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  • Lyetta

    I will only get in when world cup so I can get some Argentina's t-shirts

  • SirPic

    Boi? summer starts in like 1 week + calm your tits play some mario or smth

  • SuraMain

    i guess there cant be always events there are so many alrdy (:

  • A.O.S

    yes go outside

  • DerStevy

    no summer event on sg? :(

  • SirPic

    silly as in "abusable' ?

  • EmyEmy

    How many silly events we have?

  • SirPic


  • A.O.S

    lemon ran out of juice

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    You can do better than that :D

  • A.O.S

    What do you get when you cross a cat and a lemon? a sour puss

  • A.O.S

    my msg was removed for trolling and other people talk sht and their msgs still here...LEGIT

  • Gentle

    roid rage xD

  • SirPic

    you killed the english language also... rip

  • Lacex54


  • Lacex54


  • A.O.S

    Lyetta i miss you guys i really do :o. maybe ill free up a week and we can all play a bit

  • AstonJunior

    you guys are taking the game so serious :| u should have a damn break lmao xd

  • Lyetta

    cmon join so we can start doing ice runs again

  • A.O.S

    dont make me join it guys

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    i was told " the game is not dying and there are no problems in this server unless u show me proof" so i guess we r both wrong bud. sad that the players care more about the game sometimes than the people managing it

    Actually your sentence was "I have met so many players who quit after level 80" but you couldn't provide any names, because the charts shows the problem is on the first levels and not on the latest. Noone said the server is flawless, you are just distorcing words because you are indeed a hater. You are a hater since the day that, despite we warned you to not share items, you inserted your items on a player's account who quit, and you got scammed. And since that day you blame the team for your stupid mistakes, even if you won't admit here.

    The server is advertised on both google and bing and external sites but the game itself is not as attractive as it was on 2006 and there is little we can do about it. We improved the game under many aspects including but not limited to the pay to win factor that is inside the core of this game.

    Last but not least, we care much more than most of the players.

    The moonlight have 33 possible drops. Each drop has a % of appear.

    There are 5 drop of golds. 2500 70% 5000 50% 10.000 40% 25.000 30% 50.000 20%

    Blessing scroll 10%

    Zen Bean 20%

    Purple potion 10%

    Green potion 15%

    Medal of Dragon God 5%

    Scroll of mutation/evolution 2%

    Blessing marble 3%

    Adder / Changers 3%

    There are also potions from 50 to 20% and dyes / books all 30%

    If you read my previous replies i stated this:

    "or the fact that they don't have to relay on someone else to do the run are the real reasons."

    I don't put all in the same basket but when they claim they want a solo run because in group their drops are stolen, is simply silly. I am not saying it did not happen to some, but is so rare that it just can't be a reason. More over there are some people who do the runs always using the same partners, so this reason is simply made up to not just say the real reason.

    And hence I stated the only two main reasons of this change, which is to keep all the drops you get for yourself and to not have to relay on someone to do the run.

    We only talk about SG here. What happens on other servers or game doesn't concern us. People want solo runs not for the drops being stolen, even if they have traumatic experiences on other server it doesn't happen here or rarely happens and the player who does it is usually cast aside by the community in a flash. What you experience on other servers should not be a reason to change things here if the same doesn't happen :)

    People want solo run because they see that all the runs are relative easy, so they start thinking that they can easily get 2x drops if they could just solo it.

    The drops being stolen is absolutely not a reason, while the maximun profit, or the fact that they don't have to relay on someone else to do the run are the real reasons.

    And i just said that you were exxagerating, cause one guy stealing a key and being suspend for it doesn't make it a lot of times as you claim, it makes only 1 time and thats it :)

    One thing is the DT which is the only dungeon of the game. Another are the runs. First of all, we punish who steal the keys and by experience it did not happen more than once in the last 6 months. I challenge you to prove me wrong that the only person who did it was that player with many QQQ on the name. On the runs you choose the players to go with, they don't pop up magically by logging in like in the demon tower, so the comparison is not appropriate.

    Whoever wants solo run because they claim they got always robbed on orc maze / plagued / hell run, they are simply lying and once again like in your case Phantomsoul we could simply make the drop split even without any chance to rob it, but this won't stop you from requesting solo runs, because this is not the main issue at all. I don't know why you can't all be honest for once.

    The main issue of group runs is the way the loot is distributed. People can join you in your run and steal everything just to log out in a matter of two minutes. Its just frustrating. Thats why i in particular want the solo runs. ^^'

    Please :)

    I am a fan of those who are honest even if it shows them to be not really a role model. I rather hear "i want a solo run because i want to do all the profit by myself" rather than listening these kind of things that may happen once over a life time. Cause I could simply answer you that there is a way to split 50/50 the drops so that nobody could steal your drops, yet you will still want the solo run, because thats not the real reason :)

    The main issue is that you are all greedy for rewards. You all want to fast forward on the advance of your character. Bare in mind is not an offense, but is silly to claim otherwise when this is the only reason. Cause if we say that you have 50% to get a rare change scroll from doing a run with 8 people you will all starting to promote team play from here to Mars. This is how the players has always been and always will be.

    Not chars :) 

    If you want us to consider a solo dungeon, it will be solo. 1 Char only enters. And if you want to not relay on other people because you are strong enough to solo because you have great items, the difficult will be set for people who have almost perfect items. Otherwise what would be the point of doing two kind of runs, one group and one solo, if the difficult is low?

