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    Enchanted Forest Monsters are on my Radar, i nerfed them by a decent chunk but we also nerfed Skill resist, so that factors in on the.. healers? or was it the druids?

    One of which anyhow. Might need to nerf that specific mob a little further.

    Druids are the problem.

    I didnt feel any difference with before the update, when a decent amount of them appear, I need to run in the same way.

    And returns scrolls and teleport with buffer are not working.

    Wanna suggest to make the tickets for Nemere/Yama tradable and dropable since I don't see any point for them to not be it since they are craftable like the hydra tickets.

    P.S: nice update!

    1º Delete the size of normal fishes (outside the fish event I mean), so we can fish and stack them without the need to have many slots. There is no more that event each month which Tary was doing with the fishes with bigger sizes = better rewards, so there is no use for it now. 2º Change so we can use as well the minnow fished in the event since they give little amount of points .

    1. Yes, fix this pls.

    2. +1

    3. +1

    4. +1

    5. +1

    And I'd like to say some other items (dagger manual user, two hand, etc, and change these items so they can be stored in the "U" inventory since they are upgrade items after all).

    6. +1

    7. You don't need to restart the client, changing channel or map should work.

    But +1 if it is possible to fix.

    8. +1 if it is possible

    9. +1

    I'd like to add some other stuff.

    a. Fix the 10% extra that guild smiths give (visually I mean).

    b. Rare alchemist in map1 of red kingdom.

    c. Double click function with left mouse button on the map info list.

    d. Biologist npc place in the map info from each city1.

    e. Current teleport position in red map1 is outside of center, so I think it would be good to change that position for map1 of blue and yellow as well outside center (where we get teleported after mining event or ox ends, in blue at least) since now you were teleported right in the middle where all the shops are and unless you have a good pc, it goes laggy.

    People were already doing it from Mount, but they stuck it on the Throne / Wall so they often got kicked into a wall by Gahnasel and called it a bug.

    Yes, but it was risky since you needed to bug the boss against a wall and yourself as well leading to possible pushes beyond wall and polys were a much safe way to defeat them without the need to think about this problem.

    Now this boss is like any map 90 boss, so polys are a bit less useful.

    PS: can you put a rare alchemist in red map 1 pls.

    Nice patch!

    Finally there won't be that many problems with making shops (I hope ^^).

    And the filter for names of items and name chars/mobs = amazing for ppl with crap pc like me xD.

    PS: the Azrael change was unnecessary imo, now one can kill it from mount -> no need of poly -> poly marbles = a bit less valuables and useful

    1º That depends on what advantage and how much exactly gives the higher lvl pickaxe. And we players don't have that info so it's difficult to say.

    2º +1111111111111, this would be awesome.

    3º -1

    It's not a need since this is exclusively for mining event and specifically for Soul Crystal Vein (and it seems a big change). This problem doesn't exist with the other veins and in your daily day in metin regarding mining.

    Soul Crystal are the more expensive agate after all, so, once each 2 weeks, one need to bear those annoying situations in mining event if he/she wants to make good money in 1 hour.

    1º It's not possible I think with the current shop system from what I read from shadow.

    2º I think it's not possible in all chs, maybe in the same ch yes. But Idk what to say to this.

    3º This exist already xd.

    4º From staff I read that it won't be implemented since it's too op.

    5º I didn't understand.

    6º -1

    7º You mean something like selecting multiple of them and give them at once? +1

    I made a suggestion actually about this.

    8º You can do it already. Open a npc, ctrl + right click and you'll be able to sell them. Be careful and don't sell your good gear :D

    9º In the web wiki you have that info. The wiki ingame does not show chest info. But if they can add it, +1

    10º You have already that option in Game Options.

    11º +1, gf implemented now an awesome chat with filters, I'd like something like that here.

    1º They are valuable already since you can upgrade them, so I'd say no.

    2º They have the same drop, probably, as any other item, the "problem" is that ppl farm a lot of the metins which spawns these mobs.

    I'd put them as a craft item for poly marbles related to mobs from that zone (in high quantity).

    3º +1

    4º +1, the Registration can be put above "More" in the patcher.

    5º +1

    6º +1 if it's possible, same with experience rings and any other similar item with time duration (dragon earrings, love earrings, etc).

    If you click on "HAPPY EASTER", you will lose your Basket permanently and you WILL NOT be able to fill it anymore! Please be careful not to click in that message!

    It's not possible to hide or remove this option from the rabbit until the event ends?

    If moonlight is too generous we can reduce the duration to 12 hours instead of 24.

    I think it's fine like it is now (though I personally wouldn't mind a change since it will increase the value of its drop a bit, but that's me).

    Edit: I forgot about the problem with the timezone that Lolu said. But I guess you can adjust it so it match within the hours with most of ppl playing, in case you'll do this change.

    There are no changers on heavens lair.

    The info about what elemental damage a monster deal, or type of damage the monster deal, the experience it provides is useful. Something that a wiki should have. I have no time to edit 1000 mobs on the wiki, while doing a little system that upload the file that regulates monster stats and pick which info to show to the players is much much faster.

    You may find it useless now because you know already these infos, but when new things comes out you may think differently.

    I mean moonlights since they can give changers.

    Info about their elemental and normal damage, yes. And their experience, yes, as well. But their resistance against the different kind of weps, I don't see the need since the relevant info about mobs are if are animals, devil, etc. Unless you're gonna implement mobs with weird % res (example: a mob from zodiac with 1kk hp and 95% def sword, but 10% def bell). But overall is intuitive, the more attack value/avg/vs mob/skill/devil/etc, the more damage it does.

    Heavens liar doesnt have big spots, so you won't farm a lot of moonlight there tho. Change like that would be broken on lemures map, but we are not considering that

    Still this map has decent drops (clams, 75 weps, bdb, etc), so ppl would see it as a good spot to farm during moonlight event. And the first two good rooms and hunter room are already 12 rooms (in all 4 channels).

    This is my opinion anyway.

    Definitely no, because of moonlights/changers basically. They will lose even more value since ppl would farm them in those maps a lot. Better to let these range mobs as range mobs in most of maps.

    In DT you need gear for lvling up in the 11º floor, so it's not that easy. And is still needed a good amount of time.

    As for the second suggestion, I don't see the usefulness actually. So what if you'll know the defences of the mobs? Mages will farm lvl up with bell regardless, assassins will lvl up with poly + bow or daggers (and most of them dont farm metins) regardless, warrior lvl up with sword and farm metins with 2hand, regardless, and suras with sword since they can't use other wep.


    The only use I see is for bosses in runs so players can know which char should they use, but there is no need to make this change ingame. Staff can simply make a thread and post an Excel Table of values regarding the bosses.

    if mp its same no changs

    How will be the same lmao?

    Players couldn't buy with tp and it will be same as spirit blessing 80%, a rare and expensive item, much more expensive probably if staff add it to the mall.

    Many times I searched for spirit blessing 80% for several days and not a single pm.

    And you still need 2 moonstone cause upgrading it with one with 20% of chance is a waste, and still you'll only have 30%, how many items/stones+6 do you succceded with 30% in your metin life compared with 50/60%/etc?