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  • [GA]Shadow

    Giants are earth monsters

  • Crantz

    What bonuses are good in the Land of Giants?

  • EmyEmy

    Enemies of the heir, Beware!

  • Palita

    they're cheap and abundant atm, sounds like perfect time for it

  • Crantz

    Should I use master compass from +7? poison sword

  • EmyEmy

    ty for thinking bout this shadow <3

  • [GA]Shadow

    Is hidden by design, we don't want it to be in the way when you are arranging you inventory.

  • react

    diury X( ;(

  • EmyEmy

    omg diury just press f5 on your keyboard lol

  • Diury

    Can you add it next ot the inventory liek the belt inventory?

  • Diury

    Yes but the sidebar is hidden behind inventory

  • [GA]Shadow

    Sidebar was added on F5

  • EmyEmy

    wow ty was super fast i was missing it already xd

  • Gzanu

    something new added ?

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Gzanu

    sv on >

  • Paximus

    Do you have an eta on server reboot?

  • Theknight

    ok thnx

  • EmyEmy click this and user'icon and create conversation

  • Theknight

    how to send a private message to SMOD Tary ?

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    This doesnt work properly, when a party member picks up something that is to another person name instead of stacking to the other person it stacks to him or at least most of the times i think that needs to be checked

    But from the patch notes that Shadow posted on the first comment of this thread thats what it says, that the animation wasnt shown and now it is.That means that he was doing the skills but they just werent visible.So either the damage increase wasnt intended or the patch notes are wrong take your pick

    He is memeing.

    From the way you type i cant understand if it is a serious post or you just memeing

    I tested dragon mage againt almost every class in 1v1 and the strongest skill of dragon mage which is dragon roar does similar dmg to almost every class strongest skill and that without the green liquid so i find the argument of dragon mage being op not valid. Also take in consideration that there are more boosters for physical classes in game which were not used in that test, like that blue liquid for example which will give no boost to magic classes at all but a huge boost to physical classes and the most important, dss, every dss has same value to both magical and physical classes except ruby, me having a perfect superclass ruby dss on my mage which gives 18 avg dmg 18 avg dmg resistance and 180 ap is a real waste than a physical class having all these stats it will just give an enormous boost to them that wont give to any magical class. The only difference with dragon mage after the revamp of dragon roar is that finally the class has a combo because before, that the dragon roar was a self cast skill dragon mage which was consider ranged class had literally 1 ranged skill so it was talisman to death, if someone was running dragon mage had 1 skill to use only now at least dragon roar can be used as well so it was a much needed change. The inferno is still a skill with extremely low range and very awkward as if the target isnt stunned or at least knocked down it will never hit.Overall imo the change in dragon roar was what dragon mage needed to be a ranged class and not a mellee class.Thanks

    You most likely have packet loss meaning your internet isnt stable enough.That happens because at the same time that a war does 1 hit sin does 2 with daggers so if you hit continuesly you will dc when you have packet loss.Best way to fix it would be to use cable instead of wifi in case you use wifi at least, since you wont have any packet loss that way if you still have packet loss and get dced when you use cable then use poison sword instead of daggers if you still get dced after that then try to get a more table connection.If you use wifi just change to ethernet it will fix your problem.Gl

    The run is nice because needs a big party to complete it and very good coordination and yeah by doing a mistake maybe is enough to fail the run and i really like that because makes it unique, but it is a shame that the rewards are so badly made that demotivates people from doing it.Having a minimum reward that everyone gets is a good idea so people get back what they invested to enter the run or a part of it.Have in mind that making melley a relevant run again it will also make nemere and hell more appealing to people who cant make meley yet or at all

    So that means when someone say to you guys that he wants to farm this run and he makes a group and go in every 2 hours and they kill the Boss every single run and you guys rarely get the dropp, you will just let them alive?

