[Testing]Supreme Skills

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    time server to be on?

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    same happend to schweiner rinkler

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    Oh no, i just read a soulstone and was on negative rank on a Metin . BIG F

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    Reeeeeeee server went to poop

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    djihad only got third place in video contest, because ther was only 3x people took place lul



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    Event Information List


    hello where can i find informations about all of calendar events?

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    is there a shop box limit for map1?

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  • Dear Players,

    As you know we are working on the supreme skills at the moment and in order to test them properly we'd like to ask for your help.

    We are looking for a total of 32 Players to test these skills on our test server, 16 yellow players and 16 blue players.

    We will need every race twice for each kingdom, meaning each Char-Class a total of four times per kingdom

    If you want to help us, please send us an E-Mail to [email protected] with the Following Info;

    • Your Char name on the Live Server
    • Your Kingdom on live server
    • The Char & Race you want to Test

    Every tester will receive 10.000 Tec Points and a Rainbow Stone.

    Rainbow Stones are going to be the Item you will need in order to Level your skills beyond Perfect, up to Supreme.

    Kind Regards,

    The Metin2SG Team

  • I'm sorry guys but,

    "If you want to help us, please send us an E-Mail to [email protected] with the Following Info;"

    it's very clear where to apply.

    I will close this thread in order to avoid more of this, but if you want to Bugtest stuff for us, you should atleast carefully read what we write.

  • Dear Players,

    Some Categories are already full so we've decided to post a little update on who was first to secure a seat.

    As Shadow said, first come first serve, but all posts here and in the ticket system were automatically "disqualified" and ignored, as we need people who read what we write.

    If you do not see your name in there, another Person applied for the same slot before you, that doesnt mean you can't apply again for another position.

    I've already mentioned this to some of the participants but i want to mention it publically aswell,

    i see a lot of members participating from "rivaled guilds" and i want to make it very clear, that this test has nothing to do with actual gameplay, this is not a Skill Comparism or any of the sorts, this is a kind of "Closed Beta" test if you want to call it like that.

    I dont want to see any Banter or similar during these testings, this has to be done properly and somewhat coordinated so trash talking will not be tolerated, because the ones who suffer at the end if something is unbalanced or bugged, are you guys.

    Class Elgoria Asmodia
    Body War Pr0metheus 1000Emys
    Body War
    Thorkell 100oofs
    Mental War Hecthor BBazzy
    Mental War BazAzul Desired
    Blade Sin Trommelpeter xNaexus
    Blade Sin OneShot1Kill
    Archer Sin PaganMin xNinjaTimex
    Archer Sin Yisy Reaact
    Weapon Sura xBuggsBunny Palita
    Weapon Sura JET9CHAMP Thiassi
    BM Sura AlmightyHoly Luxuria
    BM Sura Chunchunfarm ef23
    Dragon Mage Fivel Hiumi
    Dragon Mage ThanhThao Muffinz
    Lightning Mage Yunii MavisVermilion
    Lightning Mage RokShanghai Madina
  • Hey guys, another little update.

    As you can see nearly all slots are filled by now,

    most applications we received within the last 12 Hours were either applying for Slots that are already filled, or yellow characters applying for blue slots.

    I want to explain a few things here,

    • You do not have to own a character of the class you want to test, knowledge about it is all you need. We will create the Chars for the testing. As i said, this test has absolutely nothing to do with the real game, wont be on our live server and has no actual "gameplay" - It's a Test. I thougt this would be very clear to begin with, atleast the part of "This is a test, not part of the game" and that its going to be on the Test/Dev Server but i received some questions wether or not you have to farm for the S skills, which chars will be used, which equipment, etc.
    • Yellow players can not apply for blue spots. We purposely made it 16 and 16 in order to ensure a fair distribution of slots between the kingdoms. I know that these applications dont come out of ill intend but probably rather out of missunderstanding why we seperate it like this, but i felt like i should clear this up, so you guys dont write applications for nothing.
    • As Shadow stated before, we can only consider people who are Focused, this is having more impact on the game than some people might imagine as adding new skills could change the entire game in terms of balance if the testers are not focused. Suddenly characters which were good before become the weakest and archers start oneshotting everyone [Yes, i am exaggerating]
  • Hey guys,

    Unfortunately i missread a bit and added a yellow player into the Dagger Sin spot for blue kingdom,

    since there was nobody else before and after applying for dagger sin (blue kingdom), that slot is open for application again.

    Only apply for this spot, not for warrior, sura or mage.

    €: The Spot is filled again, so no more applications needed, thanks guys.