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  • EmyEmy

    Yes No Maybe

  • 100pcentTSK

    pvm king this month?

  • EmyEmy

    Yes she always helping and mostly around to give support. You're welcome

  • XxXAliXxX

    Thank you Emy. Elsphet answered my pm very fast and she is working on my issue.She is Really nice and responsible. :thumbsup:

  • XxXAliXxX

    6 DAYS passed fom my Ticket and there is NO ANY ANSWER on my problem!

  • XxXAliXxX

    Thanks Emy,I Sent her my Issue Right now.

  • EmyEmy

    :hi: :gamer: :golly: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

  • EmyEmy

    oh Ali pm Elspeth then she mostly on discord ch giving support

  • Cassidy

    @KataYagami you're welcome

  • XxXAliXxX

    That so weird!!! 5 days and no answer on my ticket! Emy I also sent a pm to Tary on discord you sent here.But She didn't answer too!!

  • KotaYagami

    Cassidy thanks alot for the help, really appreciate it :)

  • Cassidy

    @KataYagami I just posted a guide maybe it helps you if that's an issue. Cheers!

  • EmyEmy

    yes its working fine^^

  • KotaYagami

    is the game working ? cant log in

  • EmyEmy

  • EmyEmy

    Ali join discord metin sg and speak to GM

  • EmyEmy

    sg2 is P server

  • xaptu

    is this official server or pserver

  • xaptu


  • XxXAliXxX

    3rd day still no answer... i bought something 300kk gold is gone but no item I received...

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    Hey there!

    Rarity system is the 6/7 bonus on items, which you can't change when you roll the other 5 stats on the items. In SG items drop clean (no bonus on them), with regular random bonus, with rarity bonus and with combined regular and rarity stats. The only way to get increased drop of rarity items is dedicate more time to farming. Use item mall glove, 2 hrs glove and 20% drop on earrings and bracelet and just kill mobs and metins.

    Tec Interactive Pte Ltd does not get involved in account trading. Trading of accounts must be done privately and at your own risk. It's not allowed to advertise account trading in our official forums or game chat.

    Really Pooker, ignoring Terms and Conditions?

    Here, see for yourself

    The skill duration of blessing is 310 secs, the effect of the skill-the protective close combat damage reduction expires after 310 secs. It does what it says on the description and nothing more, nothing less. I would notice if there were a 50% increase in its duration. It isn't.

    Do you want some answers from the Staff? or just any answer will do?

    Having two servers instead of one is for the better, because there are players like me, only playing here and there are other players who only play on Global. Those who claim to be playing both servers are lying, they aren't doing much in any of the servers.

    SG had to receive a change for quite a while now and since it looks pretty much the same with Global, ye, that's for a future merge. I am not saying it is going to happen, it is easier now than it would be with different file systems. It is easier for players to join this one and develop their chars, it is easier for old players to play again under a new light. Btw, the patch still needs some work, there are certain aspects to fix but it looks much better now than the last 10 months.

    Btw you should read Vyenna more often, you would have less questions to ask. I am not taking a merge into account into my predictions about the future of the server because it is too distant in time. Maybe late 2020 - mid 2021, it depends on the guys in Global and if they continue to play according to my models.

    "We want the changes from server 2" they said.

    "Guys, don't forget server 1" some others wrote in forum.

    Now, you have the change and you don't like it because it doesn't pay off your investment in gear and it puts you on the same foot with metin farmers. Maybe is time to move on, try other runs, lv up? Neah, we can agree to disagree in here.

    Maybe this is supposed to be a serious talk but I can't help myself and I'll just troll you a little:

    Shadow please help the dinosaurs and revise the plagued run drop so they can have more cash and no players around!

    1. My views on the latest update on the November Patch;

    2. The future of SG Server;

    3. The Art of Fail: the only way SG community of players will work to ruin current update.

    Before I start, I have a request to all of my readers (I know I don't have many readers): please refrain from posting in this guide if you only want to argue with me about certain parts of my posts. Also, the talk about x or y update doesn't belong here. So please, if You want to bring more information to future players, write it here or make your own guide. Don't add useless replies when you can create a debate post under general section of this Forum.

