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    Hello all! Merry xmas & Happy new year

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    emy banned from the server ?

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    Server ON !! gogogo <3 <3 <3 <3

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    server on ?

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    Same here, even the website/forum has several connection timeouts!

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    Could not request for download (URL/ ErrorCode 12029( , this is error from patcher :(

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    Pacther don't work !

  • L0lu

    Patcher is fucked for now and forum is dead as well.

  • L0lu

    Yo, there are some problems with the server right now. Ppl are getting disconnected when using teleportation, can't log in to the game

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    Guy, Forum Lottery is back! Send me your combination for this week!

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    haha hello pingu pingu

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    The server has been rebot from corona :))))

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    server is on , go go :D

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    server on ?

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    Hi, there is a bug with the Inventory Expansion feature. If you have an item that requires 2/3 slots, It can be put in the inventory with 1 lock unlocked, "using" only 1 slot and therefore bypassing other locked locks, as you can see in the screenshots.

    Even though I don't like this market shitshow and it is good to make people aware of it, in that case I agree with Elspeth . People make prices and everyone can put an item for whatever the price they want, that is how market works. It is not illegal or against the rules. No one forces you to buy that particular item but if you do, it is your fault for not paying attention to the prices. The biggest problem in this situation is flawed "search system" not the players who use it to "trick" other people. You can call that people out, but they don't deserve to be banned. The best solution for that problem is to repair the "search system" feature and to pay more attention to the prices instead of buying blindly the first thing that is listed at top.

    Hello. I get this message "sorry your system does not support 3d graphics please check your hardware and system cofigeration then tru agine". The computer is definitely working. drivers are good. rx590 win10 intel 4770k any idea?

    Can you post the ss of your config settings?

    Btw. Are you sure, your drivers are fine? The most common solutions are either to reinstal the game or to reinstall graphic's driver from the official site. In the first place I would recommend You to download client/folder with game from anyone that have it patched like in this link Problem Patcher download. If the problem will still exist, reinstallation of the graphic's driver from the official site should help. Many ppl had the same problem, and they claimed that the drivers were fine as well, but after the reinstallation of the drivers from the official site problem was solved.


    How we suppose , for a low level char to get some alechmy ? With this failure , from full box ... i got only 2 for CUT .. that`s not ok ... in my opinion .

    Well, It's the same thing as it is with upgrading the items, you need to be lucky and patient. As It is said above, It was supposed to be an "endgame thing", so if you want a good stone, you either need to buy it or just be lucky with the upgrading. Besides metins which contains Cor Draconis, there are mobs that have noticeable higher chance of dropping specific ones.

    Ok, we got some funny and happy things from Emy, some sad things from 100pcentTSK, so It's my time to give something else. Well, love also may be toxic, so I focused around that and valentine's day theme and combined it with the server's things that are happening or happened and made a poem called "Toxic Love". Hope you'll enjoy it.

    "Toxic Love"

    You cunt who crash from time to time,

    You bitch who fucks up DT run.

    You slut whose bugs always last,

    I hope that these days will finally pass.

    Now morons, whose cry all we can hear,

    With your contribution... just please disappear.

    Go for a tissues to your lovely mom,

    Coz I heard you can't even make your partner cum.

    Warriors have that mighty belt,

    But their weapon's just like a smelt

    Ninjas are hiding, dying last,

    Too bad sometimes They're just too fast ^^

    Mages use charm like a spell,

    Sadly they can't later perform well

    Suras with their godly fist,

    Which many women can not resist.

    They hit hard, leaving welt,

    Sure that can make a girl's heart melt

    Don't mind slurs in every rhyme,

    But You should know, with all of you I have a better time.

    Please don't look at me from above,

    It's just me and my Toxic Love.

    I mean, the reason for all of that is pretty obvious and some of you have already said that. They put a lot of effort into the new server, promoting it and trying to stabilize it. Yes, some of You may feel that this one seems to be "forgotten" a little bit, but there are a reasons behind it. Also It's worth to mention that SG staff have their own personal life and things to do, especially in the last 2 months, which were preparation for the christmas, New Year's Eve and family stuff. Combining it all with the new server thingy and this one is hell of a task. Im sure that they will "recompensate" for this in one way or another, but also you need to look at it from their point of view. Not to mention that all that work and sacrifice will benefit both servers. So either you can still brag about the same thing over and over again or just wait a little bit more time, to let things ease and see official statement.

    Hi everyone, after I've checked the e-mail box yesterday, I noticed an e-mail from the "SG2 Global" and the new server announcement which interested and confused me a little bit. I noticed that there is a new site for this one (which looks almost the same but isn't merged with this one). Anyway, I tried to find any topic here in the "Annoucments" and "Dev's diary" section that would relate to this case but I didn't see any. So Can some1 tell me, what is going on with this thing? Is this server going down and You are creating the new one, are they merging in some way or just there are 2 servers now which are not related to each other?

    Sincerely L0lu

    but if it's like this, it would be easier move some items from high lvl char and just go and kill pple around stealing the drop ... good ideea xD

    Who said anything about gearing up and hunting for 1 guy, if you have time for a such dumb things, go on then. Anyway If ppl had equipment good enough, they would've defended "their" spots from him. There is nothing against the rule that you've attached. He just beats up most of you and taking the loot that he fought for, if any of you can't handle this, just leave the spot or try to fight him back.

    i`m talking here about ks and steal items (even on pvp mode ) i didnt mention any name, you did.

    Neither did I, you just mentioned in your first post some "1 player who does ks on pvp mode and steal drop" and I've related to that post :)

    i`m not getting angry about what he's doing, since i dont farm flame anymore( nodrop ), (i was ksed by him 2 times on lvl 105 metins)

    Well if you're "not getting angry about what he's doing" but instead of that you're "talking here about ks and steal items (even on pvp mode )", then tell us why in the fuck your first post is in 80% about some "1 rude player" and why in the heck you've attached the rule which regards to " behaviour that goes far beyond the limit of the normal pvp and borderds on the limit of abuse" and to punishing people?

    Long time ago, there was a rule which was saying something like that "You can't steal other's player metin stones unless you're in the Free mode". This rule was removed in some patch I think, but it didn't change much, coz stronger players would just hit the Free mode and overwhelm the rest anyway. Reporting/banning this guy would be a nonsense, because he did nothing against the rules, if you want to punish him, you just need to be stronger then him.

    Hi, I want to sell this PVP necklace. If you're interested, please submit your offer in the comment section below or PM me either on forum or in the game.

    Starting price: 6 won

    Autowin: 11 won

    In game nickname: L0lu