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  • Crantz

    Ok, thanks

  • [GA]Shadow

    Giants are earth monsters

  • Crantz

    What bonuses are good in the Land of Giants?

  • EmyEmy

    Enemies of the heir, Beware!

  • Palita

    they're cheap and abundant atm, sounds like perfect time for it

  • Crantz

    Should I use master compass from +7? poison sword

  • EmyEmy

    ty for thinking bout this shadow <3

  • [GA]Shadow

    Is hidden by design, we don't want it to be in the way when you are arranging you inventory.

  • react

    diury X( ;(

  • EmyEmy

    omg diury just press f5 on your keyboard lol

  • Diury

    Can you add it next ot the inventory liek the belt inventory?

  • Diury

    Yes but the sidebar is hidden behind inventory

  • [GA]Shadow

    Sidebar was added on F5

  • EmyEmy

    wow ty was super fast i was missing it already xd

  • Gzanu

    something new added ?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Gzanu

    sv on >

  • Paximus

    Do you have an eta on server reboot?

  • Theknight

    ok thnx

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    Merriam-webster's online dictionary, Cambridge, etc. Pick your poison. Nevertheless, what is up for question is not the definition but the ingame action that is occurring and you have already answered with a possible solution.

    It's a 15 year old game indeed but for me it was the first time seeing an exploited timed item believe it or not.

    Literally the dictionary says Scam = to deceive. But yes whatever floats your boat. Obviously I do agree with you that it's not your job to babysit the players and of course you have to read but sometimes when you are playing a game you are not paying full attention. After all games are usually played to relax (at least for me).

    Regarding the changes i believe that the second one would solve this issue.

    why should he be punished if thats what he wants to sell it at? Again im not disagreeing, its very very shitty but when you put rules such as your suggestion, its not a free market and thus unfair.

    Because it's with the intent to scam people. There's a difference between a free lawless market and a free regulated market. I am suggesting for the latter. This is no different from people who would put small amounts of gold and 1+ won to trick people into buying their stuff and that got fixed.

    Just because it is free it doesn't mean it has to be without regulations.

    while i agree its very wrong and shitty for them to do this, its a free market and they can price their items whateever they want. If you buy something like that its because you didnt think twice before buying. Make sure you check every aspect of whatever you are buying.

    No, it's not a matter of price it's a matter of exploiting the system and scamming people who think they are buying an item with full duration when it's just 1 min of it left. This is toxic behaviour and shitty attitude that can actually be prevented with reports and screenshots like mine in the first post.

    Hey everyone, since the market system has been around there have been people who abuse and find new ways of abusing the system. I think it's time to start punishing people who actively do this and seek to harm other players' gameplay in the process.

    My suggestion is that with screenshots like this (attached to my thread) we can report them in order to make the market place a cleaner pleace. While I understand that we have to be careful and pay attention these types of sales have only 1 end, and that is to scam people.

    I like this idea but will this be possible? How will that work if there is another party right behind yours? Will the floor accomodate 2 different parties? I'm not sure how DT works but i thought that once you reach a certain floor or when you DC the Metin spawns.