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  • DontBeScared

    Will be there any Halloween event buddies'

  • Gonzoxxx


  • Syslas99

    Moon event already started?

  • Pingu

    Never close the Metin2 SG :d <3

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Reboot done. Server on

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Hey guys, as it states at the very end of the post "The rewards will be sent automatically" just be a little bit patient and the it'll solve itself.

  • DontBeScared

    Same here, i think it will be manual

  • Adihere

    hello, you receive rewards from special lottery automatically ? i didn't receive :(

  • deathpool

    in your heart

  • Radioactive

    where is the lottery result?I cant see it ;)

  • DontBeScared

    Still nothing? :(

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Since I am waiting for the answer of some players it will be announced at night

  • MrSoon

    soon :) it requires to check A LOT of numbers, so be patient

  • DontBeScared

    When will the forum lottery winners be anounced?

  • PrometheusX

    just get enough dmg and then make sure you have magic res, hp absorb and as much hp restore

  • Adihere

    is there any use for fire resistance, wind, lighting etc?? i tested fire res in infernal flame field and no effect in damage taken(i have necklace 20% fire res)

  • MrSoon

    max your magic res, block chance, dodge arrows is usefull, don't get too much def because pierce will crush you

  • deathpool

    and for defense? 2 gms said me some time ago that lightning is useful but I tested it and nope, useless (against cleric, mob which attacks with lightning)

  • MrSoon

    demi vs "human" mobs

  • deathpool

    any useful bonus in hl (except mob and arrow resistance)?

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    Dear Players

    with today's maintenance the following changes were added to the server:


    • Fixed an issue with Erebus Run
    • Fixed a potential exploit on Hell Run / Orc Maze


    • Changed some names on the polish client that were misleading or incorrect or simply too long
    • Garnet and Onyx DSS can go to the shopbox

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team


    Don't know if I can ask here but well, here is my question. Is about this.

    The main goal is to farm the most number of tickets? Like, every ticket has a number (don't know cause i couldn't play yet)? For example I get a ticket with number 22, I drop it and get another with number 40. And so on. And at the end of this first round will be a lottery, and all numbers I got are like tickets of lottery?

    The goal is to obtain the winning ticket, but yes, the more you drop, the more chances you have to get the winning ticket.

    These kind of suggestions were rejected for mainly two reasons:

    1) You have 5 inventory slots, included the shopbox which acts like one. You have limitless amount of characters because there was never a restriction on how many accounts you could create. The inventory space is a thing which should not be worked around, the game limits your space on purpose and for a reason.

    2) Some items are easy to obtain and the only way to prevent the over farming is exactly limiting the space.

    Certain items, such as the skill books for example, are under the same value, the game simply add the name of the skill once you drop it, but programming speaking, there is only 1 skill book and not 48. Making them stack will look like a 50 stacked books with the name "Skill Book" and only when you separate it from the group the name of the skill actually appears. So yes they can stack but is ugly and confusing.

    Hope this clarify why this suggestion can't be done.


    Dear Players,

    we are looking for Helpers, volunteer players that helps newcomers and not, with their daily questions. To know more in detail please read this THREAD.

    What we expect are mature players, with at least a basic knowledge of what our server offer and and proficient enough with the english language.

    Even if in the beginning we prefered to not reward the helpers, I had a change of heart so every helper will receive cosmetic accessories for their work and if they are proficent enough, even tec points.

    You can write your application at our support email with the following format:

    Your nickname and physical age

    The language/s you speak

    How long do you play here

    Your average online time

    Thanks, Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Players,

    on Monday 1st October the server will go down for some hours. Several changes to the gameplay will come to the server:

    Game Changes

    • We decided to remove the IP block from most Dungeons
    • The cooldown from most Dungeons is reduced to the minimal necessary to prevent bugs or exploits. Pay attention that as usual, abusing Dungeons or System with multi accounts is strictly forbidden.
    • The cooldown is visible now, in most Dungeons
    • We have removed several drops from the monsters, such as as low or medium weapon / armors +0 +1 that were pretty much worthless and just a pain to surf throught the drops.
    • We have removed several quests and moved the rewards to the main ones. Also the main quests have different rewards, binded to avoid exploits, that help develope the characters. These changes are from level 1 to level 60 quest, but we intend to do the same for higher ones too.
    • To balance, we raised the experience rate to compensate the lack of experience from the removed quests.
    • Fixed night mode

    Event Changes

    • The moonlight will now have 3 different box based on the level of the character just like for our special events. Hence the drop rate is raised for all levels, but the rewards are based on the level of your characters.
    • During the reboot the old moonlight box will be erased from the server, so open them before is too late!
    • Added the content of the Anniversary Box
    • Rarity Hour will return as special event

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    Quest is self-explanatory, it affects the drops of quest items. Every quest has their own formula regardless of your level, so that you can actually complete the quest even if you over leveled.

    Normal drop, is the basic drop which gloves and server rates affect, it is also highly dependent by the relation between your level and the monster level.

    Kill, is quite similiar to the above but it has a restriction, it is usually used on monsters that can be killed in large quantity to avoid dropping way too much. The BONUS % on the Ingame drop list, is the kill drop. It is affected by the gloves too but much less compared to normal drop.

    Limit drop, certain monsters can only drop items if your characters have reached a specific cap of level. It is affected by the relationship of your level and the enemy level, but even if you are overleved, you can still drop, much lower of course. The best examples are heaven's lair or Spider Dungeons. The gloves or server rates doesn't work on this type of drop.

    Karma doesn't influence anything drop-wise.

    It depends on the type of drop. The game has 4 different drop types and only 2 are affected by the level. Having the same level as the level of the monster you are trying to loot from is the best drop rate, while having 10 levels more will result in a drastic decrease.

    Monsters and Metins have resistances to weapons just like your character might have. It depends on what you are killing. Usually monsters have more swords resistance than two hand resistance.

    IPsycho and his guild Psychopaths started on April, he is level 100 currently, the others are not far behind either. I recall his name and his guild name because they asked to raise the guild member, to which I answered to first kick the alts accounts and if there was still a lack of space I would do something about it. And this is what happened. This is a perfect example of how things are handled: when there is a problem and all the suggested options are exhausted there is nothing left other than doing a change.

    Like i said i am not blind and i listen to the complains when they are done in a civil way, but the lack of players means that whatever you over farm will stay in your inventory, nobody is going to buy anything because without new players or players in the range of those runs all your drops will be worthless cause nobody is gonna need them, they either don't need them cause they are low level or because they have already all maxed out.

    Thanks for your detailed explanations Thoreau. Just to be clear, if we remove the ip block the population won't change. There will just be more dungeon items on the market that nobody will purchase.


    Forcing people to a certain play style no matter what will discourage people. The population is low and nobody can't deny it. Like 1 month ago I made a guild. 71 people joined and they were playing, farming and stuff. Today NONE of them is online.

    As for this, the ip block is 2 years old, I doubt 71 players quit just because of the dungeon, even because being 71 i find it odd that they couldn't organize party. There were certanly other reasons behind, if you know and want to explain it is appreciated.

    Please (for the 5th time) do not address me words i haven't spoken yet. It is legit to ask when players wants a change and they give different answers to the problem.

    Why does people do not join those who ask for a party? Why does a level 30-60 quits after 2-3 months? Cause if every new players won't stay for long period of time, than is pointless to do any change.

    Last but not least, i treat every thread where i reply in a serious way, otherwise i wouldn't reply at all.