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  • 100pcentTSK

    gm where is my reward for hunter ranking?

  • 100pcentTSK


  • L0lu

    Ye, I saw some1 was doing that 2 weeks ago. Mfer knows how to take care of the competitors. Reminds me of the old days when boss summs were used to clear the shops out of the safe zone :D

  • 100pcentTSK

    btw guys be careful with F11 there is a guy named MrDibla he puts everything for 0 gold and 7 won and his items are shown on the top of the list.

  • 100pcentTSK

    reset hunter ranking?

  • BellaHana

    That is here to stay sadly

  • bodmar

    Please fix random client crash and dc!

  • Pingu

    :)) <3

  • PaliPali

    You're a few million years ahead of us...

  • EmyEmy

    Happy new year 20200000!

  • Degmond

    Poly w hermit is not the same as SB w hermit, has lower chance .

  • L0lu

    Wut, is raising poly from m9 to m10 bugged or smthing? I literally failed 3 times doing this shit, so I don't know if using hermit again is a good thing :D

  • EmyEmy


  • SiiiXxHD

    Oh Shit..i am old..year 2200 😂😜

  • EmyEmy

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2200 EVERYONE YEAHHH 8) :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: LOVE U ALL

  • jureczek


  • jureczek

    2020 FOR METIN2 SG

  • Pingu

    Happy new year metin2 SG <3

  • PaliPali

    :rocketlauncher: :rocketlauncher: happy new year :sniper: :sniper:

  • BellaHana

    Happy new year!

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    Chill guys and gals, both servers are equally dead, maybe SV2 even more. Staff doesnt care for any reason, and wont respond to any of our posts. i guess they are just gonna wait until we have like 3-4 remaining people and then shut down.
    Or maybe they are gonna start being active when everyone has quitted, and haunt map 1 like ghosts. You never know.
    No answers to be found

    Whats there to respond anyways, 99% of the posts are unreasonable assumptions without any solid grounds, there's very few thats actually worth responding to.

    As Emy has already stated, Shadow is not part of the Team anymore and neither Tary nor me are capeable of doing such an Event.

    So we will have to wait for Shadow's replacement before we can do anything else.

    People who believe that S1 doesnt get any attention anymore because we opened another one, should probably consider that we might not even have had the funds to keep this Server going without the other one, considering how often i heared you guys complain that you cant find TP on the Market.

    People who already have nearly everything don't mall atall/as much afterall and new Players won't start on a Server thats online for 10 Years. [Don't take this as a confirmed fact, i do not have insight into the fact of how S1's financial status back then was.]

    We tried everything possible to advertise this Server and everywhere the response was to just open a new Server, asking for an exact copy of this one even, because people don't want to start on an Old Server, even if its doing perfectly fine and has no sight of shutting down.

    Now lets talk about you specifically, my dear Pagan.

    "Maybe they start being active when everyone has quit"

    First and formost, i want to adress this specific sentence.

    - Most of the time, most of us were on this Project for about 16-20hours a day, woke up to 150 PM's in Discord and external Forums which we collected during the short time we actually got to sleep, the devs probably took even more time a day than us.

    - We used every Advertising form possible except for toplists because they are rigged as hell, i mean, i actually even contacted 2 of the toplist admins but haven't heared back of them untill today.

    - Nearly EVERY suggestion of the first few months was granted and afterwards people complained about these updates and now, even later, people claim we didnt grant any suggestions. Delusional, if i may say so.

    As a matter of fact if we would have listened to the community less, we surely would have less problems because we would have taken more time to open the Server instead of giving into the pressure that everyone cried for us that 3 Months are too long to wait.

    If people like you would be a tiny bit more reasonable and show a little bit of gratitude instead of complaining 24/7 with "facts" that don't even make sense, stop creating stories and actually work with facts, then we could probably work together much better. Sadly, that seems to be impossible for a lot of people.

    Consider the last part as a reason why i stopped answering to such posts in general, its just not worth the time or effort to answer to that kind of stuff. Ofcourse, if someone needs support, has constructive criticism, idea's or anything i am always open for that kind of stuff but if someone starts his post like you do, no, i am sorry, thats really not worth my time.

    While ofcourse you are not completely incorrect, we created the Server simply because the community we tried to advertise to claimed they wouldn't join a Server thats online for 10 years but would immediately join a new Server.

    We stated from the beginning that the patches which are fitting for Metin2SG will also be applied here, the ones that are not fitting wont be. Since nearly everything we did so far was quality of life changes or changes to attract beginners and make the game a bit easier overall, they were all fitting changes for both Servers. That doesn't mean that we will add literally everything on Metin2SG which we are adding on SG2Global however, since as we stated from the beginning, we have absolutely no intentions of ever merging those two servers.

