PATCH NOTE 01/10/2021

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  • Dear Players,

    i want to present you the patch notes for the patch of xx/xx/xx

    • Adjusted the Drop of All Metins between level 5 - 120
    • Adjusted the Max HP of all Metins
    • Added more Metins to the Sahara Desert
    • Added more Metins to the Fireland
    • Added more Metins to the Ice Mountain
    • Removed some Metins from the Dark Temple
    • Reduced the Spawn time of Metins in Ghost Forest
    • Reduced the Spawn time of Metins in Red Wood Forest
    • Reduced the Spawn time of Metins in New Red Wood Forest
    • Added more Metins to the Dragonfire Cape
    • Added more Metins to the Thunder Mountains
    • Added more Metins to Bay
    • Added more Metins to Dawn
    • Added more Metins to Enchanted Forest
    • Adjusted the drops of "Yamachon, the Firelord"
    • Adjusted the drops of "Nemere, the Icelord"
    • Adjusted the drops of "Jotun Thyrm"
    • "Adjusted the drops of "Ochao Prince"
    • Adjusted the drops of "Strong Ochao Prince"
    • Changed the Spawn Mechanic of the "Ice Witch" to behave like a normal Boss
    • Increased "Ice Witch" Max HP
    • Increased "Ice Witch" Damage
    • Improved "Ice Witch" Drop
    • Added a New Costume thats Unique to the Ice Witch Costume Chest
    • Added a New Sash thats Unique to the Ice Witch Costume Chest
    • Added a New Weapon Set thats Unique to the Ice Witch Costume Chest
    • Nerfed the Damage of the "En-Tai" Monsters on the Enchanted Forest Map
    • Adjusted the Level of Enchanted Forest monsters
    • Changed the Beta Map Metins Levels, formerly 95-105, now all of them are 105
    • Adjusted the Gnoll Archer's damage type from Melee to Ranged
    • Adjusted the Level of Enchanted Forest Metins, formerly 110 and 120, now 115 and 120
    • Adjusted Ochao Run - It is a Private Run now losing the Invade feature and making moonstones more accessible
    • Added a Ticket requirement to Temple of the Ochao
    • With the Adjustion of Ochao run, Enchanted forest now has 4 Channels
    • Adjusted the "Drop Info System" in order to display rates more generically instead of Numbers that are highly irritating as a player can never actually calculate their drop chance to begin with [Too many hidden factors, too much confusion.]
    • Adjusted Dragon Stone Alchemy System - Skipping and Downgrades do not exist anymore. Therefore, "Antique", "Intermediate" and "High" now need 2 of themselves to reach the next level
    • Adjusted the rates of Dragon Stone Alchemy upgrading
    • Adjusted Orc Maze - Drop rate of Lv 30 Weapons lowered, Boss chest improved. Level 30 Weapons from the Boss chest drop with significant Rarity chance increase.
    • Adjusted Plague Run - Ninjas and Mage Buff are not a requirement to finish the run anymore
    • Gold Crucian Carp, Loach and Perch effect were Changed. Due to this Change, all existing ones were deleted.
    • Improved Blue Death Box [Chances to obtain the Blacksmith Diamond improved]
    • Improved Giant Plague Carriers Box
    • Improved Ice Coffin [Ice Witch Chest]
    • Improved King Spider's Box
    • Ancient Tree Chest altered
    • Bagjanamu Chest slightly Improved
    • Improved King Spider's drop
    • Removed Blacksmith Diamond from Hydra's Chest, replaced with Master Compass
    • Added a phasing effect after reviving so you can phase through Monsters
    • Buffed the "Slow" status effect - Now also reduces casting and attack speed
    • Nerfed the "Skill Resist" stat - is generally less effective now.
    • Added a cap to the "Block physical Attack" and "Dodge Arrow" stats of 60% as they are too strong in both PvM and PvP without a cap.
    • Changed the effects of "Gold Crucian Carp" "Loach" and "Perch"
    • Added "Treasued Weapons" Crafting recepice to the "Master" NPC
    • Added "Key of the Arachnids" Crafting recepice to the "Master" NPC
    • Adjusted the Spider Baroness run - It will now not require the questline anymore, instead, you will require a ticket that is craftable at the "Master" NPC.
    • Added Spider Baroness run to the Dungeon Info
    • Exchanged OX Event questions with Metin2 related questions
    • Reworked the Budokan Event Categories
    • Changed the Rewards of "Bronze Certificate" "Silver Certificate" "Golden Certificate" and "Hero's Certificate"
    • Updated the Mystery Box
    • Fixed a bug which caused the DSS Wheel to be always active and grant the bonus regardless of which DSS are equipped
    • Quest Potion (Bound version) is now stackable
    • Key of the Arachnids is now Stackable
    • Mythic Cor Draconis are now stackable
    • Premium Pack EXP rings are now stackable
    • Spirit Blessing [Both, 50% and 80%] are now stackable and tradeable
    • Rarity Adder and Changer are now Stackable [Rarity Adder remains unobtainable though.]
    • Bear & Panda Chest are now Stackable
    • All Costumes & Hairstyles should now be sellable to NPC vendors in order to make the refunding process easier
    • Replaced the Bound Inventory Expansion ingame with the normal version, also made the bound version trade/vendorable
    • Adjusted a lot of other Items, Quest Rewards are now sellable to vendors in order to make sure you can get rid of them if you have no need for them
    • Adjusted Invisibility & Stealth. Buffs and Sparkles will not be visible anymore, even after mounting or teleporting untill you are visible again.
    • Added a Yang Hide option into the Game Options.
    • Adjusted the Moonlight Chests [S/M/L] and replaced the "trash" drops with their value in gold, essentially keeping the chest rewards the same but less annoying to open.
    • Adjusted "Coffer of Wisdom" [OX Event Rewards]
    • Added a function to adjust your personal view distance for shop names
    • Added a function to completely make all shops invisible