    A huge change came to our server few days ago. At this moment, SG server and SG2Global have pretty much the same content. This prepares the way for a future merge of both servers in maybe 1-2 years. For now, starting and playing on SG has become extremely interesting and a pleasant experience. The Pay2Win character of SG server is gone. An active player can reach end-game content in a decent amount of time.

    The list of all the changes made is on the link above. I will not review them all, since is a huge list. I will only offer my impression on them.

    There has been an improvement into the farming mechanics and character development and this is the most important change. Maps are now full with metin stones and the drop of them is oriented into building items and making skills. Better drop rate for adders and changers, hermits and exo scrolls. Faster skill books reading and improved bio quests mechanics. Almost anything can stack and the extra inventory makes farming easier. And maybe what most players love, the shop search F11 function. Mages and Assassins have 35% more pvm damage but it is not like they will be as effective farmers as Warrior and Sura. It can help in certain runs but this is pretty much it.

    If playing is easy now, it is time to go to 2nd point of my post.

    Metin2 is an old game which is still played here and there. Not as much as it has been in the past and over time the number of players is going to decrease. The life of the server can and will be increased with patches and updates but is not going to last forever.

    For now, the current changes will have a huge impact on the gameplay. Some players who went to SG2Global can now play both servers. Other people from that server will be moving here to experience a better gameplay. And I expect new players who are strange of SG concept to start and attempt to develop here. For now the server population has tripled, so we now have an estimated number of over 100 at any given moment in time. This however will not last very long and this will be the subject of 3rd point.

    The market is going to change slowly, with the introduction of massive drops from metins - changers, adders, hermits and exo scrolls. The drop rate is pretty high, so there will be plenty of them available in most shops. Their price is going to get low and very low, so everyone is going to afford them. Of course, making huge amount of money by selling these materials is going to prove difficult. Players will search now for blessing scrolls and upgrade materials to build their items, skill books are going to be on the top list for skills' build. There is going to be an increased need for stones for items (pvm stones mostly). Higher the player population going to be, the faster market saturation with items is going to happen. From that point, less and less players are going to enjoy the game so the population will get lower.

    There is not going to be any increase in PvP activity, this is something that belongs to the past. Even though PvP has been nerfed to the max possible and is now accessible to everyone, no major battles are going to take place. Farming is much more relaxing than trying to respond to all kind of threats from different players. The game AI is predictable, players aren't.

    On a recent post in this guide i talked about the models that decide how the server population is increasing or getting lower. They for a theoretical model that blends the real world with the game world and predicts players will react in this game as they see in the real world. The market is of a capitalist type, everyone can and should own a business (shop) and perform a list of activities: farming, mining, fishing and fighting. Players are going to be in a constant search for perfection with better and better items, always searching for ways to make gold and ways to crush new players. Market saturation is going to happen really fast this time, since there is very much available to farm and the number of potential consumers is still low. One of the things I am asked about is the price of certain items or ways to make gold. You are not supposed to make gold, you are supposed to play and enjoy the game and later on, when you will have several years on the server, you will also understand the game. This is the part where most players fail, because they will like to solo everything, obtain maximum advantage from their investment (time and money) and always be the best players, uncontested.

    It doesn't really work like this, I predicted the server will get to a point the Team is going to drastically change the game and the change has happened.

    For the future of the server, players should learn to play together and make runs together, regardless of rewards the most runs have NOW. If there is going to be better cooperation instead of competition the drops might be changed. If players are going to keep doing everything solo the game will be boring again and everyone will whine and quit. However, I will not hold my breath on such a change coming from player community. Past experience showed me who has the power will not hesitate to use it, to farm more, decide the prices and who should farm in a spot and who doesn't.

    So, to conclude this post, changes are good, there is only need of some will from the players to understand the reason of those changes and to reconsider their way of playing. My best guess is that it is not going to happen, population will get lower again because it is not the updates that keep us here but the community of friends and enemies.

    Thanks for reading, if you will ever bother to reach to the end :D

    Kind Regards and all the best!