    Don't get me wrong, I am not illogical, if a player tells me he is strong enough to solo yet he can't because our system doesn't let him, I agree he should have the opportunity to solo, which is why i am considering this suggestion, but all goes down the hill if his power is related to his buff bot which could very likely be another player.

    And this is another matter that we must think carefully. This game is heavily unbalanced and despite the players think they know all and everything is easy we can't really change the class system and make it balanced over a night. You are all suras and warriors, none of you cares about the other 2 classes. How do you think a mage or an archer could solo a run the same way your warrior or sura does? Some runs having the requirment for either class is a way to balance the odds, which will not be a case anymore if we add the option to solo.

    Will the SG team really go through the trouble of creating stronger monsters? I can't see that happening :P

    The monsters doesn't need to be replaced with others, their damage, defense etc, will change.

    The harder part is to change some mechanics, raising the power of the monsters is easy. Not really hard, more time consuming, while the monster power is relative easy and quick, monsters are like your own character, they have AP AC Critical, etc. You just need to replace a number with another.

    I think being able to solo Run's is a great way to improve on playerfriendlyness (is this a word???) Its a hassle to having to find people for runs you easily would be able to beat all by yourself. Also to share the loot makes the runs almost not worth doing in groups because it isnt guaranteed you will get any of it.

    I'd suggest to make two NPC's. One for solo and one for groups. Solo should be less rewarding but a bit easier and groups should get evenly distributed loot. Also the cooldown time for solo runs could be higher to prevent OP farmers ti abuse the runs in a way that would make items worthless on the market.

    Remember that the run is easy because it is set to include several players and not just pros with imba gears. If we decide to create solo runs, the monsters will be obviously harder and rewards lesser. This is something important to keep in mind cause the runs are easy because the challenge is to find a good partner.

    Then add tax in trade window and shops:D

    So if you have your shop char with 100 milions and you want to trade your 100 milions to your main character, you are ok that 5% will go to waste right :)? And if you want to trade back cause you need money on another char, another 5% will go waste. And if you just need 1 milion gold and you trade 1 milion, you will realise you get 5% less and will have to trade again whats missing cause of the tax.

    I understand that as a player you don't take into consideration of all these minor details, but if you do, you would realise it is just a pain in the ass for the players to add a tax on the normal trade window too.

    Always u can add sales tax... 5% - this option reduce money on server.

    They will sell via trade window avoiding the tax. You won't find items on the market, expecially rare ones, if there is a tax that can be avoided.

    I understand you. But items from low levels, unfortunately, do not sell. Are you writing that low level monsters are easy? If I want to increase my level above 86, I need to raise in dt, and there's a need for 1500 defense, where should I get it? I have stones +6 full eq avg and then I can not make it even with dragon earrings, then I get 1110 defense, so gaining experience at these levels is incredibly difficult. And alchemi stones would greatly facilitate the players. Unfortunately, making money is very hard here. The easiest thing is to send 500 euros in item shop and trade items from it.

    Low levels can make their own items thanks to our generous change to the orc maze. All they need to do is playing. Our hunting quests provides them with the item necessary to survive without even struggling.

    You don't need to level in DT, there are other maps to level, like Cape Maps. You simply want to level super fast but obviously you need the items and the quests to do it. You don't need to spend 500 euro, this is just you exxagerating, but yes you either spend money and level fast, or you spend more time and level the same way.

    This is a bad habit that recently the players are having, rather than asking help to other players where to exp, they suggest changes cause they can't do something.

    We are not going to add any system that scream exploits and abuse from a mile away. If we wanted zombies in town we would stop banning bots and hackers or we would create bots of our own, why giving free rewards for people who just have to log in? I mean I would understand if you have to pay money to create an account here, but is free.

    We have also better things to do than monitoring if the players are afk or not.

    So thanks for the suggestion, but no thanks.

    The english text is not really clear but if I understood some parts right you want us to do something about the market prices that the players decide? Well we can't. The prices are decided by you players not by us. It seems there is this belief that we must inject the server with tec points event or pearls cause they cost so much. But they cost so much because you guys sell it expensive or don't sell it at all.

    Whenever there is a major event and the drop is generous as usual, the price doesn't lower because you don't want it to lower. If you sell a pearl for 40 milions and there is an event where you can get a pearl relative easy, you still will either sell that same pearl at 40 milions or not sell it all and you can't expect us to overflow the server with pearls. The same apply for the tec points, whenever there is a sale, you don't drop the odin's price, you keep it steady.

    So I am not sure why players believe we should do something about pricing when the ones who decide the prices are the same players.

    As for the golds, we always stated that our goal is to be proportional. You are a newbie? You earn few golds. You are a high level? You earn more. It is logical.

    The DSS is a system for mid high level, so from 75 to 120. A low level doesn't need it because the monsters of those levels are easy.

    The map 95 provides level 75 weapons which in your very post you complained about the pricing. Eventualy the price will lower, cause of the easy access. Your level 33 earrings are ancient, so is normal their price will go down in favour of newer and more powerfull accessories.

    As already stated on other threads with the same topic, we don't plan to add the Lycan class.


    We are currently working on fixing some bugs that unfortunately we are unable to replicate, hence it is taking most of our time to just figure out why. We are however also working on the Shoulder System, but as stated, we will reveal details only when is almost ready or in testing phase.