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  • EmyEmy

    goodluck i hope you get your chars back:)

  • HadorisHUN

    i found nvm

  • HadorisHUN

    Sry where can i find the discord server? :)

  • EmyEmy

    join discord...........server and pm the gm easier this way

  • HadorisHUN

    in pirvate?

  • HadorisHUN

    can u just tell me in which e-mail are they pls?

  • HadorisHUN

    How do u know? :O

  • EmyEmy

    Unlock your chars

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Both your Warrior and your Assassin are not deleted and are both still locked

  • HadorisHUN

    And we will know its deleetd or no. I logged one of my account 99% it was for my warriror account, and there is no character in this account

  • HadorisHUN

    Can u search name in ranklist Elspeth?

  • [GM]Elspeth

    They aren't, you simply logged the wrong accounts. Neither of them has been logged since December.

  • HadorisHUN

    What the hell? :D my level 90 warrior and 80 ninja archer is deleted, how is this possible? Meanwhile i had security on them :D

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Seems to have been laggy for a minute there, but it was resolved as far as i can tell

  • XxXAliXxX

    server down?

  • L0lu


  • L0lu


  • PaliPali

    hi santa

  • EmyEmy


  • PooKeR

    lag....very very big lag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey there,

    you won't find happy hour announcements in advance, since the Event itself isn't announced yet it's only natural that a Happy Hour Event isn't either.

    If there will be a happy hour, we will announce it here and tag it on Discord too, so just keep your eyes open.

    While its fine that you warn people about these Shops, its his decision wether or not he sells that stuff for 1 won or 10 gold.

    Also, little sidenote dear XxXAliXxX, please dont call out people for scam without any evidence.

    Just because you saw a player near that shop that doesnt mean they are his. You are near the shops too afterall.

    Elspeth, it is a shame, that you allow people to share here executables instead of you doing such stuff as a trustworthy staff member.

    All i could do is uploading my folder aswell, which i did and sent to people who requested it.

    I dont have access to the website or anything, neither does tary.

    Besides, do you think i'd leave a link here if i'd think theres a Virus inside?

    Theres a lot of Tools and websites which can check such things easily.




    Hi, i have the same problems i have downloading the client from the server and installed but there was not the full client so i download from here and try again but still not work after start the client.exe they say Log "Metin2.CREATE_NO_APPROPRIATE_DEVICE".

    Please help me ._. i have played this game long time once and want try it again. :D

    Thats a whole different story, just check your VGU Drivers if they are up to date, just change the resolution of the game and that should fix it.

    Technically all you have to do is talk to the NPC in the Middle of the savezone, he should have an option to take the Ring back.

    If he doesnt have one, thats because the marrige wasnt completed i suppose.

    Just toss it onto a Level1 char via your banker and delete the entire char.


    i just married my buff. Everything was fine, we could have TP to eachother till i logout. After that when i click on my ring it says that i have to be married to wear marriage ring. Any ideas? Support doesnt anwser for 3 days.


    thats not a bug.

    The Old lady explicitly tells you to talk to the Purple Wedding NPC inside the Wedding Island in order to confirm the marrige, if that doesn't happen the marrige is not done entirely and will be canceled the second the ceremony is over, therefor the Weddingring wont work anymore as you aren't married.

    Hey there,

    if you have the full client just change the .bin to a .exe for the time being, theres already work in progress considering this topic.

    You can also try to Flush your DNS Cache, that should resolve the problem. -> Link

    Chill guys and gals, both servers are equally dead, maybe SV2 even more. Staff doesnt care for any reason, and wont respond to any of our posts. i guess they are just gonna wait until we have like 3-4 remaining people and then shut down.
    Or maybe they are gonna start being active when everyone has quitted, and haunt map 1 like ghosts. You never know.
    No answers to be found

    Whats there to respond anyways, 99% of the posts are unreasonable assumptions without any solid grounds, there's very few thats actually worth responding to.

    As Emy has already stated, Shadow is not part of the Team anymore and neither Tary nor me are capeable of doing such an Event.

    So we will have to wait for Shadow's replacement before we can do anything else.

    People who believe that S1 doesnt get any attention anymore because we opened another one, should probably consider that we might not even have had the funds to keep this Server going without the other one, considering how often i heared you guys complain that you cant find TP on the Market.

    People who already have nearly everything don't mall atall/as much afterall and new Players won't start on a Server thats online for 10 Years. [Don't take this as a confirmed fact, i do not have insight into the fact of how S1's financial status back then was.]

    We tried everything possible to advertise this Server and everywhere the response was to just open a new Server, asking for an exact copy of this one even, because people don't want to start on an Old Server, even if its doing perfectly fine and has no sight of shutting down.

    Now lets talk about you specifically, my dear Pagan.

    "Maybe they start being active when everyone has quit"

    First and formost, i want to adress this specific sentence.

    - Most of the time, most of us were on this Project for about 16-20hours a day, woke up to 150 PM's in Discord and external Forums which we collected during the short time we actually got to sleep, the devs probably took even more time a day than us.

    - We used every Advertising form possible except for toplists because they are rigged as hell, i mean, i actually even contacted 2 of the toplist admins but haven't heared back of them untill today.

    - Nearly EVERY suggestion of the first few months was granted and afterwards people complained about these updates and now, even later, people claim we didnt grant any suggestions. Delusional, if i may say so.

    As a matter of fact if we would have listened to the community less, we surely would have less problems because we would have taken more time to open the Server instead of giving into the pressure that everyone cried for us that 3 Months are too long to wait.

    If people like you would be a tiny bit more reasonable and show a little bit of gratitude instead of complaining 24/7 with "facts" that don't even make sense, stop creating stories and actually work with facts, then we could probably work together much better. Sadly, that seems to be impossible for a lot of people.

    Consider the last part as a reason why i stopped answering to such posts in general, its just not worth the time or effort to answer to that kind of stuff. Ofcourse, if someone needs support, has constructive criticism, idea's or anything i am always open for that kind of stuff but if someone starts his post like you do, no, i am sorry, thats really not worth my time.