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  • Lyetta

    no, in discord boy

  • SirPic

    as soon as u give us your number

  • Lyetta

    when you can call me, -.-

  • Alin Stefan

    just stating the obvious about the run xD

  • Alin Stefan

    no no

  • A.O.S

    omg were u tryna find other blue run partners?!?!? traitorrrr

  • Alin Stefan


  • Alin Stefan

    aos s me, ivg

  • beckmen

    nevermind :D pm on tary works too

  • beckmen

    anyone can sned me? pls ^^

  • beckmen

    Shadow where is the post, to sign up for fishing extravaganza event that is today? i can't find

  • A.O.S

    stefan r u blue? i go blue run sometimes if u wana join

  • Alin Stefan

    and level 10 and 11 are op

  • Alin Stefan

    under 60 items only :(

  • Gentle

    It's like you are flying high, and than you fall but you can't die, cause angel always save you from falling huh true story

  • Gentle

    yeah it's fakin amazing thing

  • Alin Stefan

    downgrades in case of failing

  • Alin Stefan

    yes, no breaking

  • buryzencio

    guys how exactly work blacksmith after blue death in demon tower? something like bleesing scroll for rarity items?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yes some players reported this already, but sadly we can't reproduce it with our accounts or player's account too. So is going to take some time to fix this

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    What boss you killing hard? :D

    Poison sword with 40% avg~ is enough to kill all mobs/bosses that requires just 1 player.

    Those that you cant are meant to not be killed alone, thats why probably you think poison sword deals not enough dmg.

    If you want new weapon PVM just to 2 hit every mob , that shouldnt be added :D.

    I dont care about budokan as i dont mind losing. But i would love to see budokan a great event with 10-15 players joining every category.

    Yes, imo, budokan should be main only. I joined the lower level categories just to stop badasses level 110+ winning level 60-100 category.

    Bombardieru its a farmer char, without bios, but thats not an excuse. If you won, you won. Got nothing to blame on that.

    I dont cry, probably seemed like that to your eyes since you got own opinion and nobody can change it.

    You are boring with all ur excuses and proofs you wanna show to people. Unfortunately whatever you do you cant change people think you are stronger than they can see.

    By the way, i did not open this thread to flame anyone, this section is meant for ingame pvp videos and i wanted to show how some players like lacex54 duel with red pots and even deny it and then act cool ingame like nothing happened.

    I see some people never change, they just can't resist not coming here to start flaming, some players like jkrr or others.

    Anyway, I have a feeling that the only players who will ever duel lacex54 from now on will be only his guild mates.

    This is line of the weak.

    Always stated that isnt hard to be strong but harder to keep urself on that place.

    You kill someone and you fear the day they improve and challenge you.

    Pvp is not PVM where mobs are same for years, but in PVP u have to maintain ur position.

    What you wanna tell me with your screen? That you killed my farmer? You got the chance now winning a category since my main cant join -103 and you braging here?

    As you know , been there always when someone like you felt too strong. Unfortunately nobody ever challenged my main. Maybe you are right, I shouldnt interfere, but as you said, i cant resist when I see ppl like you talking about PVP or duels.

    Gold can buy gears and boosters but can never buy style.

    No matter what you do panic, lacex always > than you.

    You must be really butthurt to open such thread.

    Come join budokan HighClass category if you wanna prove something. Nobody wants your bullsht always, everyone is tired of ur actions in forum. Be active on it and you ll gain respect.

    As for SirPic the biggest trashtalker from forum, you got nothing and noone, you were a spectator all ur metin2 time, showing your hate to Purge or HowHigh in every thread doesnt touch noone. So you better stfu too and RELAX.

    First round we fought in yellow's base and we lost. Nobody complained.

    Second round we prepared a better strategy and we won. Yellows complaining.

    Third round Yellows gave up and didnt showup.

    Yellows can be mad for losing against a better prepared team, but even the today's NW is a draw , the real winner of it is Elgoria. If they would fight in last round, maybe they could do something. But when you give up , is already a lose and nobody can change that.

    As for you AlmightyPush, lately you are talking too much while you are nowhere ingame. U rather stfu and get lost from the server if all you do is spamming "share the songs you like" and provoking people in forum. We dont need people like this. It would be more satisfying to see you fighting in game, and then you would win your right to talk in forum too. But since you are a coward, and all you can offer is forum words, you can simply dissapear.

    Level 75 gets an average of 15-20 per hour while Level 80 gets 5-10 ( that if you can tank all map ofcourse good equip). But as Benitez said ,you can drop also Giant symbols for the biologist if you farming with level 80.

    I never noticed any difference between level 61 and 75 at farming glyphs.

    Take care,goodluck

    Haha. Thats definitely the right answer with the right proof XD panic haha .DDD

    Theres nothing to change imo.

    I dont see the point complaining about Loach or whatever fish. Whoever wanna win should do his best, and prepare himself as good as possible in order to make his kingdom victorious.

    Till today, Nation War got used to very few people inside, and sometimes, reaching 150 points by 1 kingdom took us even 30 min. But today it took like 10 mins.

    So incase we ll have good fights like today in the future, probably the only change that can be done is to raise the number of points that makes us win.

    A 30 min Nation War but full pvp is enough for everyone I believe.

    Yeh to make videos abt server not insult other ppl like a video before write shity things , and gz jkr u made 1v1 after 10years so u can kill some 1 on ur own without any borrowed item.

    Everyone free to have own opinion. ty . better than never

    Thanks Tary.

    As for the others that claim they are the best 1vs1 or things like that, its a long time since I didnt see any of you in the budokan arena or challenging someone for a duel, so you better keep quiet.

    As for the other part "it was my dad in acc , was my grandpa , it was santa claus", just to not make the char look what it actually is , we are tired of excuses.

    Please keep it clean and no flames.

    dss / time elixir / tickets or whatever , is too complicated and probably not good.

    But I guess adding a new amount interval for vitality ores is easier and helpful too :D

    For example from common items , keep like now , max 15 vitality ores. And for mystic - legendary raise the amount to 25 max. So there will be a difference between crap common and crap rarity eq. xd