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    It would be nice to receive a notification when we receive an offer for an item we are selling. Sometimes I see the offers I receive after days because I am not someone who always looks at that tab. I am sure that the other players do not see the offers I send, or they see it much later.

    My suggestion is that we receive a PM when we receive an offer, or that the offer part is flashing in a different color, etc. Thus, the trade is made in a shorter time on behalf of both the seller and the buyer. :beer:

    Aiming for the best at the beginning is not good tbh. You don't have to make the perfect gear, I mean with full legendary items with pvm bonuses; even if you want to do it, you can't. For example, if you are playing warrior, 5-8 avg. dmg. ebony earrings would be a perfect fit. Or if you are sura, golden earrings with 5-8 avg. dmg. rarity bonus would be great too.

    Hey welcome back,

    Actually, the first thing you need to do is simple and there are dozens of guides on this in the forum. To simply reiterate, do all the game missions up to level 30, farm map2 for a certain period of time, and farm "valley" after making some good bonuses on your gear. Then as you accumulate money (you can sell green changer, soul stone, etc.), buy 30 avg+ 30lvl weapon. My personal recommendation is that if you're going to play surra or warrior, at least don't go to high levels without doing Perfect the aos or enchanted blade.

    Once you've upgraded your items a bit, you can make the Orc Maze. Orc Stubbornness, which can be dropped from slots and boss in the maze, is currently selling for around 5-6kk each. Maze turned into a very profitable dungeon.

    So, it is hard to understand what do you mean but i think you are talking about SG stuff and how self-centered they are. And you're doing this for a test like "let's see if they will ban me after writing this". :D

    My suggestion to you is not to take this game so seriously, as you said. Even if you open this topic in the forum and write 2-3 paragraphs, it contradicts what you wrote :D

    Hey welcome back :)

    Fishing is a good way of making money these days. I suggest you sell the minnows you catch for 3kk and then buy one of the +6 fishing rods in the market if you don't have it yet(they are usually 25-35kk). This will increase the number of fish you can catch and will give you fishing points faster.

    Coming to the second question, of course, it is possible for you to earn much more money as your level rises. After all, the goal in this game is to reach the highest level and kill the highest level metins and bosses :D Therefore, I recommend you to level up slowly without being too hasty.

    Have fun.


    As it is clearly written in the title, instead of looking for rarity bonuses one by one while searching for items, we can achieve much faster and more effective results if there is a feature like "search by rarity". Simply, we will choose which rarity bonuses the item we are looking for has, and shop search will list us the items with the rarity bonuses we selected.

    Sounds good. However, it is important to find the balance in between. Because there are people who spend a long time to make +20 fishing rods, and since this game has the logic of so much time = so much reward (like all mmos :D), I think it's good to be careful.

    However, it can bring a nice variety to the game, as in the Official server.