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  • CapTaiiN

    Sell [Lot of Stuff] updated

  • CapTaiiN

    Trade Sura PVP Armour make offers guys

  • DontBeScared

    When will be released lottery results?

  • H2SO3

    when hunter ranking got reset?

  • MrSoon

    buy salvation fans 5int mystic

  • Jese

    Let's rebuild red kingdom

  • Jese


  • palita

    Shadow is that silent stalker, stay in the lights and you will see him

  • EmyEmy

    Who is shadow o.o?

  • [CoMa]Shadow


  • xWoops

    shadow you here?

  • deathpool

    you tested that? cause I tested with 10% and didnt notice the difference

  • CapTaiiN

    btw support is online. maybe u ask them

  • CapTaiiN

    kuktas why u cant download? any error message or whats the problem?

  • CapTaiiN

    deathpool lightning is effective at magistra

  • CapTaiiN

    why not?

  • kuktas666

    please help me i cant download sg client :C

  • deathpool


  • deathpool

    lightning resistance it's not useful against setau priest or whatevere its name (the one who is a woman that throw lightning attacks)

  • H2SO3

    buy mage armor 34+9ss+5 or 48/54+6 stones +5

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    Every Dungeon's Boss deal both of these damage. Average damage when they hit normaly and skill damage when they do the skills effect. They also possess 2 skills which doesn't have any special animation but act like a normal hit, but they deal skill damage.

    It depends by how many drops a mob has. If for example is just 1, then a high % of time the drop will be assigned to the one who deal damage and rarely to the other members of the group. If there are multiple drops, it is common that all members of the group get a drop and usually the most drops are assigned to the one who deal the damage.

    Having a high level on a low level boss will affect your drops in a negative way, even if he is not the damage dealer, but rarely, while if he is the damage dealer, you will rarely receive any drops.

    It is based on the damage dealt. If a character just give buffs, it doesn't deal damage. The group also split drops among the other members randomly, but the most drops goes to the one who deal damage.

    Dear Players,

    with today's maintenance the following changes were added to the server:


    • Added the 5 new Alchemist to the guild building list


    • Magic Attack now works properly


    • Raised the number of slots for guild members
    • Added new map boss as source of drops of Notice of Plague King for the level 90 bio quest

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    Not true, the monsters were nerfed 4x to both health and attack power, including that they are now (previously they had no weakness at all) Orcs, which means your damage output can easily one hit them with enough strong vs orc bonus. You don't need pro items, average items are good too. Their damage is so low that you don't even need 2000 hp on every piece of equipment and you can easily roll 20% orc with some green changers, which are free.

    If you expect to solo the orc maze the same day you start a new character then obviously you won't be able to do it, but if you are a good player and you roll the right items you can do it in few days. You don't need pro items to survive nor to kill fast.

    If you want to play solo, you can't have buffs if your character is not a mage. Simple as that.

    You can both send a text of a better translation for your language, but considering they were translated by players of that nationality i find it odd that they are misleading.

    I dont know if its true but i think 2016 there were a lot of more players and it was allowed with two chars, now there are so less players and more and more is prohibited. That doesnt make sense.

    You can also solo it if you read our recent updates thread.

    No you can use 50 green hermits, not 1 green hermit 50 times. Every player makes their price, if you think is not worth it simply don't buy it. The players who read the forum won't be scammed as we always answer these kind of questions.

    Magic attack was and is, always bugged on Metin2. We simply added a small formula to make it valuable somehow, but it simply add the amount to your damage. So basically if you have 300 Magic Attack buff, you raise your damage by 300. 300 AP raise the damage for melee class by much more. It is currently bugged, yes, but after we fix it don't expect such a big difference.

    Some years ago when we were adding the Epic Bell, there was a huge complains from certain players, basically was either making it stronger than the fan, and whoever had a fan did not like the idea, on the other hand who wanted a bell did not want something inferior or equal to the fan, cause otherwise, whats the point?

    So we agreed with "whats the point" of creating a rift and be blamed for adding something that doesn't change anything.


    Thanks for you answer

    Why moonlight drop can not be like normal drops in other server with 10Level-Range-zone like if the monsters are 95 - you can farm there with 105 too.

    Without decreased drops. This would be really nice - this Server is really cool but have little problems like this.

    Because they are exactly like any other drops in this game. The game have higher exp/drop rewards based on the level of both monster / character. If the level of the monster if 10 numbers above yours, then you have a 150% bonus, if it is the same, is 100%, if it is 10 times less is 50%. This works for every drop not just Moonlights. You simply don't notice because there is no drop so common as the moonlights and because, I made books and stones with a drop rate of 400%, which nullify the +10 levels, otherwise if you farm a level 25 metins with your 35, you would drop a book or a stone 50% of the times at best.


    With your explain have lvl 60-97 the same amount of moon drops - but that is not true - with 90 you drop less as with 60 at lemures.

    So why?

    Maybe because 97-10 makes 87 and not 90? Wild guess but math isn't an opinion :D


    We have to think about all class, boosting a weapon AP is not an option with the current formulas, because it has little impact on skills compared to hits. Warriors will deal more damage with hits and skills as well as suras, while the rest will simply do more damage with skills. This is the issue on the server you mentioned, some players even linked me a video of one assassin doing skills for 1500 damage top, while the warrior of the same level just smashed spacebar doing 3000-4000 per hit. It was a joke and it is the resultof having a 500 AP weapon.

    The alchemy drop is very generous and the success rates are the same as they were since day one and probably the same as in every server. Maybe whats different is the number of gem required to the upgrade, but with the ability to drop directly Ancient or Legendary I don't feel there is a need for a change. As for the clarity issue, there is a reset bonus (which resets the number of bonus as well) and a change bonus for DSS too, we will see when and if is ok to implement it.

    [GA]Null is already working on a Sash system.


    No I did not say that, I actually said exactly what you said, a level 90 has the same damage issue of 105 and above. I said to all the 105s who suggested me to raise the damage of the runes to 400 or 500, that is idiotic to do it, cause the gap between 90 and 105 will be insane. While I agree that a 90 should win against a level 105 only with superior bonus, that kind of difference would be too much, which is why I repeat again, is not the damage the issue, is the resistance.

    Also, a Sword that allows you to keep the bonus shouldn't have a huge boost. And to ask your questions, there are characters with 3-4 Rune Swords, some characters, alts probably, are naked with just a Rune sword+9 equipped. The total number of Rune+9 on the server is 81, Rune+8 87, Rune+7 23 and so on. There is only 1 Rune Sword+1, this shows how much easy is to upgrade your things here.

    I think these numbers are clear, consider also that we don't have so many 105s+ players, maybe players are masochists, to upgrade this useless sword several times XD. Jokes aside, I saw players wasting wons and wons to socket a monster +6 on a silly FMS+9, when they could pretty much make a whole set which would make their game so easy and less frustrating, but they didn't. A 7% more is not a big difference just like is not a big difference some AP and some Status points, but still... :)

    So you may say is useless, or that it doesn't give enough boost to make it feel worth your time to level up, but the numbers says otherwise and we base on numbers.