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    It seems that you are tunneling hard on the fact that you enjoy farming metin stones the most. Different players different playstyle. But even you have to understand that different maps are made for different lvl areas. The 90 maps unfortunatly are the last map which are meant for hardcore farming stones, ever since the 95 have been untouched by increace of metin spawn rate. In my opinion the "90 maps" are for lvl 90-99. as the name says. Maybe instead of asking to change the lvl of the metin stones there you should ask or better suggest a way to fix the "missing" metinstone farming spots for lvl 105+. For example you could ask for a revamp of the 110/120 stones. Then maybe an enchanted forest 2 which is bigger and has more of these new stones? But instead you say you want your current farming spot to get even better....seems selfish since you "take away" this spot from new lvl 90 players with your lvl 110.

    WTF! than u can enter theses map in lvl 90 dont say than its only usefull for 90-99...bosses are 103-107 lvl and metins 95 and lvl 105 (maybe they have to change to theses maps will be usefull to 90-105 exp, drop, farm etc... You can enter Enchated forest in lvl 95 and u can farm this map until lvl 120 xD and not im not farming metins the most. But When i need some changers or rare changers my drop suck hardcore. This is like if i say now why they changed Nemere and Razador to lvl 120 if u got alot of farmers EVERYONE GOT FARMERS! . IT was a good change for everyone so do it.. what is the problem why you have to comments randoms things. You want a better server for everyone but when the changes are good for everyone u are not agreed. Kind of hipocrisy

    I have like 3 o 4 accounts under lvl 95 but the question is why i cant play with my mains in diff situations, why i cant earn in some hours 1-2%exp farming metins? why if i lvl up my main to 110the character is complety useless but for run THAT IS THE QUESTION metin are lv105 they must give good drop coz -10lvls diff. Maybe u can front have 3 or 4 accounts with equip and package coz no lifer but no the rest you and you guys only want runs or everthing for urself. MELEY IS OKEY COZ U GOT PERFECT DSS and EQUIP FROM 8 years ago but think in the new or ppl than is farming rightnow their dss and making equip.

    You last comment show what ridiculus u are, 105 farming green changer, no bro lvl 110/105 is farming 105 metins to dont get nothing :)

    what it boils down to is that the average reward/gain is very disproportionate to the difficulty and entry cost of the run

    The suggestion doesn't sound bad tbh.

    Alternatively the weighting on the box drops can be changed. From what I've seen the chance to get an accessory is 75% and 25% for everything else.

    But u can play with ur friend/guild :)

    i think we dont need deal 25k dmg on metins with all theses customes we need something to play with friends and guild Nemere/hell/nemere/hell/nemere/hell too boring

    Hello! This is 16-08-2020 NW event, enjoy!

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    1vs9 xD