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  • Gilgamesh

    accept tp ty

  • EmyEmy

    Omg true all guildless also me xd I thought u guys were trolling

  • [GA]Elspeth

    We are aware of the problem and will take care of it, thanks.

  • GoldSteal

    On Map1 Guilds are deleted. On other Maps Guild are normal

  • Puhi

    Nevermind sorry, guild problems solved when I relog 10times xD

  • Puhi

    Am I the only one , who's guild has been totally annihilated?

  • DonALmo

    i thought my internet shit xD

  • severina

    same problems

  • skuss


  • Nick21

    am I the only one who cant log in? D:

  • Ghazal

    when will be dm?

  • [GA]Elspeth

    Mostly to prevent people from spamming TP Rings left and right

  • GodOfPaint

    hmm maybe because you need to invest money to make a automated system for it ?

  • Degmond

    How is making it automatic related to increasing the price? Am curious :/

  • EmyEmy

    I am not overreacting but u were the one who kept on spamming, to accept your tps!

  • Gilgamesh

    Stop Overreacting Emy theyr not online in the game even 10h a day

  • EmyEmy

    But they cant work 25/8

  • Gilgamesh

    let them do their work if theyr gm's no ?

  • EmyEmy

    If i was a gm i would never accept your tp

  • Gilgamesh

    ok thanks for answering now maybe accept them ?

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