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    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of todays Maintenance, 14/09/2022

    • You can now hover over an Item and press Shift + H to open the corresponding wiki Page
    • You can now hover over an Item and press Shift + F to open the Shopsearch with a quicksearch with the Item
    • Item Previews are now not Permanent on or off anymore, you can now hover over the Item and hold TAB in order to have a preview, once you let go of TAB, the preview vanishes.
    • CTRL + Leftclick allows you to add 10 Status Points at once.
    • Added "Spider King" to the Heavy type
    • You are now placed in the middle of Plague/Hell run upon entering
    • Waters from "David" now are having a 10 Minute duration rather than a 3 Minute Duration

    Kind Regards

    Metin2SG Team

    All shops automatically get opened in all 4 Channels on all 3 Map1 Cities so there is no main market Area per definition. You can open your shop from anywhere and it will automatically place it for you on the City maps.

    As for the Paypal question, you need to be registred for 3 Days and reach level 35 atleast, you will get PayPal unlocked after that.

    We added a Mob bonus to Mental warrior so they should be able to do all contents, however it is natural that Weapon Suras and Body Warriors can do it better as they are designed to do so.

    Dragon Mages are also a pretty viable PvM choice due to their S Skill "Self Buff" crit damage increase, however in the endgame body warriors will certainly outdamage them.

    As for the PvM Gear, it depends.

    Early game that will probably be enough, though later on most ranged monsters will deal magic damage so you will also need Magic & Skill res.

    Avg Res is also a thing here so that generally helps for a lot of monsters.

    Hey i'll keep my answers short, if you want more detailed answers just shoot.

    How far we are apart from the GF servers, i dont know as i didnt have it installed for years, though what i can tell you is that you'll find significantly less bots here, if any haha.

    Itemshop here isn't mandatory atall. It gives you a bit Mob/Hp so yes it will help a bit but you can do the entire content without it and even get Itemshop currency from events or some bosses (even though the later is relatively rare)

    Elemental Resistance + Talisman exists, but it is mostly PvP. It is reduced to 25% effectiveness in PvM as we prefer not to have people run around with lv 30 Equip in Hell Run and Heaven's Lair.

    Alchemy also exists, it certainly is a good way to make money if you do it smart but there is plenty other ways to make money. We also plan to add Zodiac Content to the game as our next big update which will naturally add more ways to make money, though we will not add it the same way as GF, it will not be a run accessible for level 20+

    Currently we do not have the Aura system. It may come in the future at some point, but as for now we do not have it.

    Playercount is pretty stable though naturally summer is not exactly the season for gaming. The playercount should increase in autumn again, especially with the upcoming Zodiac Content Update and Anniversary / Halloween Events typically also draw in players again.

    Hey there,

    we removed the Red nation years ago as it always had the least players.

    The game works better with 2 Nations only as Blue always gets like 60-70% of the players and the other 30-40% of the players split into 2 kingdoms, which not only doesnt look very inviting but also has the added issue that it would make a nation wars basically impossible.

    You can talk to Heuk-Young in case you want to change from Blue Kingdom to yellows, she will help you out for free.

    As for the Red Kingdom we currently do not plan to reinstate it.


    No that skill was changed years before we added the Monster bonus.

    It was changed so the Light mage can properly benefit from their skill in PvP as it is logical for a magic class to boost magic attack and not physical.

    Hey Guys,

    Here are the Patch Notes of today, 30/07/2022

    • Removed all PvP Stats from Costumes & Hair
    • Removed PvP stats from the Rollable Pool for Costumes & Hair
    • Added some PvM Stats to the Rollable Pool, for example Strong vs. Metin/Boss for Costumes & Hair

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Community,

    hereby i present the Patch Notes of today, 23/07/2022

    • Added Mousewheel support to the Shopsearch
    • "War God Blessing Scroll" is now stackable
    • Vote for Bonus is now opened in an external window rather than inside the client
    • Raised the NPC value of some items such as Horse Taming Book, Gold/Silver Chest/Key
    • Orc Maze now drops more level 30 Weapons
    • Orc Stubborness drop rate raised
    • Orc Maze Portals now open when atleast 75 Monsters are killed, rather than having to kill all of them
    • Reduced the Plague Dungeon "Plague Eggs" to 15
    • Nemere Sealstones now never fail
    • Rarity Items can now be sold to NPCs in return for Gold and Rarity Ore, no need to bring them one by one to the Rarity Alchemist
    • Added a new Dungeon Panel which provides more details, cleaner design, better display of Cooldowns/criteria and comes with its own Ranking System
    • Soulstones and Rainbow stones now display the time left untill you can read another one
    • Added Shinings to the Costume Category on the Shopsearch
    • Fixed a problem where the saved position on the warp panel would arrange in alphabetical order. It is only fixed for newly saved slots. We advice you to delete and resave your existing custom slots

    how is work? mean how to craft or drop?

    can you extend time of elixir of strenght and etc for 10min?

    Suggestions go into the suggestion tab

    as for the Shinings.

    You will be able to get 2 of them from the Dungeon chests of the Summer event.

