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    Be happy that S skills are a long term thing to work on

    Everything else can be done very fast on this server

    (P Skills / Horse / Bio / Sash and the weapons needed aren't worth shit anymore / DSS prices dropped already and aren't much of a nuisance anymore...)

    With this insane resistance rate u can get on this server they won't help u that much anyway...

    Why don't we change the system to the same like that of an offical server?

    If that's somehow not possible, what about altering it a bit:

    - antique either successes or fails (annoying to upgrade the same stone multiple times)

    - cut out those hard fails (where a mythic try ends up as an antique or where intermediate drops down to low class)

    Of course I see the benefit of a "free roll" on high class, when it doesn't succeed or doesn't drop down but honestly its rather annoying...

    Not even right now you leave this game alone, yours is the only nerve that got hit, hit so bad that you are really desperate... wish you the best, hopefully you will be able to cure yourself

    Having the belt inventory like that or sth similar would also be a nice quality of life update, its freaking annoying opening the inventory and then the extra slot :D

    This way you can put all your push items in there and just click through them quickly

    I'm not against it, I just think that skill res is more usable... I'm not going to repeat myself again now

    Also, you got one supporter already, I honestly don't care about it being mobres or skillres. This post was made to discuss abt this very topic but all you do is stating something but not explain why you think it is better, stuff like that doesn't help.

    In addition to that, please do not ask me another question about skill or mob res, as I've answered it already, if you keep this up this thread will be flooded with words that don't help. This is NOT an insult.

    Now u've come up with some numbers, that's what i wanted but they prove to be wrong if you watch hecthor's (?) videos, so you are clearly overdoing things -> not needed here

    I did not complain that I, myself, receive alot of damage in the forest, in fact, I can kill those metins, you should definitely read more carefully, same goes for your last statement

    I'm not for mobres since I really don't see where else you could make use of it but once again, if you think it is better then why don't you explain WHY it is better? Would really help.

    Also, what you don't quite seem to grasp is the following, having one more item that grants you stat X allows you to rearrange the stats on your rarity, which could probably give birth to different builds

    You clearly didn't understand me. I asked you to show me why skill res isn't useful in pvp...

    However, mob res, what for?

    The only mobs which prove to be dangerous to players are the range ones in enchanted forest. Adding another opportunity to get skill res kills two birds with one stone.

    Think about it, u may stand a better chance resisting those mobs and you can also use this belt in wars.

    Also, I strongly advise you to view all these suggestions from a nonpro gamer. Pro gamers are able to deal with all this eitherway... but what about those people that don't spend that much time / money in metin?

    Giving them the opportunity to reach goals easier by adding items that give you strong against bosses / skill res which are otherwise hard to get -> think about dss, ofc you can easily get a 8 skill res diamond, but what about a 16 one?

    Are u playing pvp? U know how much dmg ppl are doing in high lvls? I don’t think otherwise u would just ask for mobs res in this belt

    I literally stated that I don't know much abt pvp on this server -> proves u haven't read / understood my post well.

    Once again, come up with numbers or examples so that they can be understood otherwise all of your talk is cheap

    Maxing out numbers is something very important to many players, people are crazy about making items to +9, get as much dmg as possible on bosses / metins, this is just another way to improve the character

    Yet again, feel free to think about an alternative, since this server prolly means sth to u (at least you accumulated 134 posts so far)

    You can get skill res via various ways... what kind of argumentation is that?

    Adding more and more dmg / res has been and will always be a part of metin. It would make more sense to think of alternative stats rather than complaining about adding more and more :D is there any problem with that?

    If yes please go on and explain why

    vs Boss and vs Metin works in the same way as vs Monster. The only difference is that the first works only against a specific class while the latter works on everything.

    Yet allowing the belt to have 7, 8, 9, 10, whatever you like as percentage would make it even more interesting to have

    Well for enchanted forest more skill res also helps, many players aren't able to farm there :)

    I don't see how this could harm the game, belts are easy to obtain, the runs aren't hard, it is just one more opportunity to work on sth / make sth out of a dead item.

    Also, don't forget that this is just a suggestion, if you have a better idea for a bonus, just let us know :D

    Strong against bosses and metins usually scale better than dmg against monsters, so they are definitely better for farming. If that is not the case or possible you could easily adress this with allowing the percentage to be 7 or 8% rather than 5%

    Why shouldn't they want more res in pvp?

    Also, it would simply be a pvp belt for wars, not for duels, having sth for wars is definitely not a bad idea.


