In-Game Reports

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  • Hi guys,

    This thread will serve as a model on how to properly report a situation in game to us such as insults, harrassment, and other situations involving In-Game Screenshots.

    When reporting In-Game situations to us in any of our support channels, please consider the following regarding the screenshot you insert:

    • The screenshot must be of your whole screen, including the Date in which you took the screenshot, located in your Windows Menu, on the bottom right corner or a written Time and Date in the In Game chat. We will not accept any cut screenshots.
    • If there is any conversation on the said screen (Any kind of chat: Normal, Call, Guild, Party, or in Private Message) the conversation must be fully shown. We will not accept any cut conversations.

    In the body of your report, you should:

    • Include a description of the situation or the issue.
    • The person you are reporting, if that is the case.

    We will not accept reports with more than 14 days old.

    Kind Regards,


  • Could it be added under the clock?


    Just add the damn day,month etc under the radar, we already have the clock there so why not also day x month z ?

  • Never seen such a well structured and informational tutorial. I am so glad to have read this tutorial, it really enriches my life. Now I finally know how to screenshot properly and how to get more bans out of my reports. Thank you Tary!

  • Hello. I have a report to do. It's about xx who swore at me for no reason. Use Romanian - English disctionary

    Hey there,

    you should read the thread again.

    This isn't the correct place to Report someone.

    Publically posting Direct Messages is generally not a nice thing to do.

    If you want to report the person you spoke of, read the first post in this thread and follow whats written there please.