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  • Crantz

    What bonuses are good in the Land of Giants?

  • EmyEmy

    Enemies of the heir, Beware!

  • Palita

    they're cheap and abundant atm, sounds like perfect time for it

  • Crantz

    Should I use master compass from +7? poison sword

  • EmyEmy

    ty for thinking bout this shadow <3

  • [GA]Shadow

    Is hidden by design, we don't want it to be in the way when you are arranging you inventory.

  • react

    diury X( ;(

  • EmyEmy

    omg diury just press f5 on your keyboard lol

  • Diury

    Can you add it next ot the inventory liek the belt inventory?

  • Diury

    Yes but the sidebar is hidden behind inventory

  • [GA]Shadow

    Sidebar was added on F5

  • EmyEmy

    wow ty was super fast i was missing it already xd

  • Gzanu

    something new added ?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Gzanu

    sv on >

  • Paximus

    Do you have an eta on server reboot?

  • Theknight

    ok thnx

  • EmyEmy click this and user'icon and create conversation

  • Theknight

    how to send a private message to SMOD Tary ?

  • iPhone5

    [VIDEO] 國戰 NW & GUILDWAR 26.10.2020

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    i want to suggest to add more permanent costumes in specially underworld costumes :D The idea with permanent costumes its great will be nice if we will have at upcoming events like Xmas event, valentines, easter, but for now will be nice if can be added underworld costumes

    Have a nice day!

    Bro you need to be reasonable here. I got 38% skill res + 15 fire res and 24k hp. He one shots me. I can't even use greater healing pots. Finishing yamachon shouldn't require oceanic+9 and superclass diamond. It's not the last dungeon in the game.

    i just finish one with a lvl 100 asssasin bcs buggs bunny say its inposible to make it with 103 car , i can bcs i use 110 one , on 110 with 62 skill rez and 24% fire rezistence i was recived 17k, and now i added 25%more fire rez and yamachoon make max dmg 8k

    I want to test with warrior too bcs on him i have like 85 fire rez and i want to see how is with 85 fire and 40skill rezistence

    Shadow Now Yamachon makes a lot of damage. I die with only 1 SKILL (lose 10-15 baby polys which are expensive) with dss on + full skill rest eq (pvp shoes + saphire earrings too) + fire rest + boosters (dragon god attack, defence and hp) + blue liquid + green liquid + orange liquid ... if u will keep it like that, at least change the craft of meley ticket to 1 flame + 1 ice grail cuz now, yamachon and nemere are hard to kill.

    These runs were never intended to get done solo. These are suppose to be group runs and finally are at the current state. I advise sharing those 10-15 polys among 8 player group. Ýou save a lot of money this way.


    Bro...... u talk like a class that have self buff skills.... tell me as ninja what changes does it make for me to make Supreme the skill or not.... cmon stop beeing blinded only to your class...

    Will i need to go in ince run with 4 chars just to make 1 run? not worth ....

    Now i got titan shield 5 skill 3 awg, I used armour 8 awg 5 skill, bracelet 15% and also alchemy with 10% skill res + shoes skill 8% skill..... soooo 43 skill res.... and he did shot me i skill more than 22k HP...... This smels as usual sura returning to be op in pvm as usual.

    Have a nice day!

    I was talking about pvm? or pvp bcs there was a disscution about pvp , u read a thing on discord orther thing on this thread and now started hate me:) if u saw on discord about nemere Elspeth said that they will neft nemere . My main its NINJA ARCHERY , i am playing at pvm with assasin and sura for meley , when i made that screenshot when i killed nemere and send it to discord was with sura bcs i farmed metines on enchanted forest and i dont wanted to change account for a run , but u understand what u want .

    Hanwei pls next time read all comments on a thread not just one wich u want to hate and do not deviate from the subject .

    Have a nice day!

    Guys i think u should wait till u finish with supreme skills are done on ur accounts , bcs this chance is not just for perfect skills its for supreme where is elemental dmg and ur skills deal much more dmg then p , on test server weapony sura was nice and yes i am not agree if for example Carbofix dispeal someone i can dispeal that player for 2 min too , but if u saw at yeasterday raid it was more fun when you were buffed almost all the time . So take a decision after u guys arrive at all supreme skills in your accounts .

    btw nice update with enchanted forest :D

    Have a nice day!

    critical not working at elemental dmg , i dont know if its a bug or its intended

    in rest everything seems be oke at dragon mage .

    thank you for giving us this chance!

