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    wtb fms+9

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    works now!

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    gamefoge ddos sg :D

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    Krypt3D +1 , I cant log in neither.

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    server down ?

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    hey guys

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    80kb download speed nice :D

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    Server on

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    @[GA]Shadow , check my post about Red dragon blessing and Bless of aqua dragon crafts, if you think it didnt get much atention, please close it. Thank you.


    what is ramadan event?

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    When is the PvM king event??

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    No worries, it’s your smallest problem

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    im gay

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    What the server is off??? What a dark day :fie:

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    time server to be on?

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    same happend to schweiner rinkler

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    The Sacrifice daily quest from the NPC Yang-Shin is no longer available in the NPC menu. Last time i did the quest 24 hrs ago, so I assume it is a bug brought by this patch.

    The things is it should be reverted the pvm bonus the old pets have and added back their old pvp bonus, those with vs class 10% and 1k HP and 1k HP and 8% class res. Back in the day nobody was crazy enough to use green phoenix in pvp.

    Leave the Call chat Global, as it is now after this update. There will always be someone saying something you don't like, learn to ignore and move on.

    Besides, in a few days you will get used with the new chat and will no longer be a problem following the lines.

    The only way this can be viable is with the only guild war that reduces the difference between players, the siege arena. Otherwise Paradox, HowHigh, ZeroGravity and Asian will compete alone for a very long time xD

    S thunder bolt does aoe dmg, faints multiple targets in the area of effect. Lightning claw on the other hand only states in the description the ability to hit multiple targets in chain reaction, it only hits one target.

    MoonStone for MP is the only acceptable solution. Under no circumstances for TP because high lv players are very good at making gold, they will buy all the odins and next time the price will go through the roof. There is no sense to punish low lv players for something only high lv players need.

    I'm having an issue as well, it is 3rd time that is happening. I get dc on teleport (this time was from erebus to hell) and I cannot connect Vyenna into the game. It appears the loading screen and insta dc. Now, i have made a ticket about it and i was told not to log in for 10 mins as this will empty the player.cache and solve it on its own. Well, this is not much of a help.

    I have tested few of the poly marbles in the new system. In terms of moving speed, attack speed and crafting cost the crimson spider seems to be probably the best. The damage loss is quite huge, some 6-10k but having access to a good marble is not so bad afterall. The 5 extra minutes are also useful at P, since we kill one Nemere, 2x Yamachon and one Bagjanamu with a single poly.

    Maybe those of you who don't like the nerf in damage should try to find a partner to play with.

    It surprises me the little understanding you have for actions players do in SG market. It is your decision what to farm, how much time you want to spend farming and for what price you want to sell your items. Yet you want to filter the shop search, or remove it completely. Or even worse, farm the gold by NPCing unsellable items.

    There is one activity which promises to absorb all the stuff in the market, stabilize the prices and never give anything in return. It is called PvP, and it is done with PvP items players should all build and use to fight. But we all know you ain't going even to think about it.

    EmyEmy , learn to read:

    We will record us completing SG runs

    Also EmyEmy , learn to read:

    Since this is posted in Guides section, feel free to ask for any information you need regarding each run presented.

    What is it EmyEmy , you can be rude towards everyone and it is fine because you don't like rules, but others should not be allowed to? Double standards sounds familiar to you?

    So far the only run available in this section is Hell, there is nothing about any other runs yet. So, do you guys need help completing Hell run or what is it? And please clarify as to why Orc Maze run will be helpful. I would like to know the opinion of a lv 110ish player, when the market is full with lv 30 weapons and the green adders and changers can be farmed easier on metins; believe me when I say there is no fierce competition on those maps.

    Luxuria asked if it is not better to do the run in a way to also get the full drop from Tartaros and Charon. Those mobs have a long list of drops, Do we have to record 455 Catacombs runs until you guys get the idea on how and why to get drops from them? Does the changers market run out of changers and everyone sits on Catacombs run to get one? Stonecraft Book is a drop from Charon, Plagued Carrier Box, Item Mall Lucky Pouch, Devil's Reliquary and if I am not mistaking, Blue Death Box.

    I do Gahnasel with Lv 120 because it is faster and the drop from the Boss have a minimal lv requirement, but not a maximum lv, is the very same thing with drops from V2, V3, DT, HL1, HL2 and cut DSS on lv 90+ maps. We show you how we do the runs, we do not take advice from beginners, because they have the tendency to stumble upon details and can't see the forest because the trees stand in their way.

    Again, and please learn to read, we posted Hell run, no other run is ready yet and we show you how we do runs, not how to get a lv 80 helmet in Catacombs. If you can do the run as fast or faster, congratulations. If you have questions on what to improve, ask in this thread. But keep in mind we are both mages, a class not very renowned for its PvM abilities, even with all the buffs it received.

