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    you don't need to make suggestions regarding the shop system, as i already stated we will implement a new one which fixes all flaws.

    Ours is one of the first, if not the first shop systems, it can't be improved and it makes no sense to do so, as the next patch will bring the new system.

    A button for the Extra inventory exists in the Sidebar already. Adding another sidebar to the Inventory makes no sense, adds possibility to accidentally click on the buttons and on top is also very limited as there is not a lot of space, while the Sidebar has a ton of free space.

    Double Metin loot event doesn't fit the server. Metins are already the most profitable thing on the Server, which isn't okay. They need adjustment, they don't need to be made even stronger.

    Strong vs Monsters also helps against metins, so adding Strong vs Metins pets doesn't really make sense. Most Servers only divide it into Metins, Bosses and Monsters because it gives triple the money. They also deactive "Strong vs Monsters" working on Metins and bosses though.

    The Pet Leveling system is hated by 50% of the com, liked by the other 50%. So for the moment we aren't working on it as there is no real reason to add content that isn't even that well received by players.

    Yes, there is reasons for it.

    That Certificate can be obtained via the Daily Reward System.

    If it was tradeable, people would simply make 4000 level 1 chars untill they get it, making the crafting path completely obsolete.

    Most Items that are not tradeable have their reason, if you see any you think that should be tradeable, feel free to post them here and i'll check if there's a reason.

    username : xxxx I know my password but the system is locked I lost my e-mail connection can you help me please change your e-mail address to xxxx or xxxx

    This isn't the proper place to discuss such things.

    Eitherway, if you simply forgot the e-mail we can help you finding out which one it is. If you don't have access to it anymore you will need to contact your mail provider to re-gain access to it. If it is deleted, you can send a mail change request here

    Doing something like that in a public Forum, posting your ID and E-Mails is never a good idea.

    Yes, however, I would like to understand one thing, so you are making me understand to me as a new user, that I have practically arrived on an old server that has nothing more to offer than some bug-fixes and that there will never be new content since the server base collapsing and risking closure? And above all, are you making me understand that to see new content I have to wait for a new server because it's not worth it here?

    Now I ask you a question: As a new user, who spent more than a week playing farm and making money, did I just waste my time? I am honest I do not care if there are 500 users or 50 to me it is enough that the server remains open. If I came here it is because this server has been alive for 12 years and therefore is stable, what you do you do not lose as happens with many new servers that close only after a few years. Does it seem fair to you that I new user should suffer such a response in a server that I am dedicating all my free time to have fun? I await an answer from you Shadow with great curiosity.

    You didn't read properly because what you describe is literally the opposite of what shadow just said.

    What he said is that BEFORE we can bring new content, we need to fix the basical flaws that came with the years. We are working on that at the moment with a gigantic patch, if that works out as planed then and only then we can consider adding new content, because what does new content help us if the base content is flawed.

    Simply changing one Upgrade item into another is not a solution so i am personally not a fan of that idea.


    There will be new costumes obtainable via Item mall and some via ingame Bosses/dungeons/events in the next update


    The changing of the stats on the costume is one of the main ways how SG keeps from horrible inflation so removing this aspect would be a bad idea IMO even though i understand why you'd bring it up.


    I removed Electromagnetic Blade on some metins and replaced it with Soul Stealing Blade and adjusted the drop rate of it on some the Metins and Bosses, no need to give a second weapon the same upgrade path.


    The Shopbox is going to be replaced in general though i don't believe your idea is doable, that sounds too exploitable. However, i am not a dev to tell you if it is exploitable for certain.


    The new shop system can last up to 8 days / 192 Hours if i recall correct


    Dungeon and Metin drops are completely reworked in the next update so stay tuned. However, i don't believe we should make Exo's and Hermits even more accessible, they are already worth basically nothing.


    You have the ability to get thousands and thousands of herbs, killing the chance of getting bad Liquid's/Dew's would mean a drastical drop in value of Herbs.


    From the next update onwards all new characters receive a beginner mount and pet, the apprentice chests also have been improved slightly.


    As mentioned, all Metins and Dungeons have been reworked.

    Levels, HP Values, Spawns, Spawn Timers and drops have all been re-considered and changed if we that any of these things were neccessary.

    If you have suggestions how to use all the lower level Items, feel free to suggest them here. Simply saying that we should make dozens and dozens of items useful isn't really going to help us. We've given a purpose to a lot of things, theres just not enough space to give a purpose to all of these.

    Hey there,

    We will replace our Shopsystem with a new one which will have all the current issues that exist fixed. However, that will still take a little bit more time as its a delicate and also big update.

    Wom had users because they allowed RMT, which was also its downfall. Their income was too low for Shogun to keep caring. The server was 8 Years old, as it originated from Shogun being fired here and opening his own server afterwards just to set that part straight. People who do RMT harm the server greatly as that also means there will be hardly any income for the server to keep it alive.

