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  • "we dont compete in", "its not our business". u dont compete ANYMORE after i rape ur heros jk and rainydays/kekzii 3 years ago, is not ur business cuz u noobs realize u cant compete against me in pvm, so thats why u focus all ur time in pvp now. Dont try to hide the real facts, cuz in the past, u noobs tried to own me in pvm king but u failed so u move on to pvp.

    good work bro (y)
    I actually enjoy that you had a goal, worked for it and archieved it.
    but why the hate? also you could have mentioned that you "raping" me was actually you asking me about pvm for almost 2 years
    enjoy playing

  • GodofPvm?

  • HELLO, your friend blue death looking for you xD

    • jajaja funny ass xd

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    • my ass is not funny !

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    • it shoots shit like u hahaha XD

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    • wth so rude, u dont poop or what or yea rose petals come from your ass? xd

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    • as pvm king, i shoot odins at bath :v

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  • fat u can join game?