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  • RwbyRose

    Probably Rwby :P

  • CaptainDrunk

    who won the fish event ?

  • [SMOD]Tary

    You should have received an email to activate your account, Piotr Czuper

  • Piotr Czuper

    Hi maybe can I activate my account?

  • MrSoon

    Sura 64lv in PVM King Event - 10.11.2018 Check it out :) :assaultrifle:

  • Mighty007


  • Levioh

    better provide those screenshots of you getting profit from that fms , tired of you being incompetent and calling other out when you have no idea of prices

  • Levioh

    nature instead of throwing mud at people face you better commit that 8-9 won on the fms just to show you how smart and quirky you are a

  • A.O.S

    jese bm god part 1

  • Jese

    The Best of BM

  • MutenRoshiii

    Eyes 300k tail 10k.

  • Jan Nowak

    Hello. How much cost spider eyes and scorpion tail ?

  • EmyEmy

    :D you need to wait they will be accepted

  • iPsycho

    Drunk 7d bann incoming

  • CaptainDrunk

    for real sins i got 1 day bann they ignore ? :D

  • CaptainDrunk

    i see Tary is in forum.. why it take so long when i used my ODINS i need my coins bro

  • CaptainDrunk

    is there any GM online ??

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Krylo, all the categories are explained in the PvM King thread

  • Krylo

    can someone tell me which are the categories of pvm kong event?

  • Saft

    Cosplay priceees xD

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    How can you be so sure that its all an act? I mean we could do this all day long you will keep saying that it is all a fake apology and i could say the oposite but as you see i dont. I simply say give him a chance to prove his words the first time he does what he was doing his gone i am sure team will be extra cautious and wont be as tolerant as before about him and about insults in general that have no relativity with game.

    If you guys think that he isnt changed , that he will do what he did in the past , that this is not a sincere apology then you shouldnt be against his unban and thats exactly the reason because as you say he will do exactly what he did in the past , i am not saying that he wont or he will but you guys are wrong just because you cant be right if he isnt unbanned so we can all see if he is changed or not and if he isnt changed then you are right and he is gone for good because he had his chance for redemption no more tickets simply this matter is closed

    ty so much, i got it now.

    Edit: i have 2 question more please. The Portal´s Boss respawn always in the same place or it can respawn in any different place of all forest map? And also, The x4 Bosses of the run which u need to kill for fight against Final Boss spawn always at the same place or u must to look for him in all the maze?

    Same and Same

    how many "Portal´s bosses" are? more than 1 right? cuz it doesnt have sense if cd of run is 1 min or 1h 30 when the respawn of the portal´s boss is 2h cuz u must always wait 2h for join again to the run. Or, if there are more than x1 portal´s boss, the portal´s boss which u kill, it will respawn in 2h or the respawn of all portal´s boss is always at even number of time means at GMT 00 00, 02, 04, 06 and so ... ??

    There is 1 boss and when you kill it opens a portal, the respawn time of boss is 2 hours but doesnt matter when you kill it respawns specific time which if for example is xx:05 will respawn every xx:05 and every 2 hours so you can kill it 12:04 and respawn again at 12:05 so by telling you that you should understand the sense of 1:30 hours cd

    ive tried that many times but only works like 20% of the time cus of all the items on the floor.

    Works always for me i guess you are not used to it yet as i am if you zoom in you can click on the item and not on the name if that helps you

    Hmm but i thought that the IP block rule was applied so we all have better game experience , better team work , more fun while in runs use ts to talk to each other while in runs making the game an actual mmo game and not singleplayer.By saying that you imply that this wasnt the reason this rule was applied, i personaly didnt see any team member saying what you say that they applied this rule because players were making too much gold.

    IP block was the first solution in forcing players to work together inside dungeons

    You should know that when there is the word force in the "solutions" to improve the game thats not really an improvement thats the reason population is decreased players are way too forced just imagine what a new player would think if he was coming here during an event and was watching the event thread its a game after all,way too many restrictions.

    Even tho i agree that something needs to be changed about pvp i dont think that making the rewards more appealing will help since we all know that PvP events arent here for us to make profit but to have fun or whatever personal reason someone has to join them.Also i dont think that main reason that people dont join PvP events or PvP in general is the reward or how expensive it is even tho it is expensive, but it is about mentality that people dont join.Some people are afraid to die, some people watch their guildmates diying in from of them and dont help because they know that they will die too, but what can anyone do about mentality everyone is how he is.Some people die and log off because they cant take it and some people revive and keep fighting.

    This rule exists to give a chance to every player (including the low level players) to enjoy this event.

    Idk if you were replying to me but if you did you didnt even answer my question i am talking about this part of the rule.So how do i prevent a low level player or a new player to farm if i do a run.I still dont get it seems like this isnt the reason this rule is applied.

    It is not possible to get banned for ks since you started attacking the metin,doesnt matter if you have sreenshot or not because he cant send a screenshot that he attacks alone the metin