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    The difference is that before this update you could die right after you revive, the so called "Camping". But from today you can't, you revive and you can't be killed as long as you are invisible. It last a couple of seconds but more than enough to let you gain some hp or run away from a "heat" situation.

    Dear Players,

    at 19:30 GMT the server will go down for maintenace. The following changes and tweeks are going on live server:

    • Solo Orc Maze Option, with less rewards.
    • New Drops from Intermediate / High Level Metins
    • Cooldown of Skill Books lowered to 6-8 hours
    • Status point cap set to 100
    • Invicincibility during the revival of the player, disappear when the invisibility effect wears off or the player attack.

    Thanks, Metin2SG Team

    The portal spawns where you kill the En-tai Guardian, but the Guardian spawns always on the same spot.

    The boss of Ochao have 12 different coordinates where to spawn, so they don't always spawn on the same spots.


    there isn't any limit and is allowed as long as you don't exploit the game by using the multi accounts. By exploit we mean to use a huge amount of characters under several accounts to exploits certain game's mechanichs like quests, cooldowns, etc.

    As this was requested many times, the answer won't change, when both kingdoms are really overwhelmed, actions will be made. Till then, no.

    We understand but most companies, unlike us, doesn't work on week ends and in order to install a new payment type there are some papers that need to be reviewed, which is hard to do if who is reviewing them is not working.


    We are working on it, but the comparison is not accurate, as I don't see a spider attacking from a mount. You don't lose hits on foot and while using fans instead of bell.

    One works in % for both normal damage and skill damage. The other works like AC works for skills and physical damage:

    Suffered Damage = (Enemy AP - Your MR) +1

    Raising your AC also raise that Magic Defense status, which is not to be confused with Magic Resistance bonus on either 66 armours or some other items by rolling. The monsters can deal ranged physical damage or close combat magical damage, so certain monsters can shoot you stuff that seems magical, but is physical.

    We haven't buffed the monsters, but since the last update the server is more responsive so it can register multiple damage from multiple mobs. It may be possibile that if you tanked 100 monsters at once, you could only receive the damage from 70 of them, now you receive from all 100 and hence you die. But this is not a buff, this is solving a bug, that wether it makes your game harder, was still a bug.


    Again a reminder, send the file only when your client freeze. You don't even need to close it, go to the folder, take the file and send it.

    If you open a new client that file will be erased and replaced and so the error won't show up.

    Also does the error appear in the map or on specific locations of the map? If is the lattest, which coordinates triggers it?


    Yes a couple of problems

    1) Don't reply to automated emails to send us support requests or bug reports, as they usually go on the spam folder since we send a lot of automated emails daily. Use New, write in the address, put a proper title, like Syserr of freezing client and press send.

    2) The syserr has no error. Did you send it when the error occurred? Because whenever you open a new client, that file is recreated. You have to send it exactly after you get your freezing issue without opening new clients.


    Lemures are meant for 90+. You don't find a level 120 killing you on the desert right? Or on the Temple.

    It is pretty much common sense, if all high levels starts killing new players, the server won't have any fresh blood at all.