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  • [PATCH NOTES] 20/01/2021

    Dear Players,hereby i present the Patch Notes of today, the 20th of January 2021Added a System which allows you to continue upgrading without the need of dragging Scrolls/the item over and over. *click*Adjusted several ...

    20 January 2021, 8:30 Read More
  • PATCH NOTE 08/01/2021

    Dear Players,here are the Patch Notes for todays Patch,The polymorph formula has been revamped to be easier to understand and to fix the numerous bugs that affected it.The AP of the character ...

    8 January 2021, 20:00 Read More
  • Mistakenly Purchased Item Mall Products

    Dear Players,Due to the high amount of daily refund requests due to mistakenly purchased Items on Item Mall, there will be a change in the refund procedure, as we had players who made more ...

    3 January 2021, 21:35 Read More
Metin2 SG Image
# Name Race Lv Empire
1 RokQueen Mage (F) 120 Elgoria
2 Cerva Assassin (M) 120 Elgoria
3 Madina Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
4 Vyenna Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
5 Mermaid Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
6 Desired Assassin (M) 120 Asmodia
7 Schatje Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
8 Kloder Warrior (M) 120 Asmodia
9 HappyHippo Warrior (M) 120 Asmodia
10 DonJohn Assassin (M) 120 Asmodia