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    Why should "we" do something about players who kill shops but do nothing about players who keep shops outside safe zone?

    How about you create a yellow char, get shopbox for free and do your shop in safe zone in yellow kingdom?

    Do you somehow assume players do PvP for fun and they can't wait to fight together, even for a small reward?

    If it were the case, since there are so many players with PvP items, there would be fights all over the place. Even more, you can PvP without items for PvP, your skills will still do dmg and you can kill players which also don't use PvP items.

    Also there is special guild war which makes all players even. And there is no participation to it, no fights whatsoever.

    Now, please, take a deep breath and read the following:

    • PvP is a tool for domination with the mechanism called power projection capability; once you are very good in PvP you can deny to others the access to the best farming spots and you can set the prices in the market according to your will. You do not fight to have fun, you impose your will on weaker players.
    • Who told you PvP is for fun is either deceiving himself or trying to fool you.
    • There might be a number of players willing to PvP just to spend some time doing something else but they will not find the opportunity.

    I appreciate your way of thinking but without some technical solutions to limit power projection capability PvP has, there is no way to associate fun and PvP together. You have my Like for your suggestion and I hope this cold shower was enough :P

    Fire and Ice res lower the dmg of close combat mobs. When you are at 55-60% block they won't be able to deal any dmg before you will kill them. And in Ice run you need magic res because that is the only way to lower the dmg of long ranged mobs.

    From my experience, the items I use in catacombs are good for DT, ice, hell, erebus and ochao all together. The only difference comes from the fact I am dragon mage and I have to buff instead of actually do the killing. We still go in party instead of multi accounting a run because time is money. But from what I know none of my partners use any elemental res but a set of items good for everything.

    For def against monsters' attacks you can read here. Unless Shadow changes the way PvM works, the text I created is a must read for every player, new or experienced.

    The vs. monsters general bonus works against all monsters. In addition to it, some monsters, not all, have a particular weakness. I didn't address any word on this because the vs x type of monsters is needed only in certain parts of the game, not everywhere. It helps if you ask what you need, so I won't spend my next 2 days listing all monsters and their weakness.

    At this point in the game you should also keep in mind that you can do any run, farm in any map and ignore the next bonuses: lightning res, wind res, fire res, ice res, dark res, earth res. If there will be any change in the way PvM works, it will be posted in my Basics for Beginners asap.

    So, just because the server is 10 years old, a new one is necessary? I think is quality server since it is still open and developing. On which forums do you find information about a 2nd SG server? This is the SG Forum and there is no such thing in here.

    Now, when you start here, there is already a developed server, with a rich market and not that many players to deny your play. I know the game has an old concept which makes many players leave after few days but a new server won't bring back the golden days of Metin2.

    We are waiting eagerly

    Who are these we you are talking about? Do you care to bring some arguments to support your request or are you just taking your wishes for reality?

    You know, I was also beginner, that was in 2014 and the game didn't have that much in it as it has now to help beginners. I made my items slowly, collecting money for each type of item. So, when you say you talk form the perspective of a beginner, which kind of beginner are you? Do you use your items and knowledge to farm and help beginners?

    Also, since you wrote at the suggestions, what is your suggestion?

    While stacking stones is useful for saving space, the alchemist can't tell the difference when it refines ores, so it will consider the stacked stones as a single stone. Patch good for saving space but not for refining ores as I will have to split them back to be able to use them.

    Snipas If you have better knowledge, please contribute to the Guides section with a better overview on how certain resistances work. I still think you are using a much more complicated model but I am not going to argue on the subject here.

    Edit: please ignore my previous post from earlier today. It seems we had a reboot and now piercing does the good decent values that it had before the update. It is not related to the amount of def and avg dmg res bonuses lower the amount of piercing dmg.

    However, mobs at metins 95-105 with long range dmg have zero dmg piercing.

