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    So, u think there are enough metins for everyone AND u want to increase the number of metins?

    guess u want to have one of them aight?

    There are enough for all, im not saying that are excesive.Having a little more would make it a little easier.

    Many people were not agree but only some got the balls to say what they think and many times that who talks do it for who dont.

    The worst will always fall on those who have the courage to speak up and defend others.

    Keep doing great job & nice update.

    Fixing things that are not working as intended is part of our job, wether this things damage you or advantage you.

    Did u ever say that melee/magic attack were focus in pvp? nothing ever works as planned? In each update you harm us more and more.

    So, will we decide if after improve sash we want to keep or remove the stats of the item absorbed?

    Is normal here to said most of times is players problem. When you want to report a bug the answer is always the same: "this never happen before", "you only had this bug" or "you did something wrong". And sometimes it is quite demotivating to hear almost always the same answer