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  • PaliPali


  • EmyEmy

    Damn, i having disconnections every 1 sec in ch8¡

  • EmyEmy

    Lol xd

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    but as harsh as you can be and bias as you are, you can't expect us to fix a problem that doesn't happen to everyone in reasonable times

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I don't doubt you had freeze issues, which happen during login when the packets are loaded and if one crash... thats the freeze

  • Arigato

    cool thanks for the help then

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yup i did and i can log without issues

  • Arigato

    nothing more

  • Arigato

    I just reported a bug if you want you can check it wich i believe is your job

  • Arigato

    I guess thats amusing and shocking

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The ignorance of saying you have tried from another pc while using the same internet is both amusing and shocking thou

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I suppose me and this player are somehow immune to it :D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

  • Arigato

    I also tryed from other pc its not the problem mostly at nephrite and thunder / dawn and capes are working just fine

  • Arigato yeah its perfectly fine u are right rofl just fix

  • EmyEmy

    Yes, if ch2 has disconnections switch to other channels its simple as that

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will have its own website and forum

  • PaliPali

    Last tuesday ch2 was also causing player crashes/disconnects pretty often

  • EmyEmy

    If server 2 opens , there will be a forum for s2 it makes sense

  • S3ke

    so is there anywhere i can check whats the news regarding the server 2 ? since you guys will not post it here ?how can we know when it will be opened ?

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    Nice videos.

    Bro, the solar sword was perfect with 10 crit 10 pen and 8 stun! 12 str is not really that much, much better the stun bonus in my opinion.

    Almost perfect that battle sword.

    Wow, at lvl 104 you got a counterattack, that damn luck, well, you deserve it after all that expense.

    OMG that fucking awesome bow! That's practically cheating! xD

    P.D: my heart bled with all those changers and they were not mine x')

    No is not low at all. Is more common than you think, I am pretty sure that if you pay attention to the gold you pick you would see big numbers more times than you can imagine, expecially against enemies that drops gold bombs upon death, such as boss.

    One Tanaka could potentialy give you 20.000.000 golds, meaning that with enough luck of dice, you would beat your farming incomes in 2 Tanakas.

    I participated in some tanaka hunt (6 at least) and in all of them I killed tanakas for at least 1 hour, and never I earned that quantity xd.

    It is not a good comparison, you don't do 35 milions per hour in gold, you do drops that are worth 35 milions per hour that you have to sell to other people. while Tanaka gives you pure golds with zero costs in terms of booster / poly / etc, quite different. Also your math is completly made up, you are assuming every player would kill 140 tanakas in 1 hour when you just can't know this lol.

    As i told you the Tanakas from 3 June were less than 100, but over 8000 were spawned. The server killed the other 7900, doesn't matter if some survived, even with 1000 Tanakas the map would lag so much that people would notice. What I am trying to say is that during the event most of them get killed, so it means that for some players is not as boring as you consider. After all someone's trash is someone else treasure.

    Server is "old" so most of people are high lvl. Mid lvl are probably farmers of high lvl (one only need to see the hunter ranking), and a great % of low lvl (35-40) are probably farmers of high lvl again. This is based on what I saw from dt run event and what I see everyday. My point is that 35kk for 1 hour is not really an interesting amount considering that it's from an event which is each 2 weeks and comparing it with other events.

    I didnt understand too much what you said here. Each event you spawn 8000 tanakas no? Why are you saying that 1000 tanakas is an amount enough to lag the map?

    And yes, maybe sometimes someone is bored enough to go and kill tanakas, but most of time this dont happen. For example, I just wen to desert some minutes ago to see and surprise!, still full of tanakas. And last Monday was Vein Spawn, so Tanakas were the last week, it's almost 2 weeks and still there are many tanakas. And this is what happens most of time with this event.

    It is a decision up to [SMOD]Tary. Bare in mind that events are not meant to be a way to get rich without lifting a finger, they are made to entertain and break the normal game routine.

    Yeah, that's the point. I didnt explain too well myself. How are people going to break the normal game routine with tanakas event when this one is even more boring than the normal farming routine? I for example can enjoy at most 2-3 continuous hours farming moons and that's because I'm getting rich, so this at least it motivates you. Tanakas are much more boring.

    Its quantity should be reduced (but with the same amount of yang spawned), I think its a better solution than the initial one I proposed.

    I have some question btw if may I, how exactly work that probability/trigger? I mean, it's "established"? You said that 1/400 one can get 5kk. So are there 20 tanakas from the 8000 with 5kk? Or this is only a probability and you can trigger 25 tanakas with 5kk or 40, or 60, etc? Don't know if I explained myself very well.

    The bonus chances to get double gold, lower by half the chances to trigger this hidden multiplier and having 100% turns that 10 in 5 and that 400 in 200.

    I don't see the problem. Those % are pretty low anyway, so very few people can enjoy those prizes. This way, most of players will won the same amount.

    On June 3rd, 8000 Tanakas were spawned. If you do the math using the lowest gold factor possible (which is statistically impossible to happen as with 8000 chances you will hit several times x2 and x10) you easily reach over 2 bilions.

