[Maintenance] 12/01/2019 Gameplay Change

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  • EmyEmy

    Lol xd

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    but as harsh as you can be and bias as you are, you can't expect us to fix a problem that doesn't happen to everyone in reasonable times

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I don't doubt you had freeze issues, which happen during login when the packets are loaded and if one crash... thats the freeze

  • Arigato

    cool thanks for the help then

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Yup i did and i can log without issues

  • Arigato

    nothing more

  • Arigato

    I just reported a bug if you want you can check it wich i believe is your job

  • Arigato

    I guess thats amusing and shocking https://imgbbb.com/image/Hk9Ty

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    The ignorance of saying you have tried from another pc while using the same internet is both amusing and shocking thou

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    I suppose me and this player are somehow immune to it :D

  • [CoMa]Shadow


  • Arigato

    I also tryed from other pc its not the problem mostly at nephrite and thunder / dawn and capes are working just fine

  • Arigato

    https://imgbbb.com/image/HJcPc yeah its perfectly fine u are right rofl just fix

  • EmyEmy

    Yes, if ch2 has disconnections switch to other channels its simple as that

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    It will have its own website and forum

  • PaliPali

    Last tuesday ch2 was also causing player crashes/disconnects pretty often

  • EmyEmy

    If server 2 opens , there will be a forum for s2 it makes sense

  • S3ke

    so is there anywhere i can check whats the news regarding the server 2 ? since you guys will not post it here ?how can we know when it will be opened ?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    it seems to work fine, remember that limiting yourself to say "is bugged" doesn't say anything at all.

  • [CoMa]Shadow


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  • Guys we do have a Wiki - we can also utilize that. Its true you cant list every mob and every stat in the forums and it would be a wasted effort but a Wiki update would be awesome! :)

  • You can't expect us to list in this thread or any other, over 1000 monsters and their resistances. It won't reach everyone. For instance I already explained on the forums kazilions times that Demi Resistance is just made up name, the real name is "Warrior Resistance + Sura Resistance + Assassin Resistance + Mage Resistance", all rolled into one. As there is no monster that is a character, it is just a pvp bonus. Yet despite the many times I told so, you didn't know.

    That was not my intention. I want something more general. I mean, average damage resistance = resistance against physical hit (not skills), archers and swordsmen, resistance against skill damage = skills from bosses and pvp, that's what most of players probably interpret. But that logic like I said cant be used with all stats (and here comes the Demi Human resistance example that I said).

    What we players need is a bit more information, for example, for what is useful magic resistance in pvm? Against every mob that hit with range attacks that are like "shining things"? Is useful in X or Y or Z map? Is even useful? This type of info is what I and other players want, to have a general idea.

    And in regard to what you said about list every mob with their resistance and dmg, can you copy that information in some word file and upload for everyone? I mean, in the image that you posted about fire attack, I see that one can select that with the mouse easily, so probably is not difficult to do that.

  • To be honest if your full moon sword has +- average damage and skill damage, you know it deals more or less damage with hits and skills. So if there is a bonus with the same name but a "resistance" name in the end, it is clear what it does. Like I said Demi resistance is a name, if the players think it confuse people they can always come up with a new name, like PVP resistance. This is what polls are for.

    Usually ranged attacks from monsters are either under the category of arrows or magic. If it is arrow, you can dodge the attack with another bonus, chance to dodge, if is magic you can't. Again is not hard to find these informations, because the max bonus for magic is 15%, if a monster is dealing huge damage, you can turn on an item with 15% and see if it lowers, if the damage is irrilevant then you don't even care.

    We can't disclose all the contents of that file in public sorry.

  • Shadow Any thoughts on the WiKi idea? I`m not offering to fill it with details for every mob. There can be a "maps" section, under witch the relevant information could be listed. Such as - a list of mobs that are present including bosses, metins, veins and the like. The mobs could be grouped

    - ranged (mob name eg. Dryads): Physical dmg.\ weakness - none

    - Boss - Ancient tree - magic dmg.\ weakness - str. vs devil\ resistance vs sword

    That the info is in one place, it's not watered down by random people and is avail. to everyone :)

    Also information on crafting would be great! :)

  • For def against monsters' attacks you can read here. Unless Shadow changes the way PvM works, the text I created is a must read for every player, new or experienced.

    The vs. monsters general bonus works against all monsters. In addition to it, some monsters, not all, have a particular weakness. I didn't address any word on this because the vs x type of monsters is needed only in certain parts of the game, not everywhere. It helps if you ask what you need, so I won't spend my next 2 days listing all monsters and their weakness.

    At this point in the game you should also keep in mind that you can do any run, farm in any map and ignore the next bonuses: lightning res, wind res, fire res, ice res, dark res, earth res. If there will be any change in the way PvM works, it will be posted in my Basics for Beginners asap.

  • At this point in the game you should also keep in mind that you can do any run, farm in any map and ignore the next bonuses: lightning res, wind res, fire res, ice res, dark res, earth res. If there will be any change in the way PvM works, it will be posted in my Basics for Beginners asap.

    But in runs (hell run, ice run) 2 of those bonus are useful, or that I read in their guides here. So maybe the others works too in other runs, or in some normal map.

    For example, dark resistance, suppose it works in devil catacombs against the bosses and in general. A 10% of dark resistance > 5% skill resistance, so I will buy a low lvl armor and a necklace with 10% dark resistance and can do azrael easily, dont need to spend a great amount of money on lvl 1, 21, 41, 61 shields with 5 skill resistance or armors or upgrade lvl 90 accesories with skill resistance. This was an example.

  • Fire and Ice res lower the dmg of close combat mobs. When you are at 55-60% block they won't be able to deal any dmg before you will kill them. And in Ice run you need magic res because that is the only way to lower the dmg of long ranged mobs.

    From my experience, the items I use in catacombs are good for DT, ice, hell, erebus and ochao all together. The only difference comes from the fact I am dragon mage and I have to buff instead of actually do the killing. We still go in party instead of multi accounting a run because time is money. But from what I know none of my partners use any elemental res but a set of items good for everything.