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    Why and what happens if, for example,

    I beat the boss with a warrior, the shaman helps me and at some point the boss focuses on the shaman?

    deals no physical damage with the shaman to the boss. sometimes wgl won't come in and sometimes he has goddamn rabies

    in my opinion there should be more warnings that items can drop from level 15 due to negative rank or change it to drop from 50 level. in general, you should give more advice to new players and add some dungeons to them in the future.

    and get a little bit interested in advertising on a "global" scale, in my humble Poland there are many, many players who certainly have not heard about the server. they just need to be informed that this is not a server for 2-3 months, but you have to play here. I don't know about other countries, but I pay youtubers with real money $$$$$$$$$$ for an episode, some of them have good ranges.

    during the duration of the temporary 'academy' server, such an advertisement would be useful.

    hello again, I would like to ask for an option like with costumes so that I can hide my basic sash because the system is cool but the sashes are ugly, they spoil the appearance of the costumes

    apparently yes. but the truth is that someone who has a currency will buy items and sell them even more expensive. these people will still be rich and the rest will not.

    maybe add mixing legendary alchemy for yang, e.g. for 3-5w. introduce sales tax?

    hold my beer and I'll think about it

    the game is old, we are unlikely to get new players. To keep the existing players, I recommend increasing the chance for an upgrade from 10%. I've been playing here since december, previously also played from ~ 2012 sometimes. I do not think players would be angry with such a change. a lot of players are leaving because they screw up money on pearls and other enhancers. if someone does something, it is known that he will be more interested in the continuation of the game.

    clean items + 9 are not worth as much as ready, mixed and I think it will positively affect the market and allow new players to catch up with old ones. despite plans for an academy.

    • Deleted Teleport Ring quest as the system is outdated due to the warp panel

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... it's was very usable.. add quick access to warp panel on tab button (example), it's take much of time, to press f5, find the option, press, find again and press again.

    as a player, I will say that sometimes this item in my inventory gets in the way and I would like to hide it in the fat man for later use.

    by the way, the reward system is hardly visible and for higher levels it is not profitable to do it by just dropping such unnecessary scrolls, small potions, etc.

    I wish it would stack up, the offline store should be opened from the bundle to make the game easier for less intuitive players and remove the obligation to have the shopbox item in the inventory to open the store.

    teleportation (map) could open after clicking e.g. tab. looking for a teleport with f5 is nasty.


    it's hard to replace items like that. I recommend that you browse through the daily prizes, student caskets. at the start you get small green sweats that cannot be sold, you have to use them, many people asked me how to sell / remove something from my inventory.

    from the chest of Azrael (you should change it for regular) and other bosses will drop the inventory opening from (b), you could add them to the daily system instead of the chest, blessing marble more exo scrolls, dragon earrings (b) for begginers etc. for higher levels there should be a better reward.

    hi is there any reason why these (and similar) items cannot be traded?

    in general, it's a suggestion to check the list of non-tradable items and unlock them if necessary

    in my opinion there is a gap between level 105 and 95 stones. With 100 my mind too

    out of 10 dragons I have only dropped a dragon claw twice.