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    Nobody said we stop updating this server, I actually said the opposite. I only said that a new run won't come any time soon because only few players would enjoy it.

    ah really thanx ga seen whats up !!!!

    player happend for this post becuse we havent new run soon and all off

    i must bering gold ez 300w only 4 day left for time and all player off shops dei market broke cant sell item half price whaaaaaaaay if u like start new server what is metin2sg players guilt

    please make somthings and back server for normal online players add run or map or ..... just we are like sg2 and like best sever in wrold buyt need game masters worke on it too hope u and sg team ex past year suprices players and cooming soon updates thanxxxxxxxxx

    sry for bad english sry for all

    Nobody said we stop updating this server, I actually said the opposite. I only said that a new run won't come any time soon because only few players would enjoy it.

    oh ty i hat thats guy pm mi in game and say u say no update no wepon no armor :d

    ok all good now thanx shadowe

    and ga 2/3yars ago u are regester new server 1year or +-days u are closed that

    its u server u company but if i IQ worke one metin2 sg

    if fix problam this server all good no need any server

    ex : beta version liyacan or zodiac new wepon maps armures moonstones in maill and meny tthings

    u can chang in this server but again say u company u khnowe what best

    if i had this web never lost thats i try

    if answer huraaa if noo make new server and transfer players who like stay here who no go new server

    my googell translit hanged :))

    so server gone?

    havent new runs can only say yes or no

    i dont like pvp and dont crae :)) only for mi important new runs coom here or no

    i like too first metod we have kingdoom chat also when need gobal use word ring thats best. ga shadowe removed gobal chat ring in maill only need back thats for sell items and stay we kingdoom chat ..players need tallk in kingdoom which out see other kingdoom


    How will be the same lmao?

    Players couldn't buy with tp and it will be same as spirit blessing 80%, a rare and expensive item, much more expensive probably if staff add it to the mall.

    Many times I searched for spirit blessing 80% for several days and not a single pm.

    And you still need 2 moonstone cause upgrading it with one with 20% of chance is a waste, and still you'll only have 30%, how many items/stones+6 do you succceded with 30% in your metin life compared with 50/60%/etc?

    if mp u give armor +8 for any up thats which u???

    i like drop same rat in erbus and ochahoo bro thats good but shadowe say never erbus drop moonstone him owener 100% him things that and dont want add so we have one more way we have thats in market all game online have zero in 100 in market thats market must have and bro u can read this

    rembers how meny hh att mi becus i have moon ??? [CHANGE] Ochao Run

    ye lets make one of the Rarest items a itemshop/mall item, if we are at it add perfect mythic dss for 100k tp as well ? so you play for 3 days buy 1kkk tp and just get insta gear+9...

    uh what about perfect lvl 75 weapons with 60 avg 12 str/int/dex 20 devil 10crit for 200k tp ? :dash:

    so bro if this faill u not buy +9 item?