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    Most of your suggestion or demands were already replied on different threads.

    We are inserting a new offline system which will have several new features and solve problems that the shopbox limited code (due to being developed on early 2015) can't have, including a better shop search.

    Any update regarding pvp event will be done when there is a demand for the pvp. If you guys don't participate to the current pvp events, why do you even expect us to use our time developing new ones? When we see a highly populated national war or a budokan then we can make new events regarding the pvp, otherwise is just a waste of time, especially since we are sure the problem doesn't rely on the events but on the mentality of the players regarding the pvp.

    The goal of an event is to distract the player from the usual routine. Changing a metin form is not doing anything different. You simply smash a stone with a different shape. Thats why we don't waste time on these details when there are more pressing matters to do.

    Battle pass is being developed for the new server we are working on, if it will come on SG or not it is yet to be decided.

    Because in the end all it matters is if the drop of these so called mini bosses are worth or not. If they are worth, players like yourself won't ever benefict, as there is a hord of seasoned players that would create a low level char to abuse such thing and gain the best profit possible, where new players, to which this change was target to, bite the dust.

    Such changes can be done on a brand new server not on 12 years old one.

    Not to mention that if you just look around the metin farmer simulator, aka, the server with 200000 metins, are what people wants nowadays. So there is not only the need to change how this game is, but not even the demand to change it.

    There will be a big update soon, as for the trailer, it would be shut down in a matter of hours so is pointless to waste time and money on it.

    Several users are full of craps. They talk shits from years and they are literaly unable to understand a two phrased sentence. Zodiac will come when we adjust the gameplay, thats the "negative" answer that we gave them. To put it simply so that even a 10 IQ person can understand, if your house fundaments are sinking down, you don't add a 2nd floor, you fix said fundaments. Meaning there is no point on adding more contents when the current one is flawed.

    Twitch account was shutted down, so again these kind of advertisment are just not viable. Besides advertisment is not the problem. But in case there are talented people who think they know best, I will give the same proposal i gave to others:

    Advertise for us out of your own pocket, if it is successfully, we share with you a huge chunk of the incomes from the players that spent money on the server that your advertisment brought. Somehow they all refused thou, i suppose is easy to say "do this and that, is a 100% working method", when is not your ass on the line :thumbsup:

    Considering you were one of the major complainers during the previous "change" I find it hilarious that you assume I must believe your words now.

    Every couple of years there is a similiar thread, where you guys pretty much bow down and beg for changes. Changes that when me or someone else of the team announced were heavily bashed and hence discarded.

    But when they come and people return, you start your bitching parade and how things could have been better if we just did that or this or whatever. I personaly grow tired of that attitude and from these posts I don't see any difference from 2 years ago tbh.

    Temporary servers are the only way to gain players, however changes must be done to improve the gaming experience and you cannot do such changes only on the temporary server, otherwise you cannot merge. Things like drop rate and respawn time can be different, but other things must be the same or else the merge is problematic or not possible.

    We go back to the same issues that players of this server don't want any changes that make their work "less valuable" even if that work is 10 years old.

    PS: The novice channel was removed long time ago

    Any new server takes players away from SG, even servers that are not opened by us. Simply this is the mentality, server hoppers are a thing and they jump from server to server. If we don't do anything players will leave anyway, while if we open a new server we would surely have a larger community at the start, larger than anything we could achieve on SG for the simple fact that the server is too old and the community is too close minded to accept any drastic change.

    We don't plan to terminate any services, but if the costs to run the server exceed the incomes, we will. I believe is obvious.

    Which is already answered on another thread. Why i do realise that most of you don't have the ability to read or to read whats written without assuming, I on the other hand cannot repeat myself 20 times before you accept it.

    i don't get why there's a need to rework whole systems to make things work, why not include new equipment in zodiac dungeons at multiple level ranges that will counter the current issues?

    ie: players have too much skill res - add a base stat to gears that ignores a % of skill res

    Because then you will get a server that is broken from X level to Y and fixed from Y and above. Thats not the proper way to do things. You don't clean your house by putting all the dust and shit in one room.

    If there is too much skill resistance in game, you remove some bonus from some items and who rolled their items must accept it and move on otherwise things stays as they are.

    S skills are not a concern for new players. The skills requires level 100 which is not something you achieve in 1 week. New players who don't find the server attractive quit not certanly because of a level 100 content, they quit earlier.

    Who asked this suggestion is not a new player, but a player with a lot of characters that requires a lot of stones to upgrade each skills to S.

    New players actually gain profit by selling the soul stones they farm thats why is denied, for now.