    Duration of Skills increased by 50% Before blessing spell was 300sec and now is the same...

    Content of Mystery Box improved what have been channged ?

    Fixed the "NO_APPROPIATE_DEVICE" error that could appear in case of not supported resolutions Yesterday i still got that message

    Regarding those 3

    You can simply click CTRL + Rightclick on a mystery box to see what's been updated.

    The "NO_APPROPIATE_DEVICE" Problem has been fixed as good as possible, metin2 is still an old game that doesnt support new resolutions however.

    The Skill duration is increased by 50%, the Tooltip is not updated. It doesnt matter what the tooltip says and updating that is a lot of work for literally no reason.

    this item sitll say "0.01", need to fix it too.

    The drop rate was way below 0,01% - now its actually 0,01% so there's nothing to fix here.

    Unless I missed it somehow, why do blue changers drop from metins?

    • Adjusted the drops of Green and Red changers/adders and drop for high level metins
    • Corrected my wording here

    Grudge dmg seems the same to me;

    • Grudge Damage was only increased by a bit less than 50 total max AV, which doesnt make a gigantic difference if you already deal 10k.

    Why do hexagonal boxes drop in game right now?

    • As stated, they now drop from all Lv65+ Metins and have imrproved drops

    Anniversary boxes have wrong text with 8th anniversary of Global server :P

    • We are simply 7 years ahead in time

    Dear Players,

    with Todays maintenance the following things will be Updated

    • The pick up of items is as fast as you can collect.
    • The speed of the text of the quests or the npc is faster
    • Teleport Ring Cooldown reduced to 30 Seconds
    • Shops can now be opened outside of the Safezone
    • Third hand (Auto Gold Pickup) is now free and permanent for everyone
    • Mages and Assassins now have a standard 35% Monster bonus
    • Moonlight Chests now drop directly into your Inventory
    • Night Mode is now the standard mode and can be disabled via the System Options
    • A lot of Items are now stackable
    • Horse Missions 11-20 have a 100% success chance now
    • The linked items will appear in the language of your client and not in the language of the client of who sent it
    • From level 65 metins it is possible to drop Hexagonal Chest
    • From level 85 metins it is also possible to drop inventory key expansion
    • Horse Quest 1-11 Cooldown reduced to 1Hour
    • Adjusted the clam drop for level 80+
    • Adjusted the drop rate of Counterattack Strategy
    • New Red Wood forest is locked by a level 80+ teleporter, regens and numbers of metin are raised.
    • Added elemental resistances to several monsters
    • Changed the drop distribution. Dealing at least 60% of the total damage to a metin or a boss will grant every drops.
    • Fixed some spelling mistakes in the RO client
    • Fixed some bonus errors in the TR client
    • Herb drops were added to Heaven's Lair 1 + 2
    • PvP Pets, (Stats on)Costumes and Hairstyles have been exchanged for PvM.
    • Lord Gahnasel can now drop White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Red Pearl
    • Giant Plague Carrier can now drop White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Red Pearl
    • Skill Books have a lower cooldown now (Reduced to 3-4 hours)
    • Biologist Chaegirab is working hard currently and now has a lower cooldown on all quests (Reduced to 4-6 hours)
    • Purple and Green Potions wont be used anymore if the effect is already active
    • New NPC "Master" added which will let you craft several Items
    • Rarity Items are now also obtainable through crafting and chests
    • Certificates can now stack properly
    • Upgrade Items for Refine+ can now stack (Devil's Splinter etc.)

    • Adjusted the attack range of the "Hateful Titan" Mob from Devils Catacomb (Had ranged attacks while being a Melee Mob)
    • Cor Draconis are now tradeable and can't be opened if you do not have the DSS Inventory
    • Added (M) Autopotions to the General Store
    • Better tooltip for the chests
    • Added the option to open 100 chests with a combination of buttons (check the tooltip ingame)
    • Skill books have 4 main colors depending on which class they belong to
    • Hevean's Lair I and II monsters gives now higher experience
    • Heaven's Lair II monsters are doubled
    • Grudge Sword Attack rate is now the same as Partisan
    • Preview System Added
    • Metin spawn increased
    • Metin spawn is 50% faster
    • Adjusted the drops of Green and Red changers/adders and drop for high level metins
    • The Hero Ghost inside Orc Maze had different % of upgrades than displayed, it is now fixed.
    • The Metins are now marked on the Minimap
    • Duration of Skills increased by 50%
    • Pet Bonus Info updated
    • Spanish translation updated
    • Content of Mystery Box improved
    • Tiger/Dragon earrings added to the Boss Chest of Mid/High level bosses
    • Guild Chat is now Red
    • Call chat is now Yellow/Blue, Global and wont require a World Ring anymore
    • Changers / Adders now Stack
    • Fixed Minor Errors on descriptions
    • Fixed the "NO_APPROPIATE_DEVICE" error that could appear in case of not supported resolutions
    • Content of Hexagonal Chest improved
    • Coffer of Wisdom added as Prize for the OX Event
    • Dragor / Chocobo Mounts added which, in case they have Attack Value as stat, will have 300 instead of 100 when fully upgraded

