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    Hey there,

    Go To the Fisherman, grab a pole and Riceballs [After +5 +6 +7 you can swap to worms or Minnows]

    Simply go near a body of water, cast your Pole and as soon as anything bites the hook, pull it out of the water as fast as possible.

    Unlike the usual Metin2 Fishing, it is all about how fast you pull out here, the faster the better the chance you catch the hooked fish.

    It works in PvM, though it is only a minor effect.

    As Vyenna said, going for Ice Resist PvM equipment is not really worth it.

    You would need 400% Ice resist to block the entire damage of Ice Type monsters, which is not nearly achieveable.

    The Elemental Resistances are mostly relevant for PvP. If you get it on a PvM Item, nice to have, if you dont have it, also fine.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of today, 09/04/2022

    • Added a Cap for Mage "Blessing Spell" on the Ancient Lands Map. They are now only granting a Maximum of 80% on this specific map only. All other maps remain unaffected.
    • Similar to Meley's Lair, we've added a Modifier to the Ancient Lands, which lowers your Block Chance to 33% of its actual Value. [Meaning, if you have 60%, effectively it will be 20%. While 50% would become 16,5%]
    • Increased the damage of "Royal Anubis"
    • Adjusted the Vein spawn of the Ancient Lands, they are not static anymore

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of Today, 07/04/2022.

    • Created over 100 Weapon Skins. Every normal weapon ingame now also exists as a Skin. Implementation into the gameplay (ways to obtain them) to be determined.
    • Created and added a few Costumes that were requested by players. Implementation into the gameplay (ways to obtain them) to be determined.
    • Added 2 New Bosses to the Game
    • Added 1 New World Boss to the Game
    • Added a bunch of new Monsters to the game
    • Added 3 New Metins to the game
    • Added a Bunch of new Upgrade Materials to the Game
    • Added a new PvM Set to the Game [Helmet, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings]
    • Added a new PvP Necklace to the Game
    • Added a new high level Farm Map to the Game
    • Added a new Ore-Vein to the Game. It can be found on the New Map and is used for the new Equipment.
    • Added a New Ore and Refined Ore to the game, as explained above it is used for the new Equipment.
    • Added a Function to the Shopsearch which lets you filter by Shop Owner
    • Reduced the EXP of the Monsters on DT 11th Floor
    • Increased the EXP of the Monsters at the end of Heaven's Lair 2
    • Nerfed the Damage of the Monsters in Enchanted Forest
    • Adjusted the "Cube Window" Categories. They are now more clean and properly split.
    • Added the Crafting Recipe for the new Items to the "Master" Npc's Categories "Equip" and "Accessories"
    • Blocked the usage of "Blacksmith's Memo" for Items above level 100
    • Blocked the useage of "War God Blessing Scroll" for Items above level 100
    • Blocked the useage of "Wise Man's Memo" for Items above level 100
    • Added a Battle Pass System to the game which in itself has 3 Categories.
    • "Basic Battle Pass" Which is available for everyone for free.
    • "Premium Battle Pass" Which is available only via the Premium Pass unlock item.
    • "Event Battle Pass" which will be available for everyone during Major Events or whenever the Staff Team sees it fitting to be active.
    • Weakened the "Gnoll" Monsters on Dragonfire Cape
    • Copied the weakened "Gnoll" Monster stats for all other Lv 90 Maps.

    Hey there,

    generally you should probably be using rice balls untill +5 or +6, that'll make it a bit easier.

    On Top of that, you dont have to wait 2-3 seconds anymore before pulling in.

    As soon as a fish is caught, pull as fast as you can in order to have the highest catch rate.

    Its not bugged, as i already told you "Guaranteed" simply means its 100% or more

    100% in metin2, does not neccessarily mean that it drops every single time, as its simply the base value which is influenced by a dozen other things. Positively and negatively.

    Anything that has a 100% Drop rate is stated as Guaranteed, though naturally that can be affected by dozens of things so 100% is not neccessarily 100%

    Though the boss is Level 120 so yeah it should be incredibly rare for this to happen. But likelyhood is that you simply overlooked the drop, if you tell me your char name i can check.

    If you teleport to the city, log into the wrong channel or similar things, then it won't find the Dungeon to rejoin, if you simply disconnect and talk to the NPC, then you should be able to rejoin without any issues. As long as one char is st ill inside the Dungeon ofcourse.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present you the patch notes of today, the 11th of February 2022,

    • Removed Fire/Wind/Lightning resist from Items. If the Bonus was in Slot 1-4 You will need to use a Bonus Adder to readd it, if it was in the 5th Slot you will need to use a Blessing Marble to readd it.
    • Fixed a bug which made people unable to divorce
    • Added the "Kingdom Betrayal" Event. When activated you can change from Blue Kingdom to Yellow Kingdom for free at the NPC "Heuk-Young"
    • Dragon Mages built in "vs. Mob" Bonus was slightly reduced
    • Mental Warriors now have a "vs Mob" built in Bonus
    • Weapon Sura's Dark Twister S Skill Bonus "Faint Chance" was removed
    • Weapon Sura's now have a 10% Crit Damage increase on Enchanted Blade S. This is experimental and might be changed in the future.
    • Some of the Valentine Event content has been added.

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

    It is PvP Relevant mostly, but since only 3 of them are rollable on 1-5 Stats and the rest is only rollable on Rarity removing them from the 1-5 Pool evens the playing field.

    On top of that it also makes it easier to roll other, more relevant stats.

    Dear Players,

    hereby i want to present todays Patch notes of 09/02/2022

    • S Skill specific buffs such as "Self. Crit Damage" or "Self. Crit Resist" of Dragon Mage, now only apply to the specific class that can cast it. Meaning a Dragon Mage can't provide such stats to a Healer and a Healer cant provide it to a Dragon Mage.
    • Dragon Roar range reduced
    • If engaged into a PvP Situation, mounts are put on a cooldown, meaning you cant mount up.
    • You are now able to Pay 5kk for 1 Day, 10kk for 2 Days and 15kk for 3 Days extended duration on the Shop, you are not required to close the shop anymore.
    • Removed Wind/Fire/Lightning Resist from the Rollable 1-5 Stats
    • Fly Packets [EXP Orbs, Mana Absorb, HP Absorb etc.] can now be turned on/off

    Kind Regards

    The Metin2SG Team

    Dear Community,

    As mentioned previously already, we now want to confirm the 10th of February as the official day for the Merge of the Season Server and the Main Server.

    This means a few things

    • Both servers will be offline for multiple hours on that specific day, as a merge is a delicate procedure that takes some time. The Exact hour will be announced a few hours before the Merge happens.
    • This Sunday, the 6th of February, the Achievements for "Most Metins/Dungeons" come to an end, which means that whoever is the leader in those categories by the time we close it. [Presumeably 18:00. However, the time will be announced around Sunday Noon time to be confirmed.]
    • Doubled Account Names/Char names will receive a "SG3" at the end of their name in order to ensure that there will not be any doubles.

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

    nice but can you stack em with the chocobo/dragor that you get from the daily ?

    Also is there a plan for the monkey herbs in the future ? i mean atm they are useless since our horses can't die anymore so they lost there only purpose :thinking:

    Its the same item, so yes it can be stacked with them. Thats also the reason why they won't be tradeable.

    As for the Monkey Herbs, maybe, who knows.