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  • Crantz

    Ok, thanks

  • [GA]Shadow

    Giants are earth monsters

  • Crantz

    What bonuses are good in the Land of Giants?

  • EmyEmy

    Enemies of the heir, Beware!

  • Palita

    they're cheap and abundant atm, sounds like perfect time for it

  • Crantz

    Should I use master compass from +7? poison sword

  • EmyEmy

    ty for thinking bout this shadow <3

  • [GA]Shadow

    Is hidden by design, we don't want it to be in the way when you are arranging you inventory.

  • react

    diury X( ;(

  • EmyEmy

    omg diury just press f5 on your keyboard lol

  • Diury

    Can you add it next ot the inventory liek the belt inventory?

  • Diury

    Yes but the sidebar is hidden behind inventory

  • [GA]Shadow

    Sidebar was added on F5

  • EmyEmy

    wow ty was super fast i was missing it already xd

  • Gzanu

    something new added ?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Gzanu

    sv on >

  • Paximus

    Do you have an eta on server reboot?

  • Theknight

    ok thnx

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    Then +1

    As for the other 2 suggestions:

    -There is a "faster way", maybe you don't know. Click on sell in a npc, then click on the item you want to sell and instead of click on "Yes" with the mouse, use the key "Enter".

    -+1, with right click of mouse for example to open the window with the price to change it.


    What I would do is:

    -Teleport from lvl 85 to maps 90 (so that way one can have the max drop for lvl 95 metins), return scroll allowed at that lvl too.

    -Blue changers in enchanted forest.

    -More chs or metins in enchanted forest.

    1. I'd say no. Better like it is now.

    2. It's related to tps and the server needs income. About this one what I would change is to make another slot for it.

    3. Moon L is for 91+

    4. You can help with it probably asking what should be changed and sending the translation to them.

    5. It's 2020. There are tons of games there, more entertaining and less stressfull and Metin2 lives because of his old players. If GF barely are surviving with all money they make and resources they have, how do you expect to advertise this one? It would be, maybe, another story if GF let people upload private servers videos on YT.

    6. It would be good a portable warehouse.

    There is already a second inventory (if you mean warehouse). The one with which you put a shopbox, that's a inventory/warehouse basically.

    7. +1

    8. But those are not upgrades... though it would be nice.

    9. Mmm, I prefer teleport rings like in GF servers with limited amount of uses and droppable from chest of high lvl bosses (dungeons) or as a direct drop.

    With the one we already have you go to city1 and take the teleporter. But if they implement it in the normal one, I'll not complain.

    This would be better probably.

    they have a duration of 2h and can be dropped 1x per char. They are not tradable and you cant put them into the storage. Stop acting like someone is abusing a bug every time you didnt know about something . If he holds on to them for pvm king he is playing it smart - simple. This "bug abusing" accosation has really lost its value ever since you guys starting throwing it around for minor things.

    Just take it as a new detail you learned. We tolerate it and dont report you for using quest windshoes and itemshop windshoes at the same time either.

    He asked only and he said "bug using" not "bug abusing", quite different. Ofc the second one is forbidden, probably, but here you can't abuse this bug because of what you explained.

    You got triggered for none reason, maybe you abused some bugs and were banned? :P