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  • EmyEmy

    Poxy on?

  • Gilgamesh

    accept tp ty

  • EmyEmy

    Omg true all guildless also me xd I thought u guys were trolling

  • [GA]Elspeth

    We are aware of the problem and will take care of it, thanks.

  • GoldSteal

    On Map1 Guilds are deleted. On other Maps Guild are normal

  • Puhi

    Nevermind sorry, guild problems solved when I relog 10times xD

  • Puhi

    Am I the only one , who's guild has been totally annihilated?

  • DonALmo

    i thought my internet shit xD

  • severina

    same problems

  • skuss


  • Nick21

    am I the only one who cant log in? D:

  • Ghazal

    when will be dm?

  • [GA]Elspeth

    Mostly to prevent people from spamming TP Rings left and right

  • GodOfPaint

    hmm maybe because you need to invest money to make a automated system for it ?

  • Degmond

    How is making it automatic related to increasing the price? Am curious :/

  • EmyEmy

    I am not overreacting but u were the one who kept on spamming, to accept your tps!

  • Gilgamesh

    Stop Overreacting Emy theyr not online in the game even 10h a day

  • EmyEmy

    But they cant work 25/8

  • Gilgamesh

    let them do their work if theyr gm's no ?

  • EmyEmy

    If i was a gm i would never accept your tp

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    Hi, I want to give my opinion regarding this subject. First of all, some players keep complaining that server has many bugs/disconnections/freezes and often accuse staff for not fixing those. But, they do not understand It is a problem of 'metin2' itself It comes with bugs and disconnections, every metin2 games have similar issues. The staff always try to fix all issues reported, metin2 sg is one of the game with minimal bugs or disconnections to be honest.


    This is probably digressing from the subject, but I felt like i had to give my opinion about your words here.


    Yes there are enough trash servers that are made only for the fast cash, and these servers comes with many bugs and issues. But you still cannot say every server has these issues. Some have many more and some have many less.

    To be honest you cant say metin2 sg is one of the "game" with minimal bugs..

    first of all sg is still not a game itself. It is a part of a game, a private Server of a game. And since there are games, with alot more players, it is clear that these issues and bugs pop out easier than in metin.

    Another thing I noticed is that players often complain that 'market is dead' since they cannot sell their items. They even wanted the shopsearch feature to be removed from the game. The problem here is not the shop search', players mostly overfarm and we end up having a huge supply of stuffs. If players can farm something themselves why would they buy them? You can just sell the items which players want and adjust to market changes. You cannot expect just farm metins day night and make lots of wons, you need to have patience and find out what players are demanding. For example at the moment devil's splinters are sold really fast , you can them from plagued run and also soul stones/rarity ores. It is not so hard to make gold, hence complaining is not the solution here or blaming staff etc.

    In my opinion it is still the lack of players which leads to this problem, but correct me if im wrong.

    I also saw players complain so much when they fail items many times, this is part of the game and you cannot blame anyone for this lol, there is no need to give up or say the game is shit something like that. It will be good if such attitude can be changed.

    +1 I agree with you here.

    Some players keep mocking the game, but still play it for years and years, I seriously do not get this, how they can play the game and speak bad about it? They keep saying that 'server dead' do they even know the meaning of a dead server, It is a server where there are no players and then it shuts down. So you cannot call metin2 sg a dead server, It is online for years and years. The staff work really hard all the time.

    Please do a difference between the words game and server.

    It is still a matter of opinion, if someone says "the server is dead".

    I know many server and i know many people from other server. Some are saying a server is dead when it reaches less than ~250 player online at the same time. And other will say different.

    A server can survive if there are still enough people who purchase for it, in my opinion.

    Finally, I have also seen players complaining hard about their tickets not answered 'quick' or their tec points not accepted. Seriously, you need to learn how to wait and that the staff are humans just like all of us, they do great work here. Some might think I am writing this to 'bootlick' the staff but this is not the case, It is just things which I have noticed.

    +1 for the first part. You cant expect that the staff is answering you directly all the time.

    But actually you can expect from a 11 years-old server, that there's after all the time atleast a automatic system, which does things like accepting tec points requests.

    Again this is only my opinion. You might see this again as a mocking about server or player.. but i wanted to mention my opinion on this too.


    I thought you quit already but you bother to write on forum lol, It is funny you have that much time to write about a server you dislike.

    Who Said i dont like the server?

    Idk why you guys think people are noobs or dont like this Server Just because they say their opinion on updates or changes, which you dont agree

    I can not recommend the button you See in the picture. Only for chars that you are using for storing items because otherwise you have to sort your whole inventory again.