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  • EmyEmy


  • Kentra

    yeah only +0 dss shows up in shop search

  • hillsg2

    hy , i cant see in f11 my dss upgrade +6 or +4 i have 3 different pieces . itz normal ?

  • EmyEmy


  • Palita

    next time you crash send ticket with the log

  • Etherial

    It's due to packet loss in your intetnet connextion.

  • HadroxHUN

    Im the only1 whos client is dying almost every time if i change channel?..

  • EmyEmy

    It will be announced on the Anniversary Thread:)

  • DenzelCurry

    so how we know who win lottery?

  • IronMikeTyson

    xD ye Holy is op farmer 24/7 :thumbsup:

  • Hiumi

    Ofc 1 ticket took lot of time to be farmed. We cant sit all the day to farm. Good luck

  • AlmightyHoly now stop spamming shoutbox for 1 ticket kids :D

  • EmyEmy


  • Hiumi

    the quarantine brought me back

  • IronMikeTyson

    Hiumi damn still playing

  • TheBrocker


  • Hiumi

  • Desired

    Pc perf mythic superclass diamond?

  • RedWyn

    Pls dont provoke thanks messi.

  • Hiumi

    Iq200 fake profile, good job

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    this is very funny. Joined the game again after 2-3 years. bought TPs, bought costumes, bonus hair, mount skin, wep skin, pet, farmer package, all of them. ready for action cause i missed the game and wanted to bring a friend also. 2 hours of farming yesterday and not even 1 single box. 20 metins lvl 90 95 100 105, lemures. bay, forest. just WOW. nothing. bad choice to buy first the points, but really couldnt imagine there is basically 0 drop as i play from 2015 and it used to be fun this server at every event. but then cut down the drop rates, and again and again and again till we ended up here. we are married with kids now, so, if in my 2 spare hours per day i dont get any box with all the packages from the mall +a 50% glove just in case, then.. it means this game is only for kids who have all day to play, but it should also be a business and we should also have fun. maybe a box every 5-10 minutes would be a better 'moderate' approach.

    ps: my Nirvana dragon is wow. love the new customes and weps and i like that this server is always improving. this game should have at least 100x more players.

    The drop event is not influenced by any drop bonus, is simply about killing monsters. The more monsters you kill, the more you drop. Of course they must be within your level. Farming metins is not a good option since the monsters that dies when you kill the metin are not really killed by your character, hence they cannot drop anything

    Dear Players,

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following contents and improvements:

    • Anniversary Chests contents were added and improved from last year
    • Dragon Jaw Bell can now be upgraded further
    • Edge Blade+9 can now be turned into a Rune Sword
    • Mounts are blocked on National War maps
    • Added new bonus window which display the sum of all bonus in real time
    • The number of drops of Meley Chests and Defender were reduced drasticaly


    Metin2 SG Team

    And you are free to post whenever you like. But if by posting you question why i cannot do this change in 1 minute as i did other changes (which were bugs by the way), I have all the rights to tell you the reason, the reason was the past attitude we had to face, unfair in our opinion, which is not changed and never will i suppose.

    But you see, just because you play the game doesn't mean you know what are you talking about. If we listened to you, the rarity would have stayed as it is. There were other changes that you didn't like but you ended up appreciating. So the "i play so i know" doesn't make sense to me. I also already stated that if we follow what you guys wants without thinking, and it screw all up, you simply change server, we have responsabilities that you don't, so excuse us if we don't blind follow suggestions.

    It is not always about power, the rarity update was about that, because you had rarity and others didn't. This is about not having mythic DSS and so you want it easier, which contraddict the whole tearful story of how much hardcore the server must be.

    Lets face it, you want to spend less time on the server and achieve more, but only for the contents which you don't have already, for the past one where you spent years, it pisses you off. I understand it, but it is also very hypocryte.

    I am pretty sure if we raise the rates at 25%, you will be happy. But if in 1 year they become 40%, you will make another shit storm, forgetting that 1 year before you were exactly asking the same.