    You've always wondered why you simply cannot add gems or whatever into the belt socket and why there are some belts that seem to be pointless? No? Me neither!

    Yet it could add some cool options to make low and! high level content more valuable.

    First of all we need an overview of what we're dealing with, so far there are following belts:

    Lv 50 Copper Belt -> gives HP (basically irrelevant)

    Lv 70 Silver Belt -> gives Ice resist (basically irrelevant)

    Lv 85 Golden Belt -> gives double gold bonus (sounds better, yet no incentive to use it)

    Lv 97 White Gold Belt -> gives EXPbonus (not bad, but lv 97 is a bit too late maybe?)

    Lv 100 Soul Crystal Belt -> gives bonus against monsters (literally everyone wears that one)

    Then there are 4 for pvp (these are very usable, too!), I guess that's it, right?

    Now, why not change the lv 50 to 97 belts a bit? I haven't fully thought this through yet (I'm sorry, but let's be a super cool community and help each other to make the server even better!).

    Let's dissect those belts (50-97).

    Lv 50 Copper Belt gives 500 extra HP on +9, now this poor, right? does not really help, yet it is better than nothing. So what else could a lv 50+ player make use of?

    Bosses, maybe strong against bosses? Hm, there are some bosses which could be farmed. -> Tiger Ghost, Nine Tails and so on but they aren't really worth it, I guess? Yet the bonus is more useful than 500 HP and can be used on high level too! This would already make a better belt. Let's say 5% strong against bosses on +9? Not too bad if you ask me, also not overpowered.

    Lv 70 Silver Belt, Ice resist, hm, well one could say could farm lv 65 metins but they aren't that hard and since elemental res isn't that impactful, why not change this one as well?

    What about changing the bonus to another PVP one, but this time for a more broader use. Now I need some help, I think the pvp belts give 5% resistance against [class] on +9? Why not change it to something like 3% Skill Resist? (obvisouly lower than 5%, otherwise it would make the class belts redundant) Could be useful for guild / nation war and raids on map1 / ochao.

    Since I don't know about the level entrance, maybe even lower the required level to 50, too?

    Level 85 Golden Belt more gold never sounds bad but the bonus is way too low, also 5% on +9? It obviously has to be better than 5% mob, in order to use it while farming, well, if you don't need the extra mob, it doesn't even have to be better. Of course we shouldn't overdo it, but at least pushing it to 20% or something like that sounds more reasonable (maybe to make gold fever even more interesting, maybe like gold bomb drop chance?)

    Yet I haven't tested the bonus so ALTERNATIVELY why not add strong against metins? New bonus, very useful for farmers, so change the belt to lv 50, too? We have to think about the mob belt, would this bonus make it redundant? Nah, not really, think about runs... Gotta kill lot's of mobs, no metin in sight, yet you can switch between belts, so, quite alright.

    Why not change every belt to a required level of 50? Does not really harm the system or players but more players are able to work on stuff.

    Level 97 White Gold Belt same thing as the gold one, why not increase the bonus and make it usable for low level chars, too, maybe even introduce sth like an expbomb? Let's think about an alternative.

    Hm... Maybe there will be a new boss around at some point, that deals alot of damage, why not add something like resistance against bosses, of course, it has to be a hard boss, but isn't this a challenge we want?

    What else? Hm... an additional 10% double drop? If you can farm bosses without needing the strong / resistance against one, this could be cool, too?

    OKAY OKAY! Hang on with me, the cool part comes now!!!


    Why not revive some "dead" dungeons like Orc Maze and Plague Run? The latter one has become more interesting because of the Talisman update. Let's be honest, how many do have a full +20 talisman set? There aren't many devil's splinter on the market.

    I'm thinking about another crafting system. Let's say one is able to craft a permanent gem for the strong against metins belt. The needed material drops from the plague run boss and you will need like 5 of them. About the drop chance I haven't thought yet, but shouldn't be too high, since the gem lasts forever!

    The crafting can fail, of course, but the insertion is 100% (at least something to be happy about, if the crafting was successful!)

    Of course the needed material and / or even the gem can be sold on the market.

    Haven't many complained about the huge pricedrop on the ice grail? What about letting Nemere drop the material of a very needed belt? I don't know about PVP on this server but maybe the gem for the skill res belt could be dropped there, so the run would be more valuable again! Or the Pvm one, that's up to you guys!

    So, lets spread the needed materials across the dungeons we have.

    I guess that's it for now... gonna think about this for a while, hopefully you guys will too!