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    would be nice to have this option just like we can hide costumes. i dont think its very hard to implement such a thing so would appreciate it if you could bring this on the big update that we have been waiting for so long. good day everyone <3

    We go back to the same issues that players of this server don't want any changes that make their work "less valuable" even if that work is 10 years old.


    we already stated many times that we would embrace any changes to keep the server alive. do not insult our intelligence by repeating the same sentence all the time

    you are right we cried so much when you made big changes but turned out the changes made the server better. apologies from my side because i was one of them who bitched about it but learned from mistakes and trying to advise stuff for the sake of server

    however, with all due respect i do not get what you want to do. you actually like the idea but dont want to deal with some abusers? or you would delete/change some items but dont want to deal with complains? then what you want to do?

    i dont know if you are glad with the amount of active players but in my opinion this server deserves many more players and bringing stuff for high end levels wont bring new players since they still need months to reach it. thats all i want to point

    let it be the highest lv char the player has? ofc there might be exceptions like a 62 farmer stayed on that lv and kept exping the buffer and it reached 80 but still using that char as a buffer only. i guess thats not something you cant deal with to catch if someone abusing the rule

    back then what actually bothered people was all dungeons being ip blocked but since we are talking about extra invade dungeons for only the relevant level main players that wouldnt bother anyone. they can still farm whatever they want but only cant interfere these public dungeons.

    if we want the server in a better shape we must take actions. you have my word i will not cry when i wont be able to join those public dungeons made for lower lvls. you can ignore the pathetic complains if you believe a system like this would fit the server

    thanks bbazzy for your nice post. and also to all who shared their opinion about it.

    so we all know our server is not some kind of easy private server that you make pvp items in 1 day. noone would want it also. but it is now very well known that high lv pvp players would embrace any change to improve pvp situation as prometheus stated.

    the idea was to give a clue to pvmers who think that they have to nolife the server to have fun in pvp. it takes so much time to be a top pvp player but much less time to take a role in the pvp. even some examples of items were given in the thread. i hope we broke the prejudice that you need the best items and full mythic super class dss to have fun in pvp.

    i also believe we gave a clue to the staff that there are actually too many people that want to pvp but hesitate to start it and for a reason. why? because the only relevant pvp seems to be the top lvls and they get bored trying to reach there

    now you can think of something that will make pvmers to go pvp. for those who farm valley/desert/flameland/forests. im talking about some kind of pvp+pvm run which gives farmers really good rewards but also making them have to pvp. imagine a public orc maze run every 2h just like ochao. only 30-60lv main players allowed. and now imagine a group of friends just started the server. how funny would that be for them?

    we have a dungeon for every lvl range so that sounds perfect in theory. a system that prepares players to the top lvl pvp. a system that doesnt make players quit after a while. details are up to staff

    updates like meley or zodiac only entertains 20-30 people in this sv. but that thing will bring fun to all. also will bring new players to the server

    totally understand how you feel when you face that toxic behaviour of other players.

    ofc you will be hunted at first. i remember when i joined pvp we lost some wars just because i died too many times than i should because the other kingdom was focussing me a lot. but my guild always embraced me and gave me motivation to improve. i know every high lv pvp player wants more action in game so i truly believe they would do something to encourage new players to join pvp.

    the thing is if many pvm players join pvp the situation will change. if a kingdom has 10 top guys and 1 new guy enters he will be the bait but if 10 not so strong players fight alongside with 10 top guys there will be a fun war cuz it will be hard to focus the weaker guys.

    the pvp is actually easier than it seems. you can look at legendary rarity and 5/5 perfect stated items and think wow thats waste of life to work for it. but you dont really need to have perfect items. you dont have to deal huge dmg also. if you join pvp and you convince one of your friend to join pvp you will deal maybe the half dmg of a top guy together with your friend but it will really improve your gametime and also the situation of pvp. i believe this way we can change things

    Hey guys,

    wanted to open a thread to talk about pvp in our server. many suggestions have been made lately and some of them are already implemented so it shows to me that the staff cares about pvp and they can take actions quickly.

    i want to point another dimension now. the real issue imo is the number of pvp players. no matter how perfectly you balance the pvp there are only a few people who are doing pvp and it is not ok.

    80% of the nation wars are empty. only 2-3 guys joining lv120 budokan category and all the other categories are just empty. raids are happening maybe once a month. people dont really fight in ochao unless they see a high chance to win it. mid/high-mid guys never do pvp in towns they just farm and farm all the time.

    we clearly need fresh blood in pvp.

    i opened this thread for those who are currently pvm but interested in pvp. if they please to share reasons why they dont do pvp we might fix it and change their minds. what makes them farm to be perfect in pvm only and not pvp? if it takes to make the game easier i would embrace this decision as a high lv player because current situation is very boring and i want it to be changed.

    any comments and ideas especially from pvm players are welcomed. feel free to share your opinion

    the case is usually you start a server and you see how it is. you dont really make plans like ''i will play this sv 2 years'' but you see where the server will carry you. because an average metin player who i met at 'any other' servers likes to pvp and likes to act like a 'douche'. maybe the staff should brainstorm ''how can we motivate players to stay at this server?'' a mid level player has nothing to do than farming and ofc it becomes boring which makes the players quit. imo this has to be changed

    Casuals play PvM.

    Trihards play PvP.

    No matter the suggested changes, there will always be some really old players that will be against any change that belittles the time they put into the game. This is the major flaw of metin2. Any brand new player doesn't care about PvP. They join only for PvE.

    completely wrong. metin is a pvp game, you can even pvp at lv35 for a metin stone but you can also leave it and search another one. i used to fight for hours for the big v3 room or lemures spot, i could choose to leave it and farm at a smaller spot but it doesnt sound like 'playing metin' to me.

    i mean thanks for sharing your opinion anyway but better dont speak for other people who are ready to do anything for more pvp or the newcomers who enjoys fighting with other players even for a map2 stone.

    *Euro Cup is coming so i'm guessing we will have these costumes from the event. maybe make them perma as ramadan/halloween/xmas costumes and we can wear it over our bonussed costumes, cuz after all these ones have only 10 mov speed which is not needed at all

    *Well done with the camera setting remembers everytime we open a new client but this one goes back to 'Dense' so will also be nice to have it on Fog setting

    *S leadership, polymorph, mining

    *Hide sash option, or even if you could add some more sash costumes with different styles

    *Adding new reset/change costume bonus scrolls to general store with double the chances but triple or quadruple the cost so we would spend the same or even more amount of gold but less time on it

    thanks for the event, it feels good to have it. however i must state that many people were so happy to see ramadan event in sg but they are disappointed after seeing the drops. i just wanted to voice those who doesnt have a forum acc but felt really underappreciated especially if you compare it to the other big events


    i know you value the pvp events and you would want them to be in their finest shape.

    we share similar opinions that map1 pvp and pvp events are different things and the difference is set by the rules.

    lets remove every ''honorless crap method'' from nation war just like in budokan because these things such as flag and loach only exist to 'stop' pvping. with the same right logic we removed mounts from nw and we are having better wars now so lets make it even better than this