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  • MakavelY


  • Pingu


  • [GM]Elspeth

    You get a random Event twice a day and a big seasonal Event instead.

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Because the scheduled events are not taking place during the Halloween Event.

  • MaiAnh

    Why there was no Moonlight boxes event ?

  • PaliPali

    go play omg

  • EmyEmy

    Not bad, did not play metin for 5 days bi

  • EmyEmy


  • Gzanu

    mobile payment it`s avaible ?

  • Pingu


  • Hiumi

    Only with white lion

  • ShadowBlade

    HeyHo @everyone is it possible to fight from a mount under level 35 ?

  • LuxuriaGodOfPvM

    I cant log to the game, someone else is having the same problem right now?

  • Gzanu

    hey yo, it`s about to open a new serve r?

  • PrincePersia

    shadow on?

  • EmyEmy

    Please Shadow add halloween items on mall i want my costumes and hats

  • EmyEmy

    no halloween stuffs on mall yet?

  • PrincePersia

    no fix?

  • deathpool

    bug fixes + halloween

  • TheBestB

    rebot and hallowen update

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    The winners are:

    1. xELITOx
    2. PaliPali
    3. Philopator
    4. XxXAliXxX
    5. warior4o

    Since some players who applied didn't show up, I had to accept other players. Many Thanks to Akuu who raced only for fun and refused the reward.

    Sorry i could not join , i was hungry that time had to go and eat xd.:

    Just started trying SG2 Global today, I seen that they improved a lot the game with new features (was amazed by the Extra Inventory), created 2 accounts, one Sura (to be my main), and one Mage (to be my buffer of course), I was leveling them together, got some Capes from a Beginner Box in my Mage, then started using them to kill the mobs with my Sura, suddenly I get a message that I was banned for Hacking, and now here in SG I just tried to log in to see if someone bought something in my ShopBox, then banned too, on main and on dropper. What the hell is that? Just ban with no word with no reason, I want to know what was the damn hack I used, if that's the case, I have the right to defend myself from this if it was a mistake from the Staff. Well, just wanted to spill some beans, but I know it won't change, but it was unfair. I play Metin2 because it's the best online game I ever played, haven't played in a while, then now that I found this server I get banned for nothing, today some friends even gave me some accounts to try, of course due to the Lock&Ready system I can't use them because they don't have access to the e-mails anymore, I was growing slowly but good, got some help from others, played with lot of lag both from my internet and your server too, spent a lot of gold trying to make a good Helmet just to show to the Queen, I know it's just a game, but it was unfair. The most "wrong" thing I did (that is not wrong because the system exists, then I can do it) was constantly drop items from the same guy that was AFK with Negative Rank at the Ice Mountain. Well, that's it, just wanted to clarify things, then good bye since I can't play anymore.:banned::(

    Send a ticket and provide much details or try to contact staff on discord.

    Its not dead yet , i see some players still playing. Its true we have less players but it is not DEAD, dead means 0 players when this happens then its totally dead. S2 is fun for sure but its not a server that will last for 10 years like this one.

    At the end of August we had no election for new kings. I can imagine you guys were busy with Global so I didn't insist on the issue. However, no election started and it is 29th of September. Are you going to do something about it?

    I vote Vyenna for Queen:)

    If you still love the game why you leaving:( dont quit you very well know you cannot quit.....