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  • Moonshine

    weapons skins are a great addition! congrats on all the recent updates!

  • EmyEmy

    Tyyyyy shadow , i see players are truly excited with the weapon skins:)

  • EmyEmy

    Yesss server On Lets go!

  • [GA]Shadow

    Server on

  • Palita

    right when i was slacking in town even omg.. how could they

  • EmyEmy

    omg I miss metin2 sg :( ;( ;(

  • Palita

    ;( ;( ;(

  • KotaYagami

    omg server down, my life makes no sense anymore ;(

  • ALmoSIQaR

    yeah but allah will save us bro

  • 100pcentTSK

    good bro. don't come, there is covid everywhere in there

  • ALmoSIQaR

    hi 100pcent all things good bro - and u ? i will visit turkysh soon bro xD

  • VayDD1

    server is off??

  • 100pcentTSK

    almosiqar how are you bro? how's life

  • Kentra


  • ALmoSIQaR

    where is bad girl?

  • [GA]Shadow

    There is a little patch to download which will fix the drag and drop issue

  • EmyEmy

    Server on Already .ty

  • [GA]Shadow

    The drag and drop function is currently glitched, this is why you cannot drag items on npc (yes seals are also npc)

  • Xandroo

    Hellrun is buggy. Can't drop hell gear on the Hell seal

  • Xandroo

    Lightningres in meley? xd

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    Truth is there was no more money to milk from s1 like it used to be. S2 is just business and marketing, nothing more. They killed S1 because it was the only way to boost S2. Great move of transfering resources and business management. There is no interest to bring the same updates from S2 because it affects the business.

    It's like you have 2 products to sell, one old and cheap and the other new and expensive. The point is that you want to keep the best features on the new product so you can maximize profit with the right marketing. This is exactly the case.

    Still they won't close s1 because it's always good to have a backup and also because it would affect the image of the company.

    It would be an amazing feature and i believe every moonlight farmer would agree with it.

    The drop could be ajusted in a way that will give the same amount of boxes per hour taking into account auto-collect.

    This feature would surely bring more people into the moonlight game as there are many that can't handle spamming z key for a few hours.

    Unfortunetly, i can predict that the answer from staff will be a negative one 100%.

    Hey there,

    considering that you are taking a Screenshot near midnight Servertime, which is even Later in the night for the entire Eastern european and Asian community wouldn't really set a high bar i suppose. I'm not going to deny that there arent a lot of PvP players but thats definitely not because of the things you named.

    The maps look like this at any hour of the day. The last raid was right after this update, 6 months ago.

    It can't be denied that the server never looked so empty. The reasons are clear, if you accept it or not.

    What was supposed to be a boost for attracting new players into pvp it has done exactly the opposite because without those 8 pvp bonuses, there is no way anyone lvl 35-90 would resist more than a few seconds.

    On high level, it's even worse. There is no balance when archers make 3k hits in ~100 res. There is no balance when mages play with hits instead of skills.

    Also, rolling items is a joke. It's 10 times harder than it was before update. You literaly need hundreds of changers to get bonuses that barely can be called decent ( if you can call 3/5 decent ).

    At the moment, changers are close to 40kk. Please try to make a newcomer even consider building pvp under these conditions.

    I am ready to make a bet that at this moment there isn't one single player that has finished building pvp gears entirely.

    The only way to keep this server alive after this update was to bring new updates with new features that bring interest to people but the priority was to focus on opening server2 which is doomed to failure aswell. Now it's probably too late to save something.

    Hey there

    I'm not entirely sure how balancing PvP and making it easier to get decent stats would disturb any new player, maybe you can enlighten me.

    I wrote that in my opinion none of these actually happened.

    Go in map1 and show me those newcomers that built pvp. There is 0 pvp, no one is interested to play pvp anymore. There are 3 or 4 players in map1, half of them afk.

