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  • EmyEmy

    Lol xd

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    but as harsh as you can be and bias as you are, you can't expect us to fix a problem that doesn't happen to everyone in reasonable times

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I don't doubt you had freeze issues, which happen during login when the packets are loaded and if one crash... thats the freeze

  • Arigato

    cool thanks for the help then

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yup i did and i can log without issues

  • Arigato

    nothing more

  • Arigato

    I just reported a bug if you want you can check it wich i believe is your job

  • Arigato

    I guess thats amusing and shocking

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The ignorance of saying you have tried from another pc while using the same internet is both amusing and shocking thou

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I suppose me and this player are somehow immune to it :D

  • [CoMa]Shadow

  • Arigato

    I also tryed from other pc its not the problem mostly at nephrite and thunder / dawn and capes are working just fine

  • Arigato yeah its perfectly fine u are right rofl just fix

  • EmyEmy

    Yes, if ch2 has disconnections switch to other channels its simple as that

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will have its own website and forum

  • PaliPali

    Last tuesday ch2 was also causing player crashes/disconnects pretty often

  • EmyEmy

    If server 2 opens , there will be a forum for s2 it makes sense

  • S3ke

    so is there anywhere i can check whats the news regarding the server 2 ? since you guys will not post it here ?how can we know when it will be opened ?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    it seems to work fine, remember that limiting yourself to say "is bugged" doesn't say anything at all.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

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    I participated in some tanaka hunt (6 at least) and in all of them I killed tanakas for at least 1 hour, and never I earned that quantity xd.

    As if you ever stop from playing to count the single amount of 20/40 different gold drops from each tanaka and check what was the total amount, right? :thinking:


    Server is "old" so most of people are high lvl. Mid lvl are probably farmers of high lvl (one only need to see the hunter ranking), and a great % of low lvl (35-40) are probably farmers of high lvl again. This is based on what I saw from dt run event and what I see everyday. My point is that 35kk for 1 hour is not really an interesting amount considering that it's from an event which is each 2 weeks and comparing it with other events.

    Yes but your personal experience with the game doesn't apply to all players. You may do 35 milions per hour, some may do 350 milions per hour while some might not even do 3 milions per hour. You can't make a math formula based on your own personal money gain, make up a number of players that in your opinion participate and make up their killing efficency per hour, it doesn't make any sense and doesn't prove much either.


    I didnt understand too much what you said here. Each event you spawn 8000 tanakas no? Why are you saying that 1000 tanakas is an amount enough to lag the map?

    And yes, maybe sometimes someone is bored enough to go and kill tanakas, but most of time this dont happen. For example, I just wen to desert some minutes ago to see and surprise!, still full of tanakas. And last Monday was Vein Spawn, so Tanakas were the last week, it's almost 2 weeks and still there are many tanakas. And this is what happens most of time with this event.

    I believe it was obvious that 8000 are spawned in the course of the hour and not at once. The map would crash with 8000 monsters spawned at once, the game has a limit of 20 per second for this very reason. We can say the same for Metin Spawn, Boss Spawn and even Veins. The difference is that Veins expire, the other doesn't, but nobody kills everything at any "kill event". My point is simple, are there 5000 Tanakas left? Are there 3000 Tanakas left? 1000? no, they are much less, yet 8000 were spawned.


    Yeah, that's the point. I didnt explain too well myself. How are people going to break the normal game routine with tanakas event when this one is even more boring than the normal farming routine? I for example can enjoy at most 2-3 continuous hours farming moons and that's because I'm getting rich, so this at least it motivates you. Tanakas are much more boring.

    Its quantity should be reduced (but with the same amount of yang spawned), I think its a better solution than the initial one I proposed.

    In my opinion if it is so boring it should be deleted and replaced with something else. No amount of golds would transform a boring event into a interesting one, unless you take this game as a job, that you have to do, but this kills our work to be honest, as we are here to give fun and not give players a sense of making the most amount of golds in the shortest amount of efforts, aka a job.


