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  • Technologic

    u can drop 50% spirit blessing on highlvl

  • Levioh

    Sorry my bad :crazy:

  • deathpool

    50% stones? never saw one

  • Vyenna

    Lv 85 and 90 metin stones always had 6% chance to drop red changer, nothing is changed

  • kamicolo

    forum lotery, fishinf extravaganza?

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    Nothing was nerfed

  • Levioh

    actually drop rates from level 90 metins got reduced to 6% instead of 7

  • PrometheusX

    50% stones were a thing for a long time, you get the blessing from Erebus boss; not sure about red changer drop rate nerfs, doubt it tbh

  • Levioh

    random 50% stones coming out of nowhere , red changer drop rates nerfed , those changes are fine for me , but can we have a list of them?

  • Levioh

    can we have a patch notes for the changes that are in place?

  • Snipas

    Shadow can you check the post about atkspeed and mov speed? cause due to the rarity stats + combo of % green potss + the one es from moonligh everyone can get 200 atk speed +

  • KuzeyReich

    Onyekuru - sonkuzeyli pm me

  • Annonyum

    Dark, it might still take some time for the results to show up.

  • Dark

    hey i cant find the fishing extravaganza post from yesterday ...

  • mfker

    all gone

  • Deathawaits

    they are pvm stats so yes

  • deathpool

    Still today Idk if fire resistance, lightning and so on are useful somewhere

  • Snipas

    May i sugest, some items become stackble? like Blood Pills xD

  • Shop5000

    Finaly those pvp stats were removed thanks :thumbsup:

  • [CoMa]Shadow

    As every change, some will love it, some will hate it ;)

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    Much easier to begin than before. Just download and meanwhile have a surf at forum to see some guides for beginners. With tec points you can sell odin rings (5000tp) and with milaege points you can sell spirit bleesings(a thing to increase success chance of a stone when you add it to weapon or armor) Welcome.

    Seems like you went to stable boy to upgrade your horse and he told you that you have no horse medal. And you found one, now you have to find the quest scroll on your screen that says "Find a horse medal" and click it. Then just go to stable boy again.

    No your words dont seem harsh because even in this thread they say everything is perfect plis dont change anything dont touch anything :D

    Update the game. We have faith on you.

    U disappointed me. i thought u care about logic when you said we can get 300 def from pentand which is 10kk, 150 def from mount which is 10kk to make, and 150 def from stone instead of 30. So a player starts here finds out that and think; damn what a server mannn what is my love mental warrior's main skill looks like. And maybe he quits :D ofc its defensive skill and adding it skill vs bonus or ap bonus is out of discussion but it was a joke from a guy and he accomplished to ruin the idea.

    If your intention was just about pierce well you could simply name the thread like this and give taichi as an example. But i dont think anything will be done about it because shadow pointed the exact same thing two years ago in a thread, nothing have been done since then and i dont think thats because he cant do it.

    seriously guys the creator of this thread has a point.

    its 2019, defence is not important as 2009. but desired is right too, moving speed is not hard to get as 2009. on the other hand look at healer's natures enchantment skill as i remember it was like nothing -correct me pls if i lack information-.

    so its not your class will become stronger than mine arguement. lets correct all no-use skills in game.

    idk why it bothers you so much.

    making mediocre jokes about a suggestion? the idea is logical to add taichi some avg res maybe 8% at p idk but not 1000 def 800 ap as you say.

    noone at this planet will claim mental sucks at pvp. one person's wrong view cant change facts.