    This is how map1 looks like nowadays :

    This server is now officially dead. The newcomers were not able to build better gear, the damage is weirder than ever and the safe zone is slowly becoming empty from shops. Only 2 shots was needed to kill it, this update and the 2nd server.

    It's sad that something which was looking like the best metin2 server ever built died suddenly.

    So ye, it seems that these votes bring just a copy of s1 and more than half the votes come from s1 players so if this will actually happen will be funny to see a new server starting with 100 new players. Half of them would quit after few weeks and the base would still be the same players from s1.

    It's true that new server might bring more profit on short term but on long term will dissolve both s1 and s2.

    If this opens, i will still be here, pointing my fingers towards those desperate s2 spamming this thread who would most likely quit after few weeks. Unfortunetly, "i told you so" won't help anymore.

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following changes:

    • Some of the PVP Resistances in the game are a bit less effective now, to balance even more the damage output.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double experience" only granted 25% experience, it is now raised to 100%.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double drop" was not working on certain kind of drops. Now it emulates entirely the thief gloves effect.
    • The Healers inside the Erebus Run won't refill the HP of the boss entirely if left alive for too long.
    • Doubled the chances to drop items with 1 and also 2 rarity bonus.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    Can you be more explicit about which resistances are changed and how much ? Also which are increased.

    The damage output seems lower than before, if you lowered some res you must've raised others. Few details please.

    I don't know the reason why Advanced Revoker (remove a stone by your choice) has been removed but i believe many people want it back.

    Even if it will be put in item mall, i don't think anyone will be bothered as long as the price is decent for what this item offers. We just want it back.

    Metin2 SG, the probability of opening a 2nd server - Overview

    I maintain my opinion that opening a 2nd server is harmful for the old one and might be unsustainable itself, but this doesn't mean i wouldn't play if it opens. On the contrary, i would be compelled to choose the smallest mess.

    The explanation is very simple: since the very first moment when the discussion about server2 started and the staff took it seriously, s1 went into an abrupt downhill because players started to put questions about the future of this server and consequently 2 situations occured:

    ➤firstly, the majority of the new players stopped playing because they would rather prefer a fresh new start in s2;

    ➤secondly, the majority of the old players became inactive because of 3 main reasons:

    ➢less new players => less market flow => less patience to sell and buy items in a dying market => less motivation to play

    ➢fear that s1 would close or die if s2 opens

    ➢less pvp activity due to the decrease of active players (someone would not fight against numerous opponents if he/she doesn't have enough support)

    It must be noted that all these aspects are interrelated and they are creating a domino effect that affects both s1 and s2 supporters.

    The most important thing that has to be understood is that these consequences can become irreversible if actions shall not be taken immediately.

    The solutions that i am proposing are the following:

    ➤staff is the only responsible for the decisions and consequences and therefore it has to make a deep analysis on what is the flow rate of registrations for s2 compared to the decrease of players in s1 (make a graph for each category of players - old players that support s1, old that reject, new that support s2, new that enjoy playing s1 and reject s2, players that don't know about s2 poll, neutral players)

    Obtaining precious information from these graphs should give staff the best possible instrument to make the correct decisions with regard to opening a s2 and wheter is sustainable or not.

    ➤the only way to revive s1 is

    ➢to speed the poll process and give a clear answer

    ➢to bring updates (new features, new items, new maps)

    ➢to send emails to the old players that became inactive and "sell them the product they want to buy"

    Reviving s1 should be the top priority and the eventuality of opening s2 should come in a natural way and only if it has a strong sustainability potential.

    We can learn from the past and analyze the update that removed class res and vs on items. I remember back then many people called me hater and selfish because i was against it and here we are today, with a dead market and the lowest player activity since this server opened. Most of the players which supported that update are not currently playing and the staff is struggling to diminish the downfall.

    Learning from this, if something is to be done, it has to support the market in the long run, not only a caprice meant to caress an idea born from broken principles.

    In the end, it's all about the market, if you don't keep the flow going, the decline is inevitable.