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  • dopeee

    the guildland npcs?

  • KillerBambi

    It will be back after event/maintenance

  • dopeee


  • dopeee

    why cant i see any guildland npcs anymore no alchemist nothing what can i do already redownloaded the server


    Yeah it was a bad thing cuz the map1 was lagging :D

  • SirPic

    and you say it like it's a bad thing:) but at least you are not complaining like others that you have to click things or that you get the boxes on the last day of event(imagine having to click in a game in 2k19) lul

  • KLAERBAERRR wtf ?! like 400 easter metins map1

  • Nireya

    97%? stop talk nonsense pls :lol:

  • DonMarucio

    Anyway as I can see most of players 97% wants the red kingdoom back and prefer the old interface of the client, and would rather an free shopbox option as well.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    There is an option to write any suggestion in our Poll so if they believe it is incomplete, they can add those suggestions there.

  • DonMarucio

    Just trying to help seeing what player want, main is better in any case :)

  • DonMarucio

    Yes but it's incomplete tho

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Dear DonMarucio, please dont share inofficial polls here as there is already an official one.

  • Nicusor

    When will the server 2 be online?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Because the new domain is

  • mfker


  • Van

    Nvm, got a reply already :)

  • EmyEmy

    hey there, try to send one again

  • Van

    Hey, I just opened a ticket through the main website, but I didn't get a ticket nr... Did my ticket not get through or is this normal??

  • EmyEmy

    Forum lottery should be sent on tary"s wawall

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    Dear Players,

    from today 19th April for 48 hours, every purchase of Tec Points will grant an additional 50% bonus. Please be aware that on the external sites the displayed tec points won't have displayed the 50% bonus, but you still receive the bonus once the points are credited in your account.

    Thanks for your support.

    Happy Easter!!!

    Metin2 SG Team

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following changes:

    • Some of the PVP Resistances in the game are a bit less effective now, to balance even more the damage output.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double experience" only granted 25% experience, it is now raised to 100%.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double drop" was not working on certain kind of drops. Now it emulates entirely the thief gloves effect.
    • The Healers inside the Erebus Run won't refill the HP of the boss entirely if left alive for too long.
    • Doubled the chances to drop items with 1 and also 2 rarity bonus.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    Because the event is scripted this way just like the real life counterpart. You search the eggs and when the time is up you enjoy what you have got.

    If you want to suggest new events, you should do it some weeks before the actual date, to give us enough time to do the proper changes or to develope.

    Bare in mind that in 10 years, nobody ever complained of this event.

    No. It is better to use numbers i guess.

    You fill baskets with 20 eggs and when is filled, you go back to the NPC and click on the option to deliver the basket. The NPC will record it as +1. Imagine in 1 week, you collect and deliver to the NPC 350 baskets. The NPC will count 350 rewards for you but he won't deliver until the event is over. After the event is over, the option HAPPY EASTER will appear. You can click on it to get your 350 rewards and thats it, OR you can wait and collect more baskets by trading eggs with other people (cause the Easter Metins won't spawn anymore).

    The warning written here is exactly to not click on HAPPY EASTER if you want to collect more baskets AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER.

    I hope is clear now.

    Ips and emails are admittely not an ideal way to separate new users from old ones. But you could combine them with the timestamp, survey patterns, user name etc. to improve accucary somewhat. Im no expert for survey fraud analysis, but I think there are some solutions out there to cope with such sitiuations. I just say that because I believe that the community on this board could create much heat for your cause. I'd be very frank to them. Tell them the worst case would be maintaining two servers for the same number of players. Tell them that only a critical mass of new players would justifiy the risk of opening a new server and that only the number of new players matter for this decision. Incentivise recruting new players. This won't stop people from creating fake accounts, registering multiple times and distort your poll. Maybe this could be encountered by setting the treshhold of expected new users higher. But other users of the community might be enthused and will do the obvious promotion: They post the link of the poll on the Turkish, Romanian and German Gameforge forums faster than they can be deleted.

