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    I love this mechanic where the event mob appears upon killing the metin stone! Don't know if it's old or an improvement, I just love it! <3

    It doesn't occur this way. When the normal Metin Spawn, the Event Cake spawn next to it. The cake doesn't appear upon destroying the normal metin. Thou is necessary to destroy the metin, to make both respawn.

    Of course, but making things harder will make you say is not ok for 2021 standards.

    Anyway as stated many times if we balance the contents we can add more contents that require better items.

    Actually his numbers were proven wrong with my videos. This is because people often talk without actually trying the update. The rates are better even if you "sacrifice" a stone now. I mean 3 times in a row 30-40 dss went to high grade. The issue is not the rate. The issue is that you guys don't have 30 minor mythics cause you don't farm the places that are meant to be and hence you don't provide constructive criticism about those places.

    You want to stop at hell run and nemere, thats it. Well sorry but there are other contents which are meant to be beated if you want perfect DSS. Otherwise stick with legendary.


    Then it's useless, players will prefer to play alone than sacrifice their hard work for a better future.

    Thats the ego you were talking about i guess.

    DSS bonus are hybrid. I mean except the class bonus any other bonus works in pvm so i don't see the issue or the need to change them.


    It's not about we don't listen what you say, it's about you blame us because we don't make our opinions public, so i did exactly what you said to do, i made a thread with my opinion.

    Unecessary to discuss on things that we already stated, "we are looking into it, we take 1 week to see how it goes" to be honest.


    It was just an idea to make ppl to say their opinion about DSS system, this was the real reason, not the change itself.

    I believe is fair to put the cards on the table, those who agree with your idea must also accept the fact that it is possible only if there is a complete wipe out of the system.

    I didn't read all as we are about to reboot the server, but just few lines of each subjects. A reboot that maybe will make you change your mind or maybe not. As usual you guys don't listen to us when we say "lets wait a few days to see" cause, guess you know better, or maybe not.

    First of all, the unique ips are 200 more compared to the 30 sept. It means that each day more and more people log on the server. So motivation or not, the update brought people, if they stay or not we cannot know, which is why we always state to wait and see instead of attempting to clairvoyance.

    Regarding the DSS, to change it we must delete it. There isn't a quick way to change the bonus of the stones since the old one would keep the bonus they have today. Make a poll, delete the system and make it better, see how many agrees, to me is few hour of works but its up to you guys what you prefer.

    As for your last sentence, it is true is 2021 but this was born as hardcore server not as a fun server. Chaning its identity is simply not ok, as a matter of fact we are working on a server that fit that mentality. But we won't turn SG into that. It is not about the ego, never was.

    I think it depends on the person. I've been trying to complete my set since March and still haven't been able to. Others are preparing their second set. Considering I did the experiment there, 5x mythic ruby minor is required :)

    No it depends by how much you farm. 100 legendarys becomes 25-40 mythic- 30-40 mythic becomes 1 high mythic (i did it 3 times in a row in the video few posts ago).

    I know people can farm 100 legendary in less than a week. Meaning that statisticaly, in 6 weeks you have a set of high mythic. Which is not weak at all. Of course if you want a Superclass you have to endure more pain.

    The fact is that you guys don't know that upgrading a legendary superclass or a mythic superclass, has the same difficult. You all think a legendary is easier to upgrade, but it is not, is exactly the same, you just think that because anyone can farm in hell run, while only few can do meley.

    i like the idea of meley being the fastest/best way to make mythic super dss, sadly... the problem with meley is this i think:

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    I might be wrong but i don't see any threads with suggestions about improving meley drops, maybe because is always better to ask to make the system easier rather than asking to have better drops from a hard run.

    There are some flaws in your example. First you must farm Meley that drops mythic. Why should i get 208 legendary when i could get 208 mythic ruby?

    Second, if you consider that farming DSS and not buying them from players is the only way to achieve a perfect gem, then of course the number of hours multiply.

    But anyway, testing done, with mythic cause we put the mythic gems in game and we expect you to farm these and not legendaries.


    33 Minors To Low and low to Intermediate


    Intermediate to High, run out of upgrade so i am back with minors


    29 more minors, provided me with a high


    28 more again 1 high


    Since i had 3 high i tried for superclass.

    It is up to you to judge if 100 minors are worth 1 super class and its up to you if i was lucky or not. If we really really really raise the chance of upgrade, like you said, it means to double or triple such rates and to be honest it would make the system a joke.

    It is probably much harder to achieve this using legendaries as you need extra steps but that would matter if you could only drop legendaries, which you don't.

    Oh and before some smartass comes and states that Meley is too hard and bla bla bla. I am always keen to adjust drops or balance a run as long as the players understand that the run is meant for the Mythic DSS. Nemere and Hell run are not. If Meley is too hard for some players it means they are not ready for Mythic.

    As for the sentence you quoted, what i mean is that the DSS gives insane bonus, the mythich wheel boost those insane bonus, so obviously it must be hard. If you want it easier we should delete all the stones and replace all those bonus with weaker bonus. Otherwise whats the point of achieving good stats on the items when you have a good mythic wheel done in few runs that gives those bonus?

    You stated we really really and really should raise the upgrade chance. I don't know but i take this as doubling or tripling the rates. Which means 20 minor making a super class? maybe 30? surely not more than 30.