    I have some question btw if may I, how exactly work that probability/trigger? I mean, it's "established"? You said that 1/400 one can get 5kk. So are there 20 tanakas from the 8000 with 5kk? Or this is only a probability and you can trigger 25 tanakas with 5kk or 40, or 60, etc? Don't know if I explained myself very well.

    It works like tossing a coin, head, tail, or cut.


    I don't see the problem. Those % are pretty low anyway, so very few people can enjoy those prizes. This way, most of players will won the same amount.

    No is not low at all. Is more common than you think, I am pretty sure that if you pay attention to the gold you pick you would see big numbers more times than you can imagine, expecially against enemies that drops gold bombs upon death, such as boss.

    One Tanaka could potentialy give you 20.000.000 golds, meaning that with enough luck of dice, you would beat your farming incomes in 2 Tanakas.


    2 billion is not really that much. I can earn around 35kk in a hour, so if all players do the same, 2 billion/35 = 57 players in a hour can kill all tanakas. But I never saw this happen, one can see tanakas 1 week after the event, full of them actually.

    So that means that players are not interested in this event, because is boring and not really decently profitable (boring + few gains + wasted time).

    At least with my suggestion it will be like this: boring + few gains + wasted time (the "boring part" will become gradually in "enjoyable" because earning money is enjoyable for most of people). And like I said with my examples, it's not something unbalanced and the event is each 2 weeks.

    It is not a good comparison, you don't do 35 milions per hour in gold, you do drops that are worth 35 milions per hour that you have to sell to other people. while Tanaka gives you pure golds with zero costs in terms of booster / poly / etc, quite different. Also your math is completly made up, you are assuming every player would kill 140 tanakas in 1 hour when you just can't know this lol.

    As i told you the Tanakas from 3 June were less than 100, but over 8000 were spawned. The server killed the other 7900, doesn't matter if some survived, even with 1000 Tanakas the map would lag so much that people would notice. What I am trying to say is that during the event most of them get killed, so it means that for some players is not as boring as you consider. After all someone's trash is someone else treasure.


    You can't activate gold fever only for tanakas somehow?

    And if the answer is no, then my suggestion is to simply use gold fever + tanakas. I know it's two events in one, but gold fever I can't really consider it as a event, it's not really useful and out of ordinary in the daily life on metin. Still today I dont know if there is any place where you can do 30kk for example in 1 hour with this event.

    It is a decision up to Tary . Bare in mind that events are not meant to be a way to get rich without lifting a finger, they are made to entertain and break the normal game routine.

    Each Tanaka drops 75.000 golds without counting boosters.

    The gold calculation has its own formula. First there is the mingold and maxgold that every monster has, which in case of Tanaka is 75.000 for both. Then you apply the gold x2 bonus from item mall, which should turn the number to 150.000 more or less. Then there is the bonus applied to the gold bombs. Basically killing 1 Tanaka gave me around 281.000 golds at best and 250.000 golds at worse. When Gold Fever is in place, this 75.000 is multiplied by 4.

    However every character has a hidden gold multiplier factor. Usually is x1, but 1/10 it becomes x2 and 1/400 it becomes x10.

    This means that everytime you kill a Tanaka and you have item mall bonus, you get 250.000 golds, 1 times out of 10 you may get 500.000 golds and 1 time out of 400 you may get 5.000.000 golds.

    The bonus chances to get double gold, lower by half the chances to trigger this hidden multiplier and having 100% turns that 10 in 5 and that 400 in 200.

    On June 3rd, 8000 Tanakas were spawned. If you do the math using the lowest gold factor possible (which is statistically impossible to happen as with 8000 chances you will hit several times x2 and x10) you easily reach over 2 bilions.

    Thats a lot of golds imo. I understand that some players might not have fun chasing tons of them around and pick up the golds but still there are around 100 tanakas left on the desert, which means 7900 got slayed and which means 2 bilions golds were injected on the server.

    Raising the money per tanaka means to lower drastically their numbers too, which means many players won't hunt a tanaka and they will complain.