    The New Shop System!

    In Co-operation with the Developer Ikarus we are proud to present our new and unique shop system!

    The Features? Lets go!

    • A completely new and improved Shopsearch
    • A Completely new design
    • An Auction feature! Put up your Items for Auction
    • Bidding on live sales
    • Live editing of shops [Adjusting Prices, Adding or Removing items from open shops
    • A List of shops which will list all shops
    • Open them from anywhere! You can open your shop whereever, it will automatically put a copy of your shop in all 3 Map1 locations in all 4 Channels
    • A list of offers! - You can check wether or not anyone bid on the items in your shop and decide wether you want to accept or decline those.
    • A Shop history! - Displays what you bought/sold
    • Search Patterns - here you can save your common searches and autofill the search system with them.
    • An Auction list - Lists all Auctions
  • My first impressions:

    I love the new shop system, it's brilliant. Now, it still has some issues, as it can't list in item search own items put on sale or leadership books but is doing a great job.

    Drop on lv 105 metins have some sort of randomness. Not bad and as far as I could tell changers/soul stones have pretty much same drop rate. Doesn't seem to me there are more metins in Cape, tho.

    I suppose drops in runs will also look more random, been to ice run only twice so it is early to say more. I assume it is now better to be higher lv.

    I was expecting more of a nerf on enchanted forest mobs and/or more metins. But I do like the lv increase in those mobs and in metins.

    I'll be adding more once i see more of it.

  • Enchanted Forest Monsters are on my Radar, i nerfed them by a decent chunk but we also nerfed Skill resist, so that factors in on the.. healers? or was it the druids?

    One of which anyhow. Might need to nerf that specific mob a little further.

    As for the fact that you can't see your own items in the Search, that is completely intended. Would kinda suck if you just randomly start buying your own stuff, wouldn't it?

