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    1. i think making +3/4 stones useable is a nice idea, but i dont think in the way you described it here. But yea they should find a way.

    2. i didnt understand anything

    3. S skills are so easy already and Soulstones are 500k each now?

    Why kill the game for lower lvls completely and make rarity ore cheap af aswell?

    The bosses are pretty fine as they are imo.

    It really depens on the rarity bonuses. Just bcs an item is legendary doesnt mean its good. If you drop a bracelet with 8 restore SP and 20 magic attack for example its legendary but still crap for pvm.

    And buying items with perfect legendary rarity is really expensive, so i wouldnt recommend investing in them at the beginning. Aim for items that have 1 perfect ( = most helpful) rarity bonus instead of two for the beginning (atleast if you buy them).

    To pick up the example from above: better get a bracelet with 8 restore hp + 1 crap rarity since that will help you way more then 2 max crap raritys.

    Or farm metins, bosses, do fishing, play the marketgame, look for a guild/group to do meley (or other stuff), make a farmer to do literally everything or just complain about that 3 dungeons arent enough.

    What did you even mean to tell us?

    I could not understand 99% of this post.

    All I could understand was that you play here for a long time.

    Thanks for info anyway.

    Dss system got way better (after the scnd patch). Beta bosses are still nice to farm but are not the main source of dss like it was before.

    Farming Beta bosses is not manditory as it was before but is a nice addition.

    Thats exactly how it should be.

    Same goes for metins, and the rate from metins is alrdy pretty low. I dont think nerfing the dropchance anymore is necessary.

    Since they made many parts of the game much more accessible and easier to reach (S-skills, dss and better droprates overall) with last weeks patch (which was the right move imo) i dont see the necessity to further going in that direction for now.

    First of all i wanna thank you for reading my long post and repliying to it so fast.

    What is not fair is having the strongest set in the game completed in few dungeon runs, which is exactly what would happen if the clarity chance gets doubled.

    I agree with your major point.

    A mythic wheel is one of the biggest accomplishments ingame and it should be really hard to get it - i totally agree and support that opinion.

    So if we would get it in a "few runs", it would not only harm the economy of the dss market but also would piss off most of the high tier players that have already overcome the hurdle.

    I myself really have no problem farming a few hundered hours only for dss if i see a nice progress while upgrading it.

    But i dont think this will be the case with the current rates.

    I give you a little fictive example again :) :

    A player does 1000 hellruns.

    An average hellrun takes 15-20 mins - lets say 20mins for now since it has a cooldown aswell.

    The player drops 1,25 legendary cors per run avg.

    That would be 1250 legendary cors in 333 hours pure "in run" playtime.

    He opens the legendary cors - there are 6 different kinds - so he gets 1250/6=208 legendarys of each kind average.

    In my opinion farming 333 hours (pure farming time) should atleast give you the chance of trying to upgrade 1 superclass mythic. It can fail but atleast you should be able to have a try...

    I beg you to go on the current live build (= the current server)

    Just take 30mins of your time.

    Get yourself 208 legendary rubys (you sure have the magic admin wizard skills to do this).

    Try to craft a mythic ruby superclass from those 208 legendarys.

    See how far you get.

    Keep in mind that a 'normal' player that has a real life with work and family really cant do more than 4 runs per day avg.

    So the 1000 runs from this example would cost this fictive player 250 days so nearly a year of time.

    As i stated before:

    The dss system as its implemented right now is way harder than before.

    Its fine that dss take a long time but this update went a bit to far with it.

    Please go and test the dss upgrading yourself ingame now.

    It just takes you few mins, but maybe it can influence your oppinion regarding this topic a bit.

    The current DSS rates matches the bonus they give.

    Sorry but i didnt understand what this should even mean.

    Can you explain it maybe a bit further?

    Also excuse my bad english :).

    I hope you really try the stuff i wrote ingame.


    I like this update so far.

    Imo i tested all of the new changes for quite some time so i could talk about it after having experienced it first hand.

    I can say that there are only 3 things bothering me.

    But most of the stuff is pretty nice.

    1. I really like the new shopsystem. We can finally search for heavens tear and soulcrystal gems that fit in our sockets :). But there still are some minor problems (qol stuff) that you guys already said youll update later on (like saving prices and rescrolling after buying a item). So a very positive point overall.

    2. Metin drops: many players crying about reduced drops but from my experience farming multiple hours on beta maps the switcher/adder drop aswell as the soulstone drop are pretty similar compared to before.