    Let me help you with the envy you all three manifest: You don't know what we are going to post in here; even more, none of you need the information posted in here. Your claim that you care about players is laughable when all you care is about yourself. So give me a break with cheap excuses like I can't do orc maze with lv 120, because this is not what you all care about.

    We recorded Hell run so far and this is what it is posted in here. Do you have anything to say about this run? Because if not, please save your time and go elswhere.

    Thank you very much for your care!

    First thing: the current run posted is from Hell, nothing about Catacombs in here.

    Second thing: we show you how we do runs as a party lv 100 and 120.

    Third thing: you speak about a changer and a stonecraft book as additional drops in Catacombs, I know you are all about 150% profit from a run.

    The last thing: if you don't like it, skip this post and enjoy others.

    Thank you very much Luxuria

    Pukka and I started a project which will be completed over the course of many months. We will record us completing SG runs and with only a minimal editing (adding background music) these videos will be put here. We are both mages so completing each run takes a bit more than what other classes can achieve. But the end result is the same.


    And thanks for watching!

    Since this is posted in Guides section, feel free to ask for any information you need regarding each run presented.

    At the moment I am writing this post SG2 Global is being merged into SG server, increasing the potential number of players. This move will have a certain impact in the near future and I will try to highlight what will change. So, let's begin:

    1. The server population since the 4th of November - estimation on the number of players and predictions for the future;
    2. Market Situation since the 4th of November - analysis over market evolution and predictions for the future;
    3. Focus points for beginners and advanced players.

    1. The server population since the 4th of November - estimation on the number of players and predictions for the future

    As I said in the previous post, the big changes brought to live server in november increased the server population to 100-120. My biggest surprise came with the incompetent reaction the governments had facing the medical crisis unfolding over the world. I don't think I have seen so many players for so long time in this server. If i were to guess a number, I would say over 300 players were actively playing on SG in the months of lockdown. But with the summer season advancing in northern hemisphere and the easing of restrictions, that number did melt quite fast. Now, some active players from Global have the chance to continue their journey here. So, for a while, we will enjoy again the presence of over 300 players in total, but it is not going to last for ever. Obviously, there are several factors which influence the number of players:

    • interest in playing the game for more than several weeks;
    • interest in developing the characters to reach end-game content;
    • basic knowledge of marketing and economics;
    • the presence of a friendly or hostile community already playing the game;
    • the features of the game and the guarantee of future updates.

    If I take these into account, not everyone who starts playing here will keep playing. The community is not always friendly, especially the dinosaurs and not everyone has the tools and the patience to play here. What are we going to have today will start decreasing in about 3 months and no update will make it better. Mainly, next updates are for high lv players and contain stuff a mid lv player will never need and won't ever use. I don't think there will be another incompetent response from the authorities again so no, we won't have more players.

    2. Market Situation since the 4th of November - analysis over market evolution and predictions for the future

    What most players do is basic farming and upgrading items. Many of them don't intend to lv up and they usually farm the same stuff over and over again. This gets to market saturation and the crash of prices on farmed items. Obviously, most players don't understand somebody has to use what they farm. Getting items is too easy, upgrading is easy, getting perfect stats is again too easy so there are many farmers and not enough players to use the available stuff. The merge will solve this problem for a while, since the new players will need better stones and some new items with new stats. Again, this is only a temporary relief, since we will go back to a market crash in a short time, of 3-6 months the most. Future updates, like Meley and Zodiac won't do it, higher lv items won't do it. Players should lv up and build PvP gear, that will solve the situation but it is not going to happen.

    3. Focus points for beginners and advanced players

    This game, after all its updates, after all its patches, it is still meant to be played over a large period of time. It is easy to get good items, for perfection some effort is needed. All you need is a good understanding of the game and some good items. Over time, as you get higher lv, you will need some farmers because higher you go, there is much more work to do. Farm upgrade materials, store some for later use and put some for sale. Farm poly marbles because they will get you good money, I made a guide about them, use it. Lv up, don't keep the same lv for way too long. Don't forget that somebody has to consume what you farm. Build good and very good items with what you farm, sell the excessive stuff. The server is quite generous with its drops, you should become very good very fast. The PvM aspect is very easy and pushes players to maximize their profit by playing alone. Don't be that type of player, create and maintain a constant team play even if you cut in half your profit.

    I wish you all to have fun, patience and only good luck.

    Kind Regards!


    If players are trying to lv up above 85 (how they got 85 without a good knowledge of the game is a mystery to me) look no further than here. This is the type of gear i use every day for metins, hl1/2 farming, most of the runs we have. I am 115 so I think you should follow my example and build your own gear in the same way.

    There is no value in the rarity system that has been lost after this update. You can very well keep doing both runs and pvp without any change. If you talk about the market value, well, sorry to spoil it for you, but it is completely artificial. You guys want to stay on top and be recognized as such.

    You have a NO from me. If I was against those adders and changers only in the item mall, crafting them is a different feature which I fully support.