    Every update destroyed the balance of game since its released. When we has +4 stones and the best armor was 70 level armors near 350 defence from P Taichi was extreme good. But with +6 stones and new armors every player get more than 300 defence. So proportionally, Taichi lost its importance compared to past. The game developers doesnt succeed to keep the balance of the game.

    yeah totally. things had been done for archers, healers before. so i think we have an open minded game team here, i guess they will consider it


    you dont get bombarded by strong aggressive farmers at your first month because you have access to novice ch that they cant enter :) there are many nonfarmed metins at map2 and valley when you can farm at first month of your gameplay. i did that and there wasnt so many new players i felt kinda alone. try to play at nights if you can, less farmers online. going v2 when you can farm metins at novice channel was a bad choice because you can always go v2 but the easy farming is only at novice ch.

    and i dont understand why a new player needs a 8 avg bonus. as a 10 years old metin player you should know that you dont have to get every perfect item at first but the ones that are strong enough to kill your targets. im talking about 25-30-35-40 metins. which legendary or mystic item do you need to farm them? why are you upsetting yourself looking at 30-50 won priced items which made by not-new players? you will have them soon, you dont need to be sad about it. you dont need a 8avg falcon for v2 v3 or any map until 90+ ones. do you? you can kill 90lvl metin without having any avg res in stuff.

    my point is, you say you're playin for a month and half, but you try to get legendary or mystic items that worths 10-30-50 won whatever. a char has 8 main items, lets say every item worths 20 won on average -your way of thinking-, that makes 16kkk. nobody can farm that damn gold :D

    another thing you say you use dragon earrings to farm v2. if you have to use that expensive boost for some map, you shouldnt farm there anyway. there are always easier things to farm.

    the hunt quest 23 or 25 gives you 200 attack value booster. with that thing active and the +7 25lvl sword which you can buy from weapon shop npc for 100k, in 2h you can farm many changers at novice map2 -you only use the booster when you attack the metin, take it off while searching new metins-. and with that gold from green changers farmed, you can buy a 30,35+ dmg fms/rib with +3,4 stones and thats more than enough to destroy any metin around your level with an armed horse which you can have in few days. its easy because map2 or valley mobs cant really hurt you.

    you dont need aos p for killing those metins. you shouldnt have aos p in few days anyway because its not some easy private server. but its not hard too. you can read a book every 8 hours how is that long? a person who does the things i just said can farm 10-20 greens an hour. is that a low amount of money for a beginner?


    leveling is easy and earning gold is harder yeah but what is actually wrong with it? if something is easy, you dont have to do it that way. you should earn enough gold to buy yourself gear for further levels. i mean if you can be 75 lvl in one day so be it but dont forget to have your poison because you will need it on that level. most players leave the game because of that and i think its silly because they can check the market and see items' prices on 75lvl, then they can brainstorm; ''if i go 75 without that items, other 75 players will have these items and kill metins much faster than me, i wont be able to farm well, and if i go 75, i wont have any drops on metins that are around my level right now (lets say 50), then i should farm gold at that same level atm to buy these strong enough items, then i will lvl up''

    if +7 requires a clam and its 17kk, well let it be +6. i mean come on you have to be opportunist. dont waste green changers on items for 2000 hp because npc quests 20-30 lvls gives that kind of items. you want to make your aos m2? kill map2 or valley mobs at moon event day, open them and get hermits. you dont always have to pay 10kk/hermit because moonlight (S) drop is good too. you dont always have to pay 4kk for a book, i never bought an aos book while i was farming metins at my first month. maybe it was luck to drop many aura books who knows

    just dont try to have perfect items and skills when you are new because first steps at the game are easy enough.


    dss system is something extra, i mean you can spend gold on it when you finish all your main items, to get extra power from it. i dont know what level you are and what items you have. it just wouldnt be logical for some players to waste gold on dss

    i imagined a 5 y o girl reading this and it laughed me. thanks :D

    hello great elgoria people.

    i'm onyekuru lvl62 body warrior with a good heart.

    i want all of your votes and i offer all of you a peaceful month of gameplay.

    what do i mean by peace?

    if anyone ks someone, i will be there to fix it. i will tell them he shouldnt steal the kill of his blood-brother. we are all great elgoria ppl after all right?

    if there is a trashtalking between two of my blood-brothers i will be there to fix the situation.

    and what will we do against our nemesis yellow kingdom? with respect we will kill them in wars because i will be there commanding all my great fighters.

    we will do some game events almost everyday. if im not online a day, next day there will be 2 events thats a promise.

    i will be the king of the ones who doesnt vote for me too. dont worry on that and if im not gonna be a king i still love you all.