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    Any new server takes players away from SG, even servers that are not opened by us. Simply this is the mentality, server hoppers are a thing and they jump from server to server. If we don't do anything players will leave anyway, while if we open a new server we would surely have a larger community at the start, larger than anything we could achieve on SG for the simple fact that the server is too old and the community is too close minded to accept any drastic change.

    We don't plan to terminate any services, but if the costs to run the server exceed the incomes, we will. I believe is obvious.

    Hello Shadow, I should step back because I've no experience managing a server (always been just a player) so I might be wrong but, since suggestions are free, I try to suggest an alternative option you could consider.

    Did you ever consider the option to open a speed server?

    An idea of speed server could be something like this "The speed server will remain opened for a month, offering players a chance to not only speed-level their characters, but also take advantage of special items that will help them along.

    While playing on the speed server, players will receive rewards for participating in different activities. One of the things players will be rewarded for is hitting a specific level (although what level that is has not been revealed). Players will also be rewarded for the amount of time they spend playing on the server and for purchasing items from the shop.

    After a month the player could transfer their character on the main server getting some more reqards based on the level of the character and the time spent playing on the speed server at the day of the transfer".

    I found it to be as a very common option in the latest days on some MMORPGs and it allows the new players to build their characters faster (with higher rates of exp, drop, upgrade and basically everything) and, after a certain period of time, to move the characters on the main server .

    From my previous experience as player in other servers it works very good, allows to keep the main server alive, attact a lot of players and lot of money too since people will rush to get as much as possible on that as it's only temporary.

    This could come with (or without) some changes on the main server to make it more in line with the modern expectations of players. I'm pretty sure that everybody will accept even drastic changes and the sacrifice to loose something they worked hard for to keep the server alive (instead of loose everything).

    I know the next few words won't be "popular" but I can't deny that, if I was the CEO of the company (wich is not a non profit company), I would surely do the same thing Shadow said they will do: open a server wich is more in line with the the expectations of the modern players and with the supply of the market of MMORPGs (and in particular, metin2 servers) and create a server where the players need way less time to enjoy the end-game contents, even if they work or study and have just a couple of ours per day to spend.

    In fact me and many other players I know (that quit this server cause it's too much time consuming) will surely try the new server when it comes out.

    At the same time I would also try to give hope to the existing server, wich can remain harded but could at least be streamlined with the needed changes that Shadow pointed out:

    You want changes? We must delete and change a lot of items / bonus. We must make things that are clearly hard to achieve in resonable time, easier, even thou you wasted so many golds. It is pointless to do such changes if from day after you guys cry and scare new players away saying we did the wrong choices, we punish high level, we dislike those who play since years etc.

    I would surely make all these changes or the other ones (like halving the time to make items, skills, alchemy, everything) that the staff consider as a "needed change" to give this server a chance to be, for sure an harder alternative, but still affordable by the players.

    If it doesen't happen this server will be sentenced to certain death because, apart from a few players that still can spend 12 hours per day playing here, all the other ones will play the new SG server or other servers in general.

    I wonder how is possible, even when Shadow was so clear about the future of the server and its problems, that people vote "no" to make - that's just an example - S skills faster.

    What you should ask yourself is, imo: do you want to be the best player in a empity server with no rivals or one of the many players in a server where there is competition?

    I would surely vote yes for all the changes needed instead of let the server die...

    Reading this, I kinda want a pvp event where every single form of boost is disabled(no costumes, no liquids, pots, fishes, Dragon God stuff etc).

    It can't be a 1v1 event but other formats can def work.

