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  • St. Valentine's Event 2020

    Dear Players, The most romantic period of the year is coming! And, as always, we have prepared some events for you! The Event will start on February 15th, at 12:00 GMT+0, and will have ...

    12 February 2020, 14:37 Read More
  • Event Calendar

    Hey guys, I have been having some trouble updating the existing Event Calendar, so for now please use this one. Kind Regards, [SGM]Tary ...

    13 January 2020, 15:57 Read More
  • Patch Notes 04/11/2019

    Dear Players, with Todays maintenance the following things will be Updated The pick up of items is as fast as you can collect. The speed of the text of the quests or the npc ...

    4 November 2019, 18:10 Read More
Metin2 SG Image
# Name Race Lv Empire
1 RokQueen Mage (F) 120 Elgoria
2 Desired Assassin (M) 120 Asmodia
3 AlmightyPush Sura (M) 120 Asmodia
4 RokBoss Warrior (M) 120 Elgoria
5 Mecca Mage (F) 120 Asmodia
6 goguletul Warrior (M) 120 Asmodia
7 JkRRR Sura (M) 120 Elgoria
8 Loreine Mage (F) 120 Elgoria
9 Pachirisu Assassin (F) 120 Asmodia
10 penof Warrior (M) 120 Asmodia