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    Dear players,

    with today's update both servers will received the following changes:

    • Changed the Devil Tower Run. A party is needed, rejoin option is now available and then run has a timer of 1 hour.
    • Changed the Devil Catacombs. Rejoin option is now available, the first two stages are removed. A relic is needed on the entrance.
    • Removed hermit's advice from Devil's Reliquary chest.
    • Devil's Reliquary is now stackable
    • You can now use Horse on Nemere's WatchTower
    • Raised the drop of Ice Grail from Nemere

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    The real problem we have is that some of you don't really understand simple concepts or you just read the last sentence of a 5 lines text without reading the rest. What we said on discord is that instead of building your character in 5 months, you need much less now, faster gameplay.

    It has nothing to do with how much time you spend searching items lol. Thats your choice and yours alone. Spend more time if you want the cheapest price or buy immediately and save time if you have no time to waste.

    Compaing the market of a game with hundreds of shops to the market of the real words with bilions of people and trillions of goods, is simply nonsense. You must compare the shop search to other shop search and now, it is identical.

    TBH, the first bad update i've seen in SG.

    No other shop in real life works like this, and the ones that do you have an option to sort by price...

    So now i'm forced to waste time scrolling all the pages to still buy the cheapest one. Most of the times i rather go drop the stuff i need instead of insta buying it cause i don't want to lose time.... (I don't have rivers of wons so every bit i save counts :beer: )

    As a newish player on main server, gotta say, worst update from SG i've seen unfortunately.. (And no, i don't want to go to season server bla bla bla, thanks...)

    ^^ ^^

    You must not compare this shop to real life, you must compare this shop to other's servers shop search. When you do it, you will realise that is not the worse.

    Dear Players,

    hereby the list of changes of today's patch notes:

    • Horse quests from level 1-10 will not fail anymore
    • Items obtained by opening box auto-stack on extra inventory as well now
    • Several items that belonged to the extra inventory categories now are moved accordingly
    • Time Elixirs and Spirit Stone Scroll now stacks
    • Altered the drops of Beta Metins and Enchanted Forest metins.
    • Enchanted Forest mobs are nerfed in damage now
    • Level 70 weapons are now npcable
    • Spirit Stones +3 and +4 and polymorph book have better values at the NPC
    • Liquids are now crafted always with the max bonus possible. 1 and 2 minutes liquids are removed. To balance, the costs of herb is 2,5x higher.
    • Crafted liquid auto stack on creation if they have the same duration
    • Removed the "I want to train" passcode to read soul stones
    • You can now use return scrolls to New Red Wood map
    • Seon-Pyeong was moved in both Town1 Maps
    • Fixed a glitch with the offline shop system

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team


    Which takes me to next thing. I dont want to to speak badly to the Team, im sure the Team is putting alot work in this Server. But Patches just taking WAY to long, espacially patches like the 95map, this stuff needs to get fixxed fast because you are losing so many players.

    Sometimes HOT FIXXES are important even if its no Dupe-Bug.

    Cause is Xmas + end of the year. And anyway people don't quit a server for some mobs or maps, even more if it is announced a change about them. They quit for several reasons.

    But just to inform you, Enchanted forest mobs, were 30% less powerful when Season opened. So yes they were nerfed already.

    They are orcs so you can raise your damage in this way. The recent update made Chocobo and Dragor stronger, they have now the chance to have a 400 AC bonus, which would make the dungeon a piece of cake.

    Yours is not a solution either, as if everybody put the changers or whatever items at 350k, only the one on the first page would sell them quick. And how do they end up in the first page? Randomize. So rather than doing a complex fixed value for every item in the game and end up with the same random system, is better to leave it as it is and see how it goes.

    The rarity search is just basic for now as i don't have the time to do it properly during Xmas, but at least you can search rare items without having to browse too many items. After the holidays, there will be a similiar system to the one the shop has for 1-5 bonus.

    My personal opinion on the shop search should be clear. If the shop search was designed since day 1 to be ordered it means that I believe is better to be ordered by price. But as everyone else, I don't have the absolute truth in my pockets, so for the time being is random and we see how it goes. If nothing changes, we revert, otherwise, despite my or your opinion we leave it as it is.

    It is pretty simple.

    Dear Community,

    hereby i want to present the Season Server Patch Notes of 21/12/2021:

    • Better randomization of the shop search, which displays different results at every search
    • Products are now shuffled so that a seller won't appear too many times on the same page
    • Added a basic rarity search, to search items with 1 or 2 rarity bonus

    Kind Regards

    The Metin2SG Team

    Then the whole Metin2 community is as silly as we are, since is randomized in every server. Which go back to the point that it is your call to quit, but whenever you go, you will find the same random market.

    It is your right. Thou unless you consider playing a different game, the servers where you will go will use the same randomization or worse, so quitting for this change alone, which is an experiment for now, is kinda silly. Still we respect it and wish you good luck.

    Use them to create good items and move from 35 to farm better and higher items. You can farm 250 green changers in 1 day? So can other 500 players. Don't expect to sell your changers when they are given by the game in mass. And they are given in mass to allow you to create good items in short time, not to profit.

    You should ask the other players what is a good way to make golds and not expecting to farm the same item for 3 months and making all the time profit.

    If you mean scrambling the items from 1 player into different pages, yes is possible, but it requires some testing first.

    For the time being we will insert this first

    It is a very basic rarity search as one who search exact and precise bonus requires more time. Then after the holidays we will scramble the items.


    1.)As you can see on the Photo EVERY PLAYER sees the same Site and also the same first page, which means if you are lucky and appear on the first page you're going to sell your items way faster than others, if you unlucky and on the last page you will struggle to sell items.

    This is what random means infact. Someone has to come on the first page and someone on the last page.


    2.) The second thing is that the Items are ''sorted'' by Name, if you put 10 Exo in Shop it will show them in a ROW and all on the SAME Page, which can be good and bad but in most cases, when you dont appear on the first page probably bad, since your items only appear on one site instead of on multiple sites.

    Not sure what do you mean "by name". If you mean the name of the item, well you put Exorcism scroll as result so of course there is only that. If you mean by player's name, then no is not true.

    Anastasia should come before Kitana, yet is not the first.


    1. Instead of showing every Player the same sites and same ''randomized'' results it should ''dice'' the shop search results at every refresh (or Channel change, Teleport etc. idk how far its technically possible)

    It is the same thing that some players told me, claiming "other servers" has it. When i told them to double check with 2 clients, in different channel they said "oh no is the same in both clients no matter the channel". I highly doubt is possible and safe to scramble the order of items listed at every relog.


    2. Instead of listing Items from the same Player in a ROW split them on multiple pages ''dice'' them completly random spread over several sites

    This is possible. Thou some of our admins which worked on a well known server before had the same system and never had issues with it.