[FEEDBACK]Supreme Skills

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  • Dear Players,

    Thank you for helping us Test the Supreme Skills and the Hydra Run,

    i create this Thread in order for you to be able to write your personal feedback down.

    If you found any Bugs, Translation Errors, unclear tooltips or anything else you want to speak up about, do it right here!

    Keep in mind though, everyone might have their own opinion, you do not need to argue with them, just write your own opinion down.

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

  • critical not working at elemental dmg , i dont know if its a bug or its intended

    in rest everything seems be oke at dragon mage .

    thank you for giving us this chance!

  • so there's that famous bug for dagger sins, that when you go stealth too soon after spawning or smth u are visible but your name tage is not visible.

    that happens with the new "2 stealth attacks" mode too, when you used fatal strike or that weird 6th skill.

    so you are visible but your name is not visible, when you should still be invis.

    it works fine for backstab, spinning dagger and poisonous cloud

  • so there's that famous bug for dagger sins, that when you go stealth too soon after spawning or smth u are visible but your name tage is not visible.

    that happens with the new "2 stealth attacks" mode too, when you used fatal strike or that weird 6th skill.

    so you are visible but your name is not visible, when you should still be invis.

    it works fine for backstab, spinning dagger and poisonous cloud


    try to get us a Video of that bug. A Video from the perspective of someone else than the Assassin who has that bug occuring, please.

    Thanks for the Feedback so far, guys

  • Mages are OP, at least dragon.

    The Dragon Roar UI effect is really cool, but it also blocks your vision which in my eyes is additional advantage for mages.

    Blade Assassin seems underwhelming and low damage compared to others.

  • BM sura:

    - Aphotic shield has a confusing description. It says "Damage reduction 33%, Defence +145, Damage reduction +40%". Some players may think that It gives you 73% reduction.

    Also I have some feedback for other classes.

    Dragon mage:

    Some of the spells have too much range. There is almost no counterplay for it (vs sura BM it's 65/35 for DM I woud say) for now. You can just run and spam spells, and the opponent can't do anything, even if he has spells with good range as well. It's just my opinion.

    - Inferno: Its VFX is bugged a little bit. After casting, when you start moving, its visual effect is attached to your chaaracter for 0,5 sec (or so).

  • Hey,

    thanks for the feedback.

    Lets sort out the more complicated one first;

    Inferno - The Visual is the exact same as on P and below, its just not as visible there because on P and below its just little sparkles while on S its a rock formation. This clip will show what i mean, pay attention to the little sparkles on the ground which are effectively the same, they move with me aswell, just like the Rocks on S.


    This could be fixed by making the Mage static during the cast - but that ofcourse means no more moving untill the casting is done.

    As for the Aphotic, as explained ingame it is supposed to State 33 and 7 for a total of 40, which will be corrected, thanks for the report.

  • I really liked the new effects for dragon mage buffs. I just think Roar kinda blocks the players view when spelled as referred and that it can be used from very far but I did not compare it's range with Thunder Bolt so I can't really have a word there, wether if it can be used as far as the one from healers.

    For the lightning skills, I think they look very nice with this updated and fresh look, specially Thunder Bolt, and the strike/claw.

    Dance with wind looks lovely when spelled and it's skill % added as self cast, something new that for sure will give some more power to those who want to use the bells as healers were supposed to instead of the fans.

    Natures Enchantment in my opinion has a visual look too harsh. Magical Power was increased yes, but I still think it could have the increased Attack Power it used to have before, if much, as self cast only and probably only the value based on what it was supposed to have before at P.

    Cure works very good now, as it was nerfed before and it's actually useful, does it's purpose when healing an opponent skill that takes almost all of your hp, however I think it can be worked in terms of visual effects.

    With this said, I wanted to say thank you to the sg team who has been working hard developing not only this updated skills visual effects as improving it's attributes as well & for leading this new content based on our feedback, tips and opinions as for letting us take a word and try it first hand on the test server.

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  • I tested dragon mage againt almost every class in 1v1 and the strongest skill of dragon mage which is dragon roar does similar dmg to almost every class strongest skill and that without the green liquid so i find the argument of dragon mage being op not valid. Also take in consideration that there are more boosters for physical classes in game which were not used in that test, like that blue liquid for example which will give no boost to magic classes at all but a huge boost to physical classes and the most important, dss, every dss has same value to both magical and physical classes except ruby, me having a perfect superclass ruby dss on my mage which gives 18 avg dmg 18 avg dmg resistance and 180 ap is a real waste than a physical class having all these stats it will just give an enormous boost to them that wont give to any magical class. The only difference with dragon mage after the revamp of dragon roar is that finally the class has a combo because before, that the dragon roar was a self cast skill dragon mage which was consider ranged class had literally 1 ranged skill so it was talisman to death, if someone was running dragon mage had 1 skill to use only now at least dragon roar can be used as well so it was a much needed change. The inferno is still a skill with extremely low range and very awkward as if the target isnt stunned or at least knocked down it will never hit.Overall imo the change in dragon roar was what dragon mage needed to be a ranged class and not a mellee class.Thanks

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  • Some clarifications:

    1) Elemental damage cannot crit, they will have their own bonus to raise or lower damage

    2) Skill don't have too much range, the range is the same as they have now with Perfect master. You may be fooled by the effect of the skill but the radius (the area or the hitbox) is always the same.

    3) Same with OP not OP, weak or strong. There isn't really such thing. Skill damage is not set manualy but handled by a constant called K

    So is not like Dragon Roar at S has more damage than another skill at S cause they both use the same constant. The proportion is the same as P. It is obvious that if you can do high damage with skills instead of the 300-600 damage you are used on live, a class could outmatch another easily. The higher the resistance, the more advantages certain classes are, while with lower resistance is the exactly opposite.

  • I think blade sin is very weak, and there are no different effect between S skill and P skill in blade sin,
    one more question, S skill improve the skill dmg a lot, and the class with normal attack mainly will become very weak, such as body war, and weapon sura, blade sin and avg archer,
    every one will turn to play skill dmg class and give up AVG in pvp

    A all boots weapon sura can only hit with 3.5k dmg(crit+pen) with avg attack

    and can do 17k+ dmg with skill.
    these problem make PVP turn to one way only

  • You disregarded my explanation completly. The dagger assassin is not weak, the skill he does are the same as live, the proportion is the same. The damage output is the same proportionaly. The effects are also different, all skills have different effects at S.

    As for your concern, i understand that after playing a server 6 years where skills does 500 damage and hits does 1000 damage you got used to think is normal, but this was not normal. A skill should do much more damage than a normal hit.

  • Hello!

    First of all i want to say good job to all Metin2 SG staff for hard work.

    For moment, my observations are only for visual effects, i didn’t test skills enough for say something about damage or special stats. From my point of view, all visual effects look really awesome, except dragon roar and inferno (dragon mage). These two skills are too opulent (like roccoco style 😂; joking), they are too visually tiring. Volcanic rocks used to maximize visual effect for dragon roar are too extended, the area where the skill is used become hard to watch.

    Anyway, i will come back with pro and contra about damage and special stats when i will have enough informations and tests.



  • Hey,

    So far i dont think theres any OP or weak class with the S skills.

    Only thing that its unclear to me, is the remove magic. Since magic res is supposed to work against it, yet it doesnt. The damage is same with more or less magic resistance, so that should have a double check.

    Thanks for the opportunity to testing the Skills.

    Also the hydra run is great. thanks too


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