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Our Systems

  • Refine Plus

    Refine Plus

    The refine plus system raises your overall % of success while upgrading an item from +6 and above, by using different and independent materials. Metin2 System Image

  • Rarity


    The Rarity are all the equipment dropped from monsters or Metins that have 1 or 2 special independent bonus. They can be immediately seen thanks to their different colours, based on their rank of rarity, from Rare to Legendary.

  • Power Mount

    Power Mount

    The Power Mount System replace your horse with a beast mount. The mount is acquired by the Stable Boy after dragging a Certificate.
    Each mounts has a lifespawn of 7 days which can be improved with snacks or horse medals.
    The mount starts at Young level but it can upgrade to Wild, allowing mount attacks and to Valiant, allowing mount skills. Metin2 System Image

  • Shopbox System

    Shopbox System

    The Shopbox is our offline shop system. It also work as a portable inventory, that can be opened anywhere, but the offline shop can only be opened for 24 hours inside the safe zones of your Kingdom. Metin2 System Image

  • Lock&Ready System

    Lock&Ready System

    The Lock&Ready system protect your accounts in case they become inactive for 60 days. It can also be triggered by the user as protection. It prevents anybody who has no access to the related email to log the account in any way, protecting your account in case your credentials are known by other people.

  • Channel Switcher

    Channel Switcher

    The Channel Switcher can swap your character among the channels in a matter of seconds, without any need to log out from the game. Metin2 System Image

  • Multilanguage Client & Website

    Multilanguage Client & Website

    Our Website and Client are translated in 8 different languages. To change the language of the Client simply press Change Lang on the login screen and select the prefered language. Metin2 System Image

Metin2 System Image
mt2 server game Image
mt2 server game Image
mt2 server game Image
mt2 server Image


  • Exclusive & constant updates
  • 100% Tradable Mall & droppable in game
  • Strict policy against bots/hacks for a clean gameplay experience
  • Revamped gameplay & higher Drop/Gold/Exp rates


  • Orc Maze

    Orc Maze

    The Orc Maze is a low level Dungeon for players from 30 to 60. It consist on facing hords of orcs on three different mazes, to slay their Leader, The Cursed Chief Orc. Metin2 SG Dungeon Image

  • Plagued


    The Plagued Dungeon is a mid level Dungeon where players from level 70 to 90 can enter. The assassins and dragon mages have a major role here as some monsters are only weak to their attacks.
    The level 48 armours reduce the damage from the monsters way more than any other armours, while the level 70 weapons inflict double damage.
    The boss to slay is the Giant Plagued Carrier. Metin2 SG Dungeon Image

  • Red Dragon Castle

    Red Dragon Castle

    The Red Dragon Castle is a high level Dungeon where players from level 100 and above can enter. The Dungeon has 6 different trials which the party must overcome to fight Yamachon the Flame Lord. Metin2 SG Dungeon Image

  • Nemere's Watchtower

    Nemere's Watchtower

    Nemere's Watchtower is a high level Dungeon where players from level 90 and above can enter. Assassins and Dragon Mages are vital to finish the run.
    The Dungeon is composed of 9 floors with different tasks to complete in order to clim and face Nemere the Ice Lord. Metin2 SG Dungeon Image

  • Demon Tower

    Demon Tower

    The Demon Tower is one of the first Dungeons implemented on the game. It has a total of 12 floors, the first 6 are for level 40 only, while the other 6 are for level 75 and above.
    After beating the Death Repear on 9th floor, the players may climb even further facing two more bosses, one weak to a Dragon Mage Spell, and the other, The Blue Death, weak only to polymorph attacks. Metin2 SG Dungeon Image

Metin2 SG Dungeon Image


  • Mining Event
  • Fishing Event
  • Find The GM
  • Tanaka Event
  • Horse Race
  • Boss Rush
  • OX Event
  • Football Event
  • Moonlight Event
  • Metin Hunt
  • Demon Tower Event
  • Natural Disaster
  • Olympic Event
  • Hunter hour
  • National War