    As for those who speaks in behalf of new players and pvp. For pvp, this system is better to be deleted than to be improved, same for the new players. Thou you can count that pvp won't occur more often wether this DSS system exists or not.

    The current DSS rates matches the bonus they give. Some players wants higher success and asked us to remove the Wheel bonus. Which imo is fair. What is not fair is having the strongest set in the game completed in few dungeon runs, which is exactly what would happen if the clarity chance gets doubled.

    Since some players apparently care for the new players, another solution is to completly delete the system and redone it with proper drop rate, proper upgrade chance and proper level for the stones, so that a level 30 can't equip a mythic stone. While deleting it may seem an extreme move, remember that if you care for real about new players, there is no better solution for lowering the gap with them.

    Dear Players,

    with today's maintenance we fixed the following issues:

    - Fixed the entrance of Spider Dungeon 3 and Heavens Lair 2

    - Temple of Ochao consume the entrance ticket as intended

    - Fixed a problem while deleting a character

    - Ancient Green Clam can now stack

    - Shop Search gives better hint and is more responsive

    - Shop Search can now find books and band of oblivions by their name

    - Shop Search can find the DSS with strenght above +0

    - You can no longer open a shop without inserting at least 1 item

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Players,

    the shopbox, our custom offline shop have been replaced with a new one. For the players who had, before this reboot, items inside the shopbox, either stored or for sales, those items will be transfered to the new shop under the tab SAFEBOX.

    The Safebox is used to store the items that you couldn't sell or that you won from auctions.

    Since the shopbox was account based while this shop is character based, the items will go inside the Safebox of one of the characters of the accounts. If you just have 1 character there isn't a problem, but if you have 4 it may go in one of the 4, not necessary the main character or the one you used to create the shop.


    I understand that your english is not your forte (reason why i even suggested to let one of your friends run this poll) but my messages were to answer yours

    I simply told you that 30 players, as YOU STATED, not me, are not enough for me to change my priority.

    This is a new answer cause the old "We need to balance stuff before adding new contents" seems to not enter on your ears somehow.

    The mobile payment is static, we can't choose which operator to select i am afraid. I would suggest using paypal if you can. Not only is the most profitable source of tec points but it also supports the server far better than mobile payment, since 90% of the paycheck goes on the operator itself rather than us.

    Most of your suggestion or demands were already replied on different threads.

    We are inserting a new offline system which will have several new features and solve problems that the shopbox limited code (due to being developed on early 2015) can't have, including a better shop search.

    Any update regarding pvp event will be done when there is a demand for the pvp. If you guys don't participate to the current pvp events, why do you even expect us to use our time developing new ones? When we see a highly populated national war or a budokan then we can make new events regarding the pvp, otherwise is just a waste of time, especially since we are sure the problem doesn't rely on the events but on the mentality of the players regarding the pvp.

    The goal of an event is to distract the player from the usual routine. Changing a metin form is not doing anything different. You simply smash a stone with a different shape. Thats why we don't waste time on these details when there are more pressing matters to do.

    Battle pass is being developed for the new server we are working on, if it will come on SG or not it is yet to be decided.

    Because in the end all it matters is if the drop of these so called mini bosses are worth or not. If they are worth, players like yourself won't ever benefict, as there is a hord of seasoned players that would create a low level char to abuse such thing and gain the best profit possible, where new players, to which this change was target to, bite the dust.

    Such changes can be done on a brand new server not on 12 years old one.

    Not to mention that if you just look around the metin farmer simulator, aka, the server with 200000 metins, are what people wants nowadays. So there is not only the need to change how this game is, but not even the demand to change it.

    There will be a big update soon, as for the trailer, it would be shut down in a matter of hours so is pointless to waste time and money on it.

    Several users are full of craps. They talk shits from years and they are literaly unable to understand a two phrased sentence. Zodiac will come when we adjust the gameplay, thats the "negative" answer that we gave them. To put it simply so that even a 10 IQ person can understand, if your house fundaments are sinking down, you don't add a 2nd floor, you fix said fundaments. Meaning there is no point on adding more contents when the current one is flawed.

    Twitch account was shutted down, so again these kind of advertisment are just not viable. Besides advertisment is not the problem. But in case there are talented people who think they know best, I will give the same proposal i gave to others:

    Advertise for us out of your own pocket, if it is successfully, we share with you a huge chunk of the incomes from the players that spent money on the server that your advertisment brought. Somehow they all refused thou, i suppose is easy to say "do this and that, is a 100% working method", when is not your ass on the line :thumbsup:

    Considering you were one of the major complainers during the previous "change" I find it hilarious that you assume I must believe your words now.

    Every couple of years there is a similiar thread, where you guys pretty much bow down and beg for changes. Changes that when me or someone else of the team announced were heavily bashed and hence discarded.

    But when they come and people return, you start your bitching parade and how things could have been better if we just did that or this or whatever. I personaly grow tired of that attitude and from these posts I don't see any difference from 2 years ago tbh.

    Temporary servers are the only way to gain players, however changes must be done to improve the gaming experience and you cannot do such changes only on the temporary server, otherwise you cannot merge. Things like drop rate and respawn time can be different, but other things must be the same or else the merge is problematic or not possible.

    We go back to the same issues that players of this server don't want any changes that make their work "less valuable" even if that work is 10 years old.

    PS: The novice channel was removed long time ago