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  • Radioactive

    tary explain lottery pls <3

  • EmyEmy

    Woot? Xd

  • A.O.S

    uve been freed

  • Fivel

    Well that sucks:P

  • EmyEmy

    Haha im curious unkojp

  • UnkoJP

    because of many reasons XD

  • EmyEmy

    banned why? ;l

  • UnkoJP

    Fivel, i have 8avg 5skill lvl 48 sura armor, but I guess im banned xd

  • deathpool

    3º in hunter ranking has any prize? :P

  • Onyekuru

    yes 49 avg is very good

  • Fivel

    Anyone got a lv 48 Sura armor? I mean like any at all..

  • SirPic

    no we don't

  • mfker


  • JaviitorZ

    for sure bro

  • ZinedBeleaua

    rib 49 avg is good?

  • EmyEmy

    boss spawn at 16;00 gmt

  • deathpool

    what time is boss spawn today?

  • naumy99

    Hello why I can’t log game

  • Onyekuru

    yes its very good stats

  • zera123

    guys pc Black steel armour 5 avg 5 hp resstore ? any worth ?

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    So ye, it seems that these votes bring just a copy of s1 and more than half the votes come from s1 players so if this will actually happen will be funny to see a new server starting with 100 new players. Half of them would quit after few weeks and the base would still be the same players from s1.

    It's true that new server might bring more profit on short term but on long term will dissolve both s1 and s2.

    If this opens, i will still be here, pointing my fingers towards those desperate s2 spamming this thread who would most likely quit after few weeks. Unfortunetly, "i told you so" won't help anymore.

    With today's maintenance the server will receive the following changes:

    • Some of the PVP Resistances in the game are a bit less effective now, to balance even more the damage output.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double experience" only granted 25% experience, it is now raised to 100%.
    • The Formula of the bonus "Chances to get double drop" was not working on certain kind of drops. Now it emulates entirely the thief gloves effect.
    • The Healers inside the Erebus Run won't refill the HP of the boss entirely if left alive for too long.
    • Doubled the chances to drop items with 1 and also 2 rarity bonus.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

    Can you be more explicit about which resistances are changed and how much ? Also which are increased.

    The damage output seems lower than before, if you lowered some res you must've raised others. Few details please.

    I don't know the reason why Advanced Revoker (remove a stone by your choice) has been removed but i believe many people want it back.

    Even if it will be put in item mall, i don't think anyone will be bothered as long as the price is decent for what this item offers. We just want it back.

    Metin2 SG, the probability of opening a 2nd server - Overview

    I maintain my opinion that opening a 2nd server is harmful for the old one and might be unsustainable itself, but this doesn't mean i wouldn't play if it opens. On the contrary, i would be compelled to choose the smallest mess.

    The explanation is very simple: since the very first moment when the discussion about server2 started and the staff took it seriously, s1 went into an abrupt downhill because players started to put questions about the future of this server and consequently 2 situations occured:

    ➤firstly, the majority of the new players stopped playing because they would rather prefer a fresh new start in s2;

    ➤secondly, the majority of the old players became inactive because of 3 main reasons:

    ➢less new players => less market flow => less patience to sell and buy items in a dying market => less motivation to play

    ➢fear that s1 would close or die if s2 opens

    ➢less pvp activity due to the decrease of active players (someone would not fight against numerous opponents if he/she doesn't have enough support)

    It must be noted that all these aspects are interrelated and they are creating a domino effect that affects both s1 and s2 supporters.

    The most important thing that has to be understood is that these consequences can become irreversible if actions shall not be taken immediately.

    The solutions that i am proposing are the following:

    ➤staff is the only responsible for the decisions and consequences and therefore it has to make a deep analysis on what is the flow rate of registrations for s2 compared to the decrease of players in s1 (make a graph for each category of players - old players that support s1, old that reject, new that support s2, new that enjoy playing s1 and reject s2, players that don't know about s2 poll, neutral players)

    Obtaining precious information from these graphs should give staff the best possible instrument to make the correct decisions with regard to opening a s2 and wheter is sustainable or not.

