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    I think it depends on the person. I've been trying to complete my set since March and still haven't been able to. Others are preparing their second set. Considering I did the experiment there, 5x mythic ruby minor is required :)

    The fact that ochao run has 4 channels prevents ochao pvp, but I think that if the drop rate of jotun is more than 5%, the moonstone is cheaper, it will be more suitable for everyone

    I agree with moonstone and SS.

    I decided to play another character I've only made some progress for 1 month

    +8 2 rarity stated pvp armour with 3 res
    +9 5 skill 61 shield faint block demi
    sapphire earrings 3 res 5 demi res
    5 demi class neck +9 with 3 res
    oceanic shoes with 3 4 res (shoes easy to roll)
    100 helmet 5 demi 15 magic + 15 doodge arrow +8
    dss = now legendary dss is very cheap compared to old times
    i think it's cheap.

    Armour and shoes are not hard to roll

    If u have armour and shoes 4res

    U can use for the beginning 3res sapphire earrings and 3res garnet neck

    we wonder why players make all the time pvm and not pvm+pvp and we want to know what we can do to make you do pvp. you dont have to be a perfect char to take your role in pvp. it's easy to make a normal pvp char to join some fights and enjoy the pvp. if many guys join like that, the wars will be much better with too many people and everybody will enjoy it.