    I still drop around 30 switcher/hour like i did pre patch.

    The only drops that are lacking are exp/gloves. The drop can be nerfed a bit but that was a little too much.

    If you double the current droprate it should be fine again.

    Im not unhappy that you reduced the rarity drops either tbh since dropping a legendary should really mean something to the players.

    Farming 4 legendarys per hour was a bit of an overkill. (rarity ore dropped so much that it wasnt worth anything - even with the S skills necessity).

    I also like the higher density of metins and the faster spawn times, and that you made other maps 'farmable'.

    Also nerfing temple and lowlvl farming a bit was a good choice so players dont stay lv 62 for ever but considering lvling up.

    3. DSS - the best and similarly the worst change.

    Postive things first:

    I really like that i dont need to farm the bosses every hour to even have a chance to complete a mythic wheel.

    The reduced core drop chance was a really nice step in the right direction.

    Also requiring 2 antiques for 1 legendarys was really good since this further nerfs the need to farm the bosses.

    Its very fine now like it is.

    You are about as quick upgrading dss by farming bosses as you are farming runs - very nice.


    Upgrading clarity grades like it is implemented right now didnt help anybody in any way.

    If you wanna rebalance your game so new players can catch up easier and you know dss is so important in lategame you should make it easier and not harder.

    I will explain it here with an example:

    Pre-patch i upgraded 3 minors to 1 lowclass and 2 lowclass to one intermediate. Then i upgraded my 1 intermediate to high and if it succeded it was nice otherwise it broke down either to a lowclass or a minor.

    If it went up to high i upgraded the high to super or it broke down to a clarity before (mostly lowclass).

    You guys updated it so if it breaks, 1 of the dss doesnt go down anymore.

    But i need 2 intermediate and 2 highclass for the respective upgrades now instead of the one prepatch.

    So lets say i manage to upgrade 2 intermediate stones and wanna try going highclass.

    My upgrade fails so i end up with 1 intermediate left. The other stone is completely destroyed now.

    If i wanna go for another upgrade to highclass try i have to craft anoter second intermediate right from the beginning.

    Pre patch if my 1 intermediate that i was trying to upgrade to high broke, it went back to lowclass and i just needed another lowclass(or minor in worst case) to try to get to intermediate again and try to upgrade that to high

    While now i have to craft another full intermediate from beginning again.

    The exact same principle applies to highclass to superclass upgrading aswell, which means i need sooooo many more stones in total to craft a superclass.

    In a perfect world pre patch i needed 6 minors to craft a superclass.

    In a perfect world after patch i need 24 minors for 1 superclass.

    This system would be acceptable if atleast the successrate would have been increased by a very very big amount. But from my experience i have to say it only changed by a small little amount.

    Increasing the successrate by really really REALLY much is the only fix that could safe this current system.

    Imaginary example:

    Lets say we life in a perfect world and someone upgrades mythic rubys which are currently worth around 6w ish.

    24*6 is 146w.

    Which would be pretty fair imo, but as we all know we dont life in this dream world.

    So lets say you are guaranteed to upgrade 100% from minor to intermediate everytime (which doesnt even happen nearly 50%) but your inter->high fails 3 times in a row(3 new inter = 18 new minors to buy) then your high->super upgrade fails 2 times and the third time it goes superclass (even if after the first superclass try failure forward every inter to high succeeds 100% [which will likely never happen] we still need 36 new minors for 3 new highs).

    So thats a total of 78 minors and i was very very fair to the rates which in reality are way worse (especially since i used 100% minor to inter here).

    I beg an admin to go on an old build testserver and try to upgrade like 20 superclass mythics. Calculate the avg. minors needed for each superclass.

    Then go to our live build right now and do the same. Compare your results you will see that at the current state we need way more dss - like a huge amount more.

    Sure you drop legendarys/mythics now from runs but i would say an avg bossfarmer pre update made legendarys faster then you make them now with doing runs.

    But the upgrade process is way too hard now.

    I deep dived into the dss topic a bit too much, but thats imo the major problem of this update.

    Sure its totally understandable that you cant get everything right the first time, but im afraid without feedback from someone like me that complains or tries to show the mistake nothing will happen - so i just write to get some cloud so an admin can look into this problem.

    Stop finally crying for any changes which doesn’t suits u. Did anyone was complaining who already had mythic superclass and said it’s unfair bcs I spend more time and invested more? No so stop finally living in ur own world, this argument is low and doesn’t help the subject

    If I as a player am not allowed to post my personal opinion to this topic, what is this forum even good for?

