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  • Seelenruf

    yeah thats true. i just thought you need to translate since the preview website seems good to me :P take your time

  • [GM]Elspeth

    Creating the Website, the poll, the translations etc. There is a lot more than just a little poll which you dont see.

  • Seelenruf

    but why is it taking so long to do a poll? i mean for translation u dont need 2+ weeks

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    A new server won't be confirmed before the results of this poll so no, is not opening in 10 days.

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    There are some comprehend issues. We said we will hold a poll to analyze the demands and see if there is a market for a new server.

  • IronMikeTyson


  • S3ke

    10 more days ? where did you see that ? :)

  • IronMikeTyson

    just 10 days more let's rock

  • UnkoJP

    Where did they say that boi

  • IronMikeTyson

    10 days more till the new server !!! let's rock

  • CapTaiiN


  • CapTaiiN

    do not judge to fast. i farm with 5 chars to

  • deathpool

    wow, well sorry my bad, gms ignore my complain

  • spir00new

    i am not bot bro Comprehensive guide to pull rate of all fishes available in Metin 2

  • deathpool

    gms ban this man, he is clearly a bot (yesterday in the fishman ranking he has the top5 with his chars)

  • xFragamento

    #s1 hype

  • Cecilia Heinz

    #s2 hype

  • zera321

    s3ke you just said you're new to the server, how do you know how this server was when it was started ? Omg nobody looks at those epvp members flaming

  • S3ke

    i hope to see you guys there :) all the best

  • S3ke

    shadow i think starting a new server is a good thing...and lets say its not gonna ''work'' ...many servers merged could do the same as a backup plan

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    I agree with S3ke.

    if my brain is not mistaking or my cells xD i think Vlupix would like it something where you can do everything with real money and he don't give a shit about others around him, yea we already have some of them now on first server. So he might be one of them.

    Anyway out there is 95% Rich players with real $$$ and the others are their slaves.

    But if they open NewSchool server where is almost everybody equal, ye ofc they must put something in shop they need money for keeping servers alive. But that's something could be like. Sexy costumes many of them for: Armors , Weapons, Hair, Mounts and etc.

    What i trying to say is, why must always Normal players depends from Rich ones $$$ and the rich ones make the gear for very short time very, and normal players need some years.


    But what's the point if they open the same one as the first one??? Again making 3-4 years gears ? And Rich players come and make it for 20 days ? Common you kidding me it's not funny no enjoyable man or guys pls what's wrong with you all we want fun, but no you people want again Horror.

    The main problem is: If again Rich players starting play,the normal ones will be their's slaves and normal player will need some of years till finish items, but rich player will finish it for 2-3 weeks.

    We Need server where we could be all the same for half year max.

    We need Newschool. And this right one now is Oldschool for new players it’s hard without money and items they need 5-6 months to finish P skils and make good pvm items. Rich people need 3-4 days. Then pvp eq and leveling till 115 or 120 for normal players it’s hard for normal which doesn’t spend all day for farming. For rich players it’s like 10-15 days max. So yea we need Newschool we want make pvp and pvm items for 4-6 months not 2-3 years.

    They should bring Lycan or I don’t know what else could be new ? New maps ? New Items ? It’s nothing new we see it already many times till now. But If they bring Lycan then it’s possible many players from others servers start too bcs now is 2019y and the others server already have Lycan and it’s cool Lycan is so powerful i mean he looks so amazing.

    Well, Tim it's nice video but now about your duels against BBazy.

    Well in tournament when you stuns or faint your opponent there is no stop you just continue.

    But duels in the duels like this you should stop when you fainted your opponent.

    Anyway BBazy is one of the old players in his prime he tank and kill alone kingdoms i was there i'm living witness.But now he was same lvl like before 3-4 years same gear so you should respect it all of you. And these two ppl which was laughed on him it's really sad,bcs they lose against JkRR with full hp. So they should be quiet.

    Well i watched this video JkRR vs Mecca and i'm not surprised. Bcs he is good yea he is strong, not the best might be in the TOP 10. But yea he is strong he is in his prime now, only the haters would say it different.

    Well i must say this guy PanicStation he never stops to surprising me. He is by month and month just becoming more and more powerful

    Well so i can say for sure now in Asmodia he is Nr1 now for big fights like NW or Raid. JUst keep going old friend !!

    Damn Nice video ! That music is so awesome ! And you three are really impressive, yea it's unfair no respect but we know both you can't take him one on one even if he takes his items off. But it's was your day and i respect it. And i will give you like, only bcs that Adrenaline damn

    Well zera321,if you have problems here with these kids. Then imagine on Server2 !

    But i understand you 120lvl players coming KS ppl 30lvl or 75 it's really bad behavior

    But Rules said you can do it how much you want !