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    Also, the percentage of prizes inside the fund is different. It is impossible to obtain a changer from both boxes.

    In the end, players are the ones who play inside the game

    For once, just listen to the opinions of the players

    Bro the drops in the chest aint as bad as you guys try to make us think, after all you get 2 chests per run. And yet we dont know anything about how fast you can make the run, what its cd is and how to access it, maybe its super easy and quick to do - so it still gonna be rewarding. Would you rather not be able to roll superclass?

    The only reason to obviously do this run is the dss changer.

    And if you want to play together with your family members make a wifi hotspot wíth your phone?

    No. You get 2 chests per character. The chance of getting good items from the chest is the same on every level. So as long as the boss/the mobs itself has no other drops, you can just make the run with 120 characters.

    She is not talking about meley run bro

    Hello! We waited this run a lot and now, after we see the drop from chests, we are not so excited like before. Since we have 2 runs where we can drop legendary minor dss, what is the point to drop it from Meley too? From my point of view meley should drop mythic minor dss at least. PvP belts are ok, they will encourage players to start PvP gameplay, but about earrings, bracelets and necklaces i don’t think what to say. We can drop them so easy from Ochao run or we can craft them easy, better add some upgrade materials instead of those accesories, like water crystal, blue crystal, magic seeds etc, or pendants and dragon gods. Ppl will not enjoy to drop only crap accesories from like 20-30 chests. With the current content from boxes, ingame are better runs than this, like ice run. In my opinion, the content should be better than this. Have a nice day!

    The question here is, why shouldnt it drop dss? And resulting from that, who says that you can make mythic from minors? Maybe mythic can only be made by upgrading superclass, since Shadow mentioned somewhere, that they plan on making superclass upgradable in the future, if im not mistaken?

    Edit1: I think the content of both chests is actually fine, since you get 2 chests every run.

    But for what? We just got free dmg boost from the lv30 horse, we got easy obtainable rarity on items now. We gonna get new dss levels, aint that enough dmg?

    Edit: Maybe bring that bonus when you got a full set of mythic dss?

    When i say IP, i mean IP and not Mac Adress.

    We used the same method in the past already.

    Its unfortunate for you and your father DonSaudi but such measurements have to be taken in order to prevent abuse.

    Its 2020 and theres enough ways around that. Neverless im very happy that its not gonna be a solo run. As for the Bloodstones, maybe give them an other use if pvp belts are now obtainable from the run. Might add them together with Icegrails as rarity changer crafting recipe, since both items come from highlv runs?

    Im also not a fan of the Ancient Pearls in the chest, why you gonna ask. Because the green one was always easy obtainable from ochao, the yellow one nobody ever needs because you need moonstones if you need those and most people dont have a source of them and or dont wanna afford to buy moonstones.

    The purple one is the most valueable one and from what I know players main source of them was from Itemmall. Neverless its an item that you wont need alot of, so flooding the market aint a good idea. Maybe put dragon god attack/Palm of crit/pierce or 100 Stacks of herbs instead of them.

    And if you really wanted to farm them, ancient clams drop on mass in enchanted forest...

    All in all, very happy and thankful for the new content and looking forward for a group run!

    In my eyes the run is really easy even with basic gear, minor alchemy and some skillres is all you need to duo it with buff. Even soloing it aint that hard, a 8.5k dmgoutput is enough to down him really quick. So heads up, improve your gear and its gonna be easy peasy

    I understand what you mean, but the difference between +8 and +9 on those items is 1% monster on armour and 1% monster on shoes. It's barely worth mentioning. Everything in the game can be comfortably be farmed with quillins and a lvl 100 armour anyway.

    I can assure you that most if not all of the people that you see doing ochao regularly don't even use a 115 pvm armour since a 100 or aqua suffices and the block from quillins is too valuable to give up.

    From a completionist point of view I can understand that it's annoying for you but as Shadow said if you want the drops from a pvp run then you'll have to invest in pvp and form an active group to raid.

    Hello guya, did you know you can add rarity bonus to +9 items so also on Fireshoes? Small advantage?