    I do agree, an idea might be, for example, to introduce an option to declare guild wars/duels with different pushes restrictons:

    - no pushes at all;

    - average pushes restrictions (only liquids, green potions, purple potions, critcal/pierce strikes);

    - full pushes.

    the case is usually you start a server and you see how it is. you dont really make plans like ''i will play this sv 2 years'' but you see where the server will carry you. because an average metin player who i met at 'any other' servers likes to pvp and likes to act like a 'douche'. maybe the staff should brainstorm ''how can we motivate players to stay at this server?'' a mid level player has nothing to do than farming and ofc it becomes boring which makes the players quit. imo this has to be changed

    I agree with this point, after wom closed many players started here but the biggest part of the ones who started already quitted at lvl 90-100 and only a few ones remained. The begin of the game is perfect, the character's growth is smooth and very satisfactory but at a certain point it become harder (as it should be!).

    Sadly there is not much that can be done, the server's end-game is extremely hard (if u consider pvp goals), it's a characteristic that someone likes but the biggest part of the players don't. So, as soon as the game becomes "harder" some people quit and move playing something less stressfull. That's a fact that cannot be changed unless the concept of the server changes (wich I hope it won't happen).

    That said some small changes could be done for sure to encourage players to make something alternative to farm. If players know that the they need over 10 won of pushes only to make 10 min of opvp (not considering costume's bonuses) they will probably prefer to play blindman's bluff on the highway than even try to join pvp. This won't encourage anyone to build a character to join pvp.

    In my opinion, some good ideas already came out to make the pvp more "player freindly" and maybe some ideas more will come and maybe will be taken into cosideration from the staff.

    As I see from the lastes update some ideas where introduced already so I'm quite optimistic.

    Could not have picked any worse round than this one for my heal mage there :D

    ahahaha sorry bro, changed the picture with one with a better performance form you!

    I do not have enough knowledge of pvp yet to express an opinion about the balancement of damage/resistence and how some pushes affect it but I surely agree with many of the suggestions behind and I will express my opinion on some general stuff that have mostly the same impact on every metin2 server.

    At the moment be able to join pvp - even with an extremely low performace ( slightly higher that just run around to avoid oneshots and make 0 damage) - is an hard goal to reach considering: (i) the enormous cost of Mythic alchemy (wich is a must have now it gives an additional bonus with a full cl4-5 wheel); (ii) the enormous cost of S skills.

    I would keep these stuff as they because, even if they're hard to reach (surely the hardest in the existing servers around) and they require months or years , they give the players a great satisfaction for building their own characters (expecially skills is a very unique feature of this server and i truly love it).

    At the same time temporary stuff should have, in my opinion, a smaller impact and a smaller cost, that's why I suggested an optimization of liquids some time ago removing the lower tier ones (in terms of time and percentage).

    About the impact of similar changes in the pvm side I think that, if is there is more pvp (and such changes will surely boost it since now it's close to 0) there will be more "waste" of pushes from the players, so even if they are less or cost less they will be sold in a way bigger amount so it would not affect the gain of players that farm to sell them.

    About white flags, well, there is not much to say, I don't even know why they work in pvp and about the idea to create more pvp events: it's just a win-win change.

    That said, some other changes could affect the "feeling of satisfaction" that the players get during pvp with some changes/new features (wich maybe are hard to realize so these are just ideas wich can be doable or not depending on the efforts required to make it real) that I'll try to propose:

    - fix the visual of damage you make/recieve: it happens very often u cannot see the damage, that's very annoying as you can see in the following video: this video would be very good to watch, the quality is very high, if only I could see the damage. Every player of metin loves to see the damages indeed and, well, I really care about it since I wanna start realizing some videos aswell;

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    - show the damage on every character you hit with AoE skills, not only one of them;

    - introduce a single player score panel for guild wars and national wars. It gives a great satisfaction to see how was your performance at the end of a fight. Following an example.


    P.s. the screen comes from an other server but I hope it's possible to post it since the server doesen't exist anymore and it doesen't show what server it is. Otherwise I'll remove it.


    I tried it...maybe I didnt use it correctly but when I pick "characters" I cannot see even the names of playing characters around.

    I would like an option to hide only the shopboxe's names if it's possible and it doesn't require much effort: it's not an important change obviously, just an idea.

