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  • PaliPali

    pfft shoo

  • EmyEmy

    Forum Lottery should be posted on Tary's wall not here on shoutbox

  • PaliPali

    03 17 25 38 49 + 04 06

  • Jinxie

    So Tary.. Any news ? xd about anniversary event or anything

  • EmyEmy

    2018 anni event was on 5oc to 14th oct so it will be around oct i think

  • EmyEmy

    Anniversary event i think yes ofc why not oo

  • Hiumi

    Will we have any event for anniversary?

  • Legano

    If you need a challenge try s1. Not full of players but lots of fun

  • vertical

    guys how can i play server 2?

  • Thoreau

    Is anyone playing S1 or it's pretty over of S1?

  • JohnWickTR

    How long does maintenance take?

  • wlochatybobr

    hi got problem with patcher, just downloaded it from home page, and it freeze at 0.3% and exits. Any ideas what can be wrong? I've already exit antyvirus

  • Hiumi

    Celebiee did u evolve it? Do u have armed/military horsr?

  • Celebiee

    hey, when can i attack from my mount ?

  • Hiumi

    Desired sit and wait xD

  • SiiiXxHD

    Buy Stone of Evasion +6 pm me ingame or here...Ingame: SiiiXx

  • SiiiXxHD

    SONYKK's Shopbox? Is the person online? PM

  • Degmond

    You will have to suggest them

  • Desired

    Waiting for the same update like in server 2.

  • cpt00

    Iron plate +9 price ?

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    3) Profile Pictures and Signatures

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    • Avoiding the ban from infractions, (for example 1.1) may lead to a permanent ban from the forums.
    • Members may have their ingame account/s suspended or permanently banned based on their actions on the forum or any other associated service. this includes but is not limited to every related account by IP or Email.

    Metin2 SG reserves the right to complete and amend these rules and to make judgement in special cases that are not covered by the current rules.