Latest News From Metin2

  • [Maintenance] 017/10/2018

    Dear Playerswith today's maintenance the following changes were added to the server: BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with Erebus Run Fixed a potential exploit on Hell Run / Orc Maze CHANGES: Changed some names on ...

    17 October 2018, 18:21 Read More
  • [THE HELPERS] Recruitment

    Dear Players, we are looking for Helpers, volunteer players that helps newcomers and not, with their daily questions. To know more in detail please read this THREAD. What we expect are mature players, with ...

    29 September 2018, 21:37 Read More
  • [Maintenance] 01/10/2018 Gameplay Changes

    Dear Players, on Monday 1st October the server will go down for some hours. Several changes to the gameplay will come to the server: Game Changes We decided to remove the IP block from ...

    29 September 2018, 21:22 Read More
Metin2 SG Image
# Name Race Lv Empire
1 RokQueen Mage (F) 120 Elgoria
2 AlmightyPush Sura (M) 120 Asmodia
3 RokBoss Warrior (M) 120 Elgoria
4 Dapper Sura (M) 120 Elgoria
5 Loreine Mage (F) 120 Elgoria
6 penof Warrior (M) 120 Asmodia
7 Porki Assassin (F) 120 Elgoria
8 Chiye Assassin (F) 118 Asmodia
9 LuxuriaGodOfPvM Sura (F) 118 Asmodia
10 Pachirisu Assassin (F) 117 Asmodia