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  • UnkoJP

    send link of new serv2

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The silk bundle from the general store does what you suggest anyway, at least the first part.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It does appear within 2 minutes from the creation

  • deathpool

    dont know why but my suggestion thread does not appear in the right side (latest posts), here it is [CHANGE] "Memory" for items in a shop

  • deathpool

    what's the link to server2 registration?

  • Pingu


  • EmyEmy

    :assaultrifle: :chainsaw:

  • Aguilaz


  • PaliPali


  • EmyEmy

    please add more 'hit' emotions in the game xd theres only one :D

  • najiko

    Hi :)


    And what will come? Will there be a 50% TP Event? :phatgrin:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will start on 19.


    When u guys think to tell us Infos about Easter if there is coming a Event ? :pillepalle:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    We never opened any thread here about a server 2. I don't see why you all pretend to be surprised when no informations is given

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Isn't idiotic to advertise a server 2 on the website of the server 1? If we open a server 2 is to expand the userbase, not to drag people from server 1, to 2

  • S3ke

    i agree with you guys , it seems kinda ''behind the scene'' and a lil` bit unprofessional...can we get some answers please ?

  • Vlupix

    apart of a thread in elitepvpers and an announcement in discord i have no clue how they promote this. for me it looks a bit unprofessional.

  • Thoreau

    I have no clue how to find the link and I'm here daily, how a new player is supposed to find it?

  • Thoreau

    And how new players are going to find it?

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    Are you from tennessee? Because your the only ten i see!

    ty ga/gm but really dont need any pet for boxs drop!

    Read prince :)

    Nice event!

    Merry christmas and happy new year for all!


    I finished my uni, I work and my work allows me to play all day. It is not good excuse, if you don't have time to change/improve items then you should not participate. This is game where you always have to improve and change items. It is also main reason why I am not going to pvp and pvm items, I am just lazy to keep up with all the new things I need to do.

    Someone who wants to be TOP in somethings have to be prepared to everything.

    My eq is made and if i want to go i can and cuz i got items for my category, also my cattegory right now is much more easy than before but lv 100-109/110-120 which is a much more difficult category cant make it in just 1 day.

    None of my business, but attacking Tary for doing those changes is really silly. You have to be prepared for the challenge.

    You say you don't have whole day to prepare items to participate? But you have 5 mins to win all the TP as reward in easy way?

    Is not about me, i dont care about event i just participate for fun. But some ppl work harder and they ( the staff) change before the event start, do u think thats fair? Why didnt change it in the whole month?

    And some ppl work, study or both, probably u can be all the day here but others cant, sry.

    @[SMOD]Tary sorry, I have nothing against you but this seems unfair.