    Bare in mind that polls are not mandatory, polls are tool to know what the community think but we are not forced to follow it.

    As for the changes to the DSS rates, people complained hard when we made it easy. Not sure where you saw the applause but who needed to upgrade DSS, shutted the hell up instead of giving a positive feedback and who wanted to maintain the "power" or leverage on the price, complained hard, as usual.

    Nobody said we stop updating this server, I actually said the opposite. I only said that a new run won't come any time soon because only few players would enjoy it.

    you are right we cried so much when you made big changes but turned out the changes made the server better. apologies from my side because i was one of them who bitched about it but learned from mistakes and trying to advise stuff for the sake of server

    however, with all due respect i do not get what you want to do. you actually like the idea but dont want to deal with some abusers? or you would delete/change some items but dont want to deal with complains? then what you want to do?

    i dont know if you are glad with the amount of active players but in my opinion this server deserves many more players and bringing stuff for high end levels wont bring new players since they still need months to reach it. thats all i want to point

    Since months we are working on a new server. Different concept than SG so the target of players are not the ones that would be interested on SG. We didn't announce because is still in early-mid build, but I don't see why denying either.

    Oh before the usual witch hunt begins, we are not abbandoning SG, updates such a new offline shop comes on SG because of the new project, so everyone is getting something from it, but of course as I already stated, it is useless to add new runs or contents if the current ones are flawed.

    So if you want to assume that i sit and watch, nope, I work all days, but at the first place stands the Company I work for and a new kind of server is the way to go. Why? Because the problem of SG are mainly linked to how old the server is and to the attitude of the players to take any change, wrong or right, in the good way.

    It is normal that after many years some things that were hard should become easy, well normal for me. I was often addressed that I don't see the server under the player's point of view. It is funny how the player's point of view is now asking me to do what they bitched so hard back then.

    So while I appreciate the apology I also must say it doesn't solve any of the shits we had to cope with because of the ignorance, greedness and arrogant egomaniac behaviour from certain people or the players we lost because of such aggressive criticism.

    Bare in mind, I am not saying we don't have our part of guilt, we have, but things could have been different or at least a bit better with a normal friendly community.

    Regarding your question I am not glad with the current online count but there is nothing I can do about it if the problems are the age of the server or the needs of heavily nerfing things. I cannot always be the bad guy here, you guys are against any changes so you must deal with the consequences of such attitude.

    For all the others that talks about boosters or Ochao, this topic is about new players. A new player don't give a damn about a level 100+ run or about some boosters. Once again you are just talking of things that bothers you disguising them as a concern for new players. Same old attitude that never cease to amuse me.

    No back then what bothered people was to not have the freedom of doing what they please and hence we made a step back. You are asking to do exactly what you guys complained about, setting a a limit that GMs must oversee, that must cope the craps of players that find excuses to justify their farming / joining on runs that no longer compete them.

    The answer is no. You want changes? We must delete and change a lot of items / bonus. We must make things that are clearly hard to achieve in resonable time, easier, even thou you wasted so many golds. It is pointless to do such changes if from day after you guys cry and scare new players away saying we did the wrong choices, we punish high level, we dislike those who play since years etc.

    Such claims are not true, what we dislike is the attitude that if you play here 10 years your opinions should matter like 100x players, they don't. You are one, you count for one.

    And on which criteria do you judge someone's main? In the past we used the same method for events and the amount of hypocryte excuses we get to avoid the blocks were hilarious, such as "my level 60 is my main and my 120 is full geared where i spent most of my real money, is my farmer".


    i also believe we gave a clue to the staff that there are actually too many people that want to pvp but hesitate to start it and for a reason. why? because the only relevant pvp seems to be the top lvls and they get bored trying to reach there

    When a player who has pvp equipment for 100+ creates a level 40 or 70 to participate to those Budokan brackets that doesn't suits him or her, they are infact discouraging new players from pvping. Cause that char is actually twinkled or pushed, using the items that only a high level could use.

    So I should use time and resources to create a public Orc Run, that would see just level 30-60 with those level 120 items? Imagine a group of friend joining the server today and they fight your alt level 60, with perfect ebony earrings and other level 30-60 perfected items. Oh yeah so much fun to get kicked in the ass like that. It is simply a waste of time to create functions that you can already smell they would be ruined by the huge ego of the players and their insatiable way of "winning"

    Which is already in the game in the form of a beta, but not developed properly for the same reason, nobody cared.


    This npc sells special items used on a special kind of guild war. You can decleare a war by using the third type of choice to use this event.

