Latest News From Metin2

  • PATCH NOTE 29/05/2020

    Dear Players, With today's maintenance we will add the following fixes/features: Fixed the stagger of Moonlight Boxes; Fixed the duration buff on effects such as Poison, Fire Duration, Slow, Stun and Remove Magic when ...

    29 May 2020, 10:48 Read More
  • Fishing Extravaganza - May 2020

    Dear Players, Every month, we hold Fishing Extravaganza Event for those who love to fish. Every player can choose their favorite spot to fish and be ready at the beginning of the event to ...

    23 May 2020, 12:07 Read More
  • PATCH NOTE 19/05/2020

    Dear Players, With today's maintenance we will apply the following changes/fixes: Corrected some monster and spawn files that were not added correctly; The bug of the level 21 Horse Mission that required 50 Horse ...

    19 May 2020, 16:02 Read More
Metin2 SG Image
# Name Race Lv Empire
1 RokQueen Mage (F) 120 Elgoria
2 Cerva Assassin (M) 120 Elgoria
3 Desired Assassin (M) 120 Asmodia
4 AlmightyPush Sura (M) 120 Asmodia
5 RokBoss Warrior (M) 120 Elgoria
6 Mecca Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
7 xBuggsBunnyx Sura (M) 120 Elgoria
8 goguletul Warrior (M) 120 Asmodia
9 JkRRR Sura (M) 120 Elgoria
10 HanYuki Warrior (M) 120 Elgoria