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    Hi, I often do not comment on the topic regarding PVP and the state of the NW, because I just find it pointless and a total waste of time, and most of the threads regarding these things (just like that one - [CHANGE] Put rules in Nation War) just ends up in a clusterfuck, which results in most cases nothing more than a hate.

    Since X years, besides couple of changes that were made to the rules/mechanics of NW and the PVP overall, there was no significant improvement to the gameplay, that would encourage New/mid or even old pvm farmers to take a look at the PVP competition. Sadly, most of the problems comes from many Top players, that refuse to accept new changes, that would make them vulnerable but in the same time would improve the state of the PVP. Literally the same people who are mad and sad about the lack of the competition, just make the same threads all over again, and instead of making a good sugestions they prefere to flame and blame each other which is fucking ridiculous (just look at the many of the previous threads regarding PVP. This thread will turn into bullshit as well probably).

    Anyway, from my perspective there are 3 main problems, that players who want to pariticipate in the pvp must face and changers are needed:

    1) You must have a good pvp gear.

    Well to participate and to have at least little fun, you need to have a good gear. Considering that most of the top players have X sets of gear, Mythic alchemy and S skills, a new player that join with a shitty/decent gear and P skills will be instantly obliterated. There is nothing bad in losing to a better geared players, but dying 15 times in the timespan of 30 seconds without doing any dmg, because your skills and attacks are doing literally nothing and then getting blame and death threads for "feeding" isn't fun either I guess. All the new pvp players need is a Chance. Skill resistance need to be adjusted, at least for NW. If it's possible make a cap, that you can only have 65/70% skill res in the NW and the excess of it turn into something pvp related, so the players that have 90%+ skill res won't be hurt that much. In that case, players with decent gear and P skills could be usefull in some sort of way, but probably many players won't agree to that, coz it will make them vulnerable.

    Also a new feature in NW would be good, some sort of like "Marked" system. Every X second, one of the players in each team is "Marked", they deal 10/15% more damage, receive 10/15% less damage but when they die, they're worth x3/4 points. In that way, people would focus not only the weak players, but the strong ones as well.

    2) Mentality

    As stated above in my post, and by some other people in this/other comment sections. The PVP is mostly a community thing. Made by players, for players. But mostly Top players literally shit on each other for the past X years in every way possible, also blaming new players or telling them to leave the fight if one want to try it out and then sending them stupid shit (death threads e.g.) if they lose (and I'm not talking about the banter). Then you proceed to make a threads that PVP is dogshit and something has to change. And like that, you're just running in a circles for the past X years. Well, where in the fuck is logic in that? With that mentality you do not deserve anything better, new players won't join (as it is right now) and NW + PVP overall will stay dead as it is right now.

    3) Time and progressing

    Well, considering that there are many better MMO's with more populated pvp that you can play, and pvp is achievable in a more pleasant way that requires less time, people tend to stick to them. If PVP is taken here as an endgame and the final goal, it would be good to speed up the progress towards it a little bit. I'm not talking about some huge changes, but for example remaking sacrifice quest. E.g. It could give you an upgrade materials for the PVP items in a small amout. Also Main quests' rewards could be changed. Rewards for the latest quests are bad and most players just don't do them. Instead of things like "curse book", "red/blue/white pearls", "unknown talisman" they could give you some useful PVP items with rarity or good upgrade materials. Since you can do them only 1 time it wouldn't be much of an abuse.

    To close things out. I Think it's just another pointless thread that will fill with hatred and nothing will change. Some people' mentality will stay as it is, and because of that and refusal to improve things, even though when they may render them more vulnerable, I doubt anything will be better regarding that matter. You can make million threads about the improving/suggestions but nothing will improve when you won't do a shit.

    Take care

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    I will just say the same thing that I posted in the discord yesterday. Shopsearch is working fine and it works as it supposed to. The one of the main features it provides, is to filter items by the price so people can save so much time buying X item, which is the best part of it.

    Undercutting is and WAS the part of this and every MMO game even before the shopsearch feature. In the case of metin, people were doing it via call chat, so stating that shopsearch is the main problem of the price drop is just dumb. I see no problem with people reopening the shopbox every X minutes or Xh and undercutting the prices by a minimal value just to have a better spot at a shopsearch. If that person is putting more effort in keeping his place at the top of the list, he deserves it. Also I do not see the problem with "hyperfarmers" that sell items in stacks for a lower price, yet again they put an effort into farming.

    I don't really understand the "thing" that some people have put yesterday and today that "I don't have time for reopening/checking the market prices every Xh or farming for xh but I should be equal to the others that put more effort into that matter" - No motherfucker, you don't deserve that. Why would some people, who are not willing/have less time to put any effort into that matter be equal to the people, that spend much more time in that case? It's a basic logic, and I really don't know what's that hard to understand. If people who put an X item for a "basic" price, leave it for "3-4" days as some have said that and expect it to not be undercut, are either dumb or delusional. As most of us know, many factors are included into the price of an item, so constantly checking the market as a seller is a must if you want to sell X item, otheriwse you'll get fucked, because people make prices and they're changing all the time.

    Also blaming their own incompetence onto the shopsearch is just something else.Changing shopsearch or removing it will change nothing, undercutting will still be a thing, just people will take more time to scroll for the items with the lowest price. The funniest thing is that, most of those pple who were/are complaining, haven't seen the problem when they were the one buying the items via shopsearch, but right now when they want to sell shit, well all of the sudden there is one.

    Now let me point out some things that some of you have written:

    well, in real life u won't search in 100 shops to get a bottle of watter with 10 cents cheaper because u don't have a list that shows u the cheapest thing on market, right`?

    Ehm, have you ever bought anything from the online shop or just normal shop?

    On every site there is a filter where you can literally sort items by price, or printed advertisement that are used by the shops. So yeah, there are a "list" like that. Also by your logic, you want to tell us, that when you bought any of the items in your house like TV/Fridge/Monitor/washer etc. you didn't look for the best offer, you just went to the first shop and bought on instant?

    this only benefit people that can spend most of their time playing and changing their shop's price or people that already can afford not selling stuff for a longer period of time. For us, as beginners that can't play a lot it's pretty bad and unpleasent when u can't sell somethnig for 3-4 days.

    Well, I just explained things in my post.

    Let's keep it simple, u still have the search shop but it only shows u the shops that contains the respective item. This way, people who can afford ain't gonna look through 200 shops to buy the cheapest item, but would go for something with the average price so the market stays constant. If u are keeping it this way, u will have the option to search 30 minutes for a 50k cheaper item, or just dont waste time and buy at an average price and it's working good for both beginners and poeple who played a long time

    So you want us to waste 30 more minutes on searching the shops if we want to buy X item for the best price, when right now we have an option to buy X item in like couple of seconds? As I've stated earlier, most people use shopsearch to buy X items for the cheapest price in the fastest way possible.

    the only change related to the sorting i would consider would be when multiple people enter the same value for an item, the same valued items would be ordered by shopbox time left while maintaining the ascending order

    Ye, it may be a good thing.

    If moonlight is too generous we can reduce the duration to 12 hours instead of 24.

    I don't think it's a good idea, because there are many ppl that live in a different timezones or have a weird schedules (especially after the recent immigration), so it would be "wack" unless you set it to the hours that will fit for most of the players.

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    Idea is good, but the problem starts with bonuses. I don't think people want more skill res in PVP. "Strong against bosses/metins" is pointless, when you combine it with the idea of changing required level for all belts to 50. In that case soul crystal belt would be still the only option for pvm, because it gives both dmg vs metins and bosses, thereby leaving them useless. "Gems" sound fine as long as they will be balanced.