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  • Technologic

    u can drop 50% spirit blessing on highlvl

  • Levioh

    Sorry my bad :crazy:

  • deathpool

    50% stones? never saw one

  • Vyenna

    Lv 85 and 90 metin stones always had 6% chance to drop red changer, nothing is changed

  • kamicolo

    forum lotery, fishinf extravaganza?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Nothing was nerfed

  • Levioh

    actually drop rates from level 90 metins got reduced to 6% instead of 7

  • PrometheusX

    50% stones were a thing for a long time, you get the blessing from Erebus boss; not sure about red changer drop rate nerfs, doubt it tbh

  • Levioh

    random 50% stones coming out of nowhere , red changer drop rates nerfed , those changes are fine for me , but can we have a list of them?

  • Levioh

    can we have a patch notes for the changes that are in place?

  • Snipas

    Shadow can you check the post about atkspeed and mov speed? cause due to the rarity stats + combo of % green potss + the one es from moonligh everyone can get 200 atk speed +

  • KuzeyReich

    Onyekuru - sonkuzeyli pm me

  • Annonyum

    Dark, it might still take some time for the results to show up.

  • Dark

    hey i cant find the fishing extravaganza post from yesterday ...

  • mfker

    all gone

  • Deathawaits

    they are pvm stats so yes

  • deathpool

    Still today Idk if fire resistance, lightning and so on are useful somewhere

  • Snipas

    May i sugest, some items become stackble? like Blood Pills xD

  • Shop5000

    Finaly those pvp stats were removed thanks :thumbsup:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As every change, some will love it, some will hate it ;)

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    we have also a mining event.

    and the average players (noobs in my eyes) who dont have mariage, should make it. we did it too so why change something for newbies?

    this server is childreneasy since 2 years. why you still want simplyfication.

    Read, what I've responded to the Vyenna's post. "we have also a mining event." Yes I've also written about it in the first post, did you even read that?

    When you read mining books just think how many times it fails lol, I noticed it when mining on my alternate character with low lvl mining skill and pickax+0 I have more success than mining with my main character got better pickax and higher lvl skill. It does not make sense :P

    Well if that is real, It just confirms that mining system should be rebalanced/changed.

    First of all, you should not look for a particular vein, just go for any white gold, diamond, ebony or heaven veins you find, with two married chars. Then, make sure those chars have both P mining and Pickax+3 or higher. It is the best way to gather some few thousand ores in few hours.

    As to give you one example, I have 2 chars, mage and farmer, both with P mining, pick+5 and pick+3 and the amount of ores I collect during mining event is 2400+ in 60 minutes, with a max of 3k ores. Of course, if I go to look for veins on maps, I will probably end up with less than 2k ores in 60 minutes. And since both are above lv 90, I can also get soul crystal ores from Thunder or the other maps where it spawns those veins.

    The refining of these ores has a bit of a problem in my view since most of the time half of your ores fail the process. You have to be quite lucky to get more than 60% refined products from the ores you refine. (I know is 60% chance to refine, not an overall 60% of all the ores, for those who might argue with me)

    To conclude, mining doesn't need a change, you have to get it P and higher + on Pickax.

    Ye, maybe It is good for some1 who has "2 chars married, mining on P and the Pickaxe upgraded on +3-5" but as I said the problem occurs in general. Have you ever thought about the "average" player who's not married nor have pickaxe +3-5 and mining on P (sure as first thing most of the ppl would spend money for the mining manuals and the hermits only to get that skill on P, while there are more useful usege of that ;)) or You just considered Yourself and couple folks that you know, which are in/near the endgame and have resources to do that? The problem is that mining is not balanced and is too random, players with no/low/medium skill and eq for mining will get very little profit considering their effort and time put into that thing.

    Hi, during my adaventure with mining i have some conclusions about it. The mining should be buffed in general, the ammount of veins spawned at some maps are too low (I experienced 2-3 veins in starting locations, and 2-4 on the other areas like sahara/ice mountain), I need to add, that often they are the veins which we don't need/want and there is a chance of failure during the mining. So for exapmle we can spend like 30min. - 1h looking for the vein we desire and when we'll finally find it, there may be a situation that we get low ammount of ore from it, so either our only choice is to looking for some veins for a long time or just rely on the "Vein spawn" event which is every 2 weeks. In my opinion spawn rate increase of the veins would be good (especially the ones which are commonly used by the players) and change in the "success/failure" system. Will be happy to know Yours oppinions about that case guys, so please take part in the discussion.

    Kind regards,


    This is a good idea for making a new itemshop item. There may be a detailed window for selecting the items to pick up with "z" key, which is activated only after buying it from the itemshop. In this way it would be a really good choice for farmers and a new earning point for TEC Interactive. I will write a detailed topic about my idea in near future.

    This would be the most fuked up thing to do. Mechanical changes/upgrades should be implemented for everyone, coz it affects everyone, not only farmers.

    Hi, there is a problem with the teleportation ring. After you close the shop/trade window and you'll try to use it, it goes on 3 min. cd without doing its function. Is there any way to fix it? This issue is here for far too long :D

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to change/update description "upgrade chance" at guild's weaponsmith please? Yesterday i saw that there is no difference between normal and guild smith when i wanted to upgrade one of the items, on both of them the chance was 80%. Don't know if this problem occurs in the others upgrading npc's (jewelry and armor) but It would be a good idea to fix this (unless I don't know about something and everything is fine).

    Sincerely L0lu.

    15-20 is the best way from what I had experienced in the past. In fact if you want an alternative for FMS drop, you should go to the imha with some good gear and start to drop there at lvl 10, you'll get more profit in less time.

    Anyway as by rules, we reward all players who can answer a certain amount of questions correctly and not only when 5 "survives".

    Ye i understand , but like i said none question were asked, we have joined for the second round of OX , we were waiting for more players like always and just like that after 3-5 mins we got rewards for nothing. Anyway i wanted only tell that there is a "bug" or something like that and ty for answer you can close thread.

    Hi , today were 2 bugs on OX event.

    Firstly in second round of OX after 3-5 mins 18 players got reward when no question were asked.

    Secondly like in the screenshot if u will stand there(where is marked red circle) when question is asked and correct answer is X u will get tp'd away from the play ground anyway.
    1 Week ago everything was fine so i dont know it is a bug or something else.