    Hello guys,

    i want to talk about meley's run reward bcs it not worth , i know this dungeon its made in specially for Flame of the dragon but after this 3 weeks since run was added in game the reviw from all people wich did it its bad bcs they invested many wons for equipment + 3-5won for every entrace and they just lose yang bcs those chests dont give a minimal profits like every run in game , most of people wich i talk about it they just lose yang and time and win bracelets/necks... wich drop so eazy in ochao run and belts wich drop in every run and their price are like 0 .

    i suggest to introduce a standard reward+chest's like mythic dss minor and like this will be easier to make a superclass mythic after this its the stats problem bcs yes in this 3 week i think its no1 wich made one and maybe if someone did he invested over 600won and 600 wons for a crap superclass+ 4won per run trying to make a changer for stats its not funny + u need a team like 6-8people to make it this mean 20-30won invest for 1 run and this group may not caught it in 10 run on more and just lose yang

    #Make Meley's run a beast

    Have a nice day! peace!


    I dont understand how is this possible to create that many escuses , this game its still a mystery for me bcs at the end of this video u say never lose but now after u lose u crate excuses.

    here why u dont mention light mage its counter for sura wepony? bcs u win or what

    sorry for my bad english :D peace!

    Have a nice day!

    looks like no one cares what u trying to say:D, i would say best way for all to be happy its to change moonstones with red dragon scales and horn same as 100 helms for all pvm equip like fire shoes , 105 armours wich gives mob vs (pvm stuff).

    Have a nice day!


    But for what? We just got free dmg boost from the lv30 horse, we got easy obtainable rarity on items now. We gonna get new dss levels, aint that enough dmg?

    Edit: Maybe bring that bonus when you got a full set of mythic dss?

    yes, he mean when u have a full wheel of mythic dss and its not all about pvm :D bcs u have sapphire dss wich gives class rez

    a boost of 20% bonus with with a full wheel its nice but just alchemy stats not all stats bcs we have vitality stone for that

    Have a nice day! :D

    in my opinion its better if necks,bracelets and earrings are replaced with agate for this stuff , alchemy need to be mythic minor and maybe add a change rare scroll +herbs 100/200 or dragon gods , pierce crit stuff

    and with that blood stone i suggest to craft moonstone from them (its just a little idea dont hate me for that :) )

    like 10blood stone 10 mithrill 10 red dye 10blue dye 10grey 10white and 10 green ancient clam , this can cost like 20-30 wons to craft a blood stone so i think its oke for everyone

    Have a nice day! :D

    i do not consider you competition, you use ring 24/7 stay safe 24/7 use mount 24/7 lie to your own guild mates for your own good :D

    1. u can change vote when u want

    2. i play with my account and my items and still i dont take 6.3k per hit:)

    3.its not boring to change items in middle of the national war or raid? and still with not ur account:)

    4.idk how a pro account its that weak when u play on it

    show me how u can use tp ring/wedding ring on nw maps :) i know u dont want rules bcs u are scared to lose nw , this competition....


    i think who voted "no" last round of nw 90% from that time inside used mount and full of instapots :)) bcs will never stop using them bcs its all about to win , and some guys i dont say name i just let to feel they dont like to lose and they know if mounts was blocked at nw they would lose :) i know i know , u guys dont play pvp if u dont have advantages .

    lets remember a thing , just this guys who vote no know it :)) i was in ochao 1 v 8 , 1 was attacking boss , 1 stay with guards on him and 6 run to kill me:)and u guys use king power but still 1 of u died with king power hp regeneration , how u guys do this? ah i was forgot this , i was doing ochao run me and someone with a buffer who was 0 pvp , 2 of this people come to attack me :) 1 of them stay in run after i saw him like 20sec?:))) and orther one run like 4 min whole ochao run till he died too , after that run at next one 7 of u come :))) why? bcs alone u guys are useless ? or why , this is same thing with mount at nw and gearther healing pots /instapots is named advantage

    now u can say anything , i dont care :) bcs u guys will never play right.