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  • CapTaiiN


  • CapTaiiN

    do not judge to fast. i farm with 5 chars to

  • deathpool

    wow, well sorry my bad, gms ignore my complain

  • spir00new

    i am not bot bro Comprehensive guide to pull rate of all fishes available in Metin 2

  • deathpool

    gms ban this man, he is clearly a bot (yesterday in the fishman ranking he has the top5 with his chars)

  • xFragamento

    #s1 hype

  • Cecilia Heinz

    #s2 hype

  • zera321

    s3ke you just said you're new to the server, how do you know how this server was when it was started ? Omg nobody looks at those epvp members flaming

  • S3ke

    i hope to see you guys there :) all the best

  • S3ke

    shadow i think starting a new server is a good thing...and lets say its not gonna ''work'' ...many servers merged could do the same as a backup plan

  • S3ke

    it makes no sense what you saying...noone is forced to start will only bring new people ..or people who quit the actual server

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We are not closing server 1 to open a server 2 so i don't see why they should both die

  • xFragamento

    S3ke you look at the Server ? there are not much player and when a new server come both died , better focus on server 1

  • S3ke

    i remember when the server was created...people said the same will last few months and die...but it let it happen

  • xFragamento

    and knepse you read what shadow say ? there are NO changes at server 2 when he will come

  • S3ke

    people said the same thing when the actual server started...

  • xFragamento

    server 2= 1 month hype ... then the server will die

  • knepse

    you see for new server-----> need make youtube video events!

  • S3ke

    new start...maybe more new me its exciting...:)

  • knepse

    Shadow i have idea's for new server. just pm me and i can show you servers from who u can take piece by piece and u will create a great server

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    lets admit, who dont want new server are pro players who already got rich at old one. they wont be making much money because every possible new player will play at new one so they wont be able to sell their farmed stuff(can be changers, can be flame keys, anything)

    and who want new server are basically amateurs who lost hope of catching old players

    selfish reasons. cant blame. we have democracy for that

    Au contraire my friend.

    Why they dont want a new server when they already have all things upgraded, full bonus, etc? They are the most bored of the server. They have almost no challenges.

    People like me who still have more path to walk are who will not want the new server cause the drop of population will affect the market.

    When you get higher level you start drop better moonlight boxes and same is with event low drop moonlight [ S ] which drop hemit higher drop [ M] which drop red changer
    high lvl drop [L] which contain blue changer
    Chrismtas | Valentines event work same way. with higher level you get better event boxes which contains more expensiv items

    For people who can do hell runs (lvl 100 min), the drop of moon L is worse than lvl 91,92,93. I asked some people, lvl 97, and in 2 hours 1500 moon L, in the good spot ofc. A lvl 92 in 2 hours can get almost 2200 moon L, in the good spot again. And farming moons is boring as hell. I dont see any reason to complain about them getting flame keys. Its their advantages. As well as lvl 65-75 have the advantage of farm 4 metins lvl 70 with 5% drop of red changer per channel, or lvl 35 farmers, or etc. Every range of lvls has their advantages and disadvantages.

    At this point in the game you should also keep in mind that you can do any run, farm in any map and ignore the next bonuses: lightning res, wind res, fire res, ice res, dark res, earth res. If there will be any change in the way PvM works, it will be posted in my Basics for Beginners asap.

    But in runs (hell run, ice run) 2 of those bonus are useful, or that I read in their guides here. So maybe the others works too in other runs, or in some normal map.

    For example, dark resistance, suppose it works in devil catacombs against the bosses and in general. A 10% of dark resistance > 5% skill resistance, so I will buy a low lvl armor and a necklace with 10% dark resistance and can do azrael easily, dont need to spend a great amount of money on lvl 1, 21, 41, 61 shields with 5 skill resistance or armors or upgrade lvl 90 accesories with skill resistance. This was an example.

    Want to say something.

    When someone has stones in the 3rd inventory (probably with the 4th happens the same thing, dont know cause I dont have 4th inventory D:), the alchemist (where you refine ores) does not detect those stones.

    Another bug is, if for example you want to refine ores and you has 2 sura stone+0 stacked, in the window where alchemist show the stones you have for refine with the ores, only 1 sura+0 appears, so when you click on that stone to do your agate, both stones will be used for it (2, 3, 4, ... etc, as many stones you have). You need to divide the stones before refining if you want to only spend one stone.

    About the skills books (and stones too), I would like to suggest the posibility to sell them all at once in npcs withouts the need to divide them (currently you can only sell to npcs unit per unit).