    Should I post here my plagued equipment? I don't know, I did many runs in the past, sometimes you have to adapt and understand why certain rewards have to be changed.

    Farming gold affects me because I will have to also farm gold. Dunno why you consider worthy of opinion only those who agree with you.

    The more drops a run has, lower the prices should be, if you chose to sell the drop and not hide it somewhere. I said Odins will not drop, only poly. You want an update that will help you get the gold without the trouble of selling the items. It is not the server situation that you care about that much, like you wrote in the first post in this thread.

    Since you are looking for answers, go to Basics for Beginners guide and check again the 3 models I am explaining there. You can chose to play the game or dictate the pace of the game using my 3 models. The choice is yours.

    Poly will drop because at one point you will stop doing runs for the little reward you get and you will focus more on hell/aqua dragon. No, odins will not drop anytime soon. But if you keep farming gold you will make sure the prices will remain high, when you are supposed to have items and fun and not useless gold.

    BTW, nice trick with the removal of the other option from your poll :P

    Farming gold instead of items is the worst idea for a server. While you can farm gold, others can't, you can afford to buy anything and prices will keep increasing. While the reward might be reworked, red adders/changers aren't that bad. Of course, with the current adjustments, prices will drop to a point it will no longer be viable for you to keep them in shop. Right now a rough estimation would be in 30 days green changers 3-500k, 2-3kk for red changers and 5-10kk blue changers..

    Saying this, I am against the idea to be able to farm gold in a run, no matter the investment you made to be able to solo that run. We have to see if lower prices will begin to make new players to join this server or the update came way too late for any change to make a difference.

    Unless I missed it somehow, why do blue changers drop from metins?

    Grudge dmg seems the same to me;

    There are no autopots at general store;

    Why do hexagonal boxes drop in game right now?

    Why do metins in Thunder drop sometimes 2x soul stone?

    Anniversary boxes have wrong text with 8th anniversary of Global server :P

    Friday, 1st of November at 17 00 server time you can go on the Search for the hidden clams. I will hide 5 clams in map1 and you are invited to find them. The event is announced here in forum and here is the only place you can find information about it. I will not announce in game when it starts and which map and CH. So, here you go:

    CH2, Asmodia map1, Joan Area, 5 shops with one clam each at 1 gold will be hidden in the same time. You are invited to find them all.

    Changing ch and farming becomes increasingly difficult with clients freezing over and over again. Even closing the non-responsive client and opening new one doesn't make life better, because it will freeze again. Can you guys look into the problem and can you reboot the server more often, last one being so long time ago I can't even remember when you did it?

    The winners are:

    1. xELITOx
    2. PaliPali
    3. Philopator
    4. XxXAliXxX
    5. warior4o

    Since some players who applied didn't show up, I had to accept other players. Many Thanks to Akuu who raced only for fun and refused the reward.

    Items matters more in his case than the rewards from the bio quests we talk about in here. He would be lying if he would say otherwise. It is silly to think you can achieve his performance with 10 AP difference. I said you can reset the rewards to see which combination suits you best. And I no longer do any PvM with Vyenna, I am not even bothering myself to get the exp needed to reach lv 115.

    I am starting here a guide for several events I will run for players. I believe that after 5 years here the daily events we have are useful but not quite enough. Also, the number of players we have is so low that a small adjustment in the daily events won't hurt.

    Now, don't get excited, I'll run an event when I have some extra resources I can gift as reward. From a week to another I might focus in helping a particular player and run out of money/resources. So, the only times this post will receive updates is when I will have the resources.

    Poly speed race: Sunday, October 20 at 16 00 server time

    Players who will apply for this event will receive poly marbles from me and they will have to use them to race from the starting point to a destination of my choice. Any speed boost is allowed. The first 5 players who reach the destination will receive the following rewards:

    1. White Pearl for 1st player
    2. Blue Pearl for 2nd player
    3. Blue Dragon Breath for 3rd player
    4. Clam for 4th player
    5. Red Pearl for 5th player

    The starting point and destination will be announced in game. The event will be held only if at least 5 players will apply for it. Players can apply for event in this thread, with the name of the character they intend to use for the race.