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  • Krypt3D

    80kb download speed nice :D

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • ninecircles

    @[GA]Shadow , check my post about Red dragon blessing and Bless of aqua dragon crafts, if you think it didnt get much atention, please close it. Thank you.


    what is ramadan event?

  • Noelle

    When is the PvM king event??

  • Hecthor


  • Destructore

    No worries, it’s your smallest problem

  • Djihad

    im gay

  • Destructore

    What the server is off??? What a dark day :fie:

  • L P

    time server to be on?

  • horns123

    same happend to schweiner rinkler

  • Doktorachenlord

    Oh no, i just read a soulstone and was on negative rank on a Metin . BIG F

  • PrincePersia

    only i cant on???

  • ninecircles

    Reeeeeeee server went to poop

  • babapve

    djihad only got third place in video contest, because ther was only 3x people took place lul



  • [GA]Shadow

    Event Information List


    hello where can i find informations about all of calendar events?

  • GoldSteal

    is there a shop box limit for map1?

  • AirForce47

    why do you keep being salty bro? Emy call your army back pls.

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    Dear Players,

    hereby i present the Patch Notes of today 17/04/2021,

    • Added Permanent Skin Window on the II inventory Tab
    • Added a complete Rarity Pickup Filter
    • Added filter for character names and items
    • Added Far setting for the Camera
    • Added several effect icons for the boosters
    • Added quick trade with CTRL+Right Click Combo
    • Added other recipes for the liquids at David NPC
    • Added Ramadan Event contents
    • Lord Ghanasel is now a heavy type, he cannot be knocked back by player hits
    • Better translation for RO and DE client
    • Improved client general performance
    • Minor bug fixes

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2 SG Team

    Knockback is the skill effect that push away the target.

    To be immune from the hits that push away a monster, a monster must have the HEAVY perk.

    If both needs to be removed, the boss power must be adjusted as both perks he has make it challenging.

    No idea what you mean, make a video of this impossible to kill Gahanasel. With a video we can see if you are just not able to kill it because he is too strong or because you are too weak.

    Easy solution, don't go near the stair or wall to kill him faster by stucking him near the stairs or the wall, or he might bug you the way you want to bug him.

    The event is over. Once again you can turn all your baskets into chests by clicking on Happy Easter or avoid it if you want to deliver more baskets. The Rabbit will be gone on 15 April, so collect your rewards before this date.


    The system was developed on 2015. So such features were not available anywhere back then. So it was not a matter of testing. Replacing a core system with another is risky. Had we closed our server and re-opened like many others did, the shop system would have improved too, but since we are too stable we couldn't do that.

    No you cannot handle your ban on discord apparently. Thats why you are so aggressive and blind.

    Saturday and Sunday and even Monday, were holidays, Easter. You cannot expect us to look at the suggestion during such days. If we answer days later nobody is going to die. If we wait more opinions regarding a suggestion before making a statement, is not really being unprofessional.

    Most of these threads have a reply from the staff.

    One of these thread was approved and being worked on

    You are simply over reacting and judging things without even bother to understand.

    Anyway suggestion is denied, If you want a channel where players can post the link of the forum to have more opinions on suggestions, thats granted, but discord is not a proper place to discuss suggestions with the team.

    Yeah, pretty sure you guys are answering some posts

    Clearly, you never heard of exaggerated representation to illustrate the situation
    Or you did, but you need to pull out the fact that you've answered here and there to some suggestions

    Eh no my friend. Telling someone to not bother doing suggestions because the team doesn't answer is not exagerating, is pretty much lying.

    I do not need to run any statistic, the forum is the place for the discussions and suggestions, either accept it if you want your ideas and opinion to be heard or don't and stay silent.

    I think it would be channel only to post links to forum's suggestion.

    There is no reason to discuss suggestions or drop'em whenever we want 'cause it will be messy.

    I doubt is what he meant. But if thats the case we can do a link only channel for suggestions.