    You are correct that there are some people who join because the server is old and stable, but those are a minority. The majority of metin2 players in 2021 are jumpers. They join new servers every few months. Thats why these servers work, because they are wanted by the community.

    Regarding your other suggestion, doesn't make sense for the current status of the game.

    There is over 10 dungeons in the game currently, hardly anyone in the game has full S skills or Good or even close to perfect mythic DSS. So why add more content if the current one is not even close to exhausted?

    Adjusting the current content is what needs to be done.

    Never have i said it is impossible to lure new players, what i said is that the majority is not interested unless you do stupid stuff like allowing real money trades, advertisment is not the issue. It is always possible to gain players, but gain as many as a newly created server? Unlikely.

    With the next patch we will hopefully be able to catch a wave of beginners as thats the target audience for that Patch.


    New Content is currently not needed, adjustment of the current content is whats needed and what is already being worked on.

    1) There is currently no need for new dungeons. When we see the need for it, we will add Zodiac content.

    2) Will be adressed in the next patch, in fact, that part of the patch is already in testing since a few days

    3) Same as 2
    4)Be More specific
    5) We already advertise everywhere possible, the issue isnt advertisement, the issue is that most people do not want to play a 12 year old server.

    6) There is a sort button which does exactly that and sorts your inventory.

    7) PvP in metin2 is a weird topic. Most players say they want it but if you check, 90% of the servers have basically near to none PvP. We will try to make it more accessible with the next patch in order to give people more of a way into it, but in my personal opinion, unless you gift people full PvP Equip or hand them a switch bot, they will likely not do PvP anw.

    Hello Elspeth,

    What do you think about removing the " I want to train " message when reading soul stone? It's not a big problem, but it does get annoying! what is your thoughts about that?

    ~Jp :)

    Generally this is not the suggestion forum, but to answer your question;

    I do understand why you'd suggest that but i don't think it's a good idea.

    If people use it, go negative and lose items and demand them back, we c an always refer to that message. If we were to remove that message, what would we refer to? Common sense, maybe, but thats about it.

    Just try to stay below -1 Rank when reading soulstones, then the message wont appear.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present todays Patch Notes of the 11th of June 2021

    • Fixed the Spawn timer of bosses/metins, they shifted the longer the server was online.
    • Prevent the use of Aura / Enchanted blade bug [Cast it on your Hand]
    • Unclickable / Phaseable NPC's to avoid having players being bothered by pets during PvM/PvP

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    50-50 that’s why there will be no change? Makes nosense while as u can see on the pic more ppl didn’t wanted the dss change and u still made it. Sounds abit weird to me tbh

    There were 26 in favor for a change, 18 which werent in favor for a change.

    Except that the DSS change was something neccessary and in fact, if you guys want beginners to actually start playing the first thing we should do is delete all DSS and rework the entire DSS system, which is, unfortunately, not a possibility as that would make 90% of the existing playerbase outright quit so it wont happen, don't worry.

    Reducing the amount of Soulstones does a lot of things.

    -> Reduces the prices/value of soulstones

    -> helps people who are level 100+

    -> Causes massive inflation when it comes to soulstones as there are a shitload on the server and significantly less will be needed

    -> Harms every beginner who tries to make some money off of metin drops as its currently one of the more valueable drops

    As for you, Zeus

    As you already said, shadow said it will be "under a different Spectrum" than SG, which in clear terms means that its not going to be a oldschool style Server and be unlikely to attract the same playerbase as SG does. Your argumentation would only work if we'd open SG2Global again. Claiming that people left due to the reality of us working on a second server is simply not correct though. Maybe 1-2. The playerbase seems fairly stable during the last two weeks, so that claim is simply not correct.

    While you are correct that people do not want to spend a lot of time into metin2 anymore, what you also have to realise is that there is basically only 2-3 things on SG that actually do take time, one of them being DSS, one being S skills and the last one being PvP equipment.

    If there is too much to do, the people won't do it and quit. If there's too little to do, they'll do it in 2 weeks and quit because they are done.

    From my experience the PvP Community of metin2 as a whole is just not as big anymore, especially not on oldschool style Servers, making S skills easier to obtain wont make anyone do PvP it just means they'll rush Aura S and do more PvM and on top of that beginners will have a harder time. Realistically speaking, the S problems are neither the problem nor the solution.

    I voted to keep as it is now but I didnt know staff was working on a new server.

    So my vote now is yes, reduce the amount.

    There will be no point on keep this if many ppl will leave for the new sv.

    As shadow already said, the new server is not like SG so they arent in competition to each other. That fact shouldn't influence your choice here atall but eitherway, reducing the amount of soulstones is a completely contraproducitve thing to do as it will just hurt all the beginners.

    Realising that the vote is literally 50-50, that means its not only bad for beginners but also not as liked by the existing playerbase to justify such a change.


    while testing and even now i can't reproduce your issue.

    Its generally connected to your connection to our server.

    If you move while changing channel it sends a lot of packets, if your connection isn't all that great, you disconnect.

    Generally what you suggest can't be done though.