    The Extra Inventory

    • Cooldown for sorting reduced from 60s to 30s
    • Sorting now autostacks all Items
    • Sort by Vnum and Socket
    • Crafting with Extra Inventory fixed
    • Refining Ores with Extra Inventory fixed
    • Boxes that require keys can now be opened while inside the Extra Inventory
    • Quick sell fixed which didn't work with the Extra Inventory active
    • Core Crashes that were linked to the Extra Inventory fixed
    • Fixed a bug where you could trade the golds but not the items with a full spaced extra inventory

    The Shopsearch System

    • This System will allow you to search a Shops that have your Desired Items, more infos in the Screens below.


    You can search for Items you'd like to buy, however, you need atleast 4 letters in order to start a search.


    The System will not only mark the Shop and tell you its coordinates, but also let you buy via the System directly and/or send a Private Message to the seller.




    If you need an Item more often, you can just bookmark it.


    Additionally you can now also add a "K" instead of 3 Zero's


    We added a new command, it basically explains itself.


    Metin2SG Team

    the servers go in different ways, that wont happen in this. hopefully also apply those changes here but personally i think this wont happen.

    Ofcourse some of the changes wont be applied here.

    The pearls were added to those bosses because that server does not have pearls in the Item mall nor does it have the lv 100-120 content to drop pearls from the higher level bosses.

    Other Updates will be applied here too - however - only those which are fitting will be added.

    Hey there,

    the Servers are, in some way, related to another since the other one uses the same base concept.


    • This one wont go offline
    • They have different Updates
    • We will keep working on both Servers
    • They wont merge since they have different Updates

    I would like to suggest changing Boss Spawn Event. Bosses which are spawned in sahara desert should be spawned in separate map or event map. This is because it becomes hard for players to farm metins during metin spawn event because they get killed by group of bosses in desert. Also, there are already tanakas in desert so if bosses spawned in separate maps will be a relief for many players i am certain.

    Hey there,

    if there was a map which has a fitting size, that would probably already be the case.

    Mani San Mountain is sadly way too small to solve this problem though.

    Chinese players more than french players here, so Chinese first

    Hey there,

    as Shadow has explained to you multiple times already, chinese is not an option for us, it simply wont work here.

    French would be possible but a player would need to translate it, considering that we dont have french speaking staff members in our team.

    Click here to refresh your memory with the explanation -> *click* *click²*

    Dear Players,

    Thanks to everyone who participated i nthe last Dungeon Masters event, here's the results.


    Freedom Fighters 19:59.21

    SCkickstart 19:2.11

    Jurczek's Team (You forgot to put a name.) 18:59.72

    ZeroGravity 18:49.12
    RocketTeam 19:05.10

    This leaves us with the following winners:

    1. ZeroGravity - 18:49.12

    2. Jureczek's Team - 18:59.72

    3. Rocket Team - 19:05.10

    4. SCkickstart - 19:28.11

    Please, make sure the team members list is updated, since the rewards will be sent to that list of players.

    Kind Regards,


    i think high clam prices show the lack of newcomers :(

    Hey there,

    Considering that Clams are farmed in Heavens Lair and Red Wood Forrest which are both not dropping anything below Lvl 86 or fished with literally any level i dont see how newcomers have anything to do with that.

    What the continuesly increasing price of clams shows is that players are only willing to farm stuff that is going to get them the biggest income possible.

    Everyone wants to farm the same items and wait untill someone else farms the less valueable ones but with us banning all the fishbots, there is not a lot of people left that are fishing and basically no one who farms HL because people rather farm Hellrun, Plaguerun or Metins.

    No matter of time, even if there are 10, 20 or 30 people in town it's still considered as "dead". A year back there were a lot more players no matter time.

    Hey there,

    I'm not denying that there might have been more players, i dont have any Info about such statistics eitherway.

    All i'm stating is that a screenshot from a town in the middle of the night does not prove anything either and that what he was stating is not correct.

    Hey there,

    considering that you are taking a screenshot near midnight servertime, which is even later in the night for the entire eastern european and asian community wouldn't really set a high bar i suppose. I'm not going to deny that there arent a lot of PvP players but thats definitely not because of the things you named.

    Hey there,

    As a lot of players have experienced themselves, SeaGM wasnt anywhere near perfect as an option for purchasing TP.

    It often caused trouble, some countries couldnt even use it atall.

    The increase of the price is based on the fee's that are charged by the website.