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  • EmyEmy

    Not bad, did not play metin for 5 days bi

  • EmyEmy


  • Gzanu

    mobile payment it`s avaible ?

  • Pingu


  • Hiumi

    Only with white lion

  • ShadowBlade

    HeyHo @everyone is it possible to fight from a mount under level 35 ?

  • LuxuriaGodOfPvM

    I cant log to the game, someone else is having the same problem right now?

  • Gzanu

    hey yo, it`s about to open a new serve r?

  • PrincePersia

    shadow on?

  • EmyEmy

    Please Shadow add halloween items on mall i want my costumes and hats

  • EmyEmy

    no halloween stuffs on mall yet?

  • PrincePersia

    no fix?

  • deathpool

    bug fixes + halloween

  • TheBestB

    rebot and hallowen update

  • PrincePersia

    its rebot or update?

  • TheBestB

    Server reboot


    we can't log in


    Is the server off

  • HadroxHUN

    When can we expect the Halloween Event finally?

  • elisosa

    is the hallowen event on?

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    That's very good change in my opinion. However, it needs another updates. I don't know what's coming with future updates but I hope that team will do something with Cure for healer, which has now become useless as peaople will hit much more than before and the skill does't heal that much.

    First of all, team has to be asked if they actually looking for any changes. We might spend hours here thinking about how to encourage people, while team is not even going to do anything. So would be great if anyone from the team could answer simple question if they would like to do anything?

    You are right, there is many bits that discourage people from playing here but what do you think about age of the server ? would you like to join the server, be totally new and play with people who are here nearly 10 years? I believe that this is the main issue. How should I deal with people who can kill blue death on 62 lvl and hits metins with 15k dmg ? The server has over 9 years, there is not space for new players.. By looking at gameforge and as an example, when one server was dead, they opened another one to encourage people to start from the begining, then another, and another during those 10 years as it's alive, then, when there was to many servers, they combined for example 5 it into 1 bigger. And I think that might be the idea. Open another server, let peoples start new adventure, with new characters, new equipment, new market etc. Anyone agree ?

    I have started playing SG not a long time ago, I'm still new player here and I would like to add somethin g from myself.

    First of all, everyone who says that server is hard, skills are hard to get, making money is hard process, and lvling up is hard etc. have never play on any gameforge server which is hard. There is so many opportunities do make money on every lvl and to get lvl up is also very easy (from 85 to 86 I had spent less than 1 hour in sd3, so?..)

    In my opinion the biggest problem with the server is lack of ideas and concerns from the team as well as lack big updates (which if take place takes ages for them to introduce). In my opinion there is nothing to do on the server for players... I believe that team should look at what gameforge is doing would help because daily events are not enough. Lets introduce new pet sytem, sashes, new dungeons, new items (I would focus for weapons mainly because pvp is horrible and hits by skills for 400hp on 100 lvl is nothing) let's just give those players something new to do... Or maybe even open new server ? That might be another issue which discourages new players from playing here ? who wants to fight with peaople who plays here nearly 10 years?

    What do you think guys ?

    Hello there.

    Can someone please explan me what's wrong with the ancient tree? is says that there is 100% chance (+50% bonus) to drop the cor draconis (cut) I killed 4 of them and didn't get any.. I have 86lvl and the tree has 86 as well, so what's wrong ?

    I havent got a 105 level char but 105 level new pvm weapons will be good for high levels.

    exactly, In my opinion that would be great idea to introduce weapons like gameforge did, including 105 lvl weapons with avg/skill dmg and new weapons for pvp called Kyanite set. I think that pvp on high lvls are so boring now as people hit max 1,5k by skills...

    Hello everyone.

    I have not play metin for a long time and when I finished max lvl was 99 and you had to lvl up in hl2 and now I am bit confused where are the best place to lvl up.

    Could someone please write down where should I lvl up on specific lvl starting from let say 75lvl ? Because yesterday I had spent around 8-10 hours to lvl up from 74 up to 86 in sd3 and I want to know how stupid I was and where to go next ;) Thanks in advance.

    Hi :) I would like to buy:

    -gold necklace with 800 hp +0-9

    -white gold bracelet with 800 hp +0-9

    -any shield 61 lvl with 8dmg resistance

    -bamboo bell +0-6 with avg 45+

    Preferably clean items

    Please send me a message here on in game: Amnesis

    Guys, has anyone tried buy TEC points now via That shitty website seems doesn't work.. I tried paypal and both online bankings methods with different cards including credit card and every single one didn't go through... anyone had the same issue ?