    Thats a lot of golds imo. I understand that some players might not have fun chasing tons of them around and pick up the golds but still there are around 100 tanakas left on the desert, which means 7900 got slayed and which means 2 bilions golds were injected on the server.

    2 billion is not really that much. I can earn around 35kk in a hour, so if all players do the same, 2 billion/35 = 57 players in a hour can kill all tanakas. But I never saw this happen, one can see tanakas 1 week after the event, full of them actually.

    So that means that players are not interested in this event, because is boring and not really decently profitable (boring + few gains + wasted time).

    At least with my suggestion it will be like this: boring + few gains + wasted time (the "boring part" will become gradually in "enjoyable" because earning money is enjoyable for most of people). And like I said with my examples, it's not something unbalanced and the event is each 2 weeks.

    Raising the money per tanaka means to lower drastically their numbers too, which means many players won't hunt a tanaka and they will complain.

    You can't activate gold fever only for tanakas somehow?

    And if the answer is no, then my suggestion is to simply use gold fever + tanakas. I know it's two events in one, but gold fever I can't really consider it as a event, it's not really useful and out of ordinary in the daily life on metin. Still today I dont know if there is any place where you can do 30kk for example in 1 hour with this event.

    What you said anyway can be done if my suggestion is not good. Like I said one can find tanakas in desert 1 week after the event, so with this reduction of their numbers can be a "solution" to encourage players to participate in this event.

    With the reduction there will be 2000 tanakas. At least will be less boring because one will earn more in the same amount of time. And when players will see that the event is useful, more people will participate and with 50 players for example, killing 40 each one, in less than a hour the desert will be empty of tanakas. I like it as a second option if what I said can't be done.

    My suggestion is to upgrade a bit this event to do it more appealing to players.


    Well, in the first hour of this event, tanakas should drop the same amount of yang as when this event is combined with gold fever (I think is x3). This way it would be worth to go and kill like crazy these things and that way maybe the next day one doesnt need to see a desert full of tanakas because no one participated.

    If x3 yang is too much, x2. But I dont think it's unbalanced. I once participated in a tanaka hunt + gold fever with my 92 and I did around 110kk in 1 hour (it was only 1 hour that combination). With vein spawn one do much more yang with soul crystals and like tanaka hunt is each 2 weeks. With metin spawn event I always do 150kk+ with red changers and with boss spawn one can do 100kk too.

    Another thing I'd like to suggest (it's not really important, but well) is the possibility to pick up the yang from tanakas with third hand. But NOT the last batch of it, only the ones that gives you 80, 90, 100 yang.

    can u explain why u want this quest books when u can make that many dungeon and opportunities for make yang ?

    maybe u make a thread to remuve ussles missions ,you guys just want something ussles for all :chinese:

    6 people who like a idea its not enought to make stuff work for something....

    maybe u can make a thread and ask when will be that update with sash (shoulder atachement)

    think more at u ideas before make a thread :saint: and come with ideas who make all happy and make stuff interested and thinking to ur idea :golly:

    The game is not all about farming bruh.

    +1 to the suggestion

    Do you mean a scroll which can be used only when you are within v2 and teleport to v3? Then yes, I agree.

    I would like to suggest too the option to teleport to guardian of v1 (or at the start of v1, doesn't matter) in the teleporter of city1/city2 for lvl 60+ players.

    For the second suggestion, well, there is this post Heaven Lair 1/2 Maps - Ice Witch Location with the info you mentioned.

    Personally, I agree with your suggestion, but I doubt shadow and whoever more makes changes in this server would agree with it.

    I would buy the farmer pack of 2 weeks (10k tp) and a costume of 30 days with 8 vs mob (7.2k tp). there are like 6 types of these costumes.

    If you have some luck, the costume will have 2 bonus without the need to you spending money to add them. If that's the case, you can try to change their bonus and look for 1k hp with attack speed, or at least 1k hp (each change is 1kk in general store, pay attention to not buy the adder cause the adder can add or remove the number of bonus). If you dont have that luck, there's no need to spend money on that.

    With this, I will go to Demon Tower, gather enough Demon Keepsake for the biologist lvl 50, you can drop too Demon Spearman polymorhp (7-9kk), you can spend a bit of time there for this and increasing your lvl too.

    After that, you'll be lvl 52-54, I would go to lvl 61 in v2 in the 4 first rooms. Lvl 61 before this Tuesday (there is 30% more exp right now). At this lvl mobs will start drop Moonlight M. You should farm in v3 spider cave for this event at your lvl. Obviously you will not be able to kill an entire room, but bit a bit and in the firsts rooms of v3.

    If you dont have right now, you can spend some of that money to make it (gear). I mean some basic gear, a lvl 1+9 necklace with 4 bonus (1.5k hp/2k hp + 10 crit) for example, I would try to buy ee+9 clean (30-35kk), 29+9 clean shoes (35-40kk) and then put 4 bonus and search for 1.5k hp/2k h + 10 crit too, or attack speed or faint, or hp at least). You need of course a lvl 1+9 shield with inmune against faint minimum. The bracelet is enough the one with 1.5k hp from the early quests. You'll need 2 passage at least (3kk each, 6kk for both your chars).

