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  • PATCH NOTE 30/07/2022

    Hey Guys,Here are the Patch Notes of today, 30/07/2022Removed all PvP Stats from Costumes & HairRemoved PvP stats from the Rollable Pool for Costumes & HairAdded some PvM Stats to the Rollable Pool, for ...

    30 July 2022, 14:02 Read More
  • PATCH NOTES 23/07/2022

    Dear Community,hereby i present the Patch Notes of today, 23/07/2022Added Mousewheel support to the Shopsearch"War God Blessing Scroll" is now stackableVote for Bonus is now opened in an external window rather than inside the ...

    23 July 2022, 21:05 Read More
  • PATCH NOTE 04/07/2022

    Dear Community,hereby i present the Patch notes of 04/07/2022Improved the preview system to show shinings and aura effectsAdded Shinings section to the WikiImproved the Change Channel GUI and allowed double click on the CH ...

    4 July 2022, 19:28 Read More
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# Name Race Lv Empire
1 RokQueen Mage (F) 120 Elgoria
2 Cerva Assassin (M) 120 Elgoria
3 Vyenna Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
4 JkRR Warrior (M) 120 Elgoria
5 Madina Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
6 dearxvivi Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
7 Mermaid Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
8 Desired Assassin (F) 120 Asmodia
9 EmyEmy Warrior (F) 120 Asmodia
10 PrincePersia Warrior (M) 120 Asmodia