    If you knew they are not an ideal way to separate new users why did you suggest it on your first post XD? I already explained that the server 2 should have its own numbers without the need to drag players from here. The poll is advertised elsewhere and this is how people could find it. Also when new people came here asking if the threads on other forums about a possible S2 were not false but accurate, they were bashed, labelled as multi accounts, etc. Not an ideal "heat" if you agree with me.

    The suggestion you gave is pure nonsense, no offense, other than being unethical.


    You simply have 1 week to collect as many baskets as you can or want. Each full basket counts as 1 reward. You won't be able to get these rewards before 1 week. After 1 week the option Happy Easter will appear and by clicking it, every basket you collected will be delivered to you.

    Now the warning, which you misunderstood, is that if you don't want your rewards yet, but you want to fill more basket after the end of the event, you should not click on Happy Easter, because by doing so, your basket will disappear, full or not full.

    So if someone dont read forum announcements, will be penalized in game? Why dont remove "happy easter"and add it at end on event ?

    Isn't better to ask details rather than jumping to conclusions? :nono:

    "Happy Easter" appears only when the event is over. You can't "screw up" your event before the end of the event, but i gotta say that you should always read what the game tells you, regardless if is written in forum too.

    The warning was given because we usually leave the NPC active for more days, so that you can collect more baskets by trading missing eggs and fill some more baskets.

    But you promote it on discord. lolz

    We got several offers from people on discord who are not playing on SG or even people who are not players at all, this is why. Not even 5% of the players who plays here use the Discord.

    You know with your 7 posts here you have 5 different ips. Ips are dynamic and not a good source to determine who is a player. Players tends to register using different emails too, we have some players who use at least 3 different emails for their accounts.

    We don't believe that we could create a poll in secret but we are not going to promote it HERE either. After all, players like yourself who wants a second server, told us that there are thousands of players waiting for a second server, you don't need the players from server 1 to build up the number.

    Once again, the poll is to determine what contents the server will have and not to determine if the server will open.

    The poll doesn't determine if the server will open or not. The registration does. So if they want to vote against it, all they have to do is nothing.

    If the second server needs the registration of the players who are playing server 1 right now, then is not ok. And this is why we didn't advertise it here, but we are nice enough to let you talk about it thou.

    Because the announcement section is for news about this server not about a potential one. Now let me ask you a question, if the new server needs the players of the server 1, then whats the point of opening it?

    To be fair, the discussion started 40 days ago, as possible option. We confirmed we would do it as long as we have a poll to test the market only after some days. We announced it would take around 15 days, which you all misinformed people as the creation of the website would take 15 days, which was not what we said, but its ok. After 18 days we published the Website on 7 April. When asked, we said we would like to see how it goes for 1 week and then some days to analyze the pool, read what you guys wrote on the suggestions etc.

    So my question is, since is 14 today and only 7 days are passed, how exactly are we keeping people in the dark? How exactly have we not already provided answer?

    As for the public part, we are trying to hire youtubers to advertise it, but they are either inactive due to vacation or not interested on making a single video as they do gameplay video only. We advertised it on some websites which have also a metin2 userbase, this is how "someone not from the team" could paste the link here.

    As already stated is stupid to advertise a second server on our small userbase, we prefer to drag players who are not playing here already.

    If you have suggestions on how to advertise the poll, be sure to write it as we appreciate it.

    The missing items from the drop list are material items. They will be add on a near future as we recently found they were on a separated file. As for the Herbs, they are a server drop too, like horse food, sub skill books, glacial pick, etc.

    It means that all monsters can drop the herbs but those who have herbs on their drop list, drops more of course.

    We don't do events to fill your pockets. We do events so that you can do something different than you do every other day. You kill Monsters and Metins every day. This event is somehow different as you have to collect baskets and eggs.

    We are not going to change it.

    It won't change because the event was always loved. Whoever say that is a challenge to find metins is simply wrong. The spawn rate was always very generous and since the metins continues to spawn even if other metins are present, there were some maps where the eggs simply accumulated.

    I don't decide which runs comes or not. [GA]Null is the sole responsable concerning updates. This has been stated several times.