    Suggestions unrelated with the topic (but it's a too small thing to open a new thread) so, since here there is a an exchange of opinions about many different proposals, I will put it here:

    • Introduce on option to remove the shopbox's names (the eyeskilling green ones). The town look terrible with that green names everywhere, if gives a bad "first impact" with the server and many people would love to see the names of the players but not the green names of the shopboxes. Atm I can only hide both of them.

    I'm all up for increasing overall pvm difficulty as I stated before.

    Gear with very good rarity and good stats is more accessible than ever before and for the most part it is completely overkill for the content we're facing(with some exceptions of course).

    The damage of players has been increasing a lot in the last year and we will most likely get some more in some shape or form(like Zodiak weapons for example) and I feel like the monsters stats should be tinkered with to compensate.

    I'm not totally sure that making the high lvl contents just "harder" will solve (itself) the problem of players that prefer to stay al level 100 for beta maps or even lvl 70-80 for the plagued run, because like this the players would be pushed, even more, not to focus on high lvl contents, because it will require an enourmous investment without paying it back.

    On the contrary, probably, making the high lvl contents harder could work only if the reward was noticeably more profitable than the lower level contents.

    Also you should consider, imo, what Shadow correctly pointed out about hardcore servers:

    people who want harder pvm content are indeed a dying breed, you can't have a hardworking server and a populated server at the same time

    I would surely prefer to find a compromise between an harcore server and a populated one than play alone. I don't think that the old metin2's population have anymore enough time to spend to build a character wich will be probably ready to join ("join", not be good at that) the end game pvp and pvm contents only after many months or even years.

    Making the game just "harder" might reveal itself a too simplicistic solution. I would focus, instead, on making it more "progressive" in terms of balancing between efforts and rewards (wich doesn' exclude to be also "hard").

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not contesting your idea, I understand it but I'm just trying to consider every variable.

    wait, what is beta???

    It's thunder/cape/bay...that maps mate (I used to call them beta maps).

    Coming to the suggestions, to make it worth to level up over 100 and increase the dmg and the speed of the character, I would suggest to:

    - reduce the nemere cooldown to 30 min - 1 hour looks very much and like this - even if you can do that with a lower level character - at least it would be worth to levl up, make more dmg, be faster and make an other ice run. Also, expecially now with the mythic alchemy, the alchemy demand increased but the supply is the same as before;

    - increase the drop of razador - the reward is pretty low considering that the keystone sometimes is only 60kk worth and the chest drop mostly crap stuff (maybe an addiction of souls stones or spirit stone 50% as chest's reward could be good considering the high demand of such items);

    - increase the gold drop of erebus - considering the cost of the entry for 2 character and the investment to build 2 character, the reward doesen't look so appropriete imo;

    - increase the channels of enchanted forest - like this 115 players won't miss the beta maps too much.

    That's just a few ideas wich I accept are not perfect or even totally wrong since my experience and knowledge of the game is still low. So I'd like some older player or GM to make some considerations about or better suggestions if mine are not well on point.

    I agree on the reason behind the suggestions and at the same time I agree that a server too hardcore can't have any appeal nowadays. That's probably because metin became a game appreciated mostly by players that started playing it 10 years ago (when the metin's population was very young) and now still like it but, after a decade, they became older, they made a family and/or got a job and have only a few hours per day to spend. Or probably just beacuse people changed. Or both.

    That said, I guess that the pvm system, wich i really appreciate (and I usually don't like pvm), could be a bit more "progressive" in terms of rewards per pvm level contents. The idea should be, in my opinion, that the more you character grows up the better it should farm.