    As for the gold bombs, they are considered an item, just like when you drop your own golds on the floor, this is why the third hand can't work on them.

    If you read my post i asked if you could be RokAsian as thats the character banned with the reason RMT, the others were just for sharing since they all seem to be involved in the same case. RokBuff was also banned for RMT, which is why we told you and your friends to stop pretending. Ip address is meaningless when you all share accounts.

    You do realise our terms and conditions are clear and there is no legal loophole that you can exploit?

    Regardless if you feel your rights have been violated you can contact who you want, just use the proper channels as this forum is no place for empty and senseless blackmails such as this one.


    Thread Closed.

    Before closing this thread as bans should not be discussed on the forum, I'd like to clarify something because, if there is something we dislike is hypocrysy.

    We do not ban anyone without being 100% sure. It is quite the opposite, if we are sure some players do RMT, without solid evidences we won't ban them.

    If the ban states that there was Real Money Trade, it means there was. The character who was banned for this, is RokAsian, if Mum is the same person behind this account, then yes is guilty as charged. If it is another player, sorry, your account was shared, you knew the risks, your items were on sale as well, so you have to be banned too. Please check this this thread to remember whats our stance on account sharing. Remember, if one of the GMs shares their accounts and damage is done to players or the game, we get fired immediately we don't say "it was not me it was my friend".

    We are not going to share any details on the player who reported you, RokAsian, not even the slightest screenshot or conversation that might give you an hint, because we care for the privacy of who reports. Just like if someone accuse you of hacks or having modded items, we wouldn't disclose your legit bonus, or money spent or playtime count, because is nobody's business, if we say a character is legit, it is legit, without having to demostrate anything or show any personal informations to prove a couple of envy players that they are wrong.

    RokBuff, RokLucia and more from the same guild, were banned for the same RMT reason months ago along with all the shared accounts. One player of your guild, wrote to us that his items were sold without his consent while he was on a break, however he had no evidences to show and so no actions were taken. We are not idiots, we know what you do, is just a matter of evidences and in the case of RokAsian we got them and so the ban was casted.

    So you can stop this charade pretending to be innocent and maybe grow up a bit and take responsabilities for your actions.

    Thread Closed.

    PS: You can stop sending email asking how you can solve this situation, we will never give second chances to those who acts like victims on the forum to make others feel pity and create seed of doubts about the admin's decisions, while they secretly ask for solution to our support.

    You ignored everything i said. Our game is not translated only in english. There are 7 languages. We are not going to remove turk or romanian to make Chinese available.

    To represent Latin and Chinese character, UTF 8 could be used. However, don't know whether Metin2 allows using UTF-8 encoding.

    The client doesn't support UTF-8, this is why every local have its own encode.

    "English" : ["1252", "sg"],

    "Italian" : ["1252", "it"],

    "Spanish" : ["1252", "es"],

    "Portuguese": ["1252", "pt"],

    "German" : ["1252", "de"],

    "Turkish" : ["1254", "tr"],

    "Romanian" : ["852", "ro"],

    "Polish" : ["1250", "pl"],

    We currently support these encodes, but PL TR and Ro have some issues with certain letters such as:

    Ă Î

    which were just translated as A and I otherwise you would see gibberish in their place. In the case of Chinese, every letter becomes gibberish once encoded using chinese characters.

    We already explained you why Chinese language won't be add ingame.

    First of all none of us is Chinese, we could pay some external translator but we won't know if it will be a google translator work or a good work, even because the words of Metin2 are not really common daily words, such as Gnoll, Yamachon or whatever.

    So we would need someone to whom we can interact daily to translate and is not a 10 minutes job. The last request to translate that we have got,, was to translate the game in Greek, some players offered to do it, but in the end was a disappointment as they ghosted as soon as we showed 10% of the files to translate. As far as I know you or any other players never proposed to translate, but only demanded the client translated.

    The second reason and also most important is that the client can't support chinese character.


    I googled translate this but if we insert it on the client it would look like this


    I doubt this is ok and you can't expect us to remove 8 language just to leave Chinese. I am not aware if there is a way to write in Chinese by using english alphabet, but unless there isn't, we can't do much about it.

