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    btw guys @Darkbllad3r if anyone wants Spirit Blessings at 350kk :P

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    We're streaming now :3

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    ah forum is fast again... what a blessing

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    nvm my mistake!

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    why the ox started earlier than it was written here?

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    change host of this forum it's so slowwwww

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    Lmao i just noticed im back there on top of the wolf xD

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    to many players on server so its overloaded xD

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    lmao why this page so laggy

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    thank you for updating it :)

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    as you can see, front page hasn't been updated since last year valentines lol

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    ugh, why is it going so slow this?

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    suggestion: event for chinese new year

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    Valentine is the next event that is coming

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    any event for chinese new year?

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    For the refines ore we will see if we can put a block so that you don't accidentaly use them all. As for what concerns the skill books, is a wanted choice, to avoid mistakes while selling skill books.

    Dear Players,

    from today 14th February for 48 hours, every purchase of Tec Points will grant an additional 50% bonus. Please be aware that on the external sites the displayed tec points won't have displayed the 50% bonus, but you still receive the bonus once the points are credited in your account.

    Thanks for your support.

    Metin2 SG Team

    There is already a similiar guild war event, called Siege.

    The Siege let you use only a special armor and weapon and by killing monsters / metins you gain a special coins to purchase power ups.

    Players did not like it and the feedback was that they did not like the idea of all being at the same level.

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following changes:

    • Skill books can now stack.
    • Spritual stones can now stack.
    • AP formula is changed. Each class will raise their AP based on their main stat. (INT for Sura and Mage, Dex for Assassin)
    • Dragon Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a Fan.
    • Healer Mage's attack skills have a 15% boost if used with a bell.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    It doesn't make any sense to create a scroll that fails the upgrade.

    It is a lot easier and make more sense to add a function to any NPC that does the opposite of Seaon-Pyeong.

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following content and change:

    • New Emotions and Emoticons: Added some new emotions and emoticons to the emotion menu.
    • Removed the Empire Damage Reduction: Prior to this change, players of the opposite kingdom suffered a 10% damage penalty on enemy territory.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following changes and contents:

    • Change to the pierce formula

    The previous formula had a broken function that penalized any character with a high Defense stats. The current formula is more fair and balance the game better, giving class that rely on defense a real advantage over those who doesn't, in both pvp and pvm.

    • Added 15 new hair styles

    New add-ons to customize your characters.

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team

    what about a recompense for all players which had to rebuild their gear because this update

    So if in the future we add a new set, which will be far superior to your 5 years old+ set, you will want a refund for following a normal MMO mechanic?

    Your reward is that you have a better pvp system now, an easier rolling system and a concrete chance to get new opponents.

    The market value is something we are not bothered with as it is not decided by us directly. The players make the prices, what they farm or not create offers and demands. The fact is that the damage increase you got after this patch and your actual pvp power you got after this patch, is higher than 20 or 200 wons or any wons you could actually afford to spend.

    So you mean when i payed 20 wons for my ssb with 20vs sura 15 vs warrior 10 vs ninja and now i have +12INT and DEX its the same thing?

    No it is actually better. You buy a pvp weapon to do damage. Before this patch your damage could have been 200, 400 with critical, now without those bonus, even with bonus you don't like, is more, and not just against 2 classes, but all.

    Not to mention, that in the previous example, your bonus were not good enough as your damage was low and needed Stats bonus to further raise it. But again what can 12 STR do when your damage is only 200? Before the patch, the odds of getting 15 vs + 20 vs +10 vs and 12 STR were low and the reward to such luck was seeing your damage being 200. Now you can roll with much ease with better results and more satisfaction, as there are 4 bonus less on your weapon and even without bonus your weapon would deal more damage compared to when you had those vs bonus.

    I checked your character. You have Attack Speed potion, is a potion for beginners. It has the "B" means it can't be traded or sold in any way. Eventually you will run out of those because they are meant to be a boost for new players, same as the "leonard pill". The B means bind.

    No it is not a simple change. The character can't simply move faster than it moves already. The animation that you do when you attack, at 200, is maxed. Body warriors don't need any buffs. I mean the Archer have a skill that only raise movement speed, yet nobody complains.

    Green potion L gives 30%, is a potion, it expires either with your death or with time or with remove magic. Elixir of attack speed is a mall item, is not a potion, is an effect bonus. It only expire with time, and it only gives 10% attack speed. Green potion S M or L can't stack.

    There are ingame in the whole server 390 of these. Consider that one of the most rare items in the server is the white pearl and yet we have almost 7000 in the server. 390 is a meaningless number.

    The game also have the liquor of speed + which gives 15% but there are only 26 of these ingame, so i suppose is not really ingame but just given out in the past during some events.

    The point stands. Whoever wants to reach your speed has to purchase a potion from item mall and use green potion ingame and they can't even go near your P skill boost as it gives over 60%.

    Your skill gives you up to 61% while that potion gives you only 30. They can't stack, is not like if you use 10 + 20 + 30 you get 60. Your base attack speed is 155 max, without counting bonus or boosters and taking into consideration you are using a weapon with 30% attack speed. The max is 200 so without boosters or bonus you can't reach the max, while your character can by using a skill that cost zero.

    You can also boost your Defense using the same boosters despite that are skills that boost defense. The game have boosters for almost every stats.

    Because those are mall items and boosters. By using the skill you are not wasting resources at all. To have your attack speed a player who is not a warrior like you have to use every 10 minutes a green potion M or superior or having attack speed items on gear. You don't have to. You have these stats forever thanks to this skill.