Anniversary Event 2021

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  • Dear Players,

    That's right! One more year passed and we are super excited to celebrate it with all of you!

    The event will have a duration of 7 days and will start tomorrow, Friday, October 8th at 16:00 GMT+0!!

    During the whole Event there will be an experience bonus of 25%!

    It will be divided into 2 categories of events:

    • Game Events

    Throughout all the Map, next to each Metin Stone there will be a counterpart Cake Metin Stone.

    Please note that you must destroy the normal Metin Stones for the counterpart Cake Metin Stone to appear.

    These special Cake Metin Stones have an adjusted drop and you will be able to obtain Slices of Cakes from them!

    Cake Metins:

    - Level 5-60: are identical to their counterparts, but have a medium chance to drop a piece of cake.

    - Level 65-90: have slightly altered drops and lowered changer drop rate. However, they have a better piece of cake drop rate, possibly multiple of them.

    - Level 105-120: have a guaranteed chance of dropping multiple pieces of cake. However they have altered drops and won't drop Changers.

    Additionally, every day, at a random time there will be a Mini Event.

    This Mini Event will be announced in both Discord and In-Game, so pay attention to our announcements!

    • Forum Events

    - Screenshot Contest (Theme: General)

    During the whole event, every player can send me the best and most creative screenshots. The best 4 will be rewarded!

    Word Search Contest

    - There will be a new puzzle to solve everyday which will be posted at 14:00 GMT+0! The first player to solve it everyday will get an Odin's Ring. Remember that you have to send me your answer via private message here on Forum. I will not accept any answers given in this thread.

    - Best moments in Anniversary Event 2021 (Video Contest)

    During the whole event every player can send me videos of their best moments during Anniversary Event. The best 4 will be rewarded!

    If you any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know!

    Any flame or insultuous comments will be removed. Stay clean!

    We hope you all enjoy this year's Anniversary Event with us!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    -(May be subject to changes)-


  • Thank you for the nice updates and events^^

    Suggestion: add something to dungeons as well for the people who dislike farming metins, could be the same concept, anniversary bosses that spawn after the original ones are killed, or simply adding slices of cakes to dungeon drops at rates you find reasonable. I'm sure you'll find the best way to do it ^^


  • I love this mechanic where the event mob appears upon killing the metin stone! Don't know if it's old or an improvement, I just love it! <3

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • I love this mechanic where the event mob appears upon killing the metin stone! Don't know if it's old or an improvement, I just love it! <3

    It doesn't occur this way. When the normal Metin Spawn, the Event Cake spawn next to it. The cake doesn't appear upon destroying the normal metin. Thou is necessary to destroy the metin, to make both respawn.

  • Low level players literally get double the amount of Metin drops, which high level players don't as the main drops are reduced or even entirely gone.

    Double to what? To armours and weapons? My main char is 55 lv so from metins 45-60 i dont see nothing extra but the same amount of drops as usual... Nothing hasnt changed for event!

  • You have double the amount of metins

    -> Double the amount of Changers [On Metins between Level 25-60 that is]

    -> Double the amount of Exorcism/Hermit

    -> Double the amount of Rarity Ore

    -> Double the amount of Soulstones [On Metins 40+]

  • Give a bigger chance to low lv playes to farm cakes! Make event for all... from 1 lv to the final! That's was the right for anyone!

    What the point to see anniversay cake-metins around the main towns without farming any piece of cake? :search:

  • That would make the Event AND the market horribly unbalanced, since lv 25 Metins are far easier to kill than level 90 Metins, everyone would simply go on a low level char and farm map1/map2.

    The low levels are heavily rewarded by the fact that their progress is far far more easy during the event.

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