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    XD lol Humans

    Could we possibly ask GMs to help us make the videos look better? Would that be a possible mechanic?

    For example: Spawn in Metin-Stones and what not.

    During Easter event, there will be random special events^^.


    The guy kept asking for help.

    Then your guild mate see what he wrote.

    You guys are always been provoking , now especially with global chat is more frequent, then you get 'replies' and then you complain when you have the option to block and move on.

    i believe you. caps arent allowed in callchat and you know it for good. u arent new player. im not an ass, if I kill people doesnt mean im being an ass incase you missunderstood this one. anyone can have a healthy conversation with me. so before pointing stuff at me or my guild, better check urself first. cya

    I have many screenshots of you actually harrassing and bullying^^ you just come to town for no reason (not pvp) and start to provoke and flame, your whole guild actually.

    not sure if you are aware how toxic you are for the callchat and how many ppl complain about your shouts . if we provoke about pvp we do just to make it (pvp) happen . right now i was checking callchat and saw this

    Ah aahah well most players are capsing anyway just wait ^^ its pretty clear that you guys do not want to be friends with yellows, stop being @ss#### ^^ like shadow said. :) Pigs is blue and is my little sister, and pizza is my kingdom mate so they don't have any issues , you are just making those up:)

    So, according to you, all those players using capslock are toxic? and mostly are from your kingdom you going block them all?.

    A new guy from your kingdom was spamming call chat asking for help, while your guild mate hecthor was just flaming^^ maybe open your eyes or use your brains?

    It is funny you saying this, because you and your members are the one who actually flame and provoke about pvp stuffs. :O Something that makes me immensely pleased is that most players are using caps in call and It is quite nice as some players were so anti caps that they would even complain and report. Rip Guys:)

    You can also join OX event to get chocobo/dragor from coffers. Keep using horse medals (1 horse medal =1h)on the mount so that it does not expire and you can use for long time. If you need any further help feel free to whisper in game.

    Yes, also would be great If players would stop taking 'pvp' seriously and stop flaming because of those, and be friendly to each other. Since we have global chat now we can stop this rivalry between yellow and blue kingdom, lets be honest both yellow & blue can be ass####.

    Well, a new player from blue was asking tips for playing on sg, Hecthor from blue asked him to block me. I do not mind helping players from blue kingdom but some players are just @$$####.

    +1 Remove, impossible to keep track of all chats, kinda a headache at times. Some players already started their usual hostility like ''yellows are shit''.