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    This change could be done by different way. Also this way may psitive effects for dying trade.

    Combine all 4 char stones+2 other weapon stones to create resistance breaker stone.

    At +6 this stone will reduce resistance to sword, two hand, dagger etc. 25%

    Some bosses will drop new item to add new stone socket.

    You will have 35% chance to open new socket.

    Add resistance breaker stone to weapon....

    Every update destroyed the balance of game since its released. When we has +4 stones and the best armor was 70 level armors near 350 defence from P Taichi was extreme good. But with +6 stones and new armors every player get more than 300 defence. So proportionally, Taichi lost its importance compared to past. The game developers doesnt succeed to keep the balance of the game.

    veleciraptor, problem is you think a 35 farmer should farm 75 metins, u don't need op items to farm, u just can farm easy, get money and lvl up ,only equipment which should be almost perfect should be equip for runs. Investing stones+6 in low lvl items is a bit too much, armors lvl 34/42 even 48/54/61 don't need stones+6 neither a rib, if u waste money to make an expensive rib or armor it's your own fault.

    It is not my fault :) I saw so many players trying to farm 70 level metins. When they kill one metin, i have been already destroyed the other 2 metins and gone to other area. So if you want to make money and there is a race to farm metins, you must be as quick as possible. If you are not fast enough, you lose!

    This server biggest problem is over supply of sources and lack of players. I had education about macro and micro economy and i can see the problems about this side. For example rebirth time of metins are designed for 5k players but there is only 1k players on So everbody can access every valuable item easily (except legendary). Remember the price of rarity items at the beginning and look at the prices now!

    And i agree with Musab. New players cant make money anymore. You cant sell books, soul stones or stones easily. Think you are new player and farming greens. If you have luck and find metins among pro-farmers, you can farm 15 green in 2 hours and get 30m. If everday you farm you can get only 900kk in a month. If a new player want to buy a rib like mine, he must farm for 20 months! I saw so many players left this server because of this.

    And with new updates also red changer farming will die. Before update, nearly %80 of moon farmers was below 91. Now they will farm red changers and the amount of red changers at shops will rise unless this players will farm with +91 level char. Another over supply problem :)

    The economic and power balance of game getting worse with every update. I think there so many designer, programmer etc in SG team but no economist. Once upon a time, that was only a dream for a 35 level player to farm 70 or 90 metins or killing +75 bosses. But with +6 stones and DSS it is not a problem.

    Yes, we need a new server which has a good balance between revenue and power. No owerpowered farmers like me. I earn 3-4 won a day when i farm but getting no fun anymore. Because anything that you can reach easily dont make you happy. I miss the times without +6 stones or DSS, dying when farming 65 or 70 metins, need so many players to kill aqua dragon....

    Hate to be an ecomomist but i can see the route of this game which was only fun for me at nights...

    There must be reward for helpers to make this situation more attractive. Think! When you are farming so many new players will ask you questions and you will stop farming to reply them. So your farming revenue will decrease and one day you wont reply questions anymore. So must choose one: Help new players or continue to farm to make money. Which one do you prefer?

    Wrong sir, nowadays it is SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to make money. You farm green changers, sell horse medals for 500k (you make like 40 in 10 minutes), you make spider poly marbles (5-6-7kk each). Books are always bought. Clams are 12kk +. Orc maze, etc etc.

    To say that now it is hard to make money it is a very big lie. If you are a lazy bastard then true, it is hard to make money.

    You are complete wrong! I know so many players who left the game after 2 weeks or 1 month. İ know this players because i helped them to make money by giving beginner items. Green changers was 3,5kk now 2kk. Not so long ago +4 stones was 12-15kk now 5-6kk. Also it takes so much time to sell books if you dont make a big discount. The main problem of Metin2 is game dynamics! If i have P skills, if have armors and weapons with stones, why do i buy books and stones anymore?

    If you had an education about economy like me and heard about Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall and supply-demand diagram you can easily discover the main problem of Metin2. Think it as real life. If you have an item that is always new and never damaged, do you buy new one?

    One of the main problem of this server is economy. New players cant earn enough money to get good equipments for farming or pvp. 2 or 3 years ago my main revenue was books and stones. But nowadays you cant sell books and stones easily which is main source of new players economy.

    In real world you must renew everthing after a period. But in this game, when you reach P skills you dont need to buy any book anymore. If you have armors and weapons with stones, you dont need to buy stones unless you have a new weapon with very high avg.

    In other MMORPG's i played, you must repair your armor or weapon stones after a period. You must refresh your traing once a week etc. Yes this will hurt a little but if you are sick you must drink your awfull taste medicine.