    What's the point of lvl up to high lvl if there are not advantages for them? -.-

    I dont want the shop search tool, that is for svs with city1 full of shops. You want something? Search for it, the one who will be quicker/luckier will be the one who get the best things. It's a part of this game (obviously like I said on svs with full shops in the whole city1 this is something neccesary).

    I dont want too a new server, there arent enough people on the current one. A new one will drop the population even more (myself will be playing probably on the new if it will be released xd).

    You can't expect us to list in this thread or any other, over 1000 monsters and their resistances. It won't reach everyone. For instance I already explained on the forums kazilions times that Demi Resistance is just made up name, the real name is "Warrior Resistance + Sura Resistance + Assassin Resistance + Mage Resistance", all rolled into one. As there is no monster that is a character, it is just a pvp bonus. Yet despite the many times I told so, you didn't know.

    That was not my intention. I want something more general. I mean, average damage resistance = resistance against physical hit (not skills), archers and swordsmen, resistance against skill damage = skills from bosses and pvp, that's what most of players probably interpret. But that logic like I said cant be used with all stats (and here comes the Demi Human resistance example that I said).

    What we players need is a bit more information, for example, for what is useful magic resistance in pvm? Against every mob that hit with range attacks that are like "shining things"? Is useful in X or Y or Z map? Is even useful? This type of info is what I and other players want, to have a general idea.

    And in regard to what you said about list every mob with their resistance and dmg, can you copy that information in some word file and upload for everyone? I mean, in the image that you posted about fire attack, I see that one can select that with the mouse easily, so probably is not difficult to do that.

    I thought it worked for both ^^
    I mean, worked on whatever attack that included fire basicly

    Against the fire mobs archers, dont remember the name, from infernal field flame fire resistance is useless. That's why we should have access to this information about bonus in the server cause in each metin2 (private server or whatever) it can be different.

    And we cant use logic for determine, we players, these things (the example that I said earlier). Demi human bonus attack works against mobs in hl2 but demi human resistance bonus doesnt work against mobs from hl2.

    That's why I think the GA (person who has a direct access to this information) should explain to us these things about bonus and mobs and what works or not. I asked gms and one said that lightning is useful in hl, other said no, I tried myself and lightning doesnt work, so gms dont know either this information with full assurance.

    I think that you don't understand that this server is the most similar to an official server, so yeah, it's a "difficult" one One needs to spend many hours/days/months playing. But is more easy than an official and more enjoyable. It's surprising that you didnt understand all this time this point when you're a veteran player here.

    And make money here is easy, one only need to lvl up to 65-75, buy 3 gloves, spend 6 hours 1 day per week and 500kk+ one will earn with moons (in the good spot). Lvl up to 91 (it's no needed super high quality gear, only some hours at hl1 with golems, and ofc a buff). That 6 hours now can give 800kk+ with moons every week.

    Ask someone from an official server about begin as a newbie with nothing in those servers, seeing things at many wons and now alchemy is not even tradable (dragon stone shards), and one needs to spend 1/4 of a day to get full shards with 5 characters but the spots for farming are full of people and now the gloves were nerfed too, that shit is what one calls DEPRESSING (it bores me to death of just thinking about the 100 movement speed and 20 min to travel from city1 to bakra for example, let alone the rest of the shit there).

    This server is a paradise in comparision.

    Fire, lightning and the other resistance are and always have been for pvm.


    Don't take for granted the word of players, they don't have access to any informations and most of the times what they know is simply wrong or misleading. Those bonus works, on pvm and pvm only.

    Can you post this information about all bonuses and against what works and so on? Like you said, we players dont have access to this info, and I think we should have access to it.

    Meley? These are monsters in Hell run. All the other resistances works as well, it was just a quick example.

    Here has another name then, I mean the final boss of the dungeon of Infernal Field (Hell Run yeah, that's it I think).

    But we players dont know exactly where is useful all that bonuses. Some people say that X bonus is useful against Y mob, some other say that X bonus doesn't work against Y mob.

    Fire, lightning and the other resistance are and always have been for pvm.


    Don't take for granted the word of players, they don't have access to any informations and most of the times what they know is simply wrong or misleading. Those bonus works, on pvm and pvm only.

    Only fire is useful and only in meley run? The other bonuses (lightning, wind, earth, etc)?

    Limit drop, certain monsters can only drop items if your characters have reached a specific cap of level. It is affected by the relationship of your level and the enemy level, but even if you are overleved, you can still drop, much lower of course. The best examples are heaven's lair or Spider Dungeons. The gloves or server rates doesn't work on this type of drop.

    So this is for drops like poison swords and all items that need lvl 80 or 85 at least in hl?

    For alchemy stones too? For example in lemures to drop alchemy one need lvl 90.