    Let me do the math for you, in few easy steps:

    • before the update mobs had the same dmg, so nothing is changed here, I guess is around 8-900. It is a dmg completely absorbed my my def so by what logic now they also pierce more than my def since the update was about solving the relation between def and piercing dmg?
    • before the update I was receiving piercing dmg based on the items I was wearing, never more than around 880.
    • after the update mobs do same dmg but piercing dmg has been increased. Not only that but also the piercing dmg delivered by players is also higher.
    • you are getting into too much details, I farm in Thunder, sometimes, metins, and I was curious what has changed.
    • Piercing dmg is the full dmg of a mob piercing your passive res, please check my post in Basics for Beginners titled Understanding PvM Resistances

    After this update the long range mobs in the maps for metins no longer deal any piercing dmg, even tho their dmg is around 730-790, according to my def that absorbs their dmg completely. Close combat mobs deal around 130 dmg to 774 def 8% avg res and pierce 1000-1100 my resistance. I think their dmg should allow them to pierce 900 or whatever their max dmg is, much less than 1100.

    This is the update I was waiting for a long, long time. I was afraid the damage numbers produced by skills will become too high now compared to the little resistance it is left but it is good, a nerfing of +6 stones is not necessary. The ability to tank, however has changed dramatically, it is no longer possible to tank 5-6 players and live to tell the tale.

    I don't think more players will start to build PvP now that it is easier to roll some good bonuses but now it seems high lv PvP accessories and top alchemy is required. Also, I don't think players will quit because they ended up with tons of items with the same stats, none of them sellable for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks guys for the update!

    I can't agree at all with what 8inch is writing here. In his opinion, new players will not stay on this server because there is not enough in it to make them carry on. Let's see if this is the case. I will first present some features this server has. Then I will explain how a new player should see his evolution in this server. After that I will pick on his message and the other great ideas presented in here such as market prices, the relation between lv up, skills and items, rarity system for beginners and alchemy system.

    I started here in the Fall of 2014 and back then SG was only a bit different from the server I left. Now, is a lot better, a lot more friendly with new players and very easy to compete. So, here are some features we have that 8inch forgot to put in balance:

    • Unique runs: Orc Maze - drop of lv 30 weapons and Plagued run - pure farming gold;
    • Removed the minimal value in bonuses on changing stats on items, making it easier to achieve perfect 5/5 bonus;
    • Tradable Item Mall items;
    • Red and green adders and changers farmable on metin stones;
    • High drop rates from metin stones, boss monsters and normal monsters;
    • High rate of experience;
    • Rarity system;
    • Offline shop system/storage page for drops;
    • Daily events and special events;
    • Increased upgrade chance for items and Upgrade+ system to further increase the chance;
    • Upgradable stones starting with +3 stones;
    • Better quests' rewards;
    • Books reading every 6-8 hours;
    • Drops separated in certain lv ranges to force players to lv up;
    • Poly marble crafting system.

    And I can carry on with more other aspects. So, when a new player starts here this is what he can find. Since the experience rate is high a new player can reach a pretty good lv very fast.

    Metin2 is starting in this server, putting items on and start farming to increase the lv and collect items to build new stuff for higher lv. Since lv up is easy, players should be concerned with their skills and ways of making money. You maximize skills by reading books and then soul stones and my Basics for Beginners guide explains how to make money. With the money you buy or make your better items and you also farm metins to put and change stats on items. You can very well choose to sell those and increase the amount of money you have. When you get bored of a certain lv you can then lv up, so from lv 35 you jump to 55, then 61 and then 75. It is always the same, skills, bio quests and items - pretty boring for most people nowadays which brought the title of this thread. Rarity system comes in handy at a higher lv so players have time to farm or to save money and buy already made items. It is not difficult, it requires patience because the market system is hostile.

    The runs we have (see the Guides section) are set for certain lv range or from certain lv. They offer an alternative to daily farming, not the best but not the worst either.Those players who want to lv up will try them and if they will find these runs useful or not is anybody's guess. I did many guides but I can't tell try that run or the other one.

    So, it easy easy to advance in game if you know how to do it. PvM is a joke, farming is easy, there is a lot to do if you have the patience. The trouble is most new players don't have this patience and from my estimations over 90 of new players who start here quit in the first days. But Metin2 is an old concept and perhaps they expect something else which the game doesn't have. Also, keep in mind that some who stay to play will leave later from many possible reasons, one of them being us, high lv players. 8inch, you forgot to address the main question to the community, since you claim only old players are left to play: are we happy with the present situation on the server and will we support a change or we will stand against?