  • Enchanted Forest Monsters are on my Radar, i nerfed them by a decent chunk but we also nerfed Skill resist, so that factors in on the.. healers? or was it the druids?

    One of which anyhow. Might need to nerf that specific mob a little further.

    Druids are the problem.

    I didnt feel any difference with before the update, when a decent amount of them appear, I need to run in the same way.

    And returns scrolls and teleport with buffer are not working.

  • Druids, as skill res helps against their dmg. Healers are way weaker and close combat mobs seems to have their dmg halved so no problem from any of them.

    I want to add I believe there is need for better drops on metins in order to craft the rarity ores. Otherwise players won't be able to get their S skills in decent effort.

  • I did some low lv farm with a lv 35 sura, I killed some lv 55 metins for 2 hrs in the Ice Mountain. On my 1400 dmg on metin I assume this is what any beginner can do. I got like 30 green changers from it and some rarity ores. Hermits/Exo scrolls and certificates don't seem to drop at all.

    On the other hand, I killed for 2 hrs metins in the Enchanted Forest. I have average gear, used all sort of boosters and alchemy, top dmg 25k, only got 16 changers. Now, I assume I kill a lv 120 metin faster than I do the lv 55 with lv 35 sura. For now I can say we kill the metins in the forest only to show that we can. There is no upper edge from killing them - not more changers, not more soul stones, not more rings/gloves. I want to say the demand in resources on lv 120 is way higher than what a beginner might ever need.

    And one more thing, what purpose does the 60 mins cooldown on orc maze serve now? It is not like its drops will change the world, it should have 15 mins or none at all.

  • While the update shows dedication I think the drop issue has to be address. The main goal was to make people level up but from farming on lvl90+ maps now the drops/time ratio is are not okay. The glove/exp ring rate decreased by a lot and not all of us have the time/people to do runs to get other items in order to farm.

    Right now there is little to farm and make money on the lvl90 maps.

    Changers are going for low prices, soul stones is a good way but since I also want to get S skills its counter productive to sell what I have.

    Exp rings/gloves was the items to farm. There is no motivation in getting lvl 90+ only to drop a stone+2 and skillbook from a lvl 105 metin.

    Solo dungeons are also lacking a good time/drop ratio but thats another issue.

    I like the new shop system tho.

  • when it comes to metins/dungeons effects it's too early to tell what's actually happening, the changes haven't taken full effect in the economy yet since people tend to hoard items.

    right now what im seeing is prices slowly reverting into what they were before the drop rate formula update and that's a pretty good thing

  • I like this update so far.

    Imo i tested all of the new changes for quite some time so i could talk about it after having experienced it first hand.

    I can say that there are only 3 things bothering me.

    But most of the stuff is pretty nice.

    1. I really like the new shopsystem. We can finally search for heavens tear and soulcrystal gems that fit in our sockets :). But there still are some minor problems (qol stuff) that you guys already said youll update later on (like saving prices and rescrolling after buying a item). So a very positive point overall.

    2. Metin drops: many players crying about reduced drops but from my experience farming multiple hours on beta maps the switcher/adder drop aswell as the soulstone drop are pretty similar compared to before.

    I still drop around 30 switcher/hour like i did pre patch.

    The only drops that are lacking are exp/gloves. The drop can be nerfed a bit but that was a little too much.

    If you double the current droprate it should be fine again.

    Im not unhappy that you reduced the rarity drops either tbh since dropping a legendary should really mean something to the players.

    Farming 4 legendarys per hour was a bit of an overkill. (rarity ore dropped so much that it wasnt worth anything - even with the S skills necessity).

    I also like the higher density of metins and the faster spawn times, and that you made other maps 'farmable'.

    Also nerfing temple and lowlvl farming a bit was a good choice so players dont stay lv 62 for ever but considering lvling up.

    3. DSS - the best and similarly the worst change.

    Postive things first:

    I really like that i dont need to farm the bosses every hour to even have a chance to complete a mythic wheel.

    The reduced core drop chance was a really nice step in the right direction.

