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    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of todays Maintenance, 28/10/2022

    • Added Halloween event and contents
    • Added hide sash system
    • Lord Sash costume now have all the same size

    Regards, Metin2 SG Team

    Sash is not a costume, is a piece of equipment. There are also sash costume, that change the look and provide a bonus but they are cosmetic. The 75 must be +9 yes.

    First you should get yourself a 25% absorption sash, as using the others would be a waste. You need 2 sash of the same grade to upgrade to the next grade, but I believe it is to understand by checking the guide.

    The second part is to sacrifice to the sash a 75 weapon with highest average and best rarity bonus as possible. You don't need to feed your main weapon, any 75 weapon will do.

    There is a wiki ingame that helps you see the stats of items, including the sash.

    It is not possible. If you are married with a mage character, there is no way the server can apply her buff without logging her character first.

    I have already crated for our other project a buffi system, where you equip a seal that spawn your buffer and she buffs you, however you need to read books for her skills and items to boost buffs etc. She is not a character, she is a npc just like a pet or a mount that provide those buffs as bonus. This is the only way to do the thing you suggested.

    I don't believe such system fit the SG style thou.

    Selecting items ingame as you select folders on your desktop can't be done. You could click the items one by one to select them and then do a specific action for all, as certain system already do.

    As for the rarity dismantling i am still thinking about how to do it, either a grid when to drop the items and press dismantle, or an option that comes out when you try to drop the item on the floor.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i present the Patch notes of 04/07/2022

    • Improved the preview system to show shinings and aura effects
    • Added Shinings section to the Wiki
    • Improved the Change Channel GUI and allowed double click on the CH for immediate warping
    • Improved the chat command /Ch X to display the correct channel after the warping
    • Added July BattlePass
    • Fixed an issue with the Next Page on the BattlePass Event Ranking
    • Removed Silver Arrows from the drops of Demon Tower
    • Added Vote4Bonus on the ESC menu

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    1) it works, it simply not as effective as GF to avoid mobs to deal 0 damage
    2) Our talisman system is different as you can equip 6 different ones and not just 1 at the time. So it needs nerfing and adjustement.

    3 and 4) requires at least a year of development, but being busy with other project is not viable at the moment

    5 and 6) It makes no sense for a boss to drop 10 chests, especially on dungeons where the rewards are 2 chests per player member. It would ruin whatever value they have, quite the opposite of what you stated.

    7) Could be added, the quest and rewards thou should be decided.

    8. Not familiar with how such game works, but still they would require weeks of development.

    9) The growth pet system is not planned for SG

    10) It is coming on July, along with a new daily reward

    Hey there,

    first of all the refund on purchasing tec points are at our discretion and one of the condition is that the points should not have been spent.

    I checked why we granted the refund of your previous payment of 20 euro. If you recall you told us that you couldn't pay your electricity bill or whatsoever, the tec points you purchased were spent only on cosmetics for your character, so well, we are humans and we granted you this refund cause no harm was done.

    This time you spent your tec points on odins, and traded them. You cannot expect that we ban your accounts and apply a refund.

    Your accounts are banned until the claim is opened. If you close the claim you can continue to play, if not, we escalate and let paypal decide.

    Simple as that, good day and thread closed.

    Leadership is the ability to lead other party members so that they can be more efficent. So no it won't benefict the leader of the party, you can't self boost yourself with your own leadership ability.

    As for the attack speed, slow chance reduce by 30% the attack speed, so 250 attack speed is not enough if you are slowed and so there is no waste.

    If you add 68 attack to the party member, his attack raise by 68.

    I didn't say G6 is a waste, i said that G6 unlocks most of the bonus but not all. For example at P your attack will be 85 instead of 68 and you can add another attack bonus to another party member.

    Anything above 230 attack speed doesn't do anything to your character.

    Some bonus have caps.

    Attack speed cap is 230. Mov Speed cap is 250 on foot and a bit more on mount.

    Due to the limitation of the game, attack speed animation cap between 156 and 180, depending on which character you use, hence I turned the exceed speed into damage. 230 is the cap of said damage.

    Dodge arrow is the bonus to block arrow, normal block has no use against ranged attacks.

    Leadership works, but some of the bonus are unlocked at higher skill levels. The tooltip will still show you the amount of bonus, but it can't show you which skills you unlocked. However since you have G6 you almost have unlocked all of them. You probably ignore how it works.

    The player who has leadership must create a party, then click on the red symbol near the party's member name and change to different symbols, each one provide one of the bonus, such as the MAX HP you were talking about.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Patch Notes of today, 08/05/2022

    • Removed the old Map Info panel from the game
    • Replaced the Map Info icon and function on the minimap with the Change Channel icon / function
    • Fixed a disconnection problem on the Warp Panel occured when the location was clicked more than 2 times in a row.
    • Fixed a misplaced coordinate on Warp Panel on the Dragon Valley map
    • Improved the Warp Panel as it now remembers the last option used by the user regarding the Set location / Save location
    • Improved Jotun drops on the Ochao Run
    • Added new Recipes at Baek-Go NPC
    • Added Boss Status to Lord Gahansel and Ancient Tree

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team