work.

    ok we will try

    Sadly in the quest there's no timer shown so you would know how much time you have left. Have to set up your own timer on your phone or computer.

    The time starts running immediately when you activate the quest, not just when you enter the run.

    I've helped with quite a few lv31 horse quests and we never had that problem, are you sure it didn't take you longer than you thought?

    yeah for sure, we asked help as well and this 105lv ninja brought 2 of his friends as well, there were 5 of us plsu a buffer and we destroyed the run so fast, the time was not an issue. there is also no chance he was not the leader i made sure of that both times. i really cant understand what happened for real ive tried to understand it but i just cant seem to figure out. were gonna try again later today but im going to bee looking at his screen the whole time through screen share to make sure he does everything right. wish us luck

    hey guys, my friend has been trying to complete his horse quest by killing nemere, and we tried the quest twice. both times he had the quest: kill nemere lord, which read at the end nemere remaining: 1. as soon as we would kill nemere both times, the quest immediately changed to you have failed, and read time expired though it is impossible for that since we took about 20-25 minutes max. does anyone know what is going on? is this a known bug?