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    In my opinion changing the lvl 100 helms makes no sense after 2 years. You say that "it was never meant for pvm" but melee attack works the same way with average damage, so it kinda was meant for pvm.

    If you wanted to change the helms to their "real purpose" you could have done it since 2 years ago, without players investing resources into an item that will eventually be "erased".

    I believe the change in lvl 100 helms comes on the background of the new sash system, with the idea to balance damage in pvm because sash system boosts it already. This can be balanced simply by making the sash system exclusively pvp.

    Why boost pvm bonus with sash and nerf it with helms? What's the point of this?

    Adding damage bonus somewhere and substracting elsewhere is not the way to go if it involves damaging players' time and money spent on this server.

    If you do it on systems that were created before your arrival, maybe this is justified but in this case the lvl 100 helms were implemented by you and you had all the time in the world to "fix" them if you truly wanted to.

    If the idea behind these changes is to make players spend more time and money on items, then it's again wrong. The proper way is to add new features on item mall/ milleage mall and decrease drop rates at certain items that are available via item mall. For example, you could adjust the drop rates of changers and other items that lost value in order to fix market gaps rather than changing items that people already made on a specific purpose.

    With these changes, you only make people frustrated the same way you would be frustrated if someone would take away your 1 month work over an update.

    You should also take into consideration that players are of different ages, social and cultural background and sometimes overreact not because they have something against you but rather because they feel you defy them.

    I think it's your responsability to be wiser than us and to find solutions with us to come to a compromise and not be so harsh when players criticize. It's your right to delete offensive comments but try not to generalize and try to look from the player's perspective aswell. After all, our goals should not interfere with each other.

    As many players already complained, i find the poly update quite bad for several reasons:

    1) poly marbles were removed from mob drops - completely unnecessary, many of the new players based on farming poly, market was good and everyone got benefits from this

    2) the crafting recipe is aberrant, with completely random numbers and materials

    As an example, some poly require 320kk to craft which sounds ridiculous considering its purpose and the current drops inside dungeons.

    The problem is that pretty much every single poly requires excessive amount of materials, expensive and rare ones which makes them unsuitable in this game.

    A demon spearman for example costs around 70kk to craft while a flame key costs 50kk, this makes no sense at all.

    Before update was 10-15kk which is the right price for a good poly and also good for the market.

    My suggestion for 1) is to reintroduce poly as mob drops as they were, players should be free to farm them the way they want. As it is now, this specific update feature is harmful to the new players who used to farm poly and also to the players which buy them.

    This has to be changed otherwise i predict that in the best situation players will focus on 2 or 3 crafted poly marbles making the rest completely useless to even consider and in the worst situation most of the new players will be discouraged to play on this server for obvious reasons.

    For 2), i strongly believe poly recipes should be reconsidered and changed to be suitable for the game.

    I am waiting for feedback from both staff and players.

    Hey there,

    before i state anything regarding this, do us and yourself a favor and wait untill you actually saw the S-Skills.

    Telling me that Remove debuff fails often at over 60% already sounds quite exaggerated, telling me that it fails often at the S-Rank 87% sounds even more unbelieveable.

    I saw the S-skills already, remove still fails even with 87%, with 60% it fails quite often like i said, also damage of S remove is still low even with low amount of magic res. Anyway, since 2 minute immunity will stay, you still find it normal to be the weakest skill in terms of damage ?

    Remove magic immunity disappear upon death or teleport

    This move is faded and doesn't change anything. I want to make a final call cos' i know you are open to suggestions so i hope you will take into consideration my opinion.

    1) two minute remove immunity is already a lot because remove effect can be cured by healer, debuffing fails quite often and it's hard for a player to remove multiple targets. I also want to point out to those who say "body warrior is useless because of remover" the fact that weapon sura is in the same situation.

    2) remove of magic makes too low damage - it has lower magic attack than the weakest skill of black magic sura - it's unnatural because weapon sura skills are already weak and miss quite often

    I strongly believe one of these 2 features should be reconsidered because it's too much and already i see many players selling items from weapon sura.

