Ramadan Event 2021

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  • Dear Players,

    Ramadan Event will have a duration of 5 days and will start on April 25th at 16:00 GMT+0 and will end, on April 30th, at 16:00 GMT+0.

    During this period, you will be able to enjoy In-Game Special Event and and 25% Experience Bonus.

    In-Game Event:

    During this Event you will be able to drop Dates and Plates, that will allow you to craft:

    - Blessing Fruit.


    - Blessing Chest.


    - Mubarak Chest.


    You can drop Dates from Metin Stones and Plates from Bosses.

    To craft these Items, speak with the Ali Baba NPC as soon as you had the neededs crafting items:


    Blessing Fruit:


    Blessing Chest:


    Mubarak Chest:


    Additionally, new Cosmetic Items will be available in the Item Shop.




    Mount Skins:

    Weapon Skins:

    During Ramadan Event, all the scheduled Events will be canceled and will be replaced by Daily Special Events.

    These Events will be announced both In Game and Discord and will be as follows:

    Day 1:

    16:00 - Nation War

    Day 2:

    16:00 - DT Run Event

    Day 3:

    16:00 - OX Event

    Day 4:

    16:00 - Hunter's Hour

    Day 5:

    20:00 - OX Event

    On behalf of the whole Metin2 Team, we hope you enjoy Ramadan Event as much as we enjoy holding it for all of you!

    Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this Event, please feel free to comment on this thread.

    Warmest Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

  • The Costume which is obtained by the Mubarak Chest is a Permanent Costume.

    The Permanent Costumes do not have stats though.

    The Cosmetics that are sold in the Item Mall during Ramadan Event are going to be Temporary Costumes with Stats, if they are well liked we always have the possibility of adding them to the normal item mall roster as a 30 Day or Perma [non statted] version.

  • Just a quick general feedback for this event and future events:

    I think generally it is better to have a very high drop rate on an event item for it to feel good and in return have the main reward, in this case the chest you craft with said event item have more "bad" drop. The kind of "bad" drop that moonlights have for example where you. At the end you would probably get the same amount of stuff but the general feeling of the event is much much better.

    You always feel engaged with the event that way.

  • thanks for the event, it feels good to have it. however i must state that many people were so happy to see ramadan event in sg but they are disappointed after seeing the drops. i just wanted to voice those who doesnt have a forum acc but felt really underappreciated especially if you compare it to the other big events

  • It is always better if the drop is too low, than too high. Considering we had Easter which was very good in terms of rewards (and the proof is that nobody talks about it) it is pretty normal that the drop cannot be too high, or you would complain about the market prices instead of the drop rate (of course only after you farmed and not during the event)

    The fact that this is our first Ramadan in 12 years means that this is not considered a big event by us, but just a normal one, so you shouldn't compare to Xmas, Easter or Halloween.

  • Essentially I'm just comparing it to an event like moonlight that is very popular because you keep dropping boxes constantly. It's like a constant dopamine infusion. Obviously you get a lot of vendor trash inside it compared to these boxes but it just feels better because you constantly engage with the event by dropping WAY more/h.

    So yea, I suggest same amount of rewards but better feeling overall.

    Still, I'm pleased to see these kind of events to fill in the gaps between the big ones.