[Maintenance] Arboreal Menace Update

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  • Dear Players,

    the time has come!
    The new update is ready and focused, but not exclusive, for the high level players!

    Hereby is a list of what has been done, so that you can see the amount of work done and so the entity of the update:

    • Added an item that raise the percentage of attaching a stone with success
    • New Equipments
    • New clams and pearls
    • New Metins
    • New mobs
    • New Dungeon
    • Blocked multiple accounts on the Dungeons
    • Karma Change:
    • PK Drop +100% chance while negative
    • Raised loss of Karma when killing a player from 2000 to 4000
    • PK Drop starts at level 15
    • Updated all the server side controls of the animations of the mounts.
    • Possibly fixed the Bell bug that makes Mage miss the hits if the attack speed is too high (need feedback to confirm it)
    • Changed the communication of the packets between client and server for the format of the HP
    • New Game Functions for the Dungeons
    • Restore All skill, Healer new skill, if the healer is the leader of the party
    • Added a new interface on the Options that allows you to reduce the range of the visible shops, hence reducing the lag on Map1
    • Changed the formula of the drop of the Moonlight Box
    • Added new loading screens
    • DT Floor 11 Experience reduced by 25%
    • Green changers drop rate reduced slightly
    • Added New Costumes and Hairs on the game
    • File games reorganized, removed duplicated files, to improve game performance
    • Fixed exploit that allowed the group to enter inside Dungeons even if most of the party were offline
    • Fixed a Metin on the Temple that wasn't respawning properly
    • Fixed issue with return scrolls showing "GPS Error" in some new maps
    • Added new items in the Item Mall (You can find them in the New Products category)

    Let's go on the details with these new updates.
    We think the time has come to raise the level cap and we expect a good competitive battle to reach the top!
    With the new level cap a new map has come as well (reason why the exp from the DT was lowered) with also a Dungeon.
    You already saw a preview on the guide done by our CoMa.
    The dungeon is quite challenging but we advice you to try it and not give up, otherwise you may lose unique rewards!

    As for the gameplay changes, we must mention the changes done to the Karma System (and we may expand this if we receive proper feedbacks).
    We would like to add an additional malus for the negative karma (maybe one on the drop rate) to reduce the pressure on the map2 and prevent invincible farmers's alt to boss around the new comers.
    Yes, we know the rule is that if you kill each other is ok, but we believe it is fair if someone who kills his own kingdom should have some negative consequence.
    On this we will hear eventual feedbacks, hoping that the community will be HONEST and overall POLITE.

    Another change done to the gameplay is the Dungeon System.
    It is now forbidden to enter with groups composed only by the player and his alt accounts.
    Don't worry we thought about brothers/sisters/married people, you won't have problems to enter, in case of issues you can send a ticket.
    Again, only if you have issues you should send a ticket, and trying to exploit this system will be the cause of a permanent ban.

    Some of you may not agree with the decision, expecially the same particular "class of players", but we believe is for the best.
    We waited months, trying to make you do the dungeons in the way they were developed, working togheter and having fun togheter. But since they were just abused, we are forced to do this change.

    Another change done is the formula of the moonlights, one of the most appreciated events.
    The change is big as you won't drop as you used to be, in the good and worse, and the drop will be higher for the high level players.
    This because we find it not fair that a 35 or 60 drops more than a 105 and also to reduce that constant pressure on the maps2 and V2/V3, at least on the days where the event is active.

    Some new items were also added with different uses:

    • The Spirit Blessing, raise the chance to socket with success a stone. The stone will display the new percentage from 30% to 50% or 80%.
    • The Red Changer will roll the items from 41 to 65. We won't display when you can drop this as is part of the game to discover it, but you can try the dungeons :)

    Due to the high amount of updates we are inserting on the live server at once, we ask you kindly to report any bugs and we will fix them in due time as we always did.
    The testing phase was long and we thank the helpers who offered us their help, but there is a higher chance to find errors when thousands of players play (lets hope no) so some errors may not be detected yet.

    Bottomline, I wish you a good game, give us feedbacks on this update and good luck for the new raise to the 120!

    Kind regards,
    The TEC Interactive team

  • Question when you level to 120, and go to Hell run do you still drops items? or now the lvl 120s will have different dungeon with new stuff?

    probably 100% drop of flamekey as it is showed on the '?' button.
    and the rest until level 118 with 'normal drop' as other things 10+/- levels XD
    just guessing^^

    The crown, it never has left me
    'cause the town will always elect me.


  • Well i can't wait to see the server online, i like this thing to give healers more "heal" power, i hope you will do this even for the other classes less advantaced so there will be a mix of classes, not only sura and warior. :D