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    Hi. My mage is now lv 75. Opens a new quest "Diary of a legend". It asks to find traces at Heaven's Lair. Im try teleporter, im trying teleportation with F5, im trying at the entrance from Dragon Valley... but always when im in for seconds at HeavensLair.... through away my mage instantly. What's wrong? Is there any bug after last updates? Can you check it?

    Today i have tried to upgrade a Black Round Shield. Unfortunately is very rediculus to see that % of upgrate not working correctly especially when this item is on at low levels (1-6). I have spend all my gold, all my blessing scrolls (about 250 pieces), many items for upgrade to stop the upgrade to my shield at... level 3! Can you check it please, if there is a very big bug to eat many items and cold? :doofy:

    Thank you!

    I hope is the right place to ask a question: i have a chocobo seal, but i can't hit upon this mount only with horse. I'll try to make chocobo "wild"! At the stable boy nothing happens... IHow can i improve my chocobo to fight upon this?

    And what's the use of scroll of evolution or mutation when stable boy do nothing?

    My main char is lv 55.

    Give a bigger chance to low lv playes to farm cakes! Make event for all... from 1 lv to the final! That's was the right for anyone!

    What the point to see anniversay cake-metins around the main towns without farming any piece of cake? :search:

    Low level players literally get double the amount of Metin drops, which high level players don't as the main drops are reduced or even entirely gone.

    Double to what? To armours and weapons? My main char is 55 lv so from metins 45-60 i dont see nothing extra but the same amount of drops as usual... Nothing hasnt changed for event!