    For example, I had the feeling that lvl 100 is a way better pvm spot that 115. In fact, at lvl 115 a player can only have a better armour but: 1. he looses much of the drop of the very profitable beta maps (for example, from the lvl 105 metins - the only ones from beta maps that keep dropping something - a lvl 115 character has a way worse drop than a lvl 100, or at least that's what I noticed); 2. he doesn't gain any profitable content that's not already opened to lvl 100 players. I also see many of the people that I know that prefer to remain at lvl 100-105 because it's not worth to level up: that's, imo, a bit weird and could be slightley changed to make the leveling up process more usefull in pvm too.

    Obviously no criticism, just an exchange of points of view.

    *Hide sash option, or even if you could add some more sash costumes with different styles

    I agree on every suggestion, expecially thsi one: I would really love to hide that big baldachin I carry on my shoulders but also having more aesthetic options could be cool in case there is something better than the actual ones.

    I really love the new costumes and I hope these will be permanent (since now there is a specific spot tu put them) or, at least, you'll leave them into the 30 days ones so we could buy them again in future! :hail:

    +1 and I would also suggest to remove some other "boring steps" of some dungeons wich don't prove any character's strenght or player's ability but are just a (boring) waste or time with repetitive actions wich, in my opinion, don't fit perfectly with my idea of a dungeon that should be more dynamic than normal farming. Specifically, I would suggest to:

    - reduce the eggs HP in the plagued run;

    - increase che chances to break an ice cube in the ice run;

    - .....

    That's just a suggestion from my small experience with the few dungeons I've tried (for example I guess that orc maze and hell run are ok as they are) but maybe there could be more "boring steps" to be slightly adjusted.

    Imo it would be nice because such changes, without changing the dungeon's cooldowns, won't make the run easier (but only less boring) and won't make it possible to farm it more often so it won't reduce the rewards value.

    2. It's a bit annoying but doens't bother me much , would make it to easy to get good liquids

    I wouldn't really remove tiers, lowest of value and duration if anything.

    I didn't understand your position exaclty guys but I suggested that change because I guess that preparing a good pvp character is already an hard and long process, also considering that over liquids you need a lot of "temporary stuff" (refill alchemy, refill sockets, use dragon god attack, pendants and palms). If at least getting decent liquids was a bit easier, removing the useless ones, maybe the players would not be afraid to waste them renouncing to join daily fights and so they will be motivated to play pvp more often and not only occasionally.

    Hello everybody,

    I didnt get involved in pvp yet because I just (re)started but one day I will. I had the feeling that in this server (like in all the "hardcore" servers I played) there is a huge obstacle to the players who wanna join pvp wich is called pushes: pushes are very expensive, expecially liquids, and players very often renounce to join pvp not to waste many yang for a battle that might even lasts a few minuts only. I guess that a small rework of the potion making system would benefit everybody and make the pvp happen much more often.

    In my idea the pushes system could be realized in 3 steps:

    1. increase the drop of the flowers (for example make it with 10 flowers stack);

    2. remove the worst liquids (lower than 10 minuts liquids and lower than "tier 3" liquids - I mean 30-50 ap/ 8%-12%/etc);

    3. make it easier to create potions: David could ask all the items needed to create a specific liquid even without create the "prodromal potions" to make it (for example David could ask, to create a a Blue liquid, 20 peach Blossom + 20 Jamul + 20 lippia alternatively of Zin water + lippia so we can skip the creations of smaller potions to make the big one).

    What do you think guys? I hope no criticism will come out from this suggestion since I've not even a personal interest suggesting this (I'm still behind the pvp scene) but I tought such update would improve the quality of life of the players and the pvp itself.

    That's a nice idea, +1, we used to have this event on sg many years ago and I still have good memories and some videos of it!

    I would also suggest to:

    1. check the partecipants before starting the event: for example, if at least 4 guilds join it will be done, otherwise it will be canceled (this for each level range cathegory like budokan);

    2. provide to all the subscribers to the event some rewards, smaller to the last ones and proportionally bigger to higher position ones at least to grant everybody to pay back the pushes waste;

    3. make the rules clear about what can be used and what can't.