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    Hello there,

    i have a small suggestion for the upcoming Euros(I know we got an awesome event upcoming) or Olympic games.

    The goal of thes Events is beating your opponent or creating new records. I would orientate at this.

    The event should not have a specific duration, i would rather say it should occur on big matches or big decisions.

    The event:

    when the event is on, we need to collect things( I would suggest things with low worth or items with high value) and hand it over to an NPC. The Kingdom which collects the most Items gets a small bonus( for example 10-20% drop).

    The players(for example top 3-5) who gave away most Items should get individual Rewards.

    What do you guys think of this as a kind of a summer event?

    Any improvements? Let me know!



    I just wanted to give the team a quick appreciation. On the one hand i had a lot of Contact with the support when 2FA came up. All my Issues were solved quickly and perfectly.

    On the other hand are the Quality of Life Updates. It really affects my Playstyle in a good way and makes playing more comfortable.

    Thank you for your work with and for the Community..


    Hello Guys,

    since i read something about the Dragon Alchemy, i just had an idea. Since its pretty annoying to upgrade from antique on, i just had the idea that we could use the refinement+ System to help ourselfes upgrade.

    In my opinion it should be hard to make them better, i see this point, but let me put a lot of effort to the improving to increase the chance of succeding.

    We could use a lot of Common Items like Demons Keepsake or demons Gemstones. Or, in my opinion even better, we could collect a List of pretty common items, get them into a list, and for each upgrade we need to use 2-3 random things from that list to keep them in need.

    What do you guys think ?

    Feel free to critizise or tell me what is doable and whats not!


    Helo World,

    I have a few suggestion for the server. Let me hear about it.

    I. Alchemy

    1. Upgrading

    In my opinion, with the new class "mythic" the system Lost a bit sense.

    I would suggest that we need the following to upgrade:

    raw-> cut 5(or 4, i think 4 would be better) Alchemystones

    cut -> rare 3 Alchemystones

    rare -> antique 2 Alchemystones

    antique -> legendary 2 Alchemystones

    legendary -> mythic 1 Stone.

    I think this would be better...

    2. Upgrading Success

    Upgrading is very frustrating. It fails very often. I know its hard to get, but

    why not giving it an upgrade by giving it refinement+? we can give some items

    a new sense!

    II. Lowlevel upstuff

    Why not giving new players the chance to really make some money by having fun

    as in the Orc maze, which is really fun and good to make for new players.

    Adding more stuff like 1 Clam, 1 Fishbone, 3 Spidereyes or such to the Orc Maze boss

    Could reward new players by far more than getting a blessing scroll from the chest!

    III. Storeable Costumes and Skins

    I wont betray myself while giving Stuff to my other chars.

    What do you think bout my ideas?

    Hey guys,

    Recently i Farmed alot to get my Hands on two Odin rings.

    After buying some stuff in the shop with it, I didn't get any mileage points, do you know how to get those mileage points and can I attack with the white lion without having a battle horse?(my low character)


    Hey guys, I'm about to start a new character on this Server.

    I've got 2 questions so far after the game seems good ATM.

    1. How long does it take to get things like a horse? Is there a short period of time between the quests or do I have to wait for a day?

    2. Same question, just for skills. How long do I have to wait between reading skill books?