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  • Hello Schaduw, i'm looking for my old account in metin2.

    I can't find my old character (warrior) called corvettegrey lvl 90 in the blue country.

    Do you know how i can bring this back to life?

    Friendly thanks.

    • Write a ticket, they will tell you if it exist and which email is linked to.

  • hello,i have to download game but can not find any client for season..

    • Season ended today. Download the SG client.

  • Shadow your conversation is full I think..:

  • Shadow can u come online in game please ? i am waiting for u i cant message u fourm its give error please meet me in game i need ur little bit time

    • lol sounds like a date

    • You can message me now, my inbox was full now is not.

  • Hello Shadow, would It be possible to change the guild font colour?, It is not readable mostly. Thanks

  • Shadow, please add the zombie costume to mall from halloween event I really love it , its cute as hell;)

  • shadow r u on?

  • 2 days ago you banned me one day for insults. I did not say anything. today I want to log in and I can't again. what have I done now? that I did not receive any mail

    • Bans are handled by the support not by me.

  • Thanks for the anniversary event Shadow, awesome events as always! <3

  • Hi Shadow thank you so much for the mount skins. They are super cool and the black panther is just magnificent!

  • Hallo zusammen,
    ich weiß nicht ob es nur mir so geht aber ich finde den aktuellen Patch nicht gerade sehr hilfreich mit dem ausgerüsteten Mount-Siegel. Man muss jedes mal mit rechtsklick es entfernen um abzusteigen, Aura und Kr (als KörperKrieger) anzumachen und wieder mit rechtsklick es aktivieren um auf das Mount zu steigen.. Es fordert zudem viel mehr Zeit und ist (leider) lange nicht mehr so praktisch wie davor als ich es z.B. einfach auf F2 hatte und dort wie bei meinem Pferd einfach auf- und absteigen konnte...

    Ihr könnt ja gerne mal eure Meinung hier darunter schreiben. Würde mich gerne interessieren was ihr davon haltet:)

    LG Camora

    • Press X and it is the same

    • wow.. danke für die super schnelle Antwort und den Tipp! :)

  • this GM gave me 7 days bann for saying Sieg heil., i know it was bad and wanna sit out the 7 day ban but after that i have not insulted any from staff
    it was towards a player that insulted me and maybe gm thought it was towards him ? but it was not

  • that was all before the 7 day bann i got. yea maybe i was way to drunk and didnt had to say that stuff. but i learned my lesson on s1 sins i lost all my money there

    but the perm bann why ? i never insulted the gm

    • I just showed you that you did, you asked for evidences and i provided now you deny the obvious? The insults were at 2:50 AM, you got suspended at 3:15. And is not the first time so you learned nothing it seems.

    • you shown stuff that happend before i got the 7 days bann

    • It doesn't matter when it happened, you insulted an admin, is a permanent ban offense. And it is not the first time you insult an admin.

    • all this stuff you serached was in my 7 day bann punishment why punish me more when i cant have a do over ? im sure this stuff wont happen again ever and that i behave

  • can i see the proof that i inuslted this GM ? so far i know i even posted it on elitepvpers and this message what i said was towards a ingame player and NOT a gamemaster...

  • `hello i got banned 7 days for bad behavior. after that i got online with buff char. and the GM elisabeth perm banned me without any good reason. she says i insulted the staff which i never did it was towards a player that insulted me here the screenshot

    hope you can make this undone because i didnt break the rules on here !

    greetz MDMA

    • 1) There is no GM elisabeth, maybe Elspeth?
      2) You were banned for racist language not for bad behaviour
      3) After being banned, as your usual, you insulted the staff so you were permanently banned

      I mean it is like 3 years you come to this server, insult the players, insult the staff, get banned and then complain.

  • Hi Shawdow , i wanna know the respawn time of the ice witch, as i see someone said respawning time is 1 hour, it means after i killed 1 ice witch it needs 1 hour to respawn?

    Or it respawn in like 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00


  • Hello there. Could we talk? Im a bis disappointed. Greetings.

  • shadow why did you leave?

  • Shadow pm me

  • Hello, sorry i dont want to scare People, but this video has unsettled me and I just wanted clarity because I care a lot about the server

    • A video of 3 years ago scared you :)

      We are running this server since 10 years, I don't know what other "clarity" you need.


    • just because metin2 de started go against pserver since 2019.... but ok sorry for this

  • Any ga on?message me

  • Help me shodew

  • Smod pm me

  • Any player on?pm me

  • Hello mfker

  • Hi, i wrote suggestions, and my posts are locked, and i wanna explain more on it and discuss with other players.

  • Hi, i wrote a suggestion.
    I haven't had an answer.
    How to work?

    • We appreciate your suggestion but we are not going to create a scroll that helps you fail the items.


  • coma shadow can i ask a question why cant i play reventon? and i try to find stuff for it and there isnt none i love metin2 but my acc there was 250lvl warrior and theres anothwe one character a 179lvl sura i would like to play reventon but i cant find anything and i have a new pc so im sad now can you explain it why cant i find anything pls

    • The max level is 120, so you can't have here a level 250 warrior.

  • Dropinfo on dryads is missing at least the Gold Treasure Box+

    future additions also post here?

    • Dryads only drop Jamul. The Gold Treasure Box +, Auxiliar skill books, Glacial picks, etc etc are all random drops that every monster can drop, they are not drops of those specific monsters, this is why is not listed.

  • You have to kill the boss of the Hell run while the other can be farmed killing particular enemies.