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    Classic :D Only Blank got my very point the rest is talking about stuff I didn't even mention :D

    As far as I can tell by now you guys either still have a hard time figuring out the game or you simply don't want anybody else beat up your ass by becoming stronger

    Discussing vital stuff is pointless - like always - this will never change I guess so you can close this thread.

    While it is nice that you revamped some runs and created a sort of fake new content you also destroyed already existing content. Let me explain.

    As far as I remember you guys wanted to make alchemy easier obtainable for players. Well, adding more legendary cor drops in dead runs actually revived them and made it easier... hence why I am saying fake new content (this is actually a good change, I don't mean this in a bad way!)

    Yet, you changed the way alchemy is being upgraded. You adapted the system of the official server but one still needs 3 stones to upgrade from minor to low class... and btw the rate for upgrading to that stage is really bad

    (I myself upgraded tons of stones and was most likely the very first with a full mythic superclass wheel on this server, so I guess I can assess this somewhat)

    Now, you also killed some content with that -> Beta bosses

    What is the use farming them now? They still drop only 1 rare cor which can be farmed by the metins in those maps as well. I remember having a lot of competition farming those bosses... it was really rewarding and fun fighting others. Now it is not even worth it anymore...

    I honestly advise you to increase the amount of rare cors they drop or even let them drop an antique one as additional loot. Maybe let them drop 5 rare cors guaranteed and maybe with a small percentage to get another antique one.

    [I watched some1 upgrade 750 rare cors yesterday and this person had to buy some more legendary stones just to get a simple legendary high class. Prior to the update I could sell like 70-80 legendary stones from 750 rare cors... so you actually need way way more in order to get something to high and now you cannot even reroll those crappy ones...

    If you really want to make it easier you should take changes into consideration.]

    I'd suggest thinking about sth similar like what you have in WoW with the Black Market Auction House

    There you can buy a box that has random content in it. You can get stuff that is no longer in game, old tabards (like skins), mounts and even equip

    Now... metin doesn't really have content for that yet you probably could create some unique skins that are only obtainable in that box or even mountskins stuff like that

    Also maybe items with perfect rarity? Maybe a poison sword with 8avg + 5mob, stuff like that?

    This could actually be very nice to consider!

    They idea of selling such items (permabanned) is quite funny and cool yet I highly doubt there are many items worth buying :D

    Be happy that S skills are a long term thing to work on

    Everything else can be done very fast on this server

    (P Skills / Horse / Bio / Sash and the weapons needed aren't worth shit anymore / DSS prices dropped already and aren't much of a nuisance anymore...)

    With this insane resistance rate u can get on this server they won't help u that much anyway...

    Why don't we change the system to the same like that of an offical server?

    If that's somehow not possible, what about altering it a bit:

    - antique either successes or fails (annoying to upgrade the same stone multiple times)

    - cut out those hard fails (where a mythic try ends up as an antique or where intermediate drops down to low class)

    Of course I see the benefit of a "free roll" on high class, when it doesn't succeed or doesn't drop down but honestly its rather annoying...

    Not even right now you leave this game alone, yours is the only nerve that got hit, hit so bad that you are really desperate... wish you the best, hopefully you will be able to cure yourself

    Having the belt inventory like that or sth similar would also be a nice quality of life update, its freaking annoying opening the inventory and then the extra slot :D

    This way you can put all your push items in there and just click through them quickly

    I'm not against it, I just think that skill res is more usable... I'm not going to repeat myself again now

    Also, you got one supporter already, I honestly don't care about it being mobres or skillres. This post was made to discuss abt this very topic but all you do is stating something but not explain why you think it is better, stuff like that doesn't help.

    In addition to that, please do not ask me another question about skill or mob res, as I've answered it already, if you keep this up this thread will be flooded with words that don't help. This is NOT an insult.

    Now u've come up with some numbers, that's what i wanted but they prove to be wrong if you watch hecthor's (?) videos, so you are clearly overdoing things -> not needed here

    I did not complain that I, myself, receive alot of damage in the forest, in fact, I can kill those metins, you should definitely read more carefully, same goes for your last statement

    I'm not for mobres since I really don't see where else you could make use of it but once again, if you think it is better then why don't you explain WHY it is better? Would really help.

    Also, what you don't quite seem to grasp is the following, having one more item that grants you stat X allows you to rearrange the stats on your rarity, which could probably give birth to different builds

    You clearly didn't understand me. I asked you to show me why skill res isn't useful in pvp...

    However, mob res, what for?

    The only mobs which prove to be dangerous to players are the range ones in enchanted forest. Adding another opportunity to get skill res kills two birds with one stone.

    Think about it, u may stand a better chance resisting those mobs and you can also use this belt in wars.

    Also, I strongly advise you to view all these suggestions from a nonpro gamer. Pro gamers are able to deal with all this eitherway... but what about those people that don't spend that much time / money in metin?

    Giving them the opportunity to reach goals easier by adding items that give you strong against bosses / skill res which are otherwise hard to get -> think about dss, ofc you can easily get a 8 skill res diamond, but what about a 16 one?

    Are u playing pvp? U know how much dmg ppl are doing in high lvls? I don’t think otherwise u would just ask for mobs res in this belt

    I literally stated that I don't know much abt pvp on this server -> proves u haven't read / understood my post well.

    Once again, come up with numbers or examples so that they can be understood otherwise all of your talk is cheap

    Maxing out numbers is something very important to many players, people are crazy about making items to +9, get as much dmg as possible on bosses / metins, this is just another way to improve the character

    Yet again, feel free to think about an alternative, since this server prolly means sth to u (at least you accumulated 134 posts so far)