    Also requiring 2 antiques for 1 legendarys was really good since this further nerfs the need to farm the bosses.

    Its very fine now like it is.

    You are about as quick upgrading dss by farming bosses as you are farming runs - very nice.


    Upgrading clarity grades like it is implemented right now didnt help anybody in any way.

    If you wanna rebalance your game so new players can catch up easier and you know dss is so important in lategame you should make it easier and not harder.

    I will explain it here with an example:

    Pre-patch i upgraded 3 minors to 1 lowclass and 2 lowclass to one intermediate. Then i upgraded my 1 intermediate to high and if it succeded it was nice otherwise it broke down either to a lowclass or a minor.

    If it went up to high i upgraded the high to super or it broke down to a clarity before (mostly lowclass).

    You guys updated it so if it breaks, 1 of the dss doesnt go down anymore.

    But i need 2 intermediate and 2 highclass for the respective upgrades now instead of the one prepatch.

    So lets say i manage to upgrade 2 intermediate stones and wanna try going highclass.

    My upgrade fails so i end up with 1 intermediate left. The other stone is completely destroyed now.

    If i wanna go for another upgrade to highclass try i have to craft anoter second intermediate right from the beginning.

    Pre patch if my 1 intermediate that i was trying to upgrade to high broke, it went back to lowclass and i just needed another lowclass(or minor in worst case) to try to get to intermediate again and try to upgrade that to high

    While now i have to craft another full intermediate from beginning again.

    The exact same principle applies to highclass to superclass upgrading aswell, which means i need sooooo many more stones in total to craft a superclass.

    In a perfect world pre patch i needed 6 minors to craft a superclass.

    In a perfect world after patch i need 24 minors for 1 superclass.

    This system would be acceptable if atleast the successrate would have been increased by a very very big amount. But from my experience i have to say it only changed by a small little amount.

    Increasing the successrate by really really REALLY much is the only fix that could safe this current system.

    Imaginary example:

    Lets say we life in a perfect world and someone upgrades mythic rubys which are currently worth around 6w ish.

    24*6 is 146w.

    Which would be pretty fair imo, but as we all know we dont life in this dream world.

    So lets say you are guaranteed to upgrade 100% from minor to intermediate everytime (which doesnt even happen nearly 50%) but your inter->high fails 3 times in a row(3 new inter = 18 new minors to buy) then your high->super upgrade fails 2 times and the third time it goes superclass (even if after the first superclass try failure forward every inter to high succeeds 100% [which will likely never happen] we still need 36 new minors for 3 new highs).

    So thats a total of 78 minors and i was very very fair to the rates which in reality are way worse (especially since i used 100% minor to inter here).

    I beg an admin to go on an old build testserver and try to upgrade like 20 superclass mythics. Calculate the avg. minors needed for each superclass.

    Then go to our live build right now and do the same. Compare your results you will see that at the current state we need way more dss - like a huge amount more.

    Sure you drop legendarys/mythics now from runs but i would say an avg bossfarmer pre update made legendarys faster then you make them now with doing runs.

    But the upgrade process is way too hard now.

    I deep dived into the dss topic a bit too much, but thats imo the major problem of this update.

    Sure its totally understandable that you cant get everything right the first time, but im afraid without feedback from someone like me that complains or tries to show the mistake nothing will happen - so i just write to get some cloud so an admin can look into this problem.

  • The current DSS rates matches the bonus they give. Some players wants higher success and asked us to remove the Wheel bonus. Which imo is fair. What is not fair is having the strongest set in the game completed in few dungeon runs, which is exactly what would happen if the clarity chance gets doubled.

    Since some players apparently care for the new players, another solution is to completly delete the system and redone it with proper drop rate, proper upgrade chance and proper level for the stones, so that a level 30 can't equip a mythic stone. While deleting it may seem an extreme move, remember that if you care for real about new players, there is no better solution for lowering the gap with them.