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    This idea is supposed to clear the excess items from the market, increase gold circulation, increase the number of active players and fix the server economy regardless of what future updates will bring. Here it is:

    • permanent costumes/skins for sale on NPC shop similar to the Beast Master NPC sale system: skins for items.
    • the costumes should be gender divided.
    • the available costumes/skins should be changed with new ones every month.
    • the amount of items required for the exchange should be decent-high enough.

    Hey guys!

    The time has come I join the path of all the extinct beings on this planet and move away to make room for younger generations of players. I spent eight years guiding some people, annoying others, all for a good reason. I had hope that once I am pretty much done with the items there will be enough to do in the PvP competition. Recent changes killed any chance for PvP to be revived in any viable way.

    Because I have few things left to do, I will be around until the 1st of November, more or less.

    Good luck guys! Just be brilliant!


    I beg to differ on what you two wrote in here, because i play mage and i do have a full set of pvp gear, including superclass wheel mythics and on players who have very good pvp gear i barely do any damage. What the game lacks is more pvp players, not a balance that won't do anything because there aren't any players to pvp. Anyway, my post is me admitting the pvp has no future in our server and it is time I join the ranks of dinosaurs in the natural science museums around the world and leave the ground for different type of competition.

    • following the decline in pvp over time (the last peak was in the early months of 2021).
    • following the changes in the server which allowed easier access to resources and a decent increase in new players' number.
    • taking the PvP Model into account.
    • estimating the pvm direction the server has taking over the years and the impact of strong pvm items in shaping that direction.
    • using the example of the very unused Siege War guild map.

    I suggest transforming the now very dead and very detested pvp Nation War event into a kingdom vs kingdom pvm race in clearing a special kingdom map which will require the participation of a large number of players. To make it difficult and to require a large number of players, I propose the following:

    • A map pool containing 10 maps with different terrain variation that will force players to find the best approach to clear the map. Maps will be different from one week to another and they will be separated for each kingdom, so blues and yellows don't come together, known being the fact this causes allergies to some players.
    • A set of kingdom event items that will allow the access into that map (details about that below).
    • The complete disable of any normal items/boosters or alchemy bonus on the said map.
    • The map will contain a number of altered metins and bosses which will drop event boosters with effect for the whole players present at the event.
    • A given time limit to clear the map which will decide the winner of the exp bonus for each kingdom.
    • Reward hydra run style, when all the mobs are dead a box will spawn and all players click on it to claim the prize.
    • The content of the reward box - several gold bars, maxed out liquids, dragon god attack/defence/life, tickets into various runs etc.

    The items that will allow the access inside the event should be as following:

    • Weapon with a set dmg for each class.
    • Helmet only with def bonus.
    • Armour only with def bonus.
    • Shoes only with moving speed bonus.
    • Earrings for each class.
    • Shield only with def bonus.
    • Necklace only with skill speed bonus.
    • Bracelet only with attack speed bonus.

    The items should be available on some NPC in map 1 of each kingdom.

    The event boosters can be: immune to slow liquid, immune to faint liquid, +1000 HP liquid, skill res liquid, avg res liquid etc. and will drop from the killed metins and bosses, with effect for the whole kingdom players present at the event.

    The present mechanics of access to Nation War map with the seal that blocks the access after opening can be kept, to prevent players to continue reinforcing their numbers in order to overcome the pvm challenges.

    Being an old server, SG has a limited ability in making items update viable. Old players have acquired the ability to farm better and faster, thus completing any challenge very fast while new players have no chance in finding a decent way to keep playing and improving.

    The Hybrid Items System is designed to give everyone above lv 35 a reason to play. It uses for upgrade a large amount of materials. It will free the market from Enhance Change Scrolls and Change Rare Scrolls. It will make metin farming viable (for vitality and rarity ores). Ice and Hell runs will be on high demand for the Meley tickets.

    The Hybrid items will come as reward from the Battle Pass, each month one item. Alternatively, the Battle Pass reward can be a set of 5 items that will craft at the Master NPC the Hybrid Items.

