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  • AirForce47

    wtb fms+9

  • bombardieru

    works now!

  • Krypt3D

    gamefoge ddos sg :D

  • Krypt3D


  • Puhi

    Krypt3D +1 , I cant log in neither.

  • Krypt3D

    server down ?

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    hey guys

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    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :assaultrifle: :assaultrifle: :assaultrifle:

  • fiedos


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    80kb download speed nice :D

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • ninecircles

    @[GA]Shadow , check my post about Red dragon blessing and Bless of aqua dragon crafts, if you think it didnt get much atention, please close it. Thank you.


    what is ramadan event?

  • Noelle

    When is the PvM king event??

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  • Destructore

    No worries, it’s your smallest problem

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    im gay

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    What the server is off??? What a dark day :fie:

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    time server to be on?

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    same happend to schweiner rinkler

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    Nice patch!

    Finally there won't be that many problems with making shops (I hope ^^).

    And the filter for names of items and name chars/mobs = amazing for ppl with crap pc like me xD.

    PS: the Azrael change was unnecessary imo, now one can kill it from mount -> no need of poly -> poly marbles = a bit less valuables and useful

    People were already doing it from Mount, but they stuck it on the Throne / Wall so they often got kicked into a wall by Gahnasel and called it a bug.

    Maybe you want to re-check the situation.

    There was not a single video Posted even a day after yours.

    There were 4 Participants and 2 of them posted before you, one a few hours after you, there were no late entries. You finished third, because it was the third best video out of these four.

    please disable the DEspawn of the easter metins

    They only despawn once a player was actually close to them.

    So unless they are stuck somewhere and nobody destroys them because of that, they wont despawn.

    The Sacrifice daily quest from the NPC Yang-Shin is no longer available in the NPC menu. Last time i did the quest 24 hrs ago, so I assume it is a bug brought by this patch.


    no that isnt a bug.

    We removed that quest due to all the bugs that came with it.

    The Quest was created by the old team as far as i know and was riddled with flaws.

    Guess everything was said with this.

    Considering that you guys are clearly not able to discuss this topic properly


    not a smart choice to divide the option to change it into 2 parts. shouldve been one and THEN been divided into how it shall be changed in a different poll. obviously the majority wants it to be changed but now it seems like it wont happen bc of the split.

    In my opinion a total of 40 Votes is generally not enough to make such a big change to the game.

    It is clear that, of the people who voted, more people want some change but 40 people is just not a whole lot considering there were polls with more than double the votes.

    Eitherway, cutting out the entire Reroll aspect while upgrading in my opinion is no option because it would break the entire system and would make the Mythic DSS Changers pointless.

    So lets make this clear. After the event ends, this option will appear on the npc and we should stay away from it. Do we have to press anything else to receive our rewards or will it happen automatically?

    That button will take away your basket and give you the rewards.

    The button exists in order to hand out your rewards when you are done.

    Its not that you should stay away from it, you should only stay away from it if you still need to give eggbaskets to the bunny

    Regarding you, woohoo

    They are the same chests and should therefor also have the new drops.

    Dear Players,

    hereby i present the Patch Notes of today 27/03/2021,

    • Changed the Language skill. Everyone can understand each other now, instead, the language skill [On M1] will give 5% Damage against the respective Kingdom.
    • The Call chat should be Global now.
    • Changed all the Upgrade Material drops from their usual list into the same list as all other items, this way the IngameWiki and the "?"-Button will find the Items and they can be displayed
    • Added the Rewards to the Easter-Chest
    • Added new translation to the Language skill in order to match the new effect
    • Added a function that despawns Metins if they are not attacked for 30 Minutes. A Countdown will be displayed if only 5 Minutes are left. If the Metin should be attacked, the Countdown resets to 30 Minutes.
    • Added a function to the Easter Basket, that makes the basket "consume" all 20 Eggs by itself, like this you wont need to click all eggs one by one.
    • Removed EggMetin Spawns from Map1 [Event Metins]
    • Monsters will now despawn significantly faster once they are killed, this should reduce the time needed between Dungeon Stages and also help reduce lagg for players with less good hardware.
    • Added a "Junk" Category to the Drop Filter
    • A lot of Beginner items are now sellable to the NPCs
    • Heaven's Lair Humanoids [Grotto of Exile] and Dark Dragon/Beta Maps [Cape, Dawn, Thunder, Bay] Monsters are not longer automatically aggressive to the player
    • Heaven's Lair Humanoid [Grotto of Exile] ranged Monsters are now attacking from Melee Range, the resistance type remains unchanged.

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Players,

    hereby i present the patch notes of todays Maintenance.

    • Easter Content added
    • Added a Message that informs you if you turn on your Anti EXP
    • Added 2 Factor Authentication to the Game
    • Made multiple items Stackable

    A little explanation regarding the 2FA,

    Recently there have been a lot of Servers shut down.

    During the last few days, around 40 Accounts were "hacked" using the database of said Servers.

    For this reason, we will force the 2FA onto every account.

    What does this mean for you?

    You will need to log into your E-Mail account in order to Authenticate yourself.

    Everytime someone wants to login to your Account from a new place, you will need to confirm that via E-Mail.

    What does this "give" me?

    Simply said, even if someone finds out your ID and Password, they wont be able to login to your account, without you allowing them to do so.

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2SG Team


    RMT Is and will always be harmful for online games and for that reason alone, we will never allow it.

    It is and will stay a permanent bann reason.

    I did put +6 evasion into that armor now no other stones and managed to do it like that so the other stones will be vit/haste+5 then. Just was a bit worried that evasion+5 wasn´t enough... but it really should have been enough and if it wasn´t Im still running around with phoenix shoes +6. Can´t hurt but it´s a bit of a waste.

    There is a weird bug though that happened to me today. Not sure how that happened, but blessing and enhance damage of my shaman just broke and would not work on either char. It was only fixed after multiple logouts I don´t even know which one fixed it, or for that matter how it occurs. And no it was no visual bug I had to kill the stone that you can only kill with enhance damage and didn´t get the buff icons either.

    Hey there,

    that issue appears if you try to mount in a Run where mounts are blocked.

    Just mount again and that should fix the issue.

    The game believes that you are mounted while in reality the mount up process was blocked, but since you are considered as mounted the Skills do not apply.

    We used to have a MOD system and replaced it with the Helper system.

    Players generally should not have Mute powers.


    Swiftness skill animation active while running. If this is possible, can we make this skill like aura of sword or enchant blade. Sometimes i dont understand even skill is active or not. Also a bit more duration will be good because 67 sec is so less. Regards.

    Can you explain what exactly you mean with the first point?

    I mean, theres a pretty big colored effect when its active.

    Dear Community,

    with todays maintenance the following patches will take place.

    • Quick Buy added - You can now Shift/Left Click things to buy multiple of the same (stackable) items from vendors
    • MobDrop Wiki added - A system that shows you where to drop your desired items
    • Aura and Enchanted Blade will now stay active through teleport
    • Max Stack size raised from 200 to 250
    • Removed the "Call your Horse" message when mounting
    • Horse Quest cooldown [Level 1-11] Removed.
    • Mousewheel support for Inventory and Scroll bars added

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    it doesnt work

    can we get a fix ?

    It works, the time in the tooltip is just not showing the correct number.

    The increase is not exactly 50%, they differ based on which skill is used and at which stage of the skill it is.

    P for example lasts drastically longer than M1 but S ofcourse lasts even a lot longer than P.

    For example Aura P says it lasts 1:30min, though it lasts 1:46min

    On Aura S the effect is on a bigger extend.