    With this farmer pack you will have the chance to play 2 days of Moonlight Event if you buy it today, this Tuesday and the one day from the next week. Each pack of 200 is 19kk more or less. You can even open it and with some luck you can get from a pack Red Changer + crap + scrolls mutation/evolution + marble = 32kk (the ideal drop ofc xd).

    Forget about increasing aura of sword, and berserk you can forget about it till lvl 90 xd. After all this, at 61 do the quests from uriel and the other ones that give exorcism scrolls/hermits. Save those for auras after you already make a decent gear (these exorcism and hermit are not tradable).

    Stay at lvl 61 some time, it's a good lvl to farm. You have 4 metins per channel lvl 60 in dark temple, save the locationes of these places with return scroll.

    Tomorrow is Vein Spawn. If you can, play it, and go after soul crystal ore only with both of your characters (each agate of soul crystal is 28-30kk). At lvl 61 you still can drop Orc Boss's chest I think and this is one of the boss chests that can give 10 Green Pots L (1kk each one easy), you should take advantage of boss spawn this Wednesday and kill some of them and maybe you'll be lucky. 9 tails and Spider Queen too (they give like 20-25 I think).

    And increase your horse lvl everyday till militar. Militar is important for his ability to escape and for the second evolution of a mount, to have the full bonus of it.

    At 61 is a good lvl to farm red changers on lvl 70 metins (but you need some decent gear for this). Better farm on Ice Mountain with metins 65 for red changers and for ice marbles/yeti furis/etc, and for lvl 55 metins ofc.

    according to your first suggestion, i think, that works already with the "silken bundle" from general store.

    Yeah, I didnt know it, never used it xd. Anyway, I dont see why this cannot be implemented on the normal shop or shopbox. I mean, the shopbox is even something where we need to spend TPs.

    p.d: Sry for the delay xd, this was a few days before easter event and later I forget about it.

    -What I want to suggest is: when for example someone put a shop with Thief Gloves at 400k each one, the game can memorize that so you dont need to write 400k for each Thief Glove and this with any other item (well, maybe for weapons, armors and accs this cant work) you put in your shop (in both type of shops, normal shop and shopbox from itemshop).

    Currently this happen with the shopbox after you close your shop and still have some items there. You take them away and if you put again the item in the shopbox, the game remember the price of that item. But if you put another item (the same, a thief glove), for that new thief glove you need to write the price again.

    -Another suggestion regarding shops is for normal shops. Unlike shopbox, normal shops not work like a store and if you put your item there, you will still have the item in inventory. So I want to suggest the function that these shops have in GF servers, when you put your item in the shop, in your inventory that item turns in another color so you can know that the item is already done with its price and placed on the shop.

    Hope I explained myself decently :D

    When you get higher level you start drop better moonlight boxes and same is with event low drop moonlight [ S ] which drop hemit higher drop [ M] which drop red changer
    high lvl drop [L] which contain blue changer
    Chrismtas | Valentines event work same way. with higher level you get better event boxes which contains more expensiv items

    For people who can do hell runs (lvl 100 min), the drop of moon L is worse than lvl 91,92,93. I asked some people, lvl 97, and in 2 hours 1500 moon L, in the good spot ofc. A lvl 92 in 2 hours can get almost 2200 moon L, in the good spot again. And farming moons is boring as hell. I dont see any reason to complain about them getting flame keys. Its their advantages. As well as lvl 65-75 have the advantage of farm 4 metins lvl 70 with 5% drop of red changer per channel, or lvl 35 farmers, or etc. Every range of lvls has their advantages and disadvantages.

    lets admit, who dont want new server are pro players who already got rich at old one. they wont be making much money because every possible new player will play at new one so they wont be able to sell their farmed stuff(can be changers, can be flame keys, anything)

    and who want new server are basically amateurs who lost hope of catching old players

    selfish reasons. cant blame. we have democracy for that

    Au contraire my friend.

    Why they dont want a new server when they already have all things upgraded, full bonus, etc? They are the most bored of the server. They have almost no challenges.

    People like me who still have more path to walk are who will not want the new server cause the drop of population will affect the market.

    At this point in the game you should also keep in mind that you can do any run, farm in any map and ignore the next bonuses: lightning res, wind res, fire res, ice res, dark res, earth res. If there will be any change in the way PvM works, it will be posted in my Basics for Beginners asap.

    But in runs (hell run, ice run) 2 of those bonus are useful, or that I read in their guides here. So maybe the others works too in other runs, or in some normal map.

    For example, dark resistance, suppose it works in devil catacombs against the bosses and in general. A 10% of dark resistance > 5% skill resistance, so I will buy a low lvl armor and a necklace with 10% dark resistance and can do azrael easily, dont need to spend a great amount of money on lvl 1, 21, 41, 61 shields with 5 skill resistance or armors or upgrade lvl 90 accesories with skill resistance. This was an example.