    Why do i think that will never happen xD

    Hopeless.I am done here

    First thing first the guardian that opens the portal to enter to ochao run spawns every 2 hours not 4. Second there isnt only 1 or 2 guild who make the run we stated before everyone is free to make the run except ZG and thats what happens. We never killed or denied anyone who asked us for it but if you come just like that without talking to us ofc we will kill you and all your party simply because we dont know your intentions. The times that only 1 guild was doing the run are long gone since we returned. As for the part that moonstones should be added to a run without ip block that pretty much everyone can solo without needing any pvp items then its simply a no from me if you want the end game items to be +9 then work for them hard and dont just ask to be given away. Apart from that you can do anything in game pvm/pvp wise with +8 items dont come here and cry that you will be worse because other players have +9 items and you dont, because these players made pvp items and have a guild they arent "just pvm" or playing solo forever because are greedy enough for it

    I told you and i tell you again, i voted for "CHANGE TIME IN EACH WEEK", this means i support this idea, i don't want fixed 17 GMT anymore because as i see blue kingdom dont like. Changing time each week will be fair for all kind players.

    That doesnt change the fact that we had to take actions to fix your own mistakes because even tho we agreed at 16 gmt you just changed your mind while you were doing the post.Thats why i am pissed off not because we cant join nw, we earn nothing out of it anyway and the time of the nw would be eventually changed i just wanted to clarify things out.Next time if you try to pm me before you make a post in a friendly way because you want to make it better for all of us then stick to what we say.I am done with this

    i think you dont understand i exlained you from next nw no HH members there, remove all HH mebers from the list you made whats left?You say the nw at 15 gmt wasnt fair but why was that?Maybe because Zg didnt want to help you?The numbers at nw would be equal if they did join but because of payback they didnt thats not someting that implys that the time of nw should be changed.Anyway if you think that the nw would be even at 17 gmt keep it 17 gmt but hear my words the nw time will be changed sooner or later only because no people will join the nw.Move your head from the last nw and focus on the next if you want a fair nw then show it.And yeah i explained you that after yo umade the poll that 0 of us will join nw at that hour and what did you do, you that wanted a fair nw?Nothing

    Why you think i said lets all communicate so we move the nw 1 hour later and see how it goes even tho is less convenient for us?But no you decide that the perfect time is the time we cant join.I explained you very clearly in our long conversation on ds HH cant join anymore nw at 17 gmt and you took no actions to help it not at all.Also when you make a poll you shouldnt tell your opinion because it influences the result.You make a poll?Then simply provide the options thats a very usefull advice maybe you need it in future

    Yesterday in NW was much more players than before, how you can say that? Only in the follwing images are around 20 players, before was max 15, dont come here with this kind of excuses.

    And count the blue players at 1st image i see 5 and at 2nd i see 6 correct me if i am wrong.You simply wanted a more fair nw didnt you?I clearly told you that HH cant join anymore nw at 17 gmt at sundays we both know blue pvp is HH and you take no actions at all to change it.If you want a fair nw prove it or we will have another dead event

    But you saw the result next nw if its at 17 gmt there will be no blues simply because no HH there because we cant join and blue pvp is only HH and few asian members which is even harder for them to join, since now from 2 at night they have to stay awake at 4 only to join nw and after the long discussion we had on discord that i explained you that from next nw there will be no blues there took no action at all and you simple ignored the part that yourself said "7 our time (which is 16 gmt time) is perfect for most players" and you voted for 17 gmt and not only that you also pushed players to do the same

    Like Tary said, it was not my decission, it's hard to understand? My opinion was public, in discord and here, people voted what they like, i said 17 GMT because is same time with Budokan PVP event, not to put blues in disadvantage. Two weeks ago, i joined at NW event with 2 players, we was like 3 vs 10+, who like to be outnumbered in this way? I analyzed the situation and i noticed most of players are online after 16 GMT in Sunday, that's why i made this poll. As you can see i commented here to up it again and again, i also put the link on discord, just to remind the players to vote. And the comparison 14 vs 12 is wrong anyway, from a total of 41 votes, only 12 players like 15 GMT, the rest of 29 like late hour.

    I just dont get why you pm specifically me ingame before you make the suggestion to ask if its convenient for us to make the nw later and even tho i told you its not convenient for us, we are willing to move it 1 hour later if its more convenient for you and you agreed with that.On top of that i stated you clearly that i cant join 17 gmt at all every sunday not for 1 or 2 but every sunday and then yourself you told me that you voted for 17 gmt