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    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present our Zodiac Content Update of January 27/01/2023

    • Improved the overall Stacking of items. Generally items should now stack by default if they are the same and are obtained from chests, item mall, offline shops or similar.
    • Improved Icon for Fire&Ice Ticket and Ship Defense Ticket
    • Adjusted an error which made the "Mighty Chicken Wing" and the "Corn on a dagger" wearable by the wrong classes
    • Added Crafting Recipes to the "Master" NPC to upgrade Green Changers into Red Changers and Red Changers into Blue Changers

    Zodiac Content Update

    • Added 12 New Zodiac Dungeons. 7 Dungeons drop the 7 various weapons, 4 Drop the 4 various armours and 1 drops increased amounts of changers, upp items and has a slightly increased chance to obtain the new Elemental Bloom
    • Added new Zodiac Weapons for each Class
    • Added new Zodiac Armours for each Class
    • Added New Upgrade Items for the new Zodiac equipment.
    • Added the new "Elemental Bloom" and "Zodiac Diamond" which is a combination of the Blacksmith's Diamond, Master Compass and the Elemental Bloom increasing your success chance by 10% and removing the chance to downgrade.
    • Added a ton of new Monsters which appear inside the Dungeons
    • Added a ton of new Bosses which will appear inside the Dungeons
    • Added new NPC "Monk Milbon" which spawns after completing the 40th Floor of the Dungeon and allows you to craft various Zodiac Related things.
    • Added new NPC "Zodiac Merchant" which has a 5% Chance to spawn after completing the 40th Floor of the Dungeon and will trade various items for a potentially rotating pool of items. Everytime you encounter the NPC he will sell the same Items, however, we might occassionally change what he is selling (Which requires reboots, so it wont suddenly happen.)
    • Added a new Zodiac Sash chest which drops all 48 Variations of the Zodiac Sashes (Basic, Fine, Noble, Custom of each of the 12 Sashes) sold by the Zodiac Merchant
    • Added a new Pet Chest which drops various perma pets sold by the Zodiac Merchant.

    Sidenotes for the Zodiac Dungeon;

    1. Mages "Blessing Spell" is capped to 50% inside the Dungeon
    2. Block & Dodge are reduced to 33% effectiveness, meaning if you cap your block/dodge at 60% inside the dungeon you have 20%.
    3. Each dungeon drops a different piece of equipment or increased amounts of changers/upgrade items, a list of who drops what can be found below.
    4. The Merchant only spawns at a 5% Chance
    5. Monk Milbon and the Chest spawn at a 100% Chance
    6. The Dungeon is fairly hard to do and is intended to be done with Ancient gear+9 and a group of atleast 5 People. It has a solo Option, the likelyhood of succeeding the solo version without perfect Zodiac Gear+9 is however extremely unlikely. You have been warned, we will not refund tickets if you try it regardless.
    7. The Dungeon has no Cooldown, which is intended.
    8. The Dungeon can be entered once Level 105 is achieved

    Dear Players,

    Hereby i present todays Patch Notes of 08/01/2023

    - Added Battlepass of January

    - Added a couple of New Years Cosmetics to the Item Mall with limited Duration.

    - Added a Temporary Wheel of Fortune with the same Cosmetics (Permanent Versions with Shinings) as Jackpots.

    Chests for those Cosmetics on the Wheel have a Gender Check.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2SG Team

    Hey guys,

    Zodiac beta tests will start soon, for that we are looking for testers.
    We will accept 16 testers for this update.

    Send an application to our email [email protected]
    Your application should include your Char name, your discord or telegram tag and a brief summary about you and your knowledge which shows us why we should pick you as a tester.

    Kind RegardsMetin2SG Team

    How to see the list of blocked players and unblock one?

    You should see an "Ingored" list in your friends list. You can simply click on one and delete them out of that list, that should do the trick.

    You can also just open a DM with them and click the Unblock button.

    Dear Community

    hereby i want to present the patch notes of todays patch 06/10/2022

    • Added battlepass for the month of October
    • Made the Permanent Soccer Costumes tradeable
    • Adjusted Hong-Hae. She is now the Voucher shop for the Wheel Vouchers
    • Added the "Gold Dragon" Set, which is our first Wheel Voucher set
    • Adjusted the Time Elixir descriptions

    Kind Regards

    Adjustment Patch 27/09/2022

    • The Wheel vouchers are now tradeable, storeable etc.
    • Sash costumes from mall can be stored
    • Fixed Time Elixir S, it provided the wrong charging value
    • Fixed an issue with the new mall

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of todays Maintenance, 14/09/2022

    • You can now hover over an Item and press Shift + H to open the corresponding wiki Page
    • You can now hover over an Item and press Shift + F to open the Shopsearch with a quicksearch with the Item
    • Item Previews are now not Permanent on or off anymore, you can now hover over the Item and hold TAB in order to have a preview, once you let go of TAB, the preview vanishes.
    • CTRL + Leftclick allows you to add 10 Status Points at once.
    • Added "Spider King" to the Heavy type
    • You are now placed in the middle of Plague/Hell run upon entering
    • Waters from "David" now are having a 10 Minute duration rather than a 3 Minute Duration

    Kind Regards

    Metin2SG Team

    All shops automatically get opened in all 4 Channels on all 3 Map1 Cities so there is no main market Area per definition. You can open your shop from anywhere and it will automatically place it for you on the City maps.

    As for the Paypal question, you need to be registred for 3 Days and reach level 35 atleast, you will get PayPal unlocked after that.

    We added a Mob bonus to Mental warrior so they should be able to do all contents, however it is natural that Weapon Suras and Body Warriors can do it better as they are designed to do so.