    Being Hybrid, the items can be used for PvP as well, filling the lack of fighting. The only downside is the bonus system, that gives to certain stats an upper edge in pvm than pvp stats. It can partially be solved by integrating pvm stats into the basic stats of the armour and let players decide the stats for necklace, earrings and shoes that they want to use.

    Team name: Emywhere at 18 00 server time;

    Team leader: Vyenna


    • Vyenna
    • Kyana
    • EmyEmy
    • goguletul
    • stocazzo
    • LillyMae
    • Zetris

    Team name: Celestial Diamonds at 18 20 server time;

    Team leader: KittyFlaherty


    • Nick21
    • PepegaSG2
    • DarkArtamiel
    • KittyFlaherty
    • FukstainSG3
    • Stretto
    • LordVoldemort

    I did some low lv farm with a lv 35 sura, I killed some lv 55 metins for 2 hrs in the Ice Mountain. On my 1400 dmg on metin I assume this is what any beginner can do. I got like 30 green changers from it and some rarity ores. Hermits/Exo scrolls and certificates don't seem to drop at all.

    On the other hand, I killed for 2 hrs metins in the Enchanted Forest. I have average gear, used all sort of boosters and alchemy, top dmg 25k, only got 16 changers. Now, I assume I kill a lv 120 metin faster than I do the lv 55 with lv 35 sura. For now I can say we kill the metins in the forest only to show that we can. There is no upper edge from killing them - not more changers, not more soul stones, not more rings/gloves. I want to say the demand in resources on lv 120 is way higher than what a beginner might ever need.

    And one more thing, what purpose does the 60 mins cooldown on orc maze serve now? It is not like its drops will change the world, it should have 15 mins or none at all.

    Druids, as skill res helps against their dmg. Healers are way weaker and close combat mobs seems to have their dmg halved so no problem from any of them.

    I want to add I believe there is need for better drops on metins in order to craft the rarity ores. Otherwise players won't be able to get their S skills in decent effort.

    My first impressions:

    I love the new shop system, it's brilliant. Now, it still has some issues, as it can't list in item search own items put on sale or leadership books but is doing a great job.

    Drop on lv 105 metins have some sort of randomness. Not bad and as far as I could tell changers/soul stones have pretty much same drop rate. Doesn't seem to me there are more metins in Cape, tho.

    I suppose drops in runs will also look more random, been to ice run only twice so it is early to say more. I assume it is now better to be higher lv.

    I was expecting more of a nerf on enchanted forest mobs and/or more metins. But I do like the lv increase in those mobs and in metins.

    I'll be adding more once i see more of it.

    Hi guys!

    Dragon Mage buffs do not refresh if the amount of INT used is lower than the one initially used to buff. One miss-click on one of the items used to buff can make the entire buff to fail to be re-applied. The animation is present but effects are not refreshed and buffs expire when their duration is over.

    Dragon Mage buffs do not apply on already buffed characters, if the amount of INT I use on my S skills is lower than the one used on P buff skills, even if the value of the buffs is higher.

    The problem affects both P and S Dragon Mage buffs.

    Strictly speaking for metin farming, your only item with int you will be using when farming is going to be the shield, with immune, 12 int and 15 block, 8 avg res rarity bonus.

    You have to have as much monster as possible in order to deal dmg. The INT on items doesn't increase dmg more than what you can have using vs monster items.

    The next thing you should focus on is having very much attack speed, because it is increasing your dmg when you attack from a mount. You can have attack speed on helmet (1-5 and 6/7 stats), the costume and shoes (1-5 stats).

    So go full monster, attack speed and crit/pierce for highest dmg. Buff yourself using the int items and kill metins with pvm gear. If you have more questions, go ahead, I will gladly help.

    Bass, Sardine and Crab can only be caught using riceball. The information in the guide is wrong but those fish are not such game changers and don't have any value whatsoever. It is better to fish for points on the pole and don't bother yourself too much with it until the pole is +18.

    The Sacrifice daily quest from the NPC Yang-Shin is no longer available in the NPC menu. Last time i did the quest 24 hrs ago, so I assume it is a bug brought by this patch.