    A lot of others will be in the Item Mall.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i present the Patch notes of 23/06/2022

    • Added a Shining & Sparkle System
    • Added a Minimap into the Orc Maze so players can easier spot left over Monsters
    • Added a crafting recipe to Baek-Go in order to change Green Potion M into Green Potion L
    • Added a crafting recipe to Baek-Go in order to change Purple Potion M into Purple Potion L
    • Since there were multiple variants of Purple Potion M which did the same thing but had different Vnums, one of them will now be called "Dying Purple Potion M" you can trade it at Baek-Go for the correct one which will not expire. After a certain time the Expiring Purple Potion M will be deleted from the game to clean up a little bit and make sure the M to L recipe can be used by everyone properly
    • Increased the level of Ochao Warrior and Ochao Soldier slightly
    • Added Summer Costumes, Metins, Weapon Skins, Mounts, Pets and other stuff for the Event [Will be obtainable once the Event starts]
    • Added Summer Event Battle Pass Quests, they will be available together with the Summer Event itself
    • Blood Pills can now be sold to NPC's for 50.000 Gold
    • Added a confirmation Pop Up before equipping a Special Experience Ring in order to make sure you don't accidentally equip an unequipable ring
    • Added the functionality to now display how many drops you actually got instead of merely stating the item name. For example it will now display "38x Elden Ore" rather than simply stating "Elden Ore"
    • Increased the Polar Predator Movementspeed a bit to match the other Mountskins
    • Increased the Wild Boar Mounts movementspeed a bit to match the other Mountskins
    • Increased the Armoured Panda movementspeed a bit to match the other Mountskins
    • Adjusted the (Battle/Military/Master) Horse Mount skins speed to match the other Mountskins

    For the moment we created a new Discord Server, its invite link can be found in the usual positions. Website, Forum, Patcher.

    Here is the perma link however.

    Kind Regards

    Dear Community,

    • Battlepass June added
    • Added a Petskin System and a bunch of Permanent Pet Skins
    • Fixed an issue with Ship Defense run which caused it to crash.
    • Fixed an Issue with the DSS which made party members unable to collect the Items from the ground under specific conditions
    • Added extra drops to Bagjanamu
    • Added a Skill to Bagjanamu
    • Added three crafting Recipes for "Moonlight Box+" to the Master NPC. This will probably be a temporary Recipe and will be there untill the end of the Month.

    June Premium Battle Pass

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2SG Team

    Hey there,

    Go To the Fisherman, grab a pole and Riceballs [After +5 +6 +7 you can swap to worms or Minnows]

    Simply go near a body of water, cast your Pole and as soon as anything bites the hook, pull it out of the water as fast as possible.

    Unlike the usual Metin2 Fishing, it is all about how fast you pull out here, the faster the better the chance you catch the hooked fish.

    It works in PvM, though it is only a minor effect.

    As Vyenna said, going for Ice Resist PvM equipment is not really worth it.

    You would need 400% Ice resist to block the entire damage of Ice Type monsters, which is not nearly achieveable.

    The Elemental Resistances are mostly relevant for PvP. If you get it on a PvM Item, nice to have, if you dont have it, also fine.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of today, 09/04/2022

    • Added a Cap for Mage "Blessing Spell" on the Ancient Lands Map. They are now only granting a Maximum of 80% on this specific map only. All other maps remain unaffected.
    • Similar to Meley's Lair, we've added a Modifier to the Ancient Lands, which lowers your Block Chance to 33% of its actual Value. [Meaning, if you have 60%, effectively it will be 20%. While 50% would become 16,5%]
    • Increased the damage of "Royal Anubis"
    • Adjusted the Vein spawn of the Ancient Lands, they are not static anymore

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of Today, 07/04/2022.

    • Created over 100 Weapon Skins. Every normal weapon ingame now also exists as a Skin. Implementation into the gameplay (ways to obtain them) to be determined.
    • Created and added a few Costumes that were requested by players. Implementation into the gameplay (ways to obtain them) to be determined.
    • Added 2 New Bosses to the Game
    • Added 1 New World Boss to the Game
    • Added a bunch of new Monsters to the game
    • Added 3 New Metins to the game
    • Added a Bunch of new Upgrade Materials to the Game
    • Added a new PvM Set to the Game [Helmet, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings]
    • Added a new PvP Necklace to the Game
    • Added a new high level Farm Map to the Game
    • Added a new Ore-Vein to the Game. It can be found on the New Map and is used for the new Equipment.
    • Added a New Ore and Refined Ore to the game, as explained above it is used for the new Equipment.
    • Added a Function to the Shopsearch which lets you filter by Shop Owner
    • Reduced the EXP of the Monsters on DT 11th Floor
    • Increased the EXP of the Monsters at the end of Heaven's Lair 2
    • Nerfed the Damage of the Monsters in Enchanted Forest
    • Adjusted the "Cube Window" Categories. They are now more clean and properly split.
    • Added the Crafting Recipe for the new Items to the "Master" Npc's Categories "Equip" and "Accessories"
    • Blocked the usage of "Blacksmith's Memo" for Items above level 100
    • Blocked the useage of "War God Blessing Scroll" for Items above level 100
    • Blocked the useage of "Wise Man's Memo" for Items above level 100
    • Added a Battle Pass System to the game which in itself has 3 Categories.
    • "Basic Battle Pass" Which is available for everyone for free.
    • "Premium Battle Pass" Which is available only via the Premium Pass unlock item.
    • "Event Battle Pass" which will be available for everyone during Major Events or whenever the Staff Team sees it fitting to be active.
    • Weakened the "Gnoll" Monsters on Dragonfire Cape
    • Copied the weakened "Gnoll" Monster stats for all other Lv 90 Maps.