    Dragon Mages are also a pretty viable PvM choice due to their S Skill "Self Buff" crit damage increase, however in the endgame body warriors will certainly outdamage them.

    As for the PvM Gear, it depends.

    Early game that will probably be enough, though later on most ranged monsters will deal magic damage so you will also need Magic & Skill res.

    Avg Res is also a thing here so that generally helps for a lot of monsters.

    Hey i'll keep my answers short, if you want more detailed answers just shoot.

    How far we are apart from the GF servers, i dont know as i didnt have it installed for years, though what i can tell you is that you'll find significantly less bots here, if any haha.

    Itemshop here isn't mandatory atall. It gives you a bit Mob/Hp so yes it will help a bit but you can do the entire content without it and even get Itemshop currency from events or some bosses (even though the later is relatively rare)

    Elemental Resistance + Talisman exists, but it is mostly PvP. It is reduced to 25% effectiveness in PvM as we prefer not to have people run around with lv 30 Equip in Hell Run and Heaven's Lair.

    Alchemy also exists, it certainly is a good way to make money if you do it smart but there is plenty other ways to make money. We also plan to add Zodiac Content to the game as our next big update which will naturally add more ways to make money, though we will not add it the same way as GF, it will not be a run accessible for level 20+

    Currently we do not have the Aura system. It may come in the future at some point, but as for now we do not have it.

    Playercount is pretty stable though naturally summer is not exactly the season for gaming. The playercount should increase in autumn again, especially with the upcoming Zodiac Content Update and Anniversary / Halloween Events typically also draw in players again.

    Hey there,

    we removed the Red nation years ago as it always had the least players.

    The game works better with 2 Nations only as Blue always gets like 60-70% of the players and the other 30-40% of the players split into 2 kingdoms, which not only doesnt look very inviting but also has the added issue that it would make a nation wars basically impossible.

    You can talk to Heuk-Young in case you want to change from Blue Kingdom to yellows, she will help you out for free.

    As for the Red Kingdom we currently do not plan to reinstate it.


    No that skill was changed years before we added the Monster bonus.

    It was changed so the Light mage can properly benefit from their skill in PvP as it is logical for a magic class to boost magic attack and not physical.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of 27/09/2022

    • Removed the Chest of Darkness from the Ancient land Bosses.
    • Added Anniversary and Halloween Event preperations
    • Adjusted a bunch of Football World Cup related costumes
    • Updated the way the game handles the Affect Shower Icons [Top left buff icons] They are now ordered in 3 seperate sections [Skills, account buffs, potions]
    • Created a Permanent Bravery cape with increased range
    • Created a "Reset Costume Bonus+" which guarantees you to get 3 stats on your costume/Hairstyle
    • Created Various vouchers for the Wheel of Fortune, which will in future be used at a special NPC which will use said vouchers as Currency for various types of cosmetics
    • Reworked the Ancient Equipment Icons
    • Fixed some Hairstyles which had wrong Icons, Descriptions or Models
    • Adjusted several prices in the itemshop
    • New Itemshop System
    • New Daily Reward System, the old one was removed
    • New Wheel of Fortune System
    • The biologist will now send you a direct message when you can hand him new Items

    Extra Notes

    • Adjusted a bunch of Itemshop things
    • Moved the "Increase of catching rare Fish" buff from the MP section to the Account Buff section for TecPoints.
    • Added a Package of 28 Daily Tickets to the Premium section, they can be used to receive the Daily rewards. Missing to collect a reward on a day resets you back to the beginning.
    • Adjusted all Hairstyles/Costumes, all of them are now 30 Days with the same stats, no more 7 day variants
    • Added the Unlimited Bravery Cape to the Item Mall [7/15 days variants]
    • Added the "Reset Costume Bonus+" to the MP section
    • Moved the Offline Shop Expansion from the TP section to the MP section
    • Added all Dungeon Tickets to the Item Mall
    • All Costumes purchased from the mall from this point onward come with a 1% vs Metins bonus rather than Random stats, naturally it can still be rolled and increased to up to 3 stats.
    • The Gift option does no longer exist

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

    Hey Guys,

    Here are the Patch Notes of today, 30/07/2022

    • Removed all PvP Stats from Costumes & Hair
    • Removed PvP stats from the Rollable Pool for Costumes & Hair
    • Added some PvM Stats to the Rollable Pool, for example Strong vs. Metin/Boss for Costumes & Hair

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Community,

    hereby i present the Patch Notes of today, 23/07/2022

    • Added Mousewheel support to the Shopsearch
    • "War God Blessing Scroll" is now stackable
    • Vote for Bonus is now opened in an external window rather than inside the client
    • Raised the NPC value of some items such as Horse Taming Book, Gold/Silver Chest/Key
    • Orc Maze now drops more level 30 Weapons
    • Orc Stubborness drop rate raised
    • Orc Maze Portals now open when atleast 75 Monsters are killed, rather than having to kill all of them
    • Reduced the Plague Dungeon "Plague Eggs" to 15
    • Nemere Sealstones now never fail
    • Rarity Items can now be sold to NPCs in return for Gold and Rarity Ore, no need to bring them one by one to the Rarity Alchemist
    • Added a new Dungeon Panel which provides more details, cleaner design, better display of Cooldowns/criteria and comes with its own Ranking System
    • Soulstones and Rainbow stones now display the time left untill you can read another one
    • Added Shinings to the Costume Category on the Shopsearch
    • Fixed a problem where the saved position on the warp panel would arrange in alphabetical order. It is only fixed for newly saved slots. We advice you to delete and resave your existing custom slots