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    Do what you enjoy and don't let your freedom be limited by social ideals and expectations. My maxim is that you should be free to do whatever you want and enriches your life as long as it does not harm or interfere with the freedom and rights of others. People should not be judged by their (partly) innate attributes like origin, religion, sexuality or skin color but by their actions, statements and abilities. Rejecting people on the basis of the above attributes is an indicator of mental complexes in combination with reduced intelligence, which the affected person tries to compensate. Tolerance is free, it only takes will power in some cases.

    The arguments of those advocating for a random arrangement of the offers reveal that they lack absolute economic foundations.

    The main argument those are making is that some people are - in their opinion - undercutting the price of certain goods too much and thus they cannot sell the same good for their intended higher price. Aisz for example argued that it is a big problem that some goods are offered 70% below the regular market price. Every market participant can offer his goods at his fixed price, that is the definition of an open market. If you think that certain goods are being offered too cheaply, nobody prevents you from buying it and sell them at a higher rate to other market participants what would allow you to gain a profit. However, this only works if you are correct in your assumption and other market participants are of the same opinion that the goods are worth more. At the moment the cheapest offers are being displayed first. So if you or another market participant is looking for a good, the cheapest ones will be displayed first. Everyone is shown the same information when searching for a good. According to the principle of homo economicus, he would act rationally and buy the cheapest in order to generate the greatest value possible with his limited budget. However, if supposedly cheap offers are not being purchased, then this suggests that this good is in low demand or the price is still too high. Then you are alone with your assumption that the good has a higher value and have to accept the new market price.

    By randomizing the market, some people apparently hope that they will be able to obtain their higher prices due to the laziness of some people. This might work for low value items, but for high-value items, individuals will act rational and search through all the offers to find the cheapest offers, allowing them to generate the greatest value with their limited budget. The change would only arouse that more time has to be spent in order to find the best deals. The open market does not consist of only one participant and the price he wants to enforce, but automatically regulates itself through all participants based on the supply and demand as well as the expectations of all participants. We already have a system in which the cheapest offers are displayed first and if they are really - in the opinion of the majority - too cheap, they are being bought and the price is automatically adjusted. While it is generally not considered market manipulation to sell one's goods at a price that others consider too low, randomization of search results would be a form of manipulation and supporters hope to gain an advantage from it.

    I hope that everyone who voted for the randomization will read my statement and comments on it.



    As i said abose, im a relatively new player, that means i can't buy cheap stuff and sell it higher constantly since i can't afford it.

    So basically, as a beginner with no capital you want the same market power as players who have been playing for years and have accumulated a large fortune and thus have a high market power? Why then would anyone trade items for won when new players without the capital have somehow the same power to determine prices? When I as a high level player with a few hundred won decide to buy all green switcher for up to 5kk from the market because I want to switch 60% Average Damage into a FMS you would obviously not complain as this transaction is in your favor. However, when I then decide not to switch my FMS and dump all green switchers on the market for 250k while I am losing money with every switcher I am selling, you would most likely start complaining with your usual arguments how unfair this procedure is as you can’t continue selling your green switchers for 5kk and have to sell for under 250k. However, you forget that the items have to come from somewhere and I previously bought them for up to 5kk from low level players. High level players will not farm green or red switcher and do not have infinite resources from it. So these high-level players, which you accuse of manipulating the market, have to buy from low-level players at some point in order to be able to sell those items on the market for a cheaper price. Instead of complaining about the cheap price, low-level players could purchase them back with their previous gain and adjust the price or they could buy other items with the gain and cannot afford to buy them back.

    As Shadow has mentioned, the effort involved exceeds the benefit enormously. It only costs you a few seconds to close the shop in order to be able to withdraw the currency. Keep the offline shop system itself as it is. What could be changed without much effort, however, would be the number of slots in the offline shop. I am not sure exactly but as far as I remember this has already been proposed and rejected several times. I still see many people creating several shops, which is due to the high number of different items in the game. Could someone from the team explain again what speaks against an expansion of the number of slots of the offline shops? Creating multiple shops with different accounts is not very user friendly and a high number of offline shops could cause more laggs. I think this is the reason for the offline shop limitation (if it still exists)

    Thanks for the update. While it’s their own fault using the same ID and password on several servers it will cost the team much time to deal with such cases. Now it is up to you. Your account is protected by default and if you disable this function you cannot expect them to deal with your complaint about a “hacked” account. However, I would not call it “2FA” as the mail will most likely be confirmed on the same device you login with and if somebody gets access to your mail account, the password can be reset and the verification can be confirmed. Unfortunately, many people are lazy and would reject real 2-factor authentication like Google Authenticator, Authy or SMS verification out of convenience. But for the described scenario e-mail verification will help and you should appreciate their fast action on this matter.

    1. Allowing going through objects could cause unexpected bugs while the return is relatively insignificant, since the channel can be switched in most cases. In addition, there exists the item called White Flag making you invisible for a few seconds and thus you will no longer be attacked by the monsters what might assist you in regenerating.

    2. Prior to modifying the website or forum it should be examined whether the change is necessary and what should be achieved by that. The current website is intuitive, serves the purpose and the users are well familiar with it. Since they are not targeting new players by running major marketing campaigns I do not see any reason to change the website.

    3. I am neutral in regard to this aspect. To a minor extent, it could increase the user convenience, however since the team has implemented the sidebar to have all functions in one place, I don't expect this to be implemented.

    4. Could also be useful to a minor extent.

    5. From my point of view, the items from the chests are way too miserable considering that both the chest and a corresponding key are required. However, when improving the items from the chests, it must be kept in mind that some players might benefit excessively from having numerous of both chests and keys.

    6. True, a trivial function could compare the destination channel with the current channel before the channel switch is being initiated.

    7. That language book is indeed superfluous. The entire language system is very unfavorable from my point of view. Nevertheless, changing this has the lowest priority.

    8. I would also appreciate a more comprehensive wiki, however it requires a lot of manual effort and most of the information can be obtained from the GF wiki, even if some of it does not apply to SG, as they are carrying out their own updates. A compromise would be to focus especially on SG-specific differences in the wiki.

    Never seen such a well structured and informational tutorial. I am so glad to have read this tutorial, it really enriches my life. Now I finally know how to screenshot properly and how to get more bans out of my reports. Thank you Tary!