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    FIX THE FREAKING FAINT FROM THE MOBS IN RUNS WHEN I HAVE SHIELD WITH FAINT ON ME WHY AM I GETTING STUNNED :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

    The mechanic is correct, the text is misleading though. That bonus on shield doesn't offer 100% immunity - you still have a 10% chance (or something around that value) to get stunned. Nothing to fix.. gotta pull through. To me some randomization is cool every now and then :D i like knowing that my char is not invincible and that it can still break every now and then, even if due to a minor fact like getting stunned.

    I think the Power Mount guide needs an update to the tip section. More newcomers need to know about the availability of the 300 attack value mount and how to obtain it (Master NPC, near Storekeeper: 2x 50 certificates for each Drogor / Chocobo mounts - only the attack value one, upon upgrading to Valiant, can become a 300 attack value mount).

    I, like the others who got their poles to +20, took my time and fished. It's really not boring if you play alongside nice people and whom you start conversations with. It's very profitable too, if you consider selling minnows, clams, fish, participating in the fishing extravaganza event. The new system makes it so easy to upgrade your pole that I'm amazed there aren't more fishers out there. Fishing is a great feature of the game, why ruin the experience? It's a strong NO from my side. Go fish and don't look for shortcuts, or you'll definitely miss out on the journey! :)

    Repro steps:

    prerequisites - Supreme Mirror skill level achieved, no Reflect Damage buff active

    1. Open the Character Bonus Page;

    2. Scroll down to Damage Multipliers - Observe the Increase Critical Damage +0%;

    3. Buff yourself with Supreme Mirror - Observe the Increase Critical Damage +10%;

    4. Wait 30 seconds - 1 minute - Rebuff Supreme Mirror;

    5. Observe that the Increase Critical Damage +10% becomes +0% after 350 - 380 seconds, instead of 410 seconds (Supreme Mirror skill duration).

    As the title suggests, I would like to be able to sell to NPC / vendor all the quest reward items that we receive from doing the quests. I'm not talking here about the Items we receive from accepting the quests (such as Easter baskets, Wands or whatnot - although some people mentioned they had problems deleting those as well, probably after the event was over) just the reward items, such as Exorcism Scrolls in my case (from lvl 90+ quests). I can't remember any other item at this moment (there are probably more out there, feel free to complete the list by replying to this thread), but having a character with all maxed skills and 2-3 inventory slots locked (2 on one char, 1 on another char) is definitely not an ideal situation.

    fig1. rewards from lvl 90 quests in the new maps - same item vnum, unstackable, unsellable

    fig2. lvl 90 quests exorcism scrolls' tooltip

    fig3. Hunter Quest (now deleted) reward from collecting the Animal Hearts.



    attack speed(8%)

    Only 5% on costumes - don't spend money trying to find the 8%, since you'd be wasting it. I recommend trying to get up to 2 bonuses / item and then, for pvm, change to get 10% devil / 10% undead (hairstyle) and 5% attack speed / 10% moving speed (costume). Don't try to get 3 bonuses, it's all about luck - takes too much time and money and it's not worth it. Alternatively, the costumes come with random bonuses that may be different from the ones you can get by changing. For instance, you can get 8 STR, 5 Crit or 3 Poison chance - it's a random bonus that, once changed, can't be gotten back. If you got attack speed and moving speed capped on your char, I wouldn't change if I got a bonus that boosts my dmg / gives a unique, otherwise unobtainable stat.

    Definitely worth it. This is what I recommend every new player:

    1. get a good weapon (25 - 35 average at the beginning)

    2. get your horse leveled up

    3. farm until you get enough adders / changers to get the most needed bonuses on your items (8% attack speed on lvl 21 helm, 12pts of main stat on shield, 20% drop on earrings, 20% drop on bracelet, 10% crit on necklace, 50 attack value on armor, 10% crit on shoes)

    4. now with these items get ~320kk (4 Odin's Rings worth) - to buy the 1 month farmer package - at this point you'll watch your drop rate increase exponentially

    5. start upgrading your skills and gear (starting with weapon - 40% average with at last +5 stones)

    6. now you're able to farm a lot faster and better metin stones; at this point you should be getting 50 - 100kk / hour (just from selling skill books and +0/1/2 stones to the general store and selling soul stones, hermits, exorcism scrolls, green changers)


    this will easily get you plenty of money to buy everything you want on the item shop. i now buy the 3 months premium pack whenever its time vanishes & all the costumes / pets i need


    what you've just read is a formula I tested on my own. I'm now making 300kk / hour (without selling anything else but blue changers)

    Stop being a racist. Romanians and Turks? Just say their names, not their nationality. Just because one guy does it, why would you assume every conational does it?


    I'm playing a mage so I get the attack speed debate. However, there are ways to reach the cap with any character that doesn't have the advantage of the Berserk Buff. Here's a list:

    - Attack speed potions (+3%)

    - Green Potion (L) (+30%)

    - Yellow elixir (+2-8%, to reach the cap faster use the +8%)

    - Bracelet+9 with Armature (+10% +4% = +14%)

    - +15% ONE TIME reward Attack Speed potions from 1-90 quests

    - when the 15% potions deplete, buy the ones available on the site (+10%)

    - +5% from the Lvl 40 Biologist quest

    - +6% from the Lvl 80 Biologist quest

    - +5% from the costume

    - Helmet with 8% 1-5 and 5% 6-7 bonuses (+13%)

    - Shoes with 8% 1-5 and 5% 6-7 bonuses (+13%)

    - Lvl 75 weapon (+27%)


    Let's add up now:

    100 (base attack speed) + 3+30+8+14+10 (taking into account the website potions, as they will always be available, as opposed to the ONE TIME ones) +5+6+5+13+13+27=

    =234 attack speed.

    The lack of trying is no excuse in my view. Good luck in your endeavors!

    The game's lore is all about the kingdoms working together against the impending doom of Metin stones. I was always an advocate of the two (then 3) kingdoms uniting towards a single goal. My dream has finally, in a way, come true! Congratz to the team for taking such a risk!