    ➤the only way to revive s1 is

    ➢to speed the poll process and give a clear answer

    ➢to bring updates (new features, new items, new maps)

    ➢to send emails to the old players that became inactive and "sell them the product they want to buy"

    Reviving s1 should be the top priority and the eventuality of opening s2 should come in a natural way and only if it has a strong sustainability potential.

    We can learn from the past and analyze the update that removed class res and vs on items. I remember back then many people called me hater and selfish because i was against it and here we are today, with a dead market and the lowest player activity since this server opened. Most of the players which supported that update are not currently playing and the staff is struggling to diminish the downfall.

    Learning from this, if something is to be done, it has to support the market in the long run, not only a caprice meant to caress an idea born from broken principles.

    In the end, it's all about the market, if you don't keep the flow going, the decline is inevitable.

    go there once to test what gives you better experience in let's say 10min, if metins, lure mobs away and focus on 3 metins, they should respawn by the time you kill the third, just keep in mind that more metins you kill the more mobs will there be on the floor if you don't clean brutal spawn after destroying metin, more mobs more lags more chance for disconnect, i suggest getting 20exp in boots,shield,necklace, and waiting for NW bonus exp if you want to make this really fast

    Metins in 11 floor give 0 exp and the spawn gets really ugly and laggy.

    Aguilaz Go lvl in 11 floor, use boosters and whatever you need and don't touch metins, just focus on killing long range mobs. If you touch metins your lvling time is finished.

    It won't change because the event was always loved. Whoever say that is a challenge to find metins is simply wrong. The spawn rate was always very generous and since the metins continues to spawn even if other metins are present, there were some maps where the eggs simply accumulated.

    Compared to other major events is nothing close...ask any player what he prefers Easter Event or Christmas Event / Anniversary i think you know the answer. Every event is loved and welcomed even if it's not so good as others but it doesn't mean it can't be better.

    My suggestion is to replace the Easter Metins with the classic Easter Boxes that drop from monsters, similar with Christmas boxes and Anniversary boxes.

    I ask this because imo and maybe other people's opinions, killing metins to drop countless types of eggs is not enjoyable, especially because finding metins while 10 other people search in the same map is pretty challenging and then you get a bunch of the same type of eggs and if i remember well there were like 20 types of eggs needed to get a box.

    Another way would be to make it similar to Halloween Event, where you get half item from Special Metins and half item from monsters, then everyone is happy to farm the way they like most.

    This way is cleaner and nicer.

    yes nice video gzz next time when u want post video please post full video Panic For u want make one next video beter a make 1vs 1 pvp video and post forum pm me in game and fight 1vs 1....

    If add 5 more mins it means 15 more "revive here" for pety :D like in NW when pety offline yellows start with -50 points :lol:

    8 avg 2 skill emerald on a mage? not really, but believe what you want :)

    I don't upload videos here, but i can't stand it if someone uploads footage with kill *cut* kill *cut* kill *cut*. So I call them out with the hopes that next time they go back to uploading the entire fight.

    It's not like you managed to do something when numbers were equal. You went safe zone crying, seconds after trashtalking about safe zone and later boom * solo kill :D Karma is a bitch ~ Don't talk big next time and btw you are the one that started trashtalking and ask duel 1v2 so don't start crying if things turn around:spiteful: you are big girl.

    you want to upload everything you have from that day? Or should I upload the rest? ;)

    Upload whatever you want and stop bitching about it. I already did you a favor when i uploaded the last nw entirely because you were bitching that i would not do it.

    Some people from HowHigh never made a video longer than 10 mins in raids that lasted for 1-2 hours yet you never mentioned it.

    Give me the right, i fill it.

    I Play here since 4 Days and i cant find nothing .. well its worse for new player, cause your wiki isnt 100% same like Gameforger Servers.

    I just surfed through our wiki and everything seems to be alright, all the items and upgrades materials, quests, herbs, bonuses and pretty much everything useful. What exactly you can't find ?

    Also, you can see the rewards inside moonlight boxes, they apply for L boxes. The difference is that M drop red changers and S drop green changers and green hermits.