    I suggest to either increase power of remove of magic until it makes a decent damage (at least 2/3 of twister), or to change its type to melee skill, which i believe is more natural (weapon sura is supposed to be melee, not magic). Basically, only sura res is supposed work against remove of magic, not magic res since anyone can get 73% magic res which results in ridiculous damage.

    I believe one of these 2 features should be reconsidered to give weapon sura a chance to be relevant in pvp again. Thanks.

    So you are admiting that the point of this update was to get rid of weapon sura in budokan xd, what i can't figure out is the reason.

    Until now there was a balance between sura, ninja, and mage. Now weapon sura became completely useless in pvp and also 90% of the pvm. The only reason anyone would make a weapon sura is for meley run and i find this hilarious.

    You gave +15% skill dmg to mages, +35% vs monster to assassin, attack speed bonus for warrior and finally completely nerf sura. It looks very bad in my opinion.

    the concept of remove is very broken to begin with.

    I do agree that you can work around the immunity at the beginning of a fight(but it becomes tedious very fast, so w/e).

    People can finally ACTUALLY play their class and not 2/3 of it.

    Good ridance.

    Remove was this way since metin2 was created, your opinion is biased because you play body warrior.

    Truth is there was no more money to milk from s1 like it used to be. S2 is just business and marketing, nothing more. They killed S1 because it was the only way to boost S2. Great move of transfering resources and business management. There is no interest to bring the same updates from S2 because it affects the business.

    It's like you have 2 products to sell, one old and cheap and the other new and expensive. The point is that you want to keep the best features on the new product so you can maximize profit with the right marketing. This is exactly the case.

    Still they won't close s1 because it's always good to have a backup and also because it would affect the image of the company.

    It would be an amazing feature and i believe every moonlight farmer would agree with it.

    The drop could be ajusted in a way that will give the same amount of boxes per hour taking into account auto-collect.

    This feature would surely bring more people into the moonlight game as there are many that can't handle spamming z key for a few hours.

    Unfortunetly, i can predict that the answer from staff will be a negative one 100%.

    Hey there,

    considering that you are taking a Screenshot near midnight Servertime, which is even Later in the night for the entire Eastern european and Asian community wouldn't really set a high bar i suppose. I'm not going to deny that there arent a lot of PvP players but thats definitely not because of the things you named.

    The maps look like this at any hour of the day. The last raid was right after this update, 6 months ago.

    It can't be denied that the server never looked so empty. The reasons are clear, if you accept it or not.

    What was supposed to be a boost for attracting new players into pvp it has done exactly the opposite because without those 8 pvp bonuses, there is no way anyone lvl 35-90 would resist more than a few seconds.

    On high level, it's even worse. There is no balance when archers make 3k hits in ~100 res. There is no balance when mages play with hits instead of skills.

    Also, rolling items is a joke. It's 10 times harder than it was before update. You literaly need hundreds of changers to get bonuses that barely can be called decent ( if you can call 3/5 decent ).

    At the moment, changers are close to 40kk. Please try to make a newcomer even consider building pvp under these conditions.

    I am ready to make a bet that at this moment there isn't one single player that has finished building pvp gears entirely.

    The only way to keep this server alive after this update was to bring new updates with new features that bring interest to people but the priority was to focus on opening server2 which is doomed to failure aswell. Now it's probably too late to save something.

    Hey there

    I'm not entirely sure how balancing PvP and making it easier to get decent stats would disturb any new player, maybe you can enlighten me.

    I wrote that in my opinion none of these actually happened.

    Go in map1 and show me those newcomers that built pvp. There is 0 pvp, no one is interested to play pvp anymore. There are 3 or 4 players in map1, half of them afk.

    This is how map1 looks like nowadays :

    This server is now officially dead. The newcomers were not able to build better gear, the damage is weirder than ever and the safe zone is slowly becoming empty from shops. Only 2 shots was needed to kill it, this update and the 2nd server.

    It's sad that something which was looking like the best metin2 server ever built died suddenly.