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    Stop finally crying for any changes which doesn’t suits u. Did anyone was complaining who already had mythic superclass and said it’s unfair bcs I spend more time and invested more? No so stop finally living in ur own world, this argument is low and doesn’t help the subject

    If I as a player am not allowed to post my personal opinion to this topic, what is this forum even good for?

    In my last post I just considered the consequences of this change, weighted the pros and cons up from a general point of view and came to the conclusion that a change like this would harm the server economics, wealth distribution and thus the server health in general.

    If you have another opinion — that's okay — just post it.

    But don't shame me for having another opinion than you and call my argument "low" without any constructive criticism why its "low".

    This action was not only ignorant, but it has also shown your state of mind and how you act in an argumentation.

    People like you will never change and i won't waste any more time and nerves on you.

    I will ignore any further posts regarding this topic since I made my point here.

    Have a nice day.

    Still dont know why they should change anything.

    Soulstones will get cheaper if you just wait till more high value players have their skill up.

    S skills are an endgame accomplishment and making tickets cheaper would kill lowlvl play by a lot since they really rely on soulstones high prices.

    So it really would be counter productive to change the amount needed for tickets not only for the top players that would reach their skills sooner and then continue the routine of only logging in sundays for nation war and then log off for another 7 days, but also for lowlvls that farm metins trying to make money of ss that they drop.

    Also it would be unfair for all people that invested their soulstones already in tickets/s skills. Since the team is working on a new server i dont think they will/should change this mechanic here.

    maybe I'm wrong, but you didn't understand the message of this thread.

    Maybe im wrong aswell since i think you didnt got what i tryed to express.

    Maybe i drifted off from the main topic a bit but you should be able to see what i wanted to say.

    The thread started about lowering the entry barrier to participate in pvp to get more people involved in it and then went towards the point to ease up the catch up mechanics so people have it easier to compete with 'old' players.

    I think i explained my point pretty accurate in my last post so refer to that.

    After spending like 30 minutes reading this thread i have to throw my towel in here aswell.

    First of all i wanna say as far as i can relate the forumnames to players ingame most of the posts came from players that play here for a long time and dont have the pov of 'new' average players.

    I would describe myself as middleclass player around lv 100 that played with many (long) breaks over the last 3 years.

    I play active (0-6 hours a day) again since 5-months-ish mainly pvm but also a little bit pvp.

    When i came back to the game 5 months ago my account and gear were at the state of a '3 month old active newcomer'.

    Like poison+9 45ish avg, sces with 5avg and minor legendary dss.

    Meanwhile 5 Months later i have legendary dss (mainly superclass like ruby, diamond, garnet... but also highclass pieces like jade, onyx) which i farmed for during my last 5 months. Im also working on my 3rd S skill at the moment.

    After reading all your complaints i dont know what your guys problems are.

    In my opinion there needs to be a noticable gap in pvp comparing a 9 month old player vs a 12 year old player.

    Since the top players are (nearly) maxxed out and its hard or even impossible for them to get upgrades you just catch up by farming, upgrading and improving since your speed in improving your char, gear or anything is way faster then theirs.

    I mean we are all playing a grind game, dont we?

    If you want a balanced game that only depends on skill go and play esport - you are totally wrong in this game.

    I dont want to play a game where any newcomer after 3months is on the same itemlevel as a 5year old player.

    If it would be like that there would not be any old players that keep this server running.

    I totally 'feel' some top players here.

    I dont have any mythic dss or all s skills but a nerf or to ease the game up is the worst thing to do here.

    This long time goals are what keeps people motivated to farm towards and stay on the server after they accomplished something 'so hard'.

    Players that have left because of that gap would have left anyway, because they are crybabys.

    They would have just complaint over the next thing that doenst fit in their world.

    New people will eventually catch up with the top players maybe not tomorrow but maybe in some months or hell even 1-2 years and its perfect that way.

    If you make the catch up mechanic easier people will have everything fast, play 2 weeks once maxxed out and then leave the game since they played through it and the server will die eventually.

    Look at any pserver that tryed that.

    If you wanna make a second server sure do it but leave the old server as it is for us grind greedy players that are the main target group of the metin2 game.


    (wrote on smartphone excuse any errors)

    Please leave it as it is. Metin 2 SG got so easy over the last years. Alchemy and Supreme skills are the last bit that isnt so easy too achieve and where many players keep themselves motivated to work towards.

    Please dont soften up one of the last mechanics in the game that need some time and effort.

    Agree, but thats also means they have to increase players inventory won limit of 98w to 998w which is long overdue.

    No more trust or middleman deals would help so much.

    Please implement!

    Sorry if my answer seems arrogant but i just see it from an economic perspective.

    If this goes through, we nerfed yet another 15-20kk gold item to 1kk.

    Also polys get crafted mainly from lowlvl players and some rely on that money they make of selling them.

    If we add few more changes like this nothing will be worth anything.

    It is just not healthy for the game to make everything easier.

    Want to buy Poison Sword +0 - +9 with 52-55avg in 1-5 boni slot.

    Can have 8avg in rarity slot but doesnt matter if rarity rolls are crap.

    Can have SS+6 but doesnt matter if it has stones.

    PM me in Forum with your Poison Sword stats and your asking price or leave a comment and i will message you.

    If you forget to acticate skills or forget to change equipment its your own fault and the wasted poly is well deserved so you dont forget it next time.

    Since there is no run that requires poly, and every run is doable without poly im pretty interested in which runs you use polys for?

    Imo i dont think they should change the poly system since they are already really cheap and making them 3x useable would make them worthless on market (which they nearly already are)

    If you want more poly time just read polymorph skill books. If you die using poly get better gear.

    Also you could abuse the reuse system because you can refresh aura/berserk 3 times with one poly.

    Nice site really like it! I guess this would helped me a lot a few years ago.

    Hope you are aware that you could host it on AWS for free (as far as i remember 1 core and 500mb ram with some storage and enough traffic is free there).

    A Domain usually costs 5$ ish a year and a ssl certificate is nowadays free with letsencrypt.

    Would make the whole thing would look more professional at all :).

    Why in gods name would somebody want to kill a mechanic that just saves you time?

    It makes no sence for the majority of players that dont sell overpriced goods.

    It would just look dumb for new players aswell.

    The only mindfull change would be a tickbox that lists the items in gold per item instead of absolute value.

    For example 10 soulstones for 8kk total would be listed before 1 soulstone 880k.

    Any other change to shopsearch would just destroy the meaning of the entire system.