    The lack of PvP issue is explained in PvP Model and I wouldn't trust the "server is dying" at all. It comes from the lack of imagination and boredom.

    8inch, lv up, join a guild, do runs, build PvP and you will see there are things for you to do, but you need imagination. PvP won't come to you unless it happens to be the victim of our power projection capability. Also, Nemere and Yamachon won't hand you their drops, you have to do the runs. And while we are here I would like to know what is the "s...t" that "has to be done". How will affect my way of playing? What should I expect from the future, based on your ideas?

    Players can get gold easy NoStRaDaMuS, as beckmen suggested. Why do you think prices are abnormal high? They are exactly as they should since gold can be farmed. The idea was for players to have money, now you say there is too much gold and should be fixed. You should come with a list of items that need a higher drop rate in order to lower the price by increasing their number. And while you are at it, tell everyone to start selling cheaper by using lower prices. It is interesting how will it work, if it will at all. It's faster than waiting for updates on drop rates and a possible drop on prices.

    Please keep in mind that you don't need rarity items from the start and not even +9 items. Later, with stronger monsters you can get your hands on better equipment and it is to be expected your skills will be high enough too. The fast way of lvling up, better upgrade rates, higher gold drop, adders and changers on metins was meant to help players become stronger faster.

    Last point i want to make is the one addressed by Levioh, with alchemy system. At this point it is difficult to obtain alchemy stones and upgrade them into higher class, yes. But think for a second, because if it were easy a lv 35 would have it full and kill you while you are at a metin in red forest. You would then complain why is it the case and ask for the nerfing of the system. So, easier to get something is starting with lv 90, with drop in cut stones but even faster in Ochao run, with drop of Rare Cor Draconis from princes and Jotun Trym. That would be lv 100 though.

    Quests are fine as they are now, they give greens for 30 mins and purples for 10 mins, maybe the effect of purples can be changed to become like the green pots, active for 30 mins even if you are getting killed. Main quests lv 1-60 have been changed, they give better rewards but they don't give green and purple pots, so I think they should stay like this.

    For other Item Mall items you have events and moons and later you have the runs.

    For adders and changers, for capes and alchemy you have metins, they are easy to kill and plenty in numbers, with a fast respawn rate.

    I would like to keep the hunting quests as they are now, I need that stuff they give.

    I don't understand why do you expect to achieve better results in mining compared to me, which I spent months building the chars and the skills. FYI, Mining Guide doesn't work with hermits and you need to read 40 successfully to reach P. It is going to cost you max 80kk/char to build mining P. Getting married is also easy since the quest to obtain the rings is repeatable.

    I am probably the last one to be accused of thinking on myself if you compare your opinion vs all the materials I published in this Forum to help players.

    Having P skills and higher + on pickax helps, it is not like what Emy wrote. In a small fraction of time it may not be a difference between P skilled and average chars on mining but after 60-120 minutes the difference is going to be huge. P skill determines how often you will drop from the vein while the + of the pickax determines the amount of ores extracted.

    I know many players would like to go after the low hanging fruit, but mining is not in that list. It's an activity that requires patience and training.

    First of all, you should not look for a particular vein, just go for any white gold, diamond, ebony or heaven veins you find, with two married chars. Then, make sure those chars have both P mining and Pickax+3 or higher. It is the best way to gather some few thousand ores in few hours.

    As to give you one example, I have 2 chars, mage and farmer, both with P mining, pick+5 and pick+3 and the amount of ores I collect during mining event is 2400+ in 60 minutes, with a max of 3k ores. Of course, if I go to look for veins on maps, I will probably end up with less than 2k ores in 60 minutes. And since both are above lv 90, I can also get soul crystal ores from Thunder or the other maps where it spawns those veins.

    The refining of these ores has a bit of a problem in my view since most of the time half of your ores fail the process. You have to be quite lucky to get more than 60% refined products from the ores you refine. (I know is 60% chance to refine, not an overall 60% of all the ores, for those who might argue with me)

    To conclude, mining doesn't need a change, you have to get it P and higher + on Pickax.