    I hope you understand now why your request cannot be granted.

    One thing contraddict the other. If nobody here wants a S2, then opening one won't kill the S1, as the players who are here today, will continue to play here. By saying that a Server 2 will kill the Server 1 you are admitting that it is wanted. There is no middle way, is either one or the other.

    Regardless, as already stated, we are not promoting a server 2 on this forum because we are not interested on luring the players from S1 there, as they are already our players. What we aim is to lure those players who wouldn't start on Server 1 due to the fact that is 10 years old. So what the players of Server 1 think about the Server 2 is not relevant to us as we are not counting them into the equation.

    We are working on a Server 2, we are hiring more people to provide a better service overall for both servers as we don't want to close SG, despite it is running since over 10 years.

    The main difference is that there has never been a rule against this, not even before me. This because the game was already born with a solution, the safe zone. And anyway there are ways to hurt people by opening shops outside. Years ago someone created several shops exactly inside the general store, with the same goods she had, but at a higher price (was before we implemented the new colors for every change of price and not just above 500.000 golds). That was pretty much scamming, other than annoying as you had to rotate your camera, zoom in and out, to just click on one of the most used NPC in the game.

    If the players wants more visibility for their shops, they should have suggested new shops 3d models to implement and to choose from the standard one, this is how you highlight your shop without the need to open it in strategical position. Even because there aren't many strategical position where your shops can be clicked more than others, eventually those "spots" will be filled with shops, maybe using the same name too.

    It is not about too much work, is about the players being hypocryte most of the times and not supporting the decisions when they are against their personal agenda. Whenever your shops gets killed, you would want to punish somehow the killer, as long as he is not one of your friends who happens to have your items because you shared. This is the behaviour of the average joe player, ok if someone you hate gets banned, but ready to bash the team if the same decision is applied on his friends.

    Whenever someone gets suspended for harrasment, we basically get stalked ingame by all his friends asking us why he is banned, even if it is not their concerns cause they are not entitled to ask it at all. These are the same people who report every behaviours they don't like for harrasment, without even bother to read our rules, but just cry out lout when their friends gets the ban, because of personal gain.

    Someone could simply go to Lycos, Bera, Tigris or Scrofa, and just lure these monsters to map1. They are not moonlights, they are not mysterybox, they are not summoned, they are part of the map1, yet by luring them near safe zone and logging out you have the same results. It happened already in the past this is why i am mentioning it and if we do these unecessary change it will eventualy.

    We don't support who kills shops, but we don't support who opens the shop exactly inside the general store either. The current population allows you to open shops inside the safe zone OF BOTH KINGDOMS and have a good visibility, without the need to open it in "strategic locations" to gain more.

    Unless of course there are more reasons. The Safe zone is meant for the shops, if you can always open in safety even outside whats its purpose? Talking crap during raids without any worries of being killed?

    In few minutes the event will be over. The Happy Easter option on the Rabbit NPC will trigger the rewards but will also take your basket away forever. So, once again, if you intend to fill more baskets, DO NOT CLICK on Happy Easter yet.

    The White Rabbit will stay till Monday 29, so you have 3 full days to collect your rewards and to get rid of the basket. Do not wait the last moment.


    Dear Players,

    from today 19th April for 48 hours, every purchase of Tec Points will grant an additional 50% bonus. Please be aware that on the external sites the displayed tec points won't have displayed the 50% bonus, but you still receive the bonus once the points are credited in your account.

    Thanks for your support.

    Happy Easter!!!

    Metin2 SG Team

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following changes:

    • Some of the PVP Resistances in the game are a bit less effective now, to balance even more the damage output.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double experience" only granted 25% experience, it is now raised to 100%.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double drop" was not working on certain kind of drops. Now it emulates entirely the thief gloves effect.
    • The Healers inside the Erebus Run won't refill the HP of the boss entirely if left alive for too long.
    • Doubled the chances to drop items with 1 and also 2 rarity bonus.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team