    You can participate into this war only by having this weapon and this armour on. No other items. Your skills are capped, meaning that you don't even need S skills or P or G. Inside the map you hunt monsters and gain coins. With these coins you purchase power ups. Immune to faint, +300 AP, + 30% skill, etc

    The goal is to destroy the two pillars (which have the placeholder of a metin) of the enemy team. There was still a lot to balance, a good way to farm coins a quick way to increase your power ups (which now is done only with a npc in your own safe zone) but still it pretty much had what you asked: Fun pvp, tower games like, that required no items whatesover.

    It wasn't liked, because nobody would want to be on equal grounds.

    well that is nice thinking and all but some of us dont use buffers ;) and as far as teleporting to buffer in dungeons you cant so.......yeah....... anyways didnt assume it would happen .... thats why its called a suggestion i guess.....

    I will check if is doable, without major exploits from the usual players, to add an anti collision buff while you are invisible so that you can go inside monsters during those 10 seconds of invisibility.

    PVP was not a thing even before the arrival of the mythic wheel or the mythic DSS. It is not the DSS ONLY. But as usual players only see their struggles as the main evil when is actually not just that, while us admin see the bigger picture, but cannot act as a server is also community driven and when the community don't want changes that requires sacrifices, our hands are tied.

    Yeah if you don't like RNG you choosed the wrong game. Game not server. If you realise now that one can fail 10 times at +9 while another can succed 3 items at +9 in a row then i don't know what to say.

    You were one of those players, which when meley was released said it was impossible to do it. 1 hour later you were proved wrong, 1 minute later you bitched that it could only be done in a group. Eh...yes? Maybe now with the boosters and pvm skins you can solo it, but before, you couldn't, not because it was impossible, but because you had no team to play with, by your own choice.

    Runs are all solo because you guys cryed that you couldn't share the drops in group. We made Hydra and meley with a group reward and some of you had the guts to pm us asking to make it easier so they could solo runs with their 20000 characters.

    You guys are simply impossible to deal with. And the reason why most of the polls are not even taken into consideration as the general opinion, is because you don't really have one. Today you want things you don't have, like in your case mythic DSS. Tomorrow you want others to prevent what you have achieved.

    I don't like exxagerating in general even when it suits my argument.

    The server is 12 years old, this year. The items that players have cannot be older than 5 years. That because Rarity came on 2013 ish and more updates came after that. So from time to time, certanly not without heavy complains as usual, players had their items done from zero again.

    This process on a normal mmo is done every year, or two, but here not because there is this mentality.

    So is it a fact that doing items to compete with those who plays since years is hard? Yes it is.

    Is it a fact that doing Mythic DSS is hard? Yes it is

    Is it a fact that some players have Mythic DSS because the played before you? Nope.

    It is a new thing for you as it was for them. If they have it, they simply did teamplay, which you didn't.

    There are 3-4 main guilds that works hard so that all their members gain the same level of power. And then there are other guilds which just don't do that. You want the Mythic DSS while playing solo and complain that others who plays in team manage to do it before you. It is pretty normal and i don't consider it a problem.

    No idea why you all consider boosters the source of all evil. Is not booster the problem here or a fish. Do you think it would take me more than 5 minutes to block all boosters on national war maps? Or do you think it would take me more than 10 minutes to prevent a player who use such boosters on a different map, from joining national war?

    Players don't join national war because they have to spend a lot of golds of boosters. Yes it certantly don't incentivate it, but be sure that boosters or no boosters the situation won't change.

    The mythic wheel was announced at the same day the mythic dss came into the game. We already stated that it would have a set bonus. We didn't implement it right away cause you guys are always unhappy no matter what, and expected that super class legendary would turn into mythic super class or have a better chance at upgrading or some crap like that. I mean such demands are not only arrogant but even unlogical and display a level of ignorance of how the DSS works. Does your sword upgrade to +9 easily if it has perfect bonus and stones?

    We don't put new things to make you guys use 10.000 golds and get the final items, we put so that you can work on them like any normal new player.

    Mythic alchemy can be made easy, I mean the upgrade from Legendary Rank, to Mythic, but the clarity, High, Superclass, that thing, is the same for all kind of DSS. We would need to delete all the legendary and lower stones, reduce the drop from boss, box and other methods and then, with few drops in the game of DSS, we can increase the rates in a way that you won't do 10 sets of mythic from launch to dinner.

    Are you willing to lose your DSS that are not mythic which you worked so hard without bitching for other 10 years? I don't think so.

    You stay invisible and you are also invcincible. If mobs attacks you right away you either pressed attack or you poisoned them and hence "still damaging them"