[Maintenance] 12/01/2019 Gameplay Change

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  • najiko

    emyemy ? you know the spawntime from the icewitch ?

  • EmyEmy

    you are welcome:)

  • 50caliber

    thanks emy

  • EmyEmy

    press f11, search for items u want and click to buy

  • 50caliber

    how do you use the shop search system? can't find info about it anywhere or am i just a nub

  • [SMOD]Tary

    The discord link is in the patcher

  • KiRBY

    EmyEmy is there any discord group?

  • EmyEmy

    who the hell need stupid fb, can use discord its way much better

  • iedu

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/249055832889938/ Facebook page for players, let's make it great xD

  • [SMOD]Tary

    Forum Lottery will end today at midnight! Send me your combinations!

  • EmyEmy

    Hello all! Merry xmas & Happy new year

  • EmyEmy


  • backfischpvp


  • PooKeR

    emy banned from the server ?

  • mezzo


  • PooKeR

    Server ON !! gogogo <3 <3 <3 <3

  • PooKeR

    server on ?

  • LoveNotHate

    Same here, even the website/forum has several connection timeouts!

  • PooKeR

    Could not request for download (URL/ ErrorCode 12029( , this is error from patcher :(

  • PooKeR

    Pacther don't work !

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  • Dear Players,

    with today's maintenance we have removed from the 5 custom bonus the strong vs class and resist vs class. This change is not only the first step to balance the pvp, as the damage gets weird with big numbers, but was also mainly done to help newcomers build better gear in resonable time as we removed a total of 8 rollable bonus. It will not only help building fast pvm equip, but also pvp.

    The bonus are being replaced with the best available bonus, by taking consideration of the ones already present on the items, is not random and it was done to not displease anybody.

    We are aware that the damage in pvp will be different from today on, but we will balance it in the next patches after listening few feedbacks from the players.

    Thanks Metin2 SG Team

  • Fire, lightning and the other resistance are and always have been for pvm.

    Don't take for granted the word of players, they don't have access to any informations and most of the times what they know is simply wrong or misleading. Those bonus works, on pvm and pvm only.

  • In my opinion this is the worst update ever made on this server, it's like after hundreds of years of evolution we go back to the stone age.

    After adding class res on costumes, class res on pets, class res on dss now let's remove class res from items and destroy 90%+ of the items on server. After tons of resources ( time, money ) spent, let's cancel all these years because we want to copy a broken model which by any means is not relevant to comparison ( i am talking about gameforge server in which class res and vs were not available since the first second + they have completely different stats on many items and even dss ).

    My proposed solutions were never a secret and i even insisted repeatedly to make myself heard but unfortunetly with no effect.

    I proposed several times to remove class res from costumes, pets and to nerf res from dss in order to increase overall dmg and to make pvp more attractive. I proposed several solutions to increase the money income from tec points - special rare items that are not meant to be cheap and can be bought with mileage points, for example changing dss stats or rarity.

    By removing class res from costumes and pets and nerfing dss, it would still be possible to reach high res in open pvp in order to avoid one skill killings, but in 1v1 the effect would be huge and would bring this server to the right numbers.

    Instead, we get 12int on solar sword and many items that will become useless even if we roll them, not to mention how many items were already destroyed.

    By not having these 8 bonuses - class res and vs - we will achieve something amazing : all the players will use the same items, the same bonuses, the same res and vs. There will be nothing original, nothing hard to get and there will be no competition in achieving something special. Regarding business effect, i estimate that the impact will be negative in a drastic way because people will be able to roll items much easier. Instead of finding a way to increase income and to improve pvp system, i predict a major fall unless staff will consider some new options.

    One last point that i wanna make is about the previous update which removed the IP block in dungeons, an update not so destructive, but bad enough to lower overall quality. I believe that in an ironic way, this update put staff in a huge disadvantage because players being able to farm gold so easily has only one way effect - people spend less real money because there is no need to.

    This is my point of view over this situation and if anyone is willing to listen my alternative solutions i am here to give my suggestions in an objective compromise-compromise method.

  • Fire, lightning and the other resistance are and always have been for pvm.


    Don't take for granted the word of players, they don't have access to any informations and most of the times what they know is simply wrong or misleading. Those bonus works, on pvm and pvm only.

    Only fire is useful and only in meley run? The other bonuses (lightning, wind, earth, etc)?

  • Meley? These are monsters in Hell run. All the other resistances works as well, it was just a quick example.

    Here has another name then, I mean the final boss of the dungeon of Infernal Field (Hell Run yeah, that's it I think).

    But we players dont know exactly where is useful all that bonuses. Some people say that X bonus is useful against Y mob, some other say that X bonus doesn't work against Y mob.

  • This change could be done by different way. Also this way may psitive effects for dying trade.

    Combine all 4 char stones+2 other weapon stones to create resistance breaker stone.

    At +6 this stone will reduce resistance to sword, two hand, dagger etc. 25%

    Some bosses will drop new item to add new stone socket.

    You will have 35% chance to open new socket.

    Add resistance breaker stone to weapon....

  • In my opinion is a nice update, and after few hours since it is on, we had already a good fight. ( seems pvp is more attractive).

    Now everyone joined the fight, and everyone has its role. Some people that was only spectacting before, became part of pvp (wont give names so nobody gets offended - but not only low levels).

    Even tho I died more times than ever in my life it was a good raid :DD.

    Waiting for the final step of pvp-balance.

    As for the upset people, I understand you well. I also lost many items with this update. And probably more than you. But im sure everyone will adapt to it. Talking about me and my friends I seen none dissapointed about it.

    And for the staff, thanks!

    Never gave in
    Never gave up
    Im the only thing im afraid of.


  • This is the update I was waiting for a long, long time. I was afraid the damage numbers produced by skills will become too high now compared to the little resistance it is left but it is good, a nerfing of +6 stones is not necessary. The ability to tank, however has changed dramatically, it is no longer possible to tank 5-6 players and live to tell the tale.

    I don't think more players will start to build PvP now that it is easier to roll some good bonuses but now it seems high lv PvP accessories and top alchemy is required. Also, I don't think players will quit because they ended up with tons of items with the same stats, none of them sellable for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks guys for the update!

  • That's very good change in my opinion. However, it needs another updates. I don't know what's coming with future updates but I hope that team will do something with Cure for healer, which has now become useless as peaople will hit much more than before and the skill does't heal that much.

  • stupid update for warrior.

    on all my solarswords is 12 int now. where warrior needs 12 int? sura can use 12 int, sin, mage too. warrior not.

    now i have to change my weapons because your stupid 12 int for strong vs. all other people can keep their stats on weapons and me as warrior need to put changers on solarsword.

    I lost so much money because this. let me put MUCH money (switcher and stuff) on my solar swords and you patch them to crap.

    Warriors should get replace for this bad change.

    Stupid + Unfair