    I gave my answer already, going on is pointless.

    It does, but its ok deny as you want.

    Not saying skus had not his reasons to make the thread, I am saying that your friend could have done it long before, but he waited knowing he is unreliable, that someone else did. So accusing me of ignoring this thread and working on ship defense and skill after the thread was done, was unfair. Next time, grow a pair and post, I don't eat anybody.

    First come and first serve. Also please we need focused players as it is a delicate update regarding the balance. If you cannot even send a mail you don't give us the impression of being focused.

    Sorry but the words used were much different than what you claim now. First of all some members of your guild and not even dared to accuse me of favoritism as the update came after a player suggested it like 4 days before. You, being here longer and even on server 2, knew that the rarity update was meant to be done 1 year ago, so it wasn't just done in 4 days lol, but only a coincidence. A devoted player would put some sense into those players, but thats my opinion.

    The main concern of those same players were that certain guild might be able to catch up now and that they needed to play more to stay on top.

    Thats the reason. You couldn't give a damn of the system, just this reason. And since none of you had the decency to do a good mea culpa, you are labeled as unreliable by me and the other admins. Does this mean that we will discard any suggestions you come up with? No, but we won't take for granted any numbers you tell us, since they are made up.

    Every new content is released with the promise of being tweaked after. Elspeth did the drops, i did the run and the balanced the monsters. First complain, run too hard, nobody can do it, 200000 monsters wth gm. 2 days later 20 runs were done. So excuse me if I wait more opinions before changing something. Elspeth already got feedback from Discord, the only feedback he got from Nessi was if it is normal to spend 600 wons. We don't consider this a feedback, the upgrade rate is too low is a feedback, I want it easier is a feedback, I am no longer an hardcore player as i bragged about is a nice way to say i am sorry.


    Also to clarify: nobody asked skus to make a thread. Just like Nessi
    he upgraded DSS, probably asked around(Including us) and came to the conclusion that the numbers are a bit to undertuned. It's just that simple, no big SG conspiracies :))

    Guess my screenshot where a certain player ask to another player when skuss is going to make the thread so they can fill it with likes and comments must be fabricated huh? :lol: Seriously, It is ok to consider yourself smart, but don't make the mistake of assuming the rest are idiots. If you guys wants to do these kindergarden games you can do them, but they usually have less effect than being honest and fair.

    For the third time, if we make a change after something has been online for few weeks, some will complain and none of you will try to be a real devoted player by explaining that such changes were necessary. So I am not in a rush to be crucified. Change attitude and we will too.


    I missed the "server dead" topic. It is since 2013 i hear this, yet we are about to make 11 years. My opinion regarding the server death is that if it dies for a meley drop, then it was already been dead before the meley update and life goes on i guess.

    Dear And0r,

    the problem was addressed. I replied as clear as possible, first asking if you guys, self proclaimed hardcore elite wanted it easier and then saying that right now I just have too many things, so it is hard for me to find the time for this too. Instead of understanding, you showed again your true nature: arrogant, ego maniac and game addicted. With exactly what criteria you guys can judge our work or the time needed to do a change? With what information can you guys assume when we started working on a certain update? With what face you dare accusing me of finding excuses and ignoring this post?

    Your attitude is a problem to us. And this problem force us to

    1) Never announce any change regarding drop or boxes, cause whenever we make something easier or better, you act like we killed your pet.

    2) Never do a quick change, because we never know how you would react, as you don't tend to just complain but to spread nonsense among new players too as if you have to get revenge on us somehow.

    3) Prefered to hear other players instead of you, as in the past you proved us to not be reliable. This doesn't mean you might not be correct, it means we prefer to hear different players most of the times.

    A run that need tweeks don't justify this kind of hatred and flames and little games like "make skuss create this thread cause Shadow hates me". If you want to hear players opinions, polls are free here as long as they are resonable and not just created for laugh. Don't be discouraged if your last poll about rollbacking the rarity alchemist update blowed on your face, after all with some months you also finally admitted, at a huge cost i might say, that was a good update.