    In my last post I just considered the consequences of this change, weighted the pros and cons up from a general point of view and came to the conclusion that a change like this would harm the server economics, wealth distribution and thus the server health in general.

    If you have another opinion — that's okay — just post it.

    But don't shame me for having another opinion than you and call my argument "low" without any constructive criticism why its "low".

    This action was not only ignorant, but it has also shown your state of mind and how you act in an argumentation.

    People like you will never change and i won't waste any more time and nerves on you.

    I will ignore any further posts regarding this topic since I made my point here.

    Have a nice day.

    Still dont know why they should change anything.

    Soulstones will get cheaper if you just wait till more high value players have their skill up.

    S skills are an endgame accomplishment and making tickets cheaper would kill lowlvl play by a lot since they really rely on soulstones high prices.

    So it really would be counter productive to change the amount needed for tickets not only for the top players that would reach their skills sooner and then continue the routine of only logging in sundays for nation war and then log off for another 7 days, but also for lowlvls that farm metins trying to make money of ss that they drop.

    Also it would be unfair for all people that invested their soulstones already in tickets/s skills. Since the team is working on a new server i dont think they will/should change this mechanic here.

    maybe I'm wrong, but you didn't understand the message of this thread.

    Maybe im wrong aswell since i think you didnt got what i tryed to express.

    Maybe i drifted off from the main topic a bit but you should be able to see what i wanted to say.

    The thread started about lowering the entry barrier to participate in pvp to get more people involved in it and then went towards the point to ease up the catch up mechanics so people have it easier to compete with 'old' players.

    I think i explained my point pretty accurate in my last post so refer to that.

    After spending like 30 minutes reading this thread i have to throw my towel in here aswell.

    First of all i wanna say as far as i can relate the forumnames to players ingame most of the posts came from players that play here for a long time and dont have the pov of 'new' average players.

    I would describe myself as middleclass player around lv 100 that played with many (long) breaks over the last 3 years.

    I play active (0-6 hours a day) again since 5-months-ish mainly pvm but also a little bit pvp.

    When i came back to the game 5 months ago my account and gear were at the state of a '3 month old active newcomer'.

    Like poison+9 45ish avg, sces with 5avg and minor legendary dss.

    Meanwhile 5 Months later i have legendary dss (mainly superclass like ruby, diamond, garnet... but also highclass pieces like jade, onyx) which i farmed for during my last 5 months. Im also working on my 3rd S skill at the moment.

    After reading all your complaints i dont know what your guys problems are.

    In my opinion there needs to be a noticable gap in pvp comparing a 9 month old player vs a 12 year old player.

    Since the top players are (nearly) maxxed out and its hard or even impossible for them to get upgrades you just catch up by farming, upgrading and improving since your speed in improving your char, gear or anything is way faster then theirs.

    I mean we are all playing a grind game, dont we?

    If you want a balanced game that only depends on skill go and play esport - you are totally wrong in this game.

    I dont want to play a game where any newcomer after 3months is on the same itemlevel as a 5year old player.

    If it would be like that there would not be any old players that keep this server running.

    I totally 'feel' some top players here.

    I dont have any mythic dss or all s skills but a nerf or to ease the game up is the worst thing to do here.

    This long time goals are what keeps people motivated to farm towards and stay on the server after they accomplished something 'so hard'.

    Players that have left because of that gap would have left anyway, because they are crybabys.

    They would have just complaint over the next thing that doenst fit in their world.

    New people will eventually catch up with the top players maybe not tomorrow but maybe in some months or hell even 1-2 years and its perfect that way.

    If you make the catch up mechanic easier people will have everything fast, play 2 weeks once maxxed out and then leave the game since they played through it and the server will die eventually.

    Look at any pserver that tryed that.

    If you wanna make a second server sure do it but leave the old server as it is for us grind greedy players that are the main target group of the metin2 game.


    (wrote on smartphone excuse any errors)

    Please leave it as it is. Metin 2 SG got so easy over the last years. Alchemy and Supreme skills are the last bit that isnt so easy too achieve and where many players keep themselves motivated to work towards.

    Please dont soften up one of the last mechanics in the game that need some time and effort.

    Agree, but thats also means they have to increase players inventory won limit of 98w to 998w which is long overdue.

    No more trust or middleman deals would help so much.

    Please implement!