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    yes nice video gzz next time when u want post video please post full video Panic For u want make one next video beter a make 1vs 1 pvp video and post forum pm me in game and fight 1vs 1....

    I heard you had some duels vs ninja dagger his name was something like Chiye. And you lost against that ninja 4 - 2.

    Idk how can so strong sura as you or lower sura lose duels against ninja dagger + with so much new updates Sura is so much powerfull.

    But seams with you is different isn't it ?

    And Panic post video off 17 min that full fight was 25min

    But you never said that to JkRRR in the past, he was always make videos off 5-10 min even if fight was 2-3h never less and now you dislike what Panic done? Well i don't understand you. Honestly i don't, if i'm you i would be quiet right now.

    Well just look at them how they are sneaky, they attack 3-5-7 one guy or one person. And you didn't cry like Yuni did gj man. Anyway your dmg is amazing or he was amazing but i don't see the different on you than and now seams you are just amazing hehe.

    Anyway they was all 100+ lvl over there against few ppl off yellows and you guys fight it good and well.

    Imagine if there was The Monsters: Mecca and her husband they could them kill easy alone+++

    In the other hand if there was Legends: AlmightyPush, Chiye and Aleksandar well that would be WW 3

    wait wait wait scream is Yuni ??? hahahahahahahaha god damn hahahahahahaha. Yea Panic was right she/he was talking on 300km. but later when we was equal and her or his friends leave she/he start crying why 3vs1 5vs1 2vs1 bla bla bla, but who watched video will saw where Yuni says come boys 2vs1 2 vs me she/he say it many times but after it she/he start to cry 3vs1 2vs1 5vs1.

    Well it's not our fault when your friends leave fight when we was equal.

    I told them don't attack me stop it i won't problems but Yuni,Petty and Yuki continue attacks me i really tried and try to avoid it but they couldn't stop. Bcs i know what would happen if they don't stop and so massacre happen xD

    I playing 5 years Metin2.SG last year I’m not so active, but JKRRR or Lacex or the others never put full video but never.

    JkRRR always make video with 5-10 min and on that’s videos he and his friends are so overpowered they don’t died they was perfect but problem is ( fight was longer than 2h or more sometimes 3-4h) but he put only 5-10 min.

    These fight before some days was like 25 min. First i came in blues and Pety,Yuni and HanYuki starts to attack me and provoke me i try to avoid that but they wouldn’t stop. Than i call Panic and we beats them we 2 vs them 3x after 3 min some guys from Asian guild showed up and beat us and that was in that time 6/7 blues vs 3 Yellows and that was like 3-5 min. After that i saw just 2x players from Yellows and they were Chiye and Pachirisu so its was 5 yellow vs 6 blues or 7. But after 1 min Petty disappeared and 2 more. Only left Yuni,Yuki and the warrior from Asian guild.

    I forget to mention Petty and the others came back later and nothing changed they was same

    Damn i didn't know that i'm so good after 100 years off playing. Check first one minute and later from 3:20 min we was equal with numbers and what happen Massacre happen xD

    Good video, good graphic nice PvP Fight from both sides xD

    I don't know what happen when we was equal, maybe you guys will saw it HeroPetty just disappear and not only him the archer too and warrior from asian guild.

    But anyway nice fight i enjoyed so much :D


    Anyway idk why that yellow guy was nonstop feeding blues and give them free points but ok.

    And HowHigh are big disappointed today.

    Well, Tim it's nice video but now about your duels against BBazy.

    Well in tournament when you stuns or faint your opponent there is no stop you just continue.

    But duels in the duels like this you should stop when you fainted your opponent.

    Anyway BBazy is one of the old players in his prime he tank and kill alone kingdoms i was there i'm living witness.But now he was same lvl like before 3-4 years same gear so you should respect it all of you. And these two ppl which was laughed on him it's really sad,bcs they lose against JkRR with full hp. So they should be quiet.

    Well i watched this video JkRR vs Mecca and i'm not surprised. Bcs he is good yea he is strong, not the best might be in the TOP 10. But yea he is strong he is in his prime now, only the haters would say it different.

    Well i must say this guy PanicStation he never stops to surprising me. He is by month and month just becoming more and more powerful

    Well so i can say for sure now in Asmodia he is Nr